Stafford County Virginia sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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This is how you can tell that the Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary movement has them really rattled…the Washington Post pays enough attention to run drivel like this. First there’s the economic argument.

These crazy gun nuts are going to scare away all of the entrepreneurial lefties with cash — the kind of people we REALLY want here — who are fleeing New York, Illinois and California!

Because states like Utah, Idaho, Florida, Arizona and Texas — states with far more “gun-toters” than Virginia — are having so much difficulty growing their economies.

Then there’s the nauseating spectacle of likening the sanctuary movement — everyday citizens standing up to defend a constitutionally guaranteed civil right — to slavery and segregation.

[T]he anti-control fervor got its start in rural areas and then spread to wealthy suburban counties, including Henrico and Hanover near Richmond. “I think it reveals the deep cultural divide you have in Virginia,” political analyst Bob Holsworth told me.

The movement is dangerous, he added, because it could hurt the state economically as more high-tech firms consider moving in with more progressive-minded workers. Some may not want to locate in a gun-toting state. And it is certainly ugly, he said. “The threats that have come up are really over the top as people talk to officials,” Holsworth said.

A sad irony is that the “sanctuary” movement conjures the disturbing nullification movements of the past three centuries in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison argued that the states have the right to ignore federal laws they consider unconstitutional.

That thinking was applied to proslavery movements, leading to the Civil War and the fight over integration in the 1950s and 1960s. Prince Edward County, for instance, shut down public schools for several years rather than desegregate.

– By Peter Galuszka in The disturbing ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ trend in Virginia

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      • Let them stay in California, Illinois and New York. it’s where they belong. Rather have a new Glock facility than a google snoop facility. just my opinion

        • You got that right….nailed it too…thats how most of us in VA feel too. Screw the anti gun Nazis…and I use the term Nazi deliberately, cause that’s what they are. VA may well be the location of a grass roots defense of 2nd ammendment rights that actually results in shots fired. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but its not looking too good for the home team at the present.

        • The entrepreneurial lefties are not the ones leaving those states…. they don’t need to! They are among their own people…. the conservatives that are sick of funding the lefties are the ones that are leaving!

    • As long as DC is the central government, there’ll be no shortage of business wanting to come to VA. Period.

    • “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”
      ― Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome

      • Excellent point. Note the Obama administration layered on hundreds of thousands of regulations (laws not approved by Congress). Trump’s administration has removed many of them and the economic and social benefits are beginning to really shine. I don’t think the anti-gun movement in VA will overcome voter sentiment.

        • Trump’s executive order was to get rid of at least two regulations for every new one. So over time, we will always have fewer regulations. I wonder how much the press will cover it when a dem comes into power and immediately gets rid of that?

          “for every one new regulation issued, at least two prior regulations be identified for elimination”

        • @Dude,

          A few weeks ago, I read a follow-up report that stated the actual real-world result over the past three years has been the elimination of 22(!) regs for each new one implemented. Once the department Directors were given the official opportunity to clear out some of the dead thatch from their agencies, they apparently did some much-overdue housecleaning.

        • “”””””””””””””Trump’s administration has removed many of them and the economic and social benefits are beginning to really shine. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””

          Your not playing with a full deck of cards. The only thing that is shining is your total ignorance.

          All of us now are breathing in more polluted air which is one of the number one causes of lung cancer according to the American Medical Association which I am sure in your back woods ignorance will call “fake news” And every time we pour more air pollution into the air the green house effect gets worse.

          The world poured more carbon into the air last year than all the carbon in all the years previously that went into the atmosphere. Now in your great out house Trumpite wisdom tell us that does not affect global warming with clouds of pollution floating above the cloud cover and circulating endlessly across the globe.

          West Virginia as well as other states are now pouring cancer causing chemicals into the drinking water out of blind greed to make a few more bucks.

          Old axiom: The Conservative is always his own worst enemy. Only this time he is killing everyone else on the planet too.

        • To Dudely do right

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””I wonder how much the press will cover it when a dem comes into power and immediately gets rid of that?”””””””””””””””””””””””

          In 2020 we Socialists will reinstitute all of Obama’s anti pollution laws and add a ton more of them.

          In 2020 we will nullify the Trump Tax Rape law that added 1 trillion to the deficit and we will tax the fk out of the filthy rich. Moscow MItch McConnell’s plan to pay for the 1 trillion shortfall by taking away Social Security and Medicare will be blocked. As in the Eisenhower Administration a 90 per cent tax on the greed mongers is totally justified. And by the way the economy of the 50’s was booming compared to what we have now with most of the population working part time minimum wage jobs. So the Republican lies that it would hurt the economy is pure bullshit as History has already shown.


        • The U.S.A. has reduced carbon emissions by more than any other major country. We did this while growing the economy and getting out of the Paris Climate Accord. You know who didn’t fare so well? The countries that promised they would in the Paris Climate Accord. Pollution levels rose internationally.

          • Apparently my comment is being misinterpreted. I’m a huge Trump fan and a conservative. Obama did great damage to this country and nearly was successful in turning American into a globalist socialist state like much of Europe. I agree that as a nation we have done more than any other country to reduce greenhouse emissions and under Obama we allowed the other countries – China, India, et al – to get away with continued pollution. But my comment was in response to the comment about increased laws come with a corrupt society. It was about Trump’s ability to reduce regulations to release the stranglehold on US businesses. Nearly $1 Trillion has been repatriated under his watch, and hundreds of companies are returning to the US, hiring many as they return. Obama’s path was just the opposite – to create a dependent society to install government control over every aspect of American life.

        • “CO2 helps trees…why do you hate trees so much?”

          So true. It has helped to green arid areas, which in turn provides more oxygen and food for wildlife (and us). The green movement will have to change it’s name to the brown movement.

        • Vlad you’re clearly a Troll and your rhetoric is offensive to all hard working Americans. I’m happy to buy you a one-way ticket to Venezuela so you can enjoy your socialist fantasy. Just let us know your address.

        • So they’ll confiscate the f150s but leave the Silverado and Ram 1500s because pussies drive them! Got it Vlad.

        • Hey Cody wake up. The Vlad your referring to is a nut case that uses my name but does not have my moniker.

          • Then you’re dumber than I thought. After rereading your socialist nonsense (both Vlads) you’re also a Troll. We don’t want to hear your BS. Get off this site.

        • Oh dear Vlad…. i can only hope that Nancy Pelosy leads all you socialists to a new country…. maybe you will take over communist china or maybe you will take over uranus….
          either way i hope it is somewhere far, far away she leads them (and you) to.

        • Vlad Lost me with his FIRST word: “your” in place of “you’re”. I have no reason to expect intelligent thought from someone with such poor grasp of the English language.

    • I think its time that the UN be asked, or told to leave the United States and set up shop someplece else.
      They also need to know that armed Americans outnumber their little Blue Helmet troops and will not let them disarm us. People will probably die on both sides if they were stupid enough to try to came after us in our own country.

      • they should never have been allowed to set up shop in the first place… in any self respecting soveriegn nation… not even the league of nations that went before and the international banks need to be kicked to hell and gone as well. In Fact the international banks are the ones that wanted both the league of nations and the UN in the first place. Every single country that was signed up to those 2 farces had their reserve bank controlled by the international banks. Mayer Amshell (SP?) Rothschild once said, “give me control of a nations money and i care not who makes its laws.”

    • Ralph, that was the moat pertinent and important post I have seen in a long time. I hope it doesn’t go unread by most. The UN has always been a shill organization for the NWO. No coincidence its built on Rockefeller owned land. Do your homework as Ralph did people and wake the F UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Public opinion question for the forum:

    Was the federal government right to use federal troops to desegregate schools?

    • I don’t think you’ve got the full story there. Gov. Faubus placed the Arkansas National Guard at the school to prevent the nine black students from entering despite the fact that the school board had unanimously agreed to comply with the SCOTUS order and desegregate. It was at the request of the mayor of Little Rock that Eisenhower sent in the federal troops and placed the National Guard under federal control. In this I think he was justified as the governor had grossly abused his power in calling out the National Guard in the first place.

      • Agreed. Similar to now, as Tyrant Northum threatens to use the national guard on citizens in Virginia, Trump could overrule him.

        • Faith in the federal government has always been naive. But when the feds get it right give them credit. Criticizing them for doing the right thing only compromises your credibility. You end up looking like the idiots protesting the death of Qassem Soleimani.

    • Serious questions of the liberal trolls here:

      Why is *everything* always about race with y’all? Isn’t that a sort of racism in and of itself? Do you think the left aught to take a good hard look at its own glass house before it casts stones? Why do you always associate gun rights to racism? Do you simply ignore the fact the first gun control laws were imposed out of racist ideology? Do you think a dead black man and a raped woman at the hands of the Klan are morally superior to living people that successfully defended themselves from an attack? Is it because *you’re* in fact the racist ones? Why do you always associate people who live outside the cities as inferior and racist? Do realize how your opinions of an inferior people sound exactly like the klan and Nazis you so despise? Do you actually know anyone who doesn’t live in a city?

      Perhaps you need to take a good hard look at your own words and values before laying judgement on an entire group of people you don’t even know. That is prejudice after all, isn’t it?

      • Leftists don’t understand racism or any discrimination for that matter. All they understand is their worldview, which is based on propaganda designed to keep certain people in power. Racism isn’t about a particular race. Sexism isn’t about a particular sex. To illustrate this point, every time a leftist makes a racist remark about white people or a sexist remark about men, just switch the race to black people and switch the sex to women. So now, that same statement takes on a completely different meaning to the brainwashed left. They would find their own statement offensive.

        • If it was up to the Storm Trooper Neanderthals of the Far Right Women would not be allowed to vote, drive cars, work, or sue people when they got raped at work. Rape does not exist in the minds of the Far Right. It is always the woman’s fault and the far Right Rapist Neanderthals boldly state that over and over again. Kavanough being their star cheerleader for drunken debauchery and sexual assault.

          If it was up to the Far Right blacks and all minorities would not be allowed to vote. Every election year the Gangster Criminal Republicans throw thousands of poor people deliberately off the voting lists and even shut down polling places in poor districts to prevent as many poor people from voting as they can.

          If it was up to the Racist Far Right there would be zero immigration into the U.S. and the current Immigration Czar has come close to that already. Its the lowest in U.S. History. The Far Right hate all immigrants including legal ones. Their latest insult was that they wanted to cut all government help to recent legal immigrants. One could not come up with a more idiotic and racist plan than that. Compare that to the Civilized Country of Socialist Canada that through Government Socialist programs integrates immigrant children fully in less than 2 years. Proof again what a sickening jack booted Republican Racist government we have now. The Nazi Republicans are truly marching lock step and worshiping the memory of Adolf Hitler but now substituting Herr Drumpf, Hitlers reincarnation.

          A recent Republican Storm Trooper in Congress has now been linked to a Far Right Nazi group that wanted to murder all people who were not Christian and they wanted a mandatory Christian Caliphate in the U.S.

        • Just curious. Does the Near Right exist? If not, then how can there be a Far Right? What is the Near Right ideology? Let me guess, it’s when a republican agrees with a democrat.

        • Vlad…. you’re a brainwashed FOOL. DEMS/LEFT did their worst to keep minorities from voting, formed the KKK, held bogus trials (just like the impeachment hearings) and hung hundreds if not thousands of innocent Black folks. They also started the Civil War…. So please shut your pie-hole until you learn some history from someplace OTHER THAN the Cool-Aid dispensers within the DEMS grasp.

      • Read the book “Rules for Radicals”. All your answers are answered. The left knows what they’re doing. When they say that you’re racist, they know you’re not, but it riles you up, makes you defensive, makes you say something stupid. THEN they have the ammunition they need, and say “See! I told you that guy is a crazy racist, homophobic, misogynist……” Another tactic is to make someone look stupid. Remember how they did that to Sarah Palin. They made fun of her for the magazines
        she read. Who, but the left does that??
        Did they make fun of Hillary? Nope.
        (Also, good comment from Dude)

        • “they know you’re not, but it riles you up, makes you defensive, makes you say something stupid.”

          Interesting. That’s exactly what they did with Kavanaugh. They smeared him like mad, using baseless allegations, then when he passionately denied it, as anyone would, they were like see, he just doesn’t have the temperament for this position.

      • I want to add a historical piece to correct a misnomer. Actually Southerners during the Military Occupation called “Reconstruction” were the first group prohibited from their 2A God given (not government given) Rights owning/carrying firearms. Sequentially, The Union League, that was protected by the military occupation, armed Freedmen who traveled in gangs having their way with Southern citizens. Such was the reason the KKK was formed as a means of self protection against further Yankee initiated oppression. Unfortunately the KKK got out of hand, especially after the military withdrew in 1877 after much of the legal pilfering was completed and the army was needed west. Read John Choades’ period documented work, “Washington’s KKK: The Union League” with information that was too revealing and embarrassing for text books.

        This will feel abrasive to those of us who were conditioned to believe otherwise (I am one of them).

        And Vlad, have a little respect for the hillbillies. The politically correct term you should use is “Appalachian Americans.” These people are much more intelligent than you realize. If a solar EMF wipes out the grid, they will know how to survive much longer than you will. If it weren’t for the mountain people, we never would have won the Revolutionary War (Cowpens and King’s Mountain) to become a sovereign (not Marxist) nation.

        Freedom is a terrifying phenomenon. It calls for self responsibility instead of abdicating it. This is why so many want to be taken care of. I prefer making and learning from my own mistakes instead of entrusting my life to others who have not earned it and who yearn to control me for my own (really their) good.

    • Yes. Enforcing constitutional, human and civil rights are what the .gov should do.

      For example. CA residents live under a fascist regime that routinely violates our human and civil rights. The .gov should send in troops to force them to desist.

      • …except that most of my CA neighbors aren’t complaining about any “abuses”. They’re content with the downward spiral as long as they continue to get their marijuana, Big Gulps, high speed Internet, and other “bread and circuses” to keep their attention away from Sacramento’s smoke & mirrors.

        • It goes against the constitution to violate the rights of one person. What the majority feelz means nothing.

      • The governemt made freedom of association illegal for Whites, which is what the 2nd Amendment should have been used to stop. Forcing one culture to lower itself to a foreign culture, is what tyrants do.
        Gun free zones are a result of Whites being forced to sacrifice their rights, because when low income minorites congregate they act like whatever chithole country they place before the hyphen and America. All cultures are not equal and it was wrong for the party factions to force Whites to lower their culture to be equal with Africans.
        My city was all White 20 years ago and it was safe to grow up, now raising my young kids, there are drive bys and minority gangs. It was disgusting to listen to the liberlas and conservatives try and blame guns, instead of being honest about the problem people.

        • To tight wad Penny brain.

          “”””””””””””””””””””” It was disgusting to listen to the liberlas and conservatives try and blame guns, instead of being honest about the problem people.””””””””””””””””””””””

          The only problem people are Nazi Racists like you too cheap to fund job training programs, housing for the homeless, the right of poor people to vote and not be purged off of voting rolls. Too cheap to fund money for equal education of children in all parts of the State not just the upper White Elite sections of the State.

          To ignorant to pass laws keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics.

          Too cheap to fund programs for Mental Health Care. No cheap ass Republican has promoted or passed such laws.

      • to Storm Trooper Herr Hauptman JWM
        “””””””””””””””””””””””For example. CA residents live under a fascist regime that routinely violates our human and civil rights. The .gov should send in troops to force them to desist.”””””””””””””””””””

        You got that backwards California protects its citizens from jack booted Nazi’s like you that do not believe in Democracy but a dictator ship of the Far Right minority and the super rich, believe in letting people starve to death on the streets, prevent poor people from voting, let women get raped in the work place because its always their fault, prevent you from destroying the 1st Amendment. Socialists ensure all racial and religious minorities have equal rights not just the White Power elite And that is just for starters.

        Only a Socialist State is a Civilized State.

        The day of election reckoning is coming. All of our Komarades are now on the march to vote out the Nazi Trumpite scourge that is killing 125,000 innocent Americans a year because of a lack of affordable health and drug care and bankrupting 5 million more that the Jack booted Republicans are trying hard to prevent from being instituted. Moscow MItch McConnell will laugh no more or step over dead bodies in the streets on his way to the bank with bags full of blood money from the lobbyists that represent the drug and insurance companies.

        Vote Socialist in 2020 for a civilized America and eradication from power of the Gangster Criminal Republican Nazi horde.

        • Awwww poor little adolph doesn’t realize he’s actually a nazi douche nozzle LMAO 😆I wonder if it will be able to blog through its tears when Trump wins again in 2020😜 I dont think there will be a safe space big enough to hold all these sad illiterate sheep…..I guess they could always do the Jim Jones thing. Enjoy your koolaid cupcake!

        • What I find hilarious is this Vlad dude runs intellectual circles around all of you right wing dunder pates, and you’re all too stupid to realize it…

        • Vlad,

          As to your comment on mental health: I am a licensed psychotherapist. Under Obama and Obamacare mental health funding was cut to the extent that I lost 30% of my salary (no matter what their platitudes denied). So I had to resign and now I am in another career. I could have worked at Costco and made almost as much as I was going to make working in mental health without all the government regulations that inhibited my work with the public. Winston Churchill said that trying to depend on the government to improve the economy was like standing in a bucket and trying to lift oneself up by the handle.

          I don’t listen to the words of politicians anymore. I watch their behavior and the outcomes of their policies now having been stung by them.

        • Biggs:

          I am interested in the details of mental health cuts under the Obama administration.

          Do you have any specifics about the cuts, which programs, which facilities?

          Were these regulatory or legislative actions, and what particular bills or regulations impacted the mental health field in a negative way?

          Thanks, I appreciate whatever info you can offer!

      • “Civil right” is a dangerous concept. These are rights that the government grants, and the government can take away. We only have these rights because the government says that we do. I don’t trust the state with that kind of power.

        God given right,
        Human right,
        The rights of man,
        Natural right,
        Rights granted by Natural Law,
        Rights recognized by Common Law
        These are more solid concepts. People have these fundamental rights, and the government has no authority to take them away. Governments frequently violate these rights, but they are wrong to do so.I

      • Penny. Forced association? Does the .gov force you to have a minority member into your house to eat out of your fridge and bang your wife? Forced association is code talk for ‘I want to be able to put up a whites only sign and bar folks that ain’t white from exercising their rights.’ In your own way you’re as low as vlad tepes.

        vlad. You live in a group home in Canton for the mentally ill. Or I suppose it’s special needs these days. You haven’t a clue about how the real world works and you prove it with every comment. Trump is going to be our next president.

        You complain about 125 thousand people dying from lack of medical care and yet you remain silent on the hundreds of thousands of unborn humans killed every year. Most of which are poc. But you racist nazis enjoy that.

        Duh-ernie. If you think vlad is a superior intellect you’re either him in disguise or the dumbest human being born.

        • Well, I agree that Vlad is rather inartful in composing his comments.

          Put the content is accurate in most cases.

          Rather than just rants about his stupidity, I think we’d like to see some specific citations that contradict the content of his posts.


        • Wow. If not for double standards you’d have none. vlad routinely lies. As in every comment. Judging by his facebook, yes, he’s been doxxed here, he’s no more than 30. But listen to him claim to have bought guns in the 40s, 50, and 60s. As in 1950. 90% of the gop wants UBC’s?

          He’s a hate filled bigot that leans fascist and if you want citations ask him for some. At one time I believed you to be reasonably intelligent, miner. But of late I see that you are just another indoctrinated drone. Bought and paid for by soros and bloomberg.

          Be careful. You may wake up one fine morning and see a full blown nazi looking back at you from the bathroom mirror.

  2. “The movement is dangerous, he added, because it could hurt the state economically as more high-tech firms consider moving in with more progressive-minded workers.”

    Translation: “high tech” firms want docile, unarmed wage slaves.

    • Translation: Californians are whack jobs, and if we want them to move here, we have to prove we are willing to make our state as politically and economically screwed up as theirs was.

      • The people that moved to California and are now moving on to greener pastures are whack jobs. If those people never moved here in the first place, California would be a much better place today. My great granddaughter is 7th generation Californian, we have been here a long time. Most third or fourth generation Californians are not like the snowflakes that support those in power. Those snowflakes came from elsewhere.

        • All the problems in outlying states came as Californians migrated out. The demographics flipped as they flooded the other states. And this was decades back. Those people were born and raised in California, but had voted to tax themselves out of their own state.

          Not all Californians are bad. Didnt mean to make it seem that way. Most states are that way, far left population centers governing the rest of the state. But the snowflakes didn’t come from somewhere else. They are and were Californians. As the infection spread, those born in Colorado, or washington, or oregon, etc etc, to leftist parents, are now “home grown” leftists.

          But I guarantee you. They all trace lineage back to CA. Doesnt really matter I suppose, we just need to figure out how to stop the craziness from consuming everywhere.

        • @DY,

          I call total BS on that. I’m a lifelong born-and-raised Californian, and I recall our state still being relatively conservative back in the ’80s and ’90s. Signs of retardation didn’t really start until we got Gray Davis (D) in 2000 which was the start of twenty years of increasing madness.

          We used to point our fingers at New York and Illinois for their stupidity and say “they” were too Left leaning. But people were still moving into CA by droves at the time, and they brought their voting habits with them to elect all the Democrats they could find.

          Our state was changed starting thirty years ago by Leftists from other states moving here, which eventually pushed conservatives out to Idaho, Texas, Arizona, etc.

          The madness didn’t start here. It started elsewhere. CA just happened to evolve into the perfect petri dish for the proliferation of Leftist insanity.

          • You forget that the tech boom started by AOL, Apple, et. al brought with it very liberal ideas and agenda. These people want liberal ideas so achieve their profit goals. They need to control the politics of the state in order to survive. Apparently you can’t be cool and own an Apple product and be a conservative at the same time. Companies like Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Apple, and Disney among many others are now dominating the media (television and movies) to greatly influence our opinions, attitudes and beliefs through what we watch (how we take in our news and entertainment).

        • You got that backwards. It is the Nazi Republicans that refuse to fund the Social Programs civilized countries have that shelter the homeless and put them on drug treatment programs and train them for jobs. Greed Monger Gangster Criminal Republicans will fund none of these programs as they take millions from Lobbyists and then step over dead bodies in the streets with their bags full of blood money as they go to the bank laughing all the way.

        • vlad. You are a delusional liar. The dems are a super majority in CA and they have done less than nothing to help the homeless. To the point that Trump, a republican, has asked CA to fix the problem or he will.

          Do your case workers even check your computer history? How are they letting such an obviously mentally ill person such unsupervised time?

    • Translation: they are admitting that high-tech firms are bigots. Anyone paying attention to recent events already knew that of course.

      • The elite high tech corporations have a clear anti white male agenda. They make no attempt to hide it, in fact they want us to to see it.

  3. Hope they pass everything and Virginia boogs. Only hope for the rest of the country. Otherwise a little mag ban here, and a little red flag law there and nobody fights back, they just lie down and take it while some pro rights group fights a doomed court battle in a rigged system that takes forever by design.

    • Yeah, that is my worry as well, i.e. Coonman and crew back down on “some” of the legislation and most of us quietly go back to “normal”…

      Always surprises me to see how many Fudds still think there can (or should) be some sort of compromise.

  4. So he obviously considers sanctuaries from our immigration laws to be akin to slavery as well then?

    • And states that have legalized pot?

      Sanctuary cities and counties are just expressing their freedom to make choices for themselves. If it’s ok for states to do it, it’s ok for cities and counties… then towns… then neighborhoods… then homes.

      If you didn’t want to ball to start rolling, you shouldn’t have violated Federal laws and The Constitution to show how woke you were.

  5. Literally saying freedom is slavery and anyone against that slavery is a fascist.
    2020’s going to be great.
    We”ll have thugs booting down doors on rumors and hearsay, all media filtered and censored, more Chicom control of the Internet and I’d bet the farm that our “global freedom index” will go up a few points.
    Honk, honk.

  6. “The threats that have come up are really over the top as people talk to officials,” Holsworth said.

    Let me get this straight. When government employees promise to ruin people’s lives for exercising their Natural, God-given, inalienable right to life and self-defense, that is kosher. But when good people, in response, promise to ruin the lives of aforementioned government employees, that is somehow, “over the top.”

    Got it.

  7. It is always upside-down backwards world with Democrats and leftists. Somehow while the Federal Constitution protects and preserves Second Amendment rights (as does Virginia’s own Constitution), the idiot author equates the Sanctuary movement with slaveholders and segregationists refusing to obey federal law.

    There is literally no valid comparison there. Sanctuaries are attempting to protect and preserve existing state and federal law. It is the Democrats who are once again trying to impose racist and fascist gun control. It is Governor Blackface who is directly disobeying the Constitution and hundreds of years of lawful ownership to suddenly transform hundreds of thousands of citizens into felons.

    But apparently that’s just fine in upside-down backwards world.

    • So if they ship ALL gun owners to Gitmo we’ll have to take over the WHOLE ISLAND!! Toss Castro and his cohorts, adopt the Constitution as our founding Document and throw out all the other crap. Insert TERM LIMITS on ALL elected officials and “Cuba Libre” can become the new financial powerhouse in the world. One thing WE won’t accept is ANY Liberal immigrant…. from ANY WHERE. They’re nothing but TROUBLE!

  8. The sad thing is these politicians have been put in office by the voters. Yeah, I know the majority of the voters are in large metro areas that vote Democratic and the rural areas are left out in the cold and are subject to the will of the many. Thank God the United States has the electoral college when it comes to the presidential vote.

    • Let’s not forget that a big reason for the 2018 voter turnout was the Russia collusion scare. Bob Mueller’s team knew within a month of beginning their investigation that it was a hoax. This is a known fact now. They started their investigation over a year before the 2018 elections. Yet they gladly pretended that it was real so the media would feel emboldened to continue to scare voters. The Mueller team also used this as leverage to try to get more people in a perjury trap or find something incriminated that wasn’t even related to the investigation.

      They also needed a reason for the FBI to bring in an unarmed old man with more manpower and guns than they use to bring in a drug dealer. CNN just happened to be right there to film the propaganda in case people weren’t scared yet. In other words, this was blatant election interference. Some might call it an attack on our democracy. I’m sure democrats are very concerned of this abuse of power.

  9. Beretta was planning a move from MD to VA. They looked at VA’s possible future gun laws. They moved to TN instead.

    Is The Post saying that Beretta is afraid of gun owners? 😉

  10. I know, I know, I should not be surprised by this, since there are so many liberals crammed into Fairfax County, but … I just can’t keep thinking, “Virginia? Really? The state of Washington and Jefferson and the key to the Independence of our nation? It’s happening here?”

    It was easy to shrug off California but … Virginia?

    • Virginia is at least making a stand, however. It doesn’t seem they will roll over so easily. Not to mention the wide support from law enforcement for the pro gun rights side. That’s got to extremely concerning to these fascist liberals.

    • The best example of Socialist takeover is Massachusetts, where they were the first to shoot back at the government thugs Red Coats, now look at how low they have sunk. Wake up Virginia, the Red Coats will raid raid your stores and the parliament will enact King Blackfaces agenda!

      • Governor black face Northum must have thought he and his Socialist Democratic law makers were easily going to do one of his Moon Walks over the legal gun owners of Virginia and if successful, the country. He and his Second Amendment hating cohorts actually do not realize how much we the people believe in the Second Amendment and how far we will go to protect it. Our freedom is not for sale. The freedom we enjoy today was paid for by people just as we not willing to be ruled by tyrants.

  11. ” The movement is dangerous, he added, because it could hurt the state economically as more high-tech firms consider moving in with more progressive-minded workers. ”

    Isn’t that the Left’s MO these days? Import lefties from California, New York, and Illinois into red states and force out the locals, not to mention the wholesale importation of ILLEGAL aliens. It’s like metastatic cancer.

    Any red state governor who lobbies for “high tech” companies to come into their state is signing that states death warrant.

  12. Interesting that this guy brought up parallels to the civil war – kinda hard to keep that phrase, civil war, out of your mind when looking at VA right now, isn’t it? I do think, however, that the parallels are a bit closer to that earlier war fought in, among other places, Virginia. You know, the one that started in earnest when the government decided to disarm the citizens.

    I wonder if the Democrat leadership in Virginia found an old book titled, “How to Start a War in Your Own Backyard”, and are using it as a guide.

  13. One thing for certain all the protests and mindless chatter from the Sheriff is not going to stop the Dems from introducing gun control. With all the uproar it may be a little less draconian than what they had planed but make no mistake the legislation is coming, will be passed and the corrupt courts will bless the laws because it gives them more jack booted power over the people and that is all the people on the courts live for, more and more power over the people. People who believe in freedom do not become court justices.

  14. “That thinking was applied to proslavery movements, leading to the Civil War and the fight over integration in the 1950s and 1960s. Prince Edward County, for instance, shut down public schools for several years rather than desegregate.”
    And which political party was behind each of these examples of applied racism? No need to copy-and-paste several paragraphs, Vlad, somehow blaming the Republican party for those; it was the racist Democrat party.

    • Your not old enough or honest enough probably the latter to differentiate between the racist Southern Democrats and the Northern Democrats (who were never in agreement with racism and slavery). Today those Southern Democrats are now members of the Republican Party. So quite trying to distort today’s political reality. It doesn’t work with educated people only the ignorant Far Right who thrive on projectionism.

      • “Today those Southern Democrats are now members of the Republican Party. So quite trying to distort today’s political reality. It doesn’t work with educated people only the ignorant Far Right who thrive on projectionism.”

        You mean like Al Gore’s daddy that voted against civil rights? I’m not the Dude that started this thread, but I can’t let that one slide.

      • “Today those Southern Democrats are now members of the Republican Party.”

        The reason there are more republicans in the south now has more to do with different values (religion, abortion, etc.) than anything else.

        • No Dud head
          The reason the old line Southern Democrats went Republican was because they found a home in the rabid Racism and hatred and bigotry of the Republican Party. Lets be honest they are the party of bigotry and hate and they prey upon the uneducated back woods Conservatives. They get them to vote for the very people that are screwing them over big time by killing them off because of their refusal to fund health care or lower drug prices because the Gangster Criminal Republicans are prostitutes of the drug and insurance industries. Example: Mitch McConnell got almost 1/2 million in bribes from them to make sure the drug companies could continue to bankrupt people and let them die like dogs in the street because they could not afford life saving drugs.

    • Hmm. ^^The above posted by a different Dude. Not that I’m necessarily disagreeing. I guess there’s more than one Dude on the planet. Who woulda thunk it.

  15. I am a VA resident & looking to buy my first AR/MSR. On one hand I’d like to support a VA retailer. On the other hand, buying in WV may have its advantages in a legislative worst case scenario. No matter what Northam & Co do, they won’t be able to reach across state lines & compel an FFL to share data. I will double check laws I both states, but I am pretty sure buying in WV & transporting to VA is within the law. What are others thoughts on this?

    • From one that has been dealing with this nonsense for a while buy before the ban and out of state if it looks bad. One the laws are in place you can buy rifles and shotguns out of state but they need to comply with your state’s laws. You can of course build but it seems like they caught on to that and may clamp down on that option as well.

  16. We certainly can’t believe everything we read today – and shouldn’t! The writer of this article said: “Because states like Utah, Idaho, Florida, Arizona and Texas — states with far more “gun-toters” than Virginia — are having so much difficulty growing their ecomomies”
    I don’t know about the other states but Idaho and Utah are booming and growing by leaps and bounds. In fact Biose, Idaho is having a housing crisis because of so many Californians moving in and raising the price of housing because of their disposable income, that locals can’t afford it compete with the Californians paying more than asking prices for homes. Business is growing proportionally too!
    This guys article is fake news!

  17. “…more high-tech firms consider moving in with more progressive-minded workers. Some may not want to locate in a gun-toting state.”

    Sometimes I feel like I should take one of the adverts I get and actually show up to a polisci conference just to slap some of these people across the face.

    Some of the most conservative people I know, and the biggest guns nuts to boot, work in tech or higher education. They just tend to be fairly quiet about their views because 1) they’re not the type to shove their opinion down your throat and 2) they do worry to some degree about a backlash against them where another co-worker gets angry and starts making accusations that the business/school will take seriously.

    Shit, I generally DGAF but even I watch my mouth around some of the Lefties I have to deal with. Outrageous accusations won’t stick but they’re more bullshit than I want to be bothered dealing with. Would these people do it that? Mostly I doubt it but a couple of them would for sure because they have in the past.

    The interesting thing to me is that the University really is pretty good about it and it’s not students/fac/staff that are the problem. It’s townies that come on to campus for the free speech and stay for a side of bullshit-charges to ruin someone’s life. I had one lady try to follow me to my car so I detoured to the UMC for lunch so that I wouldn’t be alone in a parking lot where this lady might be able to make claims and I’d have no witnesses.

  18. For Vlad’s info : When the Civil Rights Act passed, a higher PERCENTAGE of Republicans voted for it than did the PERCENTAGE of Democrats in office. The Dems have always been the Plantation Party.

  19. Good for the people of Virginia.
    You think we want anymore or ANY Northeasterners here?? Money or otherwise. Never did. Who needs them?? We don’t here.
    We want them out gone forgotten.
    They screwed up their own states and now are doing their dammdest to F UP here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    F!@#$%^^them. Stay the hell were you are.

    • Thanks Jay, I feel (sic) your pain BUT I ESCAPED from a northeastern state to get away from the progressives. I ESCAPED to where (I hope) my vote counts. I ESCAPED from democrap control and I love it here in Florida.
      Maybe it’s different in Palm Beach, but Tampa bay area is pretty good, thanks…..PM

  20. It appears the sleeping giant has awoken andTrump leads the way. There’s a lot of people out there and a shitload of guns. Take everything from them and leave them with nothing. The American gun owner will fight and the US government will lose.

  21. “2A Sanctuaries are bad because they scare away the hipster bugman transplants from blue states!”
    Do these people ever listen to themselves?

  22. So if people want to keep tools that can help protect life and liberty, that is somehow racist.? But if you want to surrender your right to own weapons to a government that you accuse of being racist then you are enlightened and progressive? I havent checked but I’m guessing that there are no laws in effect in Virginia that prohibit non whites from owning these same tools. Its strange that they even try to make the 2nd amendment a race issue. Jews, blacks, indians, and any other persecuted minorities should be the last ones to trust any government with their safety and protection, especially if racism is really as prolific and intense as the liberals claim. If liberals really cared about these minorities safety as much as they say then they should be against any legislation that would limit the ability of persecuted groups to defend themselves.

  23. Both Vlads really need to add snark tags to all their posts. D’Ernest should join them. It is amazing how the leftists do not respond with thoughtful counter arguments but instead act all smug and superior in their posts! Probably because their pea brains can’t generate any arguments that are not Democrat anti-gun talking points.

  24. is the future of fighting back against gun control. Free to sign up. Time to take action instead of talking on the internet.

  25. Hey Vlad! Why dontcha go argue with China about all of the pollution they’re dumping into the air? China is dumping more than ever and bringing more coal plants online so it’s going to get worse.

    Between China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia they’re producing about half of the total global emissions. Argue with any one of them about their plans. Go on. We’ll wait.

  26. An aphorism from a novel I read recently:
    The essence of fascism is to make laws forbidding everything, and then enforcing them selectively against your enemies.

  27. Dear Peter from the WP:

    You say, “ A sad irony is that the “sanctuary” movement conjures the disturbing nullification movements of the past three centuries in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison argued that the states have the right to ignore federal laws they consider unconstitutional.”

    Your words reveal to me that you have never really read nor understood the Constitution. Read along with it, M. E. Bradford’s ”Original Intentions.” Read some of the Framer’s words during the Convention.

    The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions were written to nullify the tyrannical overreach of the General (National) Government In the Alien and Sedition Acts which compromised the liberty of the people giving the government power over them instead of respecting their liberty under the Rule of Law. The irony is what is coming from the Governor of Virginia as according to the Constitution, incongruent with it.

    The incongruence of the progressive’s cultural Marxism is that you cry out detesting the slavery of the 1600’s to the 19th centuries while your beliefs, actions and politics are promoting the slavery of the people by the elite of the government. What befuddles me is that you and your cohorts are blind to this-especially when you are recreating the same disaster as other socialist/Marxist nations before you. Added to this is the grandiosity to think that you won’t replicate the past disasters which reveals your lack of understanding of the human condition if given too much power.

  28. It is interesting when the Left invokes segregation and nullification, because they never distinguish illegitimate segregation or nullification vs legitimate segregation or nullification.

    After the 14th A, no state had/s a legitimate means to nullify Constitutionally protected rights or laws intended to further those protections. Nullifying state laws that violate the Constitutional rights of that state’s citizens is most proper, and expected of those who believe in the Rule of Law.

    Likewise, a state that violates my right to free association, by codifying into law, that certain people cannot freely associate is vastly different than people choosing for themselves to segregate – such as the Somali in Cedar-Riverside, the Russians in Brighton Beach, etc. The natural born human right to free association is the basis of *private* unions in a free society, religious affiliation, peaceful protest, marriage, etc.

    While I credit the Right for beginning to recognize the right to freely associate, the Left continues to struggle with their Jim Crow past in several marked ways.

  29. Who ever start likens a Constitutional Amendment to something like slavery needs to be gone, unelected, if they are a politician, if an average person they need to be educated that the Second is for those who were once slaves and they need to, as some of my Virginia relatives might put it, HUSH UP!!!!

  30. And they need be reminded that if they get the ones they want from California and New York they will become the economic catastrophes those states are because they will vote the same as they did in those messes.

  31. If the do nothing radical Socialist / Communist Democratic law makers will go after all our rights as an American citizen and especially our God given 2nd Amendment while we the people are armed? What will they do to our rights and freedoms if they can successfully disarm us with Unconstitutional gun control laws and gun confiscation?

  32. Guns are great and also save lives . Many people don’t realize this because the Mainstream Media will not air the many times someone is saved because they fend off an attacker or an intruder with a firearm. I understand why they don’t air it. They carry the water for the radical Socialist / Democrats and are brothers in crime. A great man to Democrats and Republican left some words for us that fit today’s trying times. “A free people ought…to be armed…” George Washington, 1790. I live by that saying.

  33. So two guys and a kid with cardboard signs has “them” on the run. If it works work it

  34. Pushing liberals out of liberal states is all done by a strategic design.
    Why do you think Texas and Virginia are turning blue?
    Most of the surrounding counties are red in California. Just like Virginia it the highly populated cities with all the libbies that out number the surrounding counties.

  35. _has any action committees been set up? Any defense strategies other than sanctuary? This is too much bs to be real.

  36. This is not new to me I already lived it in Cuba when Castro came and told people that in order to protect the citizens from shootings that later it was know that he orchestrated, he must collect all guns. Once he collected all guns by pointing a rifle on people’s heads then he declared himself communist

  37. If it becomes necessary, I shall boldly travel down from NH (live free or die) and join the side defending our civil liberties and the Constitution.
    Molon Labe, mic drop.

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