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It looks like there’s no stopping the guerrilla activist movement that Virginia locals have started in response to state Democrats’ push for more restrictions on their Second Amendment rights.

First reported in the Culpeper Star-Exponent, flyers and posters featuring the blackface and klan image from Governor Ralph Northam’s college yearbook are showing up all around the commonwealth.

The Star-Exponent linked article found a resident who had somehow never seen the Northam blackface photo before:

VCDL founder Paul Moog, a Navy veteran and outspoken opponent of the governor’s proposed firearms legislation, paid for the signs and arranged for their posting. At least one local person complained to Culpeper police about the image on the sign. And another, Culpeper resident Joan McBride, contacted the Star-Exponent to express her disbelief.

“In this day and age, that is despicable to use any kind of intimidation or reference to previous intimidation against a segment of our population,” McBride said in a phone interview earlier this week. “The implicit message, which made my blood run cold, is that guns and intimidation and certain populations go together. It was terrible.”

McBride was not aware at first that the photo was from Northam’s yearbook. Either way, she said, it has no place in Culpeper, which McBride described as a “loving, multi-racial, multi-ethnic little town.”

Moog, of Orange, said in a phone conversation that the signs were deliberately placed in the ethnic neighborhood.

“That was deliberate,” he said. “I’ve been trying to alert the African-American community to this racist gun control the governor is pushing. The black people are woke—they know what this is all about.”

Further into the article, Moog states the truth of where the images first gained their popularity:

“The sign wasn’t implying anything was going to happen to them,” he said of neighbors around where the signs were posted. “It was talking about a gun rally.”

Moog, who pointed to “leftist groups” using a similar image around the state to promote their gun agenda, said the majority of people know the origin of its imagery.

That’s true. The Truth About Guns reported on December 28 that even Antifa was making the flyers and images more public (check out the number of Facebook shares):

The fact that there are people in the state who still haven’t seen the Governor’s yearbook photo, despite the national kerfuffle it caused when it first became public, is evidence that the flyer campaign needs to continue in order to educated Virginians as to who’s behind the effort to curtail their gun rights.

The grassroots ground campaign (as reported this week) has also sparked a separate group that’s working on finding a display company that will allow billboard space to be used with the image along these lines:

Source: TTAG

Here’s one billboard that was willing to acknowledge the image:


Keep up the good work in Virginia. The flyers are working.

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)


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  1. So few people understand that the Klan and the Jim Crow laws and Segregation were all products of the Democrat party. You can thank the Democrat controlled teachers unions for that wide spread ignorance!

    Queue Dan’s Troll Brigade, in 3, 2, 1…

    • It’s true. This is great use of rhetorical pursuasion. Our side tends to focus almost entirely on dialectical (logical reasoning). We need to also push things on the emotional-gut level. Governor Northam really is an evil man, and these photos help drive that point home.

      • Agreed. Providing the emotional “gut” response are right in Alinsky’s rules for radicals!
        #4,5 & 6.
        (It also helps when truth is on our side)

  2. “Either way, she said, it has no place in Culpeper, which McBride described as a “loving, multi-racial, multi-ethnic little town.””

    In other words, lets hide the truth because it is uncomfortable, and ignore that Northam is a racist because he is part of my communist tribe. Thanks for your stupidity Karen.

    • Culpeper has a substantial democrat presence, so keep that in mind. []

      • As did Warrenton when I lived there thirty years ago.
        It’s one of the reasons I decided to re-think getting a CC permit because the Bolshevik Progs running the local newspaper threatened to doxx all the new permitholders by publishing their names and addresses. It’s most likely gotten worse since then.

  3. Gov. blackface was proud of it when the photo was taken, so why not now.

    As to the billboard, it’s called truth in advertising.

    • If only gun owners in VA put forth the same effort to hit the voting booth, they wouldn’t be doing twice the work to undo the mess now.

      Hope they learned their lesson, cause I have no sympathy for them.

      • Yep. You do have my sympathies, VA gun owners, but if you stayed home during the midterms and handed your state over to the Dems just because Trump is a big fat meanie, then I’m afraid this is your mess to clean up.

        You’re off to a good start, though. Every time the press sweeps Northam’s past under the rug, go dig it back out and tack it on the wall.

      • That is true. I was disgusted to see how few came out and we certainly got the gov’t we deserve… for now. I’d like to think this will motivate my fellow VA’ers in future elections but I’m not holding my breath.

      • There were more republican votes than demonrats in Virginia this past election.
        We were “gerrymandered” out of a win by the Federal courts who through out the republican drawn districts in favor of a “bipartisan” plan that shifted many districts to the dems.
        This Federal court action happen just before the Supreme Court later ruled in 2019 that the legislative winners of a state are entitled to draw voting districts.
        In short, we were screwed. Don’t think it can’t happen to you.

  4. Calling out so-called “leaders” is in the spirit of what Jesus did to the Pharisees and other “leaders” of his time in Matthew 23. He was gentle with regular folks who were being taught by these leaders and just needed the truth spoken to them. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see these flyers and what Trump does to the liberals, socialists, communists and the liberal media.

    • Fox news is owned by and full of “liberals.”

      Trump and the current Republican party are socialists. The Democrat party are communists. Both parties destroy the Bill of Rights.

      “The march to tyranny goes left, right, left, right”

      • Whatever you say commie troll, you can’t march anywhere without a left foot. Simple solution, cut the left off at the knees. Work camps and helicopters might be in order.

        • Serge knows what a commie is, better than you.

          It comes from his personal experience growing up in the old Soviet Union…

  5. Dont let him or the voters forget! Democrats are very fond of using diversion, such as the new gun laws and the like. If the founding fathers could be brought back, they’d slap the sh*t outta ol Ralph!

      • Wowsers Chief Stupid Bullsh*t you are a real serious threat to nobody anywhere. I ‘m guessing your mommy tossed you off her teat to soon and youve never outgrown the loss.

      • Did you support YOUR Libertarian VP candidate William Weld? The man who signed the first state level Assault Weapons ban into law?
        Or did you vote for Bernie Sanders. The guy who said the only reason he supported the 2A, was because the “rural people of Vermont like guns”. Or the way I like to say it. The only reason Sanders supports the 2A is because “rural (white) folks of Vermont like guns”.

  6. Let’s not forget that Ralph Northam is Also for killing babies after they’re born as was the Scumbag Obama!

    Our Country would be much better off without the Democrat Party of Pond Scum.

  7. I think the Governor of Va. has his hands full. You do not mess with country folk. You don’t mess with their guns, Bibles and beer. His display of Racism is obvious.
    I lived in Va. for 4 yrs. I was stationed at Ft. Lee and Ft. Pickett.
    If the Governor intends to act on such nonsense, there will NOT be a civil war. NO Military personnel would ever turn their weapons on a “LAW ABIDING CITIZEN” who has the right to defend themselves. 2 Amendment.
    I was sworn to “DEFEND the CONSTITUTION” not anyone/anything else. I took my oath very serious.
    The Governor is powerless to enforce his mandate. POWERLESS!
    I sense the surrounding States would back up the citizens of Va. in a heart beat by the bus loads. I would and I live in Arizona.

  8. Just be sure the people of Virginia see these pictures before the next election. All these posters will fade, people will forget. Anti-gun people don’t care about your posters.
    They WILL care about that poster when they realize he’s been/still is, a hypocrite & liar.

  9. God Bless the people of Virginia. Put the Bastards Face on every power pole and street corner in the state.Help all the idiots that voted for him understand what a piece of Shit he is. Then start the process to remove him from office, never again to be allowed to run for any public office in the state of Virginia! And then do not forget the Democrats that are supporting him. They need to be removed as well. Maybe the National Gaurd can help remove them!

  10. Why don’t the Counties start petitions to hold a statewide referendum to recall all elected officials in the State Government? The Sanctuary Counties should organize Start petitions to hold a recall vote and the next day hold a vote to hold an election to replace the current officials. Each county search their districts for Constitution Supporting hardcore Bill of Rights Citizens to fill the vacated positions. I don’t want to see a state fall into open Civil War, but if someone does not take action to head off the Libertard Socialist Idiots at the State House that is where Virginia is headed. No true Bill of Rights supporting Patriotic American will allow Northam and his rogue associates to go down the road they are headed.

  11. I understand what is wrong with the governor, but what is wrong with blackface? Men going in womanface (aka drag) is stunning and brave.

    • @Dan…if you really do not understand what is wrong with “black face” you are just all kinds of stupid. Get a clue. Get a grip.

      • Well, we have (wo)men identifying as the opposite sex at will, as well as some changing their race at will. If all things are possible and should not be judged, and science means nothing compared to how I “feel”, then I fail to see the problem.

        Go for it! LOL!

      • No, seriously @PTM. I dressed up as Walter Payton in 8th Grade and did a presentation for “Personal Heroes Day.” Painted face and a Bears uniform. I want you to explain to me what is wrong with that. Please, I can’t wait. And then I want you to explain to me where the line is, and WHY it’s wrong inherently, regardless of intent. And then I’m probably going to tell you you’re a sensitive pussy and a product of our super sensitive, touchy feely, mollycoddling modern culture. But maybe you’ll surprise me.

        • @ChooseDeath

          If you can’t figure this out, it’s not worth spending any time trying to explain it to you. Stupid is as stupid does.

  12. Considering the things which have been said and the ones that have been proven against Northam, why hasn’t the Virginia populace had a recall on his election and had him replaced?

    A second point here is that the Supreme Court has already ruled that the Modern Sporting Rifle is legal and protected by the Second Amendment because it is a weapon that is “in common use” and that people have the right to keep an bear firearms outside their homes. Since this is the case, any politician who goes against these national laws and rights should also be recalled or impeached because they are not upholding the oath to the office and the Constitution.

    • Because Virginia has a lot of racists still and a lot of Americans are fine with the murder of babies.

      The supreme court said it’s okay to have infringements on the 2nd Amendment. They argue as long as you have access to something it’s fine to restrict other things and that public safety allows for “legal” infringements. The gun control groups use those “pro 2nd” rulings to pass gun control “lawfully.”

      The courts have not and will not rule that the 2nd Amendment allows for the ownership and carrying of all weapons without permission from the government. That would put an end to the nanny state and their supreme power over the people.

      • Heller had a loophole and they are exploiting it. I agree the court will not remove laws on guns, ever. Anyone who thinks we will get to a gun-topia is completely wrong.

    • @RandyJones

      If memory serves, I think we actually even fought a civil war over who has the final say in laws governing this nation. Again, the irony is painful.

      Oh, and by the way, I do not concede the war of words to the other side.

      “Modern sporting rifle” … nah, it is a rifle, period. It has many uses, but it is a rifle that has been and is used to defend our rights around the world and here at home as well.

  13. Anyone even remotely familiar with the history of the era of Reconstruction in the Deep South should appreciate the deep, deep irony involved in all this.

    The Democrats at that time were the politicians doing their level best to keep Blacks in bondage by depriving them of the right to own weapons, one of their key tactics. Add now to this fact that this Democrat gun-grabber is in a photo of a white man in black face, standing next to a person dressed up as a member of the KKK (America’s worst domestic terrorist organization in our history!), adds to the irony.

    I would hope that Blacks will be among those to be the most vocal opposing this attack on their God-given rights as citizens of the USA, along with Jews, Roman Catholics, Irish, Italians and all the other ethnic minorities who suffered during the Reconstruction.

    And here we have so-called “progressives” doing their level best to deprive citizens of their rights.

    Robert E. Lee is rolling over in his grave, not to mention Washington, Jefferson and every right-thinking Founder of our nation.

    Irony abounds.

  14. Hey, Virginians, as the old saying goes: “Decisions are made by those who show up.” If you did not vote against the powers that be there now…you have nobody to blame but yourself. May this be a “wake up and smell the coffee” moment for all of us.

    • That didn’t help, but was not the only issue. Gerrymandering impacted 3 or 4 seats (can’t remember which), RPV not running in many districts, ambivalence from the NRA, etc. There were a lot of concurrent issues.

      There are some metrics that suggest that more R’s voted then D’s – the votes were just in the wrong localities. It certainly didn’t help to have organizations like the maoist funded New Virginia Majority were at work.

      • Don’t forget all of the money that Bloomberg put in to get the Dems elected. Now he wants his payback by making VA more restrictive than VA and CA

  15. While the governors supporters might complain, cry bitter tears, the Anti Northam people are simply publicizing the governor’s past performances.The governor, for whatever reason or purpose, did so appear, presumably having freely chosen to so do. .

  16. Hey all,
    I have been in much contemplation over this read and the current insanity of “The Swamp”.
    I work in the field of Mental Illness and Addictions.
    All I know is the same behaviors exhibited by addicts are also the same exhibited by Politicians. Addicted to power. Trump is a businessman…a bit different.
    Power is blinding ,narcissistic and self propagating. Ask any addict and they will lie, steal and try to convince you (their pray) they are not, just to feel out an opportunist possibility.
    The politicians in D.C don’t snort coke they snort power and will go at any length to get their next high. There next HIGH might be there compromise. What is done in secret.
    If your Governor is compromised, his next snort will be at a price to his own personal moral compass and YOU.
    Follow the money and you will know who OWNS him. Find his weaknesses and you will KNOW his compromise.
    Just saying….!

  17. The republicans failed to find his yearbook before his election and now Virginia is paying the price. This is too late to stop the rabidly anti gun legislature from sending him bills to sign.
    They will probably reward him with a Senate seat or a job in a Democratic administration.

  18. I hate to say it, but I think the “gun control has a racist past” Antifa version is likely the best. Finally something of theirs I actually like. The idea they’re in on this is kind of a chuckle in its own right. Goes to show how bad of an idea it really is when the right and extremist left agree on anything.

    • Also the fact that it’s being put out there by them is an illustration of the huge rift in the Democratic base. It could also mean demographic shifts in the long run.

  19. You know he’s a lowlife and a racist because he had to feel real comfortable having that photo taken. Hell, he posed for it, so it obviously didn’t bother him at all. But there is no machine that will allow him to backpedal out of it, no matter what he thinks. I’m not surprised they started posting these flyers. They should’ve before, and they should keep doing it.

  20. A sense of humor helps. One of the neatest things I’ve seen was a black guy dressed up like an African primitive complete with spear marching down the street with his clenched fist in the air chanting “White Power” . Now that was funny👍

  21. This is a great tactic to pursue, but along with it must come a total rejection of the whole pro-Confederacy rhetoric that continues to haunt Virginia. You can’t have it both ways. Yes, the “Democrats” were the advocates for the Confederacy and the Rebellion. So, use this black face and KKK stuff all you want, but then you have to embrace the reality of what the Civil War was all about and recognize that Virginia itself was the beating heart of the Confederacy.

  22. It’s passed time the southern democrats be forced to face their racist past. The Low Information Virginia voter in the rural and city areas needs to be educated on the truth. Let the white Liberals come to his defense.


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