NRA Virginia town hall
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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By Jeff Hulbert

The NRA road show to fire up citizen activists landed this weekend on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, filling a Moose Lodge bingo hall with more than 250 folks. They were eager to learn the game plan just days before the start of the 2020 legislative session.

The gathering is one of three town halls underway across Virginia in the last 48 hours, all engineered by the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

It is an effort to inspire regular folks to make the trip to the statehouse in Richmond on January 13 to demand an end the Democrat’s latest gun control schemes.

Glen Caroline, an NRA-ILA grassroots political director, told the crowd that the energy on Virginia’s Main Streets is more powerful than all the firearm infringement plans hatched on 5th Avenue in New York City.

We cannot match Michael Bloomberg dollar for dollar. What he doesn’t have is the passion and commitment that NRA members have.

NRA Virginia town hall
Glen Caroline (courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Caroline said that with the NRA being headquartered in Virginia, he and his colleagues have had a front row seat to the Second Amendment fight unfolding in the Old Dominion.

For months and months we have been witnessing the passion and anger about what’s going on.

The setting for the NRA town hall happens to be in the home region of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Accomack County.

It’s located on a peninsula, with a Maryland boundary to the north, and a 17-mile bridge-and-tunnel span at the south end that serves as the only connection for these Eastern Shore residents to Richmond and the rest of the Virginia mainland. It’s a distinctly rural place with four centuries of firearms tradition that has been put on edge by Northam’s “progresssive” plans.

NRA Virginia town hall
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

At the bingo hall hosting the overflow crowd, NRA grassroots organizer Glen Caroline was joined by the NRA state political director, Daniel Spiker, along with his boss Todd Adkins from the NRA-ILA headquarters.

The three mapped out the strategy and talking points that the members could take to Richmond for the two crucial weeks after the Virginia Legislature opens on January 8th.

Spiker declared that fight against 2020 gun grabbing—or even confiscation—can be fought at the level of basic economics, suggesting that the infringement ideas of Governor Ralph Northam have too high a price tag for the majority of taxpayers.

NRA Virginia town hall
Daniel Spiker (courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

“We are going to fight this on cost,” he said, saying it’s important to confront anti-gun Democrats with their funding dilemma: “Are you really going to raise taxes to fund these gun laws?”

With a stack of gun control bills pre-filed and more expected, the NRA reps set aside analysis of individual bills in favor of a message that the most successful citizen lobbying is a constituent visiting a lawmaker in their office, whether in Richmond or at their district headquarters.

Following that, in terms of influence, said the trio, would be personal phone calls to a lawmaker and personally written letters, with emails as the least likely to carry political weight.

Todd Adkins, who made the trip from NRA HQ, told the group that reaching out to friends and neighbors following the town hall meeting was crucial.

NRA Virginia town hall
Todd Adkins (courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Each of us has a circle that we can influence. Our power comes from our grassroots activism, and each of us has that within their own circle. Working together, we can’t be stopped.

Closing out the gathering, the week of January 13th was identified as a key time period for citizen activism at the statehouse. That’s when the hearings on the gun control bills will get underway.

NRA Virginia town hall
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Adkins added that the NRA isn’t sponsoring speaking events or demonstrations outside the legislative buildings in Richmond, but is encouraging citizens to individually make their own plans to visit the lawmakers’ offices to lobby on a day and time that best suits them.

After a question-and-answer period, and after posing for a group photo to close the event, the crowd ducked out into a light rain that was drifting through Accomack County.

Colleen Daley, a military veteran and lifelong resident of the area, said that she had gone to high school with Ralph Northam, who was a local farmhand and a crew member on Chesapeake Bay work boats before setting out on a path that has taken him to the Governor’s mansion.

Shaking her head, Daley wondered aloud about Northam and his politics.

I don’t know where Ralph diverged from us, but he seems to have sold his soul.

Daley says she is planning to be in the Richmond for Lobby Day on the January 20, which will feature thousands—possibly tens of thousands—of people demonstrating for gun rights in the legislative buildings as well as on the capitol grounds.

Daley said the NRA town hall meeting this day was worth the investment of her time.

It was a little bit vague about what is actually going to be in the legislation, but it energizes us to come out and stand for our Second Amendment rights.

Rodney Snyder of Onancock, Virginia was pleased as well.

I got good info today and I am planning to get out there on the 20th.

Snyder said the six-hour round trip to Richmond during the January 13th week highlighted by the NRA was still a possibility, depending on whether he could take off work.

Waiting for the rain to taper off, Charles Etheridge, another county resident said he has committed to citizen lobbying during the legislature’s crucial second week.

My whole family will probably be going on the 13th. I think the 20th is important, too, but the 13th is my primary day.

Two residents, who only gave their names as Paul and James, came from adjoining Northampton County, and said they were glad they came up for the gathering.

James, a longtime NRA member, said he found the NRA presentation impressive, as well as reassuring after a year of negative press about the group.

“We want them to lead the movement, and get it done.”

NRA Virginia town hall
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Paul, a 31-year-old outfitted in a SIG SAUER hooded sweatshirt, said he found the lack of younger people at the town hall somewhat troubling.

I looked around and I think I was the youngest person in the room, maybe three to four people my age.

Invoking the name of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Paul remarked, “The VCDL has so many more people my age.”

It was not the only time the VCDL came up in conversation groups after the town hall.

The VCDL, which has orchestrated its own grassroots pressure campaign on behalf of Virginia gun owners, is the driving force behind a January 20th Lobby Day demonstration that’s expected to occupy all of the statehouse grounds, as well as gridlock the streets in the area.

While the NRA stresses office visits on the days of each person’s choosing, the VCDL is planning to deploy buses statewide to bring folks—Virginians and out-of-state guests—to Richmond as a show of strength that lawmakers will witness by looking out any statehouse window.

That’s not to say the VCDL isn’t invested in the “inside game.”

Its leadership has issued calls for anyone who can make the trip to Richmond the week of the 13th to do so, and to join VCDL lobby teams on the morning of the 20th before gathering for speeches outside.

One explosive issue that will unfold in a matter of days is the Democrats’ threat to end the longtime tradition of firearms carry by citizens onto state capitol grounds, as well as inside the Statehouse.

According to sources with extensive experience in Virginia politics, some sort of state capitol gun ban is now virtually certain because anti-gun Democrats have the votes needed. Less clear is whether jurisdictional issues will allow Democrats to create a gun-free zone all the way to the nearest public street or just a ban inside the capitol buildings.

The Democrats have declared they will seek to enact the widest possible gun ban with a vote on January 8th.


Jeff Hulbert is the founder of Patriot Picket

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    • Having a “front row seat” means they’re a spectator, not a player on the field. VCDL has been carrying out this fight. Maybe a few indictments will get rid of the self-serving do-nothings and left the NRA get back to work.

      • The NRA has been ignoring the issue, and needs to clean house if it wants to be respected and looked to as a leader. WLP must resign or be removed, AND they need to limit all executive pay and administration costs (including transportation, lodging, incidentals) to no more than 20% of their total expenditures. For years they have just been grifters. Cut that crap out.

        20% of expenses to administrative costs and employee pay
        30% of expenses should go to education and firearm training
        50% of expenses to legal battles to expand and defend firearm rights

    • Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they are there, finally.
      But, it looks like most of the crowd is going to need a walker to “Stand and Fight”.
      Unfortunately I am catching up with that crowd.

    • I got my magazine (shooting illustrated not a 30 rounder) so I know they’re still in business. That’s about I’ve heard from N.R.A. not even beg-a-thons since I sent it all back with no more on all pages, on their postage.

  1. The VDCL has worked far harder and started far earlier than the NRA. The NRA has stepped in to minimize the impact of their lack of an earlier effort led by the VCDL. I was at one of their gatherings long before the NRA showed their face.

    • It’s okay…the ‘ol NRA playbook of “we’ll step in to help if you start it and it picks up traction” is alive and well here.

  2. Hmmm… At first blush, because this began a grass-roots movement, it might have been more politically astute for the NRA to take a public back seat. All the while, recognizing the NRA is made up of grass roots members, the MSM et al, don’t see it as such. Now I’ll go back and read the article.

    • Why?

      They have 5M members, and ‘Ol Wayne’s got his 1k suits, remember?

      Why can’t he start this instead?

      Oh that’s right, he’s full of sh!t.

  3. Typical NRA. This has been going on for months and the VCDL has worked their ASSES off to get people mobilized to fight this shit, then the NRA shows up at the last second for a photo op. And if these ballot measures are successfully defeated then I’m sure those bastards will chock it up as another one of “their” accomplishments. Then again, what do you expect from a gun control group. Wayne needs another boat! Do you hate freedom? Give MOAR MONEY NOW! Goddamn worthless fudd assholes

    • At least I no longer get the “Win this big truck filled with 25 guns you can’t even own in CA, plus some cash!!!” mailers anymore. After I let my NRA membership lapse last year, I still kept getting the mailers, the American Rifleman mag, and membership reminders for another half year.

      • Last year I renewed for 3 years. I’m still getting “Renew Now” and “Free (stuff) if You Renew Now” in the mail. What a waste of money.

        • Good for you! Been a member for years but I’m better served supporting local pro-gun groups. Not renewing in May…

        • Same with me. My final renewal was a multi-year, and within only one year I kept getting “reminders” that my membership was going to expire. I finally took one of them, wrote in red pen that I was **already a member**, and mailed it.

          I still got more reminders the next year. But I’ve left now, so they’re finally stopped.

  4. The capitol of a state is the seat of power. The locus of all privileges granted by government. As such, the general rabble, calling themselves “citizens” (as if that were something impressive, or noteworthy, demanding of respect), shall not be permitted to possess firearms inside the planned defensive perimeter for protecting the properly constituted elitesstate officials who determine what is/is not permitted the occupants of the territory outside the defensive perimeter. The state shall not tolerate a condition where it would take only moments for armed rabble to storm, occupy and imprison the very people upon whom the occupants of field, farm and town depend for direction and sustainment of their very lives.

    So, sit on it.

      • Socialists are not as dumb as Capitalvanians. When the Socialists take over they plan ahead and are in it for the long haul. I am sure its all in the Bloomberg’s “Little Red Book”.

    • So far they have been freer in VA than we have been in FL, viz.,
      Florida Statutes 790.06 bans carry of firearms even with a permit in:
      “7. Any meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special district;
      8. Any meeting of the Legislature or a committee thereof;”

  5. Yeah all that is swell but they want to disarm Virginia to make a point that any state can be brought to heel. They really don’t care what it costs taxpayers to do it.

  6. I’m a super-secret squirrel life member of the NRA but it isn’t just showing up a month late and a ton of effort short. They appear to be actively sandbagging VCDL actions. They’ve scheduled their own NRA protest day in the Capital on Jan. 13 – a week before the date when the VCDL has been organizing Lobby Day (Jan. 20th) for years. The NRA kindly sent notices of their own event on January 20 in Colonial Heights although it is a dinner so perhaps not entirely inconsistent with Lobby Day. But it sure is strange and disturbing to see them pop up now January 4 with 9 days notice for their own allegedly big events.

    Are they doing busses from around the state like VCDL?

    Are they bringing big names to the Capital to work over the lawmakers?

    How, exactly, do they expect to have a large enough presence to actually make Democrats pay attention?

    Sure would be great if they’d actually coordinate with potential allies and have a truly massive and effective turnout on the same date.

    If the NRA turnout on the 13th is small or ineffective it will really play poorly. They ought to combine it with the 20th. Also on the list of things they ought to do: they ought to be paying attention to what VCDL and SAF and others have already accomplished while the NRA sat around begging for handouts in their home state. It’s embarassing, really and I think that’s what this is about: the NRA covering their butts and, yes, possibly trying to take credit. Seems the Democrats aren’t the only ones we need to remind we’re not stupid.

    • The anti-gunners have done a splendid job of “divide and conquer”. With most gun owners dumber than rocks they are all fighting each other for “photo op” day rather than a united day of protest. If there ever was an academy award for “stupid” the gun owners would win it.

      • The Academy Awards are nothing more than a big circle jerk for Hollywood leftists. If they did decide to give an award in that category, you would probably be standing in the middle.

    • At the rate things are going these anti-gun bills are going to be heard and voted on before Jan 20 anyway. VCDL’s Lobby Day being on the same day every year won’t mean a darned thing if the Assembly passes these laws a week before their precious lobby day.

      • Well if they pass the bills before the 20th then turn the 20th into Recall Your Politician Day and start the petition drive on the capital steps.

  7. Well if I was in Virginia fighting for my rights, every little bit helps, and send the GOA next. This is a fucking War

      • a ballot box bought and paid for by Bloomberg… which is why the big gun control push even though gun control was NOT a push in the campaigns of these congresscritters.

      • You tell ’em “real” Vlad! As the noose tightens around the neck of these evil gun owners and oppressors of people of color, the socialist democratic wave of freedom will engulf and wipe away these thugs and their weapons of violence. The mighty media empire will erase any signs of a gun narrative on the internet. Soon forums like this will be obsolete. All hail the socialist state!!!

      • A ballot box stuffed with crates of previously misplaced absentee ballots from dead people, horses, dogs, … Naturally, it’s all stemming from the profound respect for rule of law, the Constitution, our “Democracy”, and the results of elections.

  8. That’s right, every little bit does help. Let’s not lose focus on the enemy. This started as a grassroots fight but the Nation is waking up. Come together and bury these gun grabbing liberals.

  9. Oh LOL, I get it, some of you thought the NRA was done, I mean really? Stick a fork in it, they’re over and done? That’s the funniest goddamn thing I’ve ever heard , they are still the largest and most powerful organization in America, with Millions of people that have little or no use in Internet and still hunt and still fish, you internet bozos kill me, some of you would have to get up and get off your ass and do something, Hell they haven’t even started yet

  10. The article notes the meeting was overflow. But across all coverage of the action in VA, these are the only photos I’ve seen showing empty seats.

    It doesn’t matter what they do to the NRA, it’s dead already.

    • The NRA is not a millennial’s group, therefore, they are on the way out within 10 years. Look at the crowd, it’s literally dying.

        • The GOP is getting some replacements for the dying Neocons with the white wing nationalists and pro gun Democrats.

      • “The NRA is not a millennial’s group,…”

        Maybe the younger generations have no real care for the ability to discipline rogue government. They are very much “here and now”; if it isn’t on video, it is not important.

        While I have had years of enjoyment spinning up my anti-2A brother-in-law, the family New Year’s dinner held a surprise that was so stunning, it has yet to be fully grasped in its impact.

        Middle son is married to a daughter of Vermont. She has, for years, been a real wallflower at reunions and visits. We just chalked it up to being Nor’easter reserved. This year, middle son quietly asked us to not bring up guns or politics of guns. He informed us his wife had demanded he stop spending money on guns, and sell off his stash (along with all the ammo) because she believed the modern world should be gun-free, literally because of children of future generations who should be born into a world of positive outlook and promise (yes, she apparently used those exact words).

        After initial silence, I started to say something, and middle son said, “Stop. It’s a done deal. She is my wife, and my responsibility is to make her happy, which means not waging low-intensity warfare over guns.” (The colonel looked at me and said, “The same goes for my brother; he is not your private clown for your personal entertainment.”

        This has been a revolting development, and my mood has been black for four days.

        • I constantly tell pro gun people they have to focus on women, homosexuals, non whites and young people. If you don’t you will lose eventually.

          Women play a huge role in political victories. From socialist programs to guns. Women control the youth and their husbands more than they a credited for. They have a lot of power in America now.

        • Sounds more like a resident of VT (Brattleboro or Chittenden Co.) originally from NY or CT, rather than a true daughter of VT.

          • “Sounds more like a resident of VT”

            We met the family (and some friends) at the wedding. All claimed to be original Vermonters. They are the only people we know who ever claimed to be from Vermont, so we have no comparison.

            My only knowledge of Vermont is Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. Always thought everyone in Vermont was of a like mind, as if, I guess, time stood still.

        • “I constantly tell pro gun people they have to focus on women, homosexuals, non whites and young people.”

          Focus to you heart’s content — those groups will always let you down. They’re the enemy.

        • My last girlfriend of nearly 10 years, was as left wing as they come. She is Obama’s and Clinton’s greatest supporter. Yet, she bragged that she was ejected from the Communist Party of Romania 🇷🇴. I told her I was not even allowed to apply to the Communist Party of Cuba 🇨🇺 (not that I wanted to or would have). She believes that no one, civilian (including police), military or criminal has any right to own any firearm. However, when one of my relatives misappropriated one of the things willed to me by my grandfather, his customized Colt 1911, she was adamant that I recover my pistol as my rightful inheritance and relic of my grandfather’s
          Somehow my left wing card carrying Democrat former Communist ex-girlfriend felt I have a right to retain my grandfather’s pistol. Go figure! There may be some hope for the world?

        • If you have any common sense you will help him find a decent divorce attorney. Of course this is from the same people who brought us Prohibition. The Founders had voting figured out that never should of been changed.

          As Ralph stated focusing on the enemy will do you no good.

          • “If you have any common sense you will help him find a decent divorce attorney.”

            Middle son is not a teenager. Adults are responsible for their own lives. Middle son has to wander down his own path. Am curious if his wife will be more engaging now.

        • Sam I Am, then he has lost all backbone. My last ex when i was ending it with the deranged cow had the hide to say “well I was a good girlfriend! I allowed you to have guns in the house.” My response was “Maybe you should have said something earlier and saved us both a lot of heart ache.”
          If a potential partner or even one that i had been with a while and had fallen for came out as anti-gun it would be a deal breaker for me…. Oh and by the way as many of you know by now I am a Lesbian… as several of you just stated supposedly the enemy. I know a good many LGBT people who also feel the same as me when it comes to the means of defence not just against common street thugs but against tyrants… but i repeat myself (the only difference between the average street thug and a tyrant is their ability to use their brain as both derive pleasure from others suffering).

          These days it is one of my leading questions when I meet someone that i like. If they are an anti-gunner they are anti-liberty and anti-self reliance and i wont go there.

          • “If they are an anti-gunner they are anti-liberty and anti-self reliance and i wont go there.”

            Excellent. But I do understand it puts a stark limit on one’s social life.

            Middle son actually reflects my conclusion about the vast majority of voters….government run amok is not a serious possibility, and “gun rights” are way down on the list of life and political priorities.

            • yes I Agree it can do. however for me it is something that i WONT compromise on and TBH i would rather be alone than with someone who wishes to impinge on natural rights.

          • “If that was my son his ass would be disowned!”

            All the sons have been disinherited, and they know it. Following Warren Buffet’s lead (except the million dollar starter fund for each child).

        • This is why I no longer frequent family gatherings. I’m thankful that my Grandparents and Great Uncles who served in WW2, aren’t alive to listen to the whining anti-gun agenda and pussification of my younger cousins.
          No great loss in my opinion, as I wouldn’t piss in most of their mouths if their teeth were afire. The fact that they are sons and daughters of US Veterans flabbergasts me. I look at my uncles and wonder how they can sit there silent. Five or Six years ago, I had enough and have found something else to do when these get togethers come up. My mother doesn’t understand, my father wishes he could ditch them all too.

          • “This is why I no longer frequent family gatherings.”

            Understand your thinking. As we get older, all the travel is less entertaining. We go there, they come here, we all go somewhere. When I was young, the “family” was pretty well nearby, in one town, or close. Times changed, career in the military, road warrior for a decade, family gets further atomized. No one wants to check out regretting not getting to see family that one last time.

      • Every generation spouts that exact same sentiment.

        Then they wake up one day and are become their parents.

        You’re not different, and you’re not special.

        The failing isn’t generational nonsense but the mismanagement of what was once an important organ of freedom.

        • Nope.

          Millennials are very different than their parents. Technology has made sure of that. This isn’t the old world anymore. Being connected to the other people of the world changes perspective in ways the older generation didn’t have access to.

          The younger generations are not following the older generations the same way they did their parents. Hence all the issues in America within the last 13 years. It’s not only happening in America, it is happening in other countries too.

        • Chief Sensor, the boomers thought the exact same thing. With cars, airplanes, electricity, radio and tv, the world was so different they HAD to be a completely different thing from their parents.

          But they weren’t.

          You’re just Boomer 2.0

        • Boomers didn’t have the internet. The internet just go up and going in the last ten years. In the 90s you had to dial up to connect to some shitty website. Now kids are raised on the internet and learn things their parents didn’t teach them. There wasn’t AI making a huge shift in society like it does today.

          The millennial and Z generation are way closer to each other and very different than the boomers. It clearly shows when you look at the demographics of various groups. Even the internet displays the difference when you look at website analytics.

          • “The millennial and Z generation are way closer to each other…”

            No, they aren’t. They are all interconnected, but so all alone.

        • Realistically the generations are different and the same. The more different they seem the more alike they actually are.

          It’s an odd reality but it’s been the same for the entirety of human civilization. The difference isn’t so much in tech, communications, taste or politics. It’s biochemical. Your brain changes as you age.

        • No as others have stated the internet has drastically changed everything. Seriously the average attention span of most people is 5 minutes as they need to be constantly entertained. I know people who put their whole lives on Snap Chat and get mad when you don’t like their pics of food.

          This is a very unfortunate change that will never be reversed.

  11. The NRA: because fat pasty cowards who cannot get laid without paying for it need lobbyists, too!

  12. After reading a lot of these comments, a lot of you really don’t care if Virginia gets help or not, a lot of you don’t really care about the Second Amendment, if it were me and I lived in Virginia, I would accept any help that was offered. Which I know that’s what they’re going to do. If you want to do something here, is a group to get in touch.with VCDL.ORG, thank you for your support. I guess some of you don’t realize that the NRA is just voluntary, you don’t have to join and what support groups out there that you are affiliated with that do not ask for donations? I hear a lot of griping , maybe you can Enlighten us

    • Are you reaching out to Antifa and other pro gun communist groups for help? There are some armed communist groups in Virginia.

      • Are those the “white wing people” you talked about earlier? Also, I do agree with you about getting more women and minorities involved. If moms aren’t on board, the kids won’t be. The POG will disappear.

    • We care very much if Virginia gets help but where the hell was the NRA last November when it really mattered? Seriously. They did nothing while Bloomberg bought the election and installed his flunkies to take Virginia’s guns.

      As was said in comments on a different post if they’d done the work when it mattered, they wouldn’t be worried about having to work twice as hard now to fix it.

      • They didn’t want to spend Wayne’s money. They even said they won’t spend money now. Of course they will ask you to spend yours and to donate more money to the NRA because they don’t have enough.

    • Like you, this is too big a battle to just shrug off the NRA’s help. Help from any and all Pro 2nd Amendment groups will be required. Has the NRA turned its back on the fight? Not that I can see. Have they backed off fighting? Again I don’t think so. The situation in Virginia, has the potential to be the next Ft. Sumter moment. I’ll admit at times I’m so angered that I wish it would just start, but then, reason creeps in. I really don’t relish the idea of Civil War, and believe we should do everything we can to prevent it, but disarming isn’t negotiable, and Virginia’s legislative quislings need to understand that. Will it come a time that we’ll need to build a gibbet on the State House lawn? I hope not, but my hammer and nails are ready to go.

  13. “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Following that, in terms of influence, said the trio, would be personal phone calls to a lawmaker and personally written letters, with emails as the least likely to carry political weight.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””

    So the NRA finally showed up minus of course Wayne La PePe who could not make it. He was shacked up with his Mistress, paid for with NRA money and chauffeured around in Wayne’s limousine. I imagine they were dining that evening on French imported wine and caviar.

    In all seriousness writing or calling the Dem lawmakers is hilarious as they are not going to stab their constituents in the back that voted them in because 67 per cent of the people wanted bans on assault rifles.

    “””””””””””””””””””””””””””Spiker declared that fight against 2020 gun grabbing—or even confiscation—can be fought at the level of basic economics, suggesting that the infringement ideas of Governor Ralph Northam have too high a price tag for the majority of taxpayers.”“We are going to fight this on cost,” he said, saying it’s important to confront anti-gun Democrats with their funding dilemma: “Are you really going to raise taxes to fund these gun laws?””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

    Wrong! Northam will just put a 50 per cent tax on all gun and ammo sales to pay for the expenses. And if that falls a little short he will tax the hell out of the Greed Monger Republican parasites and their tax shelters and exemptions. It will not affect the average troglodyte worker slave the Republicans enslaved all these years.

    • Shut up jackass , sounds like you got you beans on top of frank when you zipped
      Now go sit at the children’s table before marry your mom and cut your allowance down and make you do dishes and clean the house

    • Careful, Northam can’t over tax the most wealthy. The wealthiest and best politically connected people are Democrats. Maybe they will tax a few brackets down instead?

    • The people of color with whom I associate all bought more guns and ammo precisely because they are crucial to their their ability to defend themselves against aggression. They most emphatically do not want to be disarmed ever again because they have seen first-hand what happens to disarmed people.

      Which people of color are you claiming want to be disarmed? The African-American Gun Association filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court supporting the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. The Second Amendment Sisters support gun rights. JFPO clearly does not want to be disarmed.

      Who, exactly, are you claiming supports civilian disarmament while the government remains armed?

  14. The NRA is actually out doing something in Virginia?
    Here in Washington State, all they ever did was send out fundraising solicitations while they twiddled their thumbs as two anti-2A initiatives got passed.

    • Bloomberg and his spokespeople claim to support the Second Amendment, saying they simply oppose “assault weapons.” But then they try to classify any semi-automatic rifle as an “assault weapon,” regardless of caliber, magazine capacity or anything else. Under Bloomberg’s proposed Washington law, semi-automatic rifles or handguns of any type would be subjected to onerous new restrictions and taxes, thus discouraging their possession and lawful use.
      Looks like you’re next Washington State, are you guys voting Republican ?????? I’m seeing a lot of Democrats in your house

      • “Bloomberg and his spokespeople claim to support the Second Amendment,…”

        The “giveaway” when anyone claims to support the Second Amendment….”weapons of war have no place in civilian hands.”

  15. NRA, the nations oldest showing up late and taking credit for stuff they didn’t do organization.

    We tried to tell people what NRA was about for decades. Now that’s it’s imploding everyone finally sees it.

  16. I think the NRA makes gunm grab ideas, then the powers that be start to pass them, then the NRA fights it and wins, then everybody joins the NRA, then the NRA gives a bunch of money to the powers that be until next gunm grab idea . Everyone is happy. Life goes on the rich gets rich and the poor get a cost of living wage increase, not really an increase, just enuff to take away the food stamps and low income housing

  17. Notice the NRA ILA ripping off VCDL’s hard work. Appropriating and mimicking all the very real effort of VA citizens.

    Notice Van Cleave had the class to acknowledge the NRA and suggest going to their protest day if you could, yet, the NRA doesnt have the grace to even passingly mention Van Cleave and VCDL’s work that they were on the sidelines watching. They didnt even exhort their own members to attend lobby day.

    The young man quoted was right about VCDLs membership. I wish there were more minorities with us but there is much diversity in age and sex. Unfortunately, the distressingly large demographic of virulently racist backwater members of both groups will most likely turn minorities away.

  18. The Va Pro Gun Train, well staffed by locals had already left the Station. The NRA is trying to catch the caboose while carrying its dim lantern. Very little, very late. Most of Va had already stood up as 2A Sanctuaries before the NRA waved their flag. Of course if the Pro 2A side prevails, the NRA add it their accomplishments. Lol

  19. Instead of wasting money on the NRA, There are other other places more effective, FPC ( Firearms Policy
    Coalition ) and FPF ( Firearms Policy Foundation ), These groups are fighting for our 2A rights in the courts
    all the way to the Supreme Court. You can sign up at their websites and they have all types of information on the cases they are working on.

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