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Can’t you just feel the anticipation? We’re getting closer and closer to the most wonderful time of the year. Yeah, it’s not that peace on earth, good will to men thing. It’s the pre-SHOT Show new gun announcement rush. Jumping on board that train today is Bersa with the announcement that they, too, want a piece of the apparently lucrative small plastic 9mm biz, so they’re coming out with the BP9CC. Bet ya can’t guess what CC stands for. For comparison’s sake, the striker-fired heater will weigh in about two ounces more than a Glock 26 but will be about a quarter inch narrower. Full specs after the jump…

Bersa BP CC 9mm Specifications:
Model:                       BP9CC
Caliber:                      9mm
Action:                       Short reset DAO
Capacity:                   8+1
Barrel Length:         3.3”
Weight:                     21.5 oz.
Length:                      6.35”
Height:                      4.8”
Width:                       .94”
Frame Material:      Hi Impact Polymer
Slide Material:         Stainless Steel
Sights:                        Front-Interchangeable SIG SAUER type
Rear – Interchangeable GLOCK type
Finish:                        Matte Black or Duotone
MSRP:                        $429.00 Matte Black, $440.00 in Duotone

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  1. With specs like those it’s a ‘compact’ but not quite a ‘subcompact’ 9mm. The added weight and girth might make it a bit more comfy to shoot, if not to carry. Ahh, compromises…

    • Let’s be honest, though, if you aren’t a LEO and you find yourself in a situation that requires more than nine rounds, you need to be thinking about cover and evasion a lot more than slinging lead. That’s not a DGU, that’s a firefight.

      • Let’s be even more honest. On the off chance you do end up in a firefight, it sure would be nice to have enough rounds in the gun to be able to fight your way to a rifle.

  2. You can see this gun at There is also a . 40 S&W version. Same size and weight,capacity:6+1.

  3. I have the Bersa Thunder .380. Capacity, 7+1 by some accounts. Fits well, cleans well, shoots well. It will, in fact, load up 7+1, but it will jam second round up. 6+1, is it, spare mag loaded with 7 rounds. I know anyone that buys any weapon, test fires it at some point. Try 8+1 in this Bersa 9, but I’m thinking you most likely will catch a stovepipe jam on second round being a bit too anxious for it’s turn out the barrel. (I may be wrong, but, usually, I am just mistaken).

  4. I’m still trying to find the time to write a comprehensive review on my Bersa Thunder 45 UC. It has been an outstanding pistol through and through. Within the first couple hundred rounds there were a handful of failure to feeds but past the 200 round count it has been perfect. I’ve carried it daily for over a year now in a High Noon Bare Asset and it is comfortable to the point that I forget its there and many nights I end up taking it off when I get ready for bed. 7+1 big fat .45’s is a good feeling, one less than a modern 1911 but much more concealable. In researching Bersa in general before my purchase I found it very hard to find bad words against Bersa pistols.

    More to the point, my experience with Bersa has been excellent. They disproved to me that you can’t get a lot of pistol for a little money and if I was in the market for something in the compact 9mm flavor the Bersa BP9CC would be on my short list.

  5. The thing about this gun is it sounds like it hits no market niche. SIG edged it out from the beginning with the P225. Then Kahr has the TP9. Both of these play the single stack 9mm game with 8 rounds. I don’t see what market this gun is catering to since its not a pocket gun (which is an oversaturated market as is) and by bridging the gap from Subcompact to Compact it comes under fire from a large host of designs in every action type. Bersa makes a bang up PPK clone and offers a few very nice metallic framed guns in DA/SA for those who find Beretta to be too pricey. This is neither and I am unsure if that is a good thing.

    While the market for that particular 9mm size and frame is currently a higher price point and Bersa stands to steal that market through a competitive price I have to wonder who is really finding that frame size and shape optimum who would not size down to a true subcompact with similar capacity or up to the doubled capacity wonder compacts. I am not seeing this gun shake up the concealed carry handgun market in the US. The P225 and TP9 didn’t before and both are fine but rarely seen guns for a reason, I imagine.

  6. I just got one of these from Bud’s. Feel great in the hand, as you can get all fingers on the grip. Just a tad thicker than my slim40 but still hides nicely in the waistband. . The gun is easy to shoot with light recoil and good accuracy. No jams or problems so far in first 50 rounds of white box ammo. I really like the way this gun feels in my hand and for me that’s the bottom line. Pick one up and hold it if you get the chance.

    • Having shot both, I prefer the BP9cc . Nano’s lack of slide release as well as horrible ergos bother me. This gun is a true joy.

  7. Still sticking with my Rohrbaugh R9. With a pocket holster I can have it in a pocket and it looks like a wallet. 6+1 rounds of Black Talon 9mm is nice in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of summer. extra mag in my other pocket looks like a lighter if you even notice it’s there…

  8. Purchased this gun at a gun show a couple of weeks ago in Irving Texas for $329. Hope that helps with pricing information. For me the subcompacts that I can only get 1 1/2 fingers on the grip are not an option, so to me this fits in the tweener niche.

  9. Bersa BP9cc is a great gun. I have one. shoot IDPA with it. probably 2500 rounds through it. havent even cleaned it yet. still hitting targets. $365 with 2 mags. comfy grip. points well. get some.

  10. I have a Bersa Thunder .380 and love it. The BP9cc is similar in weight, has nice looks, unlike the Thunder it has no external cocking trigger. For C&C I never need more that 8 rounds. Will wait till these are more readily available, but I will buy one. Nice pistol.

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