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“If you have an attic, you have a snipers nest. Become familiar with your attic. If you don’t have a window in your attic, make one. The view that it will provide you of your perimeter, both outer and inner, is unmatched. You can remain virtually invisible, even after shots are fired, which gives you a huge psychological edge over any intruders. Armies have for centuries, and still to this day, seek out the high ground when defending themselves. That is no coincidence.” – Jason in Virginia writing for

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  1. I think one of the reasons that people prepare themselves for survival situations is for the fun of it. The thought of living in a fortress is pretty cool.

  2. Are there any instructions or guides for turning my sniper’s nest back into an attic? I can really use some extra storage.

  3. “Armies have for centuries, and still to this day, seek out the high ground when defending themselves.”
    Just as armies for centuries have flanked their opponents, and lay siege with incendiary weapons. For most attics, you’ll at best have a few of in front and behind your house, compared to any other floor that will likely have windows on all sides. And if your far enough away from the window to be hidden, thenyour field of view will be obstructed. This comment also seems to assume your in a rural area.

    • And this is why the common man is now a subject and not a citizen – he has no recourse against superior force of arms brought to bear by his government. If justice screws up, gets the wrong guy, force is used excessively on the right guy – you may die for simply believing the fourth amendment actually means something.

      From a realistic point of view, if they can call in an airstrike or an Apache, or wheel a M1-Abrams in, yes, there is little you can do with the average dwelling. For all domestic threats short of that though, perhaps some preparation is better than none?

      • War is an awful thing. If it comes down to the situations like this people worry about – you will not fare well setting up sniper positions in one’s attic.

        That is something that G.I. Joe wannabes aspire to do. May work against a short term riot, but that is about it and even then not very well. If this situation is something you generally fear – I will call out anyone with that mindset as an absolute fool.

        I pray that this never happens on this soil. Look at many African countries over the past 20 years and how domestic wars are fought. It isn’t like 1864. For example….if the situation exists where and enemy will be calling in heavy machinery against domestic targets….the rebel group would not target the tanks in defense, but they would seek to kill the parents and children of the people piloting said heavy machinery. It is much, much more horrific because innocent people are involved.

        The premise of the entire discussion is because of some simplistic thinking that I suppose keeps a paranoid mind occupied.

        • There is no such thing as an innocent person. Those “innocents” supported the state in the same way a soldier in the rear stacking boxes in a warehouse is supporting the troops on the front line. At the end of the day, the military is just a tool of the state. If you think children are somehow exempt:

          • So by that logic: we are enemy combatants with the “terrorists” who would blow up civilian targets, and we shouldn’t cry foul when they do so?

            Not saying I agree one way or the other, I just want to clarify.

            • Yes, if anyone is interested go through the 9-11 anniversary thread, I said similar things about the 9-11 “victims”. You can always make the argument of the degree of culpability, but there is no such thing as truly innocent, myself included.

              • So which is it , matt? One day you’re all about defending states like Iran and criticizing the bombing it’s going to take and now it’s OK to kill them all and let God sort them out.

              • I was defending Irans right to acquire nuclear weapons in the other article. In this article I talked of how civlians arent innocent. Totally different things.

                Wah wah wah, anti-semite, wah wah wah, everyone is out to get the jews, wah wah wah, anti-semite if you dont support Israel.

                Zionist arguments are funny. Its like if I bought a house in the ghetto and then bitched about how i’m surrounded by gang bangers. They knew that they were going in to hostile territory when they chose to settle there. Anyways, wasnt the biggest act of terrorism in Israel, the King David Hotel bombing which was carried out by Zionists?

                So how is Israel committing suicide by going to peace talks?

              • Matt seems to be confusing you with someone else.

                Pray tell Mr. Matt who are the Israels supposed to negotiate with and what are they supposed to be negotiating?

              • LOL! Your right tdiinva.

                They’re supposed to be negotiating with the opposing forces for peace. I thought that was fairly obvious.

              • Matt you are
                FN. There is no body who fits that description in the region except Jordan and pre Arab-Spring Egypt and they already signed peace treaties.

            • Based on the activities of our government – e.g., the laws passed (Patriot Act, SB1867) and the various alphabet agencies sent out to harass us and eat out our substance – yes, we are all terrorists.

              Big Sis said as much in a number of memos distributed to law enforcement agencies.

    • Comanches might be more of a problem in Massachusetts. The Apaches in my neighborhood are very peaceful.

    • “You can snipe from your attic right up until the moment when an Apache levels your house.”

      Translation: “You gun nuts are targets.”

  4. Pistol on the night stand in case of intruder. Sure.
    Shotgun (or rifle) in the closet gun cabinet just in case. Why not.

    Modify home to make a Sniper nest in the attic….uh…hmm.

    I guess it takes all kinds, but that does seem kind of far fetched.

    Now, if you can also use your attic for a tree-stand during hunting season…Now you are talking!

  5. Before building a sniper hide in your attic, a would-be sniper must consider at whom they will be shooting. Civil disorder or no, lethal force is only justified when someone’s life is in imminent danger, so long-range sniping will almost never be considered lawful or justifiable.

    If you think looters or scavengers will be your target, a bold “LOOTERS WILL BE SHOT” or “STAY THE FUCK OUT” sign on your lawn is probably a more effective deterrent than a hidden sharpshooter. The most successful battles are those that are never fought, and it’s far better to scare away intruders than to have to shoot them.

    If your potential target is the living dead, your first efforts should be to stockpile food, water and sanitation supplies and fortify your ground floor. Max Brooks’ “Zombie Survival Guide” is the seminal defensive treatise on this topic. Note that unnecessary firing of guns may attract more undead attention than you desire, so suppressed firearms (or shots to the eye socket or temple with powerful air rifles) are recommended.

    If you really think you’re going to be shooting at the police or uniformed military, I recommend you get the fuck out of inhabited areas so that no innocent people will be killed when the cops return fire (or, if you’re really paranoid, your house is leveled by artillery or airpower.) Criminals never win gunfights with the police, and francs tireurs have very short careers once they start shooting at professional soldiers. In either case, they accomplish nothing by their deaths.

    • If it comes down to it, I already have a plan for how to deal with mass unrest. I’m just going to stand on my front lawn with a pump action shotgun and repeatedly rack the slide back and forth until everyone either flees or drops dead from fright.

        • Well, for years I’ve been hearing people say how the sound of a shotgun being racked is so frightening that all you need to do is make that sound and it will send adversaries running for cover. I guess it must be true, otherwise people wouldn’t say it, so I don’t even plan on loading the magazine, I’ll just stand there and make the noise.

            • I’m seriously considering inventing a California approved alternative to the shotgun. It’s just going to be a stick with a piece of plastic attached, and when you move the piece of plastice up and down the length of the stick , it will make that scary shotgun sound. Couldn’t you just imagine the late night TV commercial for that one, in the same style as the commercials for The Clapper and Snuggies? I don’t care if someone reading this steals my idea, I just wan to be able to see that commercial.

              • I guess you could do that, but then your power of intimidation would be limited by things like battery power and your phone’s ability to project sound.

    • “Criminals never win gunfights with the police”

      So wanting to be free from police / military oppression is a crime now? I mean, I knew the government viewed it that way, I just didn’t think TTAG did.

  6. Just ’cause I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m wrong. I like to think of it as ensuring that I am in a position to help my friends, family and those less prepared in the event that anything odd happens. My trauma kit, fire extinguisher, chains, jumper cables, winch, “come along”, survival kit and tool set in my truck have been used many times to help very grateful folks (including myself). I consider planning for the worst to be an extension of this.

    Anyone who attempts to shelter in place in a modern neighborhood is either insane, badly informed or has their priorities all messed up.

    Here’s a better plan: Have established, agreed-upon triggers for movement that will ensure you don’t get caught trying to defend an indefensible position (like your house). Have a good, secure job site box on a rope and pully lift in your garage with your stuff in it. Back your truck into your garage to park each day. When the time comes just drop the box in your truck and haul butt. Tell inquiring minds that it holds your camping gear (it does, so-to-speak) so you don’t have to store it elsewhere and so you don’t have to waste time when you have the urge.

    Establish a real LP/OP/sniper position where it can be defended/evacuated to a position of strength and where it makes tactical sense.

    May I recommend that you be prepared to HELP others as well as prepared to defend yourselves? If something like this happens the old rules (that some of us always live by) will go back into effect for the general population, including keeping your word and treating others as you would have them treat you. Think through how to vet someone as a potential friend and don’t assume everyone is out to kill or hurt you and yours. Be respectful and polite to everyone but have a plan to kill them.

  7. Bell towers and attics will probably be the first targets. I think you need to be a little more creative than that.

  8. Reading the article about having a Sniper Nest in a house in the Suburbs…
    Restriced arc and directions of fire.
    Limited movement capability.
    No real armor or heavy cover.
    Poor communication capability with fellow survivors.
    What me worry?

  9. Attics get awfully hot during the day. In most climates the attic would not be a pleasant place to hang out for long. But what do I know, I’m not the survival expert.

  10. Extreme preppers are F*****G NUTS (FN for short). Advanced industrial societies can take a huge amount punishment and continue on intact. Germany endured three years of the most intense bombing imaginable. Infrastructure was destroyed, the population dehoused and millions died yet German war production continued to increase until January 1945. Without physical destruction no society is going collapse into the state nature envisioned by these FN cases.

    So what if the Federal government runs out money to pay for entitlements. Do you think that the old people are going come rampaging through the streets to grab your mountain house food? Is there a chance that the welfare class will engage in rioting and looting? Sure, but unless you live in adjacent neighborhoods they aren’t going to be visiting you.

    There is merit to a reasonable level of preparation. A generator is nice to have and keeping a couple of weeks of canned food, Mountain House products or MREs makes sense. But if comes to zombie time then you will never be able to stockpile enough supplies to survive. I have enough 22LR to kill a few squirrels and some coon (I have the dogs for it) and when the urbanized deer wander buy my house my Remington 700 will take care of the major meat supply. I won’t be holding breath in anticipation of the Apocalypse though.

    I guess the ever present doomsday, whether it’s cause by Y2K driven software, EMP (don’t get me started on that one. It consumes too much of my time at work) or the great bankruptcy, fills the need for an apocalyptic vision where the chosen ones survive in a purified world.

  11. A very wise man once said: “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Anything built by man, can be destroyed by him.”

    If it hits the fan, have the wherewithal to go somewhere the hell away from anything, or anyone else, and stay there a while. Know where that place is, and several ways of getting there without relying on anything other than yourself, and you stand a better chance than most of not getting any on you.

    Should society break down to the point that sniping long range targets of opportunity is on the table, I’d rather be a hundred miles from anything noteworthy than setting up my own personal Alamo.

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