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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Virginia Democrats and Governor Ralph Northam may have opened an even bigger can of worms than they intended with their rhetoric about enforcing proposed new gun control laws they pass. Over 90% of the state’s counties have signaled their #resistance by declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, most of which vowing not to enforce any new limits on gun rights enacted when Democrats take control of the legislature in January.

Recently, these flyers have been popping up around the Old Dominion . . .

Some examples in the wild:

Apparently one was tacked up in an area where an Antifa group noticed it. They posted this on their Facebook page:

We stand with working class and other marginalized people thathave the right to arm and defend themselves against a myriad of very real threats. Democrats are creating a very unsafe scenario for many in VA as tension across the state builds.

We do not believe the state exists to protect us.
We keep us safe. 🖤

One of their allies in the Tidewater area also shared, appealing to the authority of none other than Karl Marx in their view that the people shall not be disarmed.

Unlike your typical Second Amendment supporters, Antifa is known for their violent sneak attacks and protests (not to mention their fire-bombing of an ICE detention facility).

These are the same “anti-fascists” who harass drivers just going about their business (it’s not clear how they judge someone’s politics just by what they look like while in the driver’s seat of a car).

With Antifa lining up against Governor Northam and Virginia’s anti-gun Democrats over gun control, the law-abiding members of the VCDL and the Second Amendment sanctuary movement are the least of their problems.

I can’t recall the VCDL causing violence like any of the above examples. They’re professional, reasonable, and do things by the book.

Interesting times to say the least….




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  1. That is a group to stay away from! There may not be many of them, but they are delusional troublemakers we want nothing to do with!

    • Totally agree. They’re about as radical as you can get. However, this isn’t a bad thing that they’re also against what the VA Dems are trying to do

      • But Muslim terrorists are? So no to American Antifa and yes to foreign Muslims who attack U.S. military on American soil?

        • Are what? His friend? Nobody even came close to implying that. In fact it was exactly the opposite: sharing an enemy with a group that would see you dead does not somehow make them your friend. This would place Muslim terrorists squarely in the “enemy” category even if you do happen to align on a particular point of domestic policy, though I rather think anyone intending to commit mass murder as an individual (rather than overthrowing the state, THEN confiscating guns and committing mass murder, which is what Antifa intends) would be a proponent of gun bans. Makes it less likely your victims will shoot back, after all.

      • The enemy of my enemy is not my current target,
        But I’m registering his position for future reference.

    • It says something when you’re not even backed by your prospective secret police and enforcers.

    • I agree, antifa is a bad news bunch. But there may be a silver lining in this.

      With Lobby Day coming up on the 20th and a lot of people walking around with sidearms, something is likely to go sideways. I fully expect a few provocateurs to be in the crowd (funded by the Bloomer, no doubt) looking for a good media event. Now that antifa has publicly thrown their hat in the ring, they could be useful as the perfect scapegoat if it comes down to that.

  2. Antifa might be a bunch of unstable troublemakers but the message is true nonetheless and as unstable as they may be these rights belong to everyone.

    • Not so according to Republicans. They say Democrats, (brown) immigrants, Antifa and convicted felons shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.

      I don’t get mad or intimidated by Antifa carrying their commie guns.

  3. I wouldn’t legitimize or add credibility to anything antifa says or does. They should be eradicated like the vermin they are…

      • … Aaaaand, here we have people, the pot calling the kettle black!

        So says the anti-vaxxx fvckwit that changed his username in here multiple times after being told by TTAG management his crap wasn’t wanted in here.

        You’re pathetic, peeegeee. Why don’t you just leave and never come back? Your only function here now is to be a fun punch-toy for the folks here that want to talk about guns… 😉

        • Not sure who throws bigger temper tantrums…you or turd? Your patterns are grade school obvious….how long before you dust of the guesty username to come to your defense😂😂😂😂😂😂

        • For some odd reason that I can’t really nail down whenever I read these vaxxer posts I hear them in the voice of Serj Tankian the lead vocalist for System of a Down.

          Like a crazy ping-ponging back and forth between super high pitched screeching and super deep throated screaming with occasional layovers where he stops in a normal voice.

          I can just see these people running around squealing/screaming “WE WILL FIGHT THE HEATHENS!”.

        • Strych, if those sound Soounds/ voices you’re hearing are a problem, maybe consider getting some help?

        • “how long before you dust of the guesty username to come to your defense”

          Dust off? 😉

          Dude, that’s you continual delusion. It was explained to to you in small words who ‘guesty’ was – and you continue to think I’m him.

          You’re pathetic. Do the world a favor and kill yourself, OK? Please? All the bad voices will go away, I promise. 😉

          Pssst! Serge will be happy to take for a nice helicopter ride, to see the pretty sights (of the ground rising rapidly to meet you… 😉

        • Peegee (or is it Pg[two]?),

          I personally knew Guesty offline before he left TTAG, and am aware of the pillow fights you two had. While I chose to stay out of the fray and not get your sleep-over glitter on me, I *did* notice that you latched onto non-gun topics a lot.

          Seemed kinda retarded.

        • LMAO, Greta, you have some weird fantasy about serge and helicopters? You can’t make this fING shit up!!!! This place is better than Comedy Central.

        • Ironic that you come to a site about guns, comment in opposition to the state control of gun owners, and then turn around and support the state telling you what you must inject your body and the bodies of your children. I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m anti- government telling me what vaccine products from which manufacturer go in me and mine at what time. You don’t appear to be open to such a distinction though. Do you argue here for criminalizing gun ownership when the article is about doctors saying you shouldn’t own a gun? Or do you only trust doctors taking instructions from the government when it’s about something in a syringe?

    • To Nanook
      _—————-I wouldn’t legitimize or add credibility to anything antifa says or does. They should be eradicated like the vermin they are…—————

      We did quite well at Charlottesville when we beat the shit out you Nazis. And we grow stronger every day. Vote Socialist in 2020

        • Bird Brain we were not carrying Nazi torches and shouting “The Jews will no replace us” your gang of Nazi’s were shouting that.

          Try again stable Genius you fell right into the shit house on that reply.

        • Sorry, vlad. But your actions put the lie to your words. Antifa are brownshirts. Nothing more. Nothing less. You are forever going on about violating basic human rights.

          If it walks like a duck, has feathers like a duck, quacks like a duck and tells you it is an eagle, no its not. Its a duck.

          And you are a nazi. Just because you want to violate the rights of all and not just the jews doesn’t make you less a nazi.

          But you would understand if you weren’t a low iq drop out.

        • Every time you open your trap about Brown Shirts educated people are laughing at you. Look up who the Brown Shirts were Stable Genius. They were your boys not ours.

          Hitler hated communists and Liberals and loved jack booted nationalists and populists and Right Wing fanatics. Those are your boys stable genius not ours.

        • Like I said, vlad. Actions speak louder than your lies. You behave as a nazi. So you are a nazi. What educated people are you talking about? You washed out of Kent State.

  4. I can see Northam resigning soon and taking Bloomberg’s money with him into retirement. That photo should be plastered everywhere! And shown every time Northam pops up in public. And he should be asked if he’s going to wear blackface when he signs unconstitutional laws! This man has zero credibility. He should be recalled at least!

    • “I can see Northam resigning soon and taking Bloomberg’s money with him into retirement.”

      That ain’t happening, Tex.

      Study psychology. He’s on a power trip. Despots like him never step on the brake…

      • For a TTAG study in delusions, look at what a certain nut-ball in here thinks who the real identity of ‘I Haz A Question’ is, a poster who not once has ever used a profanity in TTAG, where I regularly cuss like fvcking sailor… 😉

        • Wait…*who* here thinks I’m you? Did I miss something? I thought that claim was that you’re “Guesty”?

        • This is a repeat of a few days ago, almost word for word, though it’s not surprising, I’ve never made the statement that Geoff/Greta/Geusty uses the username ‘Haz a question’. This was literally a conversation less than a Week ago…but something tells me the greta/Geoff/guesty profile will post this again in the near future….and the ‘Haz a question’ profile will act surprised…again….

        • …except that I’ve never seen this fabled conversation or accusation. Seeing that you’re claiming this has happened twice now, please link to the comment(s) in question so I can read it for myself, since my (user)name is now being dragged into your games.

          If it really bothers you that Guesty McBackstabber is gone, I can pretend I’m him for a while and call you a moron, if that helps…

      • I don’t know… article on Fox website has WaPo taking some heat from the rest of the media for backing off the Northam blackface story. Not that WaPo gives a shit about what anyone thinks about them. But the story may be getting some legs again.

  5. Maybe the Antifa goons are starting to realize that once they’ve served their useful purpose, Democrats will then have to put them in prison.

    • Antifa said since the beginning of their rise in North America that “liberals get the bullet too!”

    • That would be an interesting twist to typical outcomes. Wonder how their handlers will process their disposables being aware and prepared for their likely fates.

      • Aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal DNA, polysorbate 80, trace amounts of mercury, the list is huge. Not sure about copper or lead, the few independent studies we do have about ingredient shows disturbing contaminants.

        • That is scary…. environmentally friendly rope made of natural hemp fibers might be a less toxic solution.

        • Screw that, RGP. A push off the roof of a 5-story (or more) building is all it takes.

          Any tall buildings where you live, peeegeee? 😉

        • LMFAO…as Greta has another ‘How dare you” moment and wishes death on people she disagrees with! Comedy gold.

        • Thanks for that, PG. Now I finally have a mental image to match to your user profile. In my mind’s eye, you will now always have Greta’s “How Dare You” poutface.

          It’s not a good look.

        • Peegee, what did you do to piss these nuts off? I say live and let live. Let everyone do what they want to do. I’m sure that those of us who choose to homeschool our children are the enemy as well. I thought that the whole point of these websites is to unite the people of the gun. Instead, it all seems like a bunch of little children throwing a temper tantrum and even some posting empty death threats. Rather humorous if you ask me. And no, I’m not a socialist, I’m a libertarian. And a far right leaning one at that.

        • Jake, many of these posters are phonies. They pretend to support gun rights while attacking other individual rights. AstroTurf 101. I support homeschooling 100%, what made you reach the incorrect assumption that I did not?

    • Too peegeetwo
      —————Which one of you commie turds is going be the first in line for the approved Ebola vaccine?———–

      I will be the first to take it and the last to survive any Ebola outbreak. Its called beating the Darwinism of those who don’t. And by the way you shit turds too. We all do.

  6. I eagerly await the explanation of this by some of our resident trolls.

    But please, trolls, shower first. The scent of the urine running down your legs doesn’t really add much to your arguments.

      • I’ll keep my guns and they can keep their bike locks. I’m totally happy with that arrangement.

        I find it amusing to no end that the Democrats in VA have actually managed to push this far enough that even the most hardcore anti-GOP/anti-trump/anti-rights groups out there are saying “Whoa, that’s too far, even for us!”.

        Much as I despise ANTIFA and find them lacking in intellectual rigor, I’m somewhat impressed that this particular group of hard-leftists is determined NOT to end up like some of their predecessors; used for the revolution then first in line for the firing squad and the lime pit.

        • Having personally lived through a Communist “Revolution,” I would guess even Antifa realizes like White Bolshevics, Leon Trotsky, Che Guevara, Huber Matos and many others should had eventually realized, they should have been “determined NOT to end up like some of their predecessors; used for the revolution then first in line for the firing squad and the lime ”

      • America was created that way. They used the French, Africans and Americans to fight the Europeans trying to continue their control over their fleeing populations. Then they turned on them after they won against the King.

    • The enemy of my enemy is simply my enemy’s enemy. He may be useful as an ally, but that’s a far cry from friendship. Something to keep in mind.

    • Not in this case.

      Antifa are the useful idiots of the hard left, and they want guns so they can use them against ‘fascists’.

      Antifa basically considers anyone who isn’t Antifa or an Antifa supporter to be a ‘fascist’.

      • Yes, true, and they have lumped the VA Dems in with them (the same dems who told VA LE not to cooperate with ICE).

    • That’s what the Republicans said when they armed and trained Muslim terrorists. The same terrorists that killed people I know.

  7. Interesting about Antifa “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” American history is littered with the fallout from that ideology so it’s important that we not lose sight of who they really are!

  8. Northam has time for legislation because he is not fighting for his office.
    Virginia gunowners need to focus on destroying Northam instead of doing “sanctuaries” of questionable legality. Governor Norton should be overwhelmed in legal court and court of public opinion to show the world the price paid for Norton’s anti-gun stances. Tie Northam up fighting every accusation with even scant evidence and see where it goes.

  9. Recall him if possible. Let antifa do their thing but keep your distance do not befriend or trust them. We don’t need the negative exposure

    • Exactly. The antifa may generate enough negative social medua, and maybe news media, attention the VA gov doesnt need.

    • Standing by the whole of the American people against the tyrannical government is bad?

      I thought Republicans lived by “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I know Republicans train and arm Muslim terrorists — who eventually kill Americans — because they will take down their enemies for them.

      An armed society is a respectful society. No strong group wants to be disarmed while others retain their power because now they are weak.

  10. Antifa knows people will associate them with the klansman democrat governor. Both are democrats. They are trying to cover their A$$. Antifa has a history supporting gun control.

    The Klan has always been a Liberal progressive organization. Openly welcomed at Democrat Party conventions. Just like Antifa.

    • Antifa is similar to the Black Panthers. However, they have different groups within. Both Antifa and Black Panthers wanted the people to be armed with the best weapons so they could overthrow the corporate/banker government and create a communist country for the worker.

      • Wrong again! ANTIFA is the new Klan and the Demoncrap’s own Brown Shirts. Welcome to the 21st century National Socialism.

        • whiskeyhammer,
          My, my, you are the most perfect example of “Boomerbrain” I have ever heard of. Did you invite a bunch of AntiFa to beat on you skull with chains until you became blubbering liberal anti Second Amendment POS blabbering brain dead idiot, or were you born that way

  11. File lawsuits asap when northham signs them into law. Keep them on defence. Only way to win is being on full blown offense.

  12. Governor “Black Face…” errr…I mean…Governor “Klan robes…” Whenever he is mentioned from now until he leaves office those titles should be how he is addressed…..this needs to be driven home the same way the democrats hit republicans for any flaw in their character…..

  13. I still say Article 1, section 9, clause 3 makes confiscation unconstitutional and will get slapped down by SCOTUS. If they can take your guns they can vote to take your house otherwise.

      • The government owns your property. Your house and your car. You have to pay to have access to those things although you already paid in full. Because socialism. Your labor/income is also considered government property.

  14. The Antifa opposition to the proposed gun laws might help keep them from being passed in the first place. I doubt that the Demorats are very afraid of law abiding citizens but the might have second thoughts of supporting the laws out of fear of what the Antifa may do to them, their families or their businesses.

    • Antifa was able to take over Oregon and Washington. They got the police to follow their demands. They didn’t really need guns to do it. They have guns, but they used politics and disobedience.

  15. Strange bedfellows indeed. Que a “2A is for everyone” diatribe er discussion😅😎😏

  16. “If they can take your guns they can vote to take your house otherwise.”

    Under Kelo v. City of New London, the G can take your house and give it to someone they like better.

  17. “Even Virginia’s Antifa Groups Oppose Northam and Democrats’ Gun Control Push”

    Of course the vile little demo-cowards do. They realize they must be armed in order to not be slaughtered by the conservatives they try to push around.

  18. The Federalist Papers make it exceedingly clear that the government cannot confiscate our weapons of defense:

    “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state. In a single state, if the persons intrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.”–Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers: No. 28, For the Independent Journal.

    This U.S. Senator made it perfectly clear as well:

    From among the rights retained by our policy, we have selected those of self defence or bearing arms, of conscience, and of free inquiry, for two purposes; one, to shew the vast superiority of our policy, in being able to keep natural rights necessary for liberty and happiness, out of the hands of governments; the other, to shew that this ability is the effect of its principles, and beyond the reach of Mr. Adams’s system, or of any other, unable to reserve to the people, and to withhold from governments, a variety of rights.–John Taylor, U.S. Senator, (1792 – 94, 1803, 1822 – 24). [An Inquiry into the Principles and Policy of the Government of the United States: Section the Sixth; The Good Moral Principles Of The Government Of The United States, (1814).]

    And Mr. Taylor ought to know hat was intended, as he was there when it was discussed in convention. And guess what? He served in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the United States Senate.

    I’d say that makes it crystal clear that none of our governments are permitted to do any such thing.

  19. Read an article today that said Virginia was increasing it’s corrections budget. In anticipation of the increase in arrests due to it’s new firearms laws. As well as to finance the implementation of new firearms legislation. To the tune of 250,000 dollars. No mention as of yet on increasing the coroners budget or increased security staff for himself and other legislators. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • You are concerned about an increase of $250,000 for prisons in the Virginia budget from the current administration?

      I would pay more attention to many other Republican state, where the prison budget have increased dramatically, here’s an example:

      “LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Lawmakers on Friday approved a $136 million contract to house as many as 500 prisoners at a privately run jail facility in southeast Arkansas.”

      Republican Kentucky governor Matt Bevin just signed a emergency authorization for $41 million worth of private prison contracts, with no legislative oversight whatsoever.

      VA’s $250,000 will barely cover an additional 5 to 10 corrections officers and is a pittance compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars the Republican states are spending to incarcerate their citizens.

      Many of you have no idea who the real enemy is, do you?

      • ” Many of you have no idea who the real enemy is, do you? ”

        Don’t worry– we know. Democrats and Republicans: two holes on the same ass.

        • Really, the total VA corrections budget is well over $1 billion, Mostly salaries and benefits:

          “For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018, the General Assembly appropriated the Department of Corrections (DOC) an adjusted operating budget of $1,257,128,812. The DOC expended $1,248,956,790; the major portion of these expenditures were earmarked for salaries and benefits.”

      • You know absolutely zero about Kentucky, 49er so shut your hole. I’ll tell you this, though. One man holed up in a rockhouse can defend that spot for as long as he has food. That could be weeks. When you finally move in – it might be that he’s slipped behind you or disappeared. Same in VA so good luck dipshit.

  20. There is never one simple solution to a problem, but the way to start in Virginia is to Remove the Cocksucker Northom from office, then start with all the Democratic Assholes that think they want to take Law Abiding Citizens Guns away from them. As long as these Idiots are in office nothing will ever change. In today’s world how can this piece of shit stay in office. It really worries me about the people that would vote for this piece of Shit. No one from The state of California, New York, New Jersey and Washington should be allowed to run for Congress or the Presidency, because these people are Fucking Retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. These Idiots Cannot see the Writing on the Wall.

  21. Which is more important issue Racism or Gun Control? This question surfaces as a result of the Washington Post (WaPo) apology about calling for Northams resignation from his Office due to “his Racist history including blackface photos”. Now, WaPo is all about second chances and Support for Northam. Why the 180° change of opinion? Because WaPo WANTS to support him during VA forcast major push for new and extreme Gun Control Laws. CNN has recently soften it hard resignation stance on Northam.

    If you recall, when Northam was getting hammered by the Media he started his more gun control diversion. Media kept on him figuring the dem politician majority would see it through without him. Fast forward to the overwhelming Va 2A Sanctuary Movement of We The Peoples resistance and “NOW” Northam is needed to hold the gun grab together: that’s why the Race Card that was intended to topple him is being cleansed from the Media.

    So media jumps on the Race Card when it supports the general racist rich, powerful white man target narrative but is more than happy to kiss that Racists ass when a higher priority issue (gun control) is on the line.

    All orgs supporting People of Color must understand their issues and concerns are only important to politician and media when it support the priority narrative.

  22. Anitifa’s only currency is violence. They would have no problem with everyone else but them had their guns banned and confiscated. After all those are primarily white makes that probably voted for Trump and to the far left they should all be killed. I’d go so far to say they would have no problem with the state going door to door to confiscate guns by force and killing every gun owner in the state, there spouses and children. They only care because it takes away from the monopoly of violence they crave where in there ideal world EVERYONE who oppose antifa would be executed and all white males and Trump supporters rounded up and sent to gas chambers. Godwin’s law invoke due to there rampant anti-semitism. After all the life of one illegal immigrant is worth more to them than the entire white population of the country.

    • This has all the earmarks of Michael Bloomberg buying himself a big helping of Virginia politicians and then pulling the strings. Not a right or left issue.

  23. If there is one single thing that I wish we could really impress upon you all it’s that we are not democrats, or republicans, but a lot of us really have a special hatred for liberals. If there was another, it’s that because antifa is not an organization, you have different groups that operate in different ways, and may not even necessarily be willing to work with one another. Remember, your organizations and networks are also demonized by the mainstream media. What makes you think they’re telling you the whole truth about us?

    We will differ with you on other issues, I’m sure we will, but we do not want to disarm the working class. We do not trust the government to equally apply the law, or to have the best interests of the people at heart, regardless of what party is heading it.

    We can work out our differences as we struggle together on this issue. Many of us come from rural areas, from rural backgrounds, and we are not the people you think we are.

    The state wins when we are divided. Yes, we will defend people by any means necessary from groups like the KKK, or neo-nazis, and I bet most of you hate those groups too. But our beef is not with average working class people just trying to survive this fucked up world. I cannot speak for every single person who calls themselves an antifascist, but I can tell you that no one in any VA group wants anything to do with democrats.

    Just ask the American Pit Vipers, they actually got to know us, and they saw the truth. You don’t have to believe me, but know that we are on the same side of this fight. Self-defense is a basic human right, it should be given to all. We protect us. Not the state.

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