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“Virginia Tech and Columbine. Now, let’s look at the numbers: Any given middle school, high school, or college in America can expect to have exactly one homicide on its campus every 12,000 years. So how long before the UNC-Charlotte SWAT team feels the need to justify its existence by expanding its mission? I predict they’re serving drug warrants and raiding frat houses within a year.”  – on the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s new SWAT team.

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  1. Gee, I want to send my kids to a school where they believe they need a SWAT team to keep things safe.

  2. If this is anything like my old home town SWAT team, it’s more of an excuse to shoot automatic weapons and play with the other cool toys, while skating on regular duty to attend training courses than anything else. Obviously, it doesn’t involve PT of any kind.

    • it’s more of an excuse to shoot automatic weapons and play with the other cool toys,

      using my tax money, while believing they have a right to kick in doors and violate constitutional rights.

      I believe you missed that part. Purely unintentional, of course.

  3. The guys in the front row are wearing kneepads, which expresses perfectly what I think they ought to do.

    • Reason #2 why there really should be many more hot chicks recruited by local PD’s. Reason #1, to motivate the guys to at least try to look fit. Reason #2, in order to make the knee-pads more worth the tax-payers’ money.

  4. Only in the most warped mind does a university SWAT team make more sense than allowing responsible and eligible students to carry on campus.

  5. Last night I finished reading “Empire of the Summer Moon,” about the Comaches in the south-west, circa 1730-1875. Comparing the settlers and cavalry troopers to the contemporary police gig, I just have to laugh. Guts just isn’t a standard part of the job today. Any nearby cops with their vests on should have over-vest plates in the cruiser, together with a semi-auto carbine. He or she should be able, possibly with one other cop covering, to deal with virtually any of the threats that have made the news in the last few years, from Virginia Tech, to Islamic-shrink-gone-wild at Ft. Hood, and onward.

    • It’s a joke. The other day in my neighborhood, a warrant served on a non violent felon who wouldn’t answer his door somehow necessitated 2 SWAT teams and an armored car, along with the shutdown of two major streets. I don’t blame the guy for not coming out, he probably figured some trigger happy wanna-be would light him up for “reaching for his waistband”. The same thing could have been accomplished by one guy sitting in a car down the street and a little patience, but then how do you justify having a freaking armored car?

      • Yep. And in Utah a few weeks back 12 LEO’s from two forces served a warrant on 1 formerly non-violent guy who owned a gun, and he shot 6 of them as they moved in. I think a bit of patience (and trust that they wouldn’t cut him down as he came out the door) could have changed that outcome. We can toss in walkie-talkies. We can use, hey, bullhorns. We can even send in a few pepper poppers. 12 guys? Six wounded? By one Wall-Mart (?) employee. That makes it a half-million dollar medical and staff bill just to pick up a weed guy. DoD spending mania has found its way into the budgets of broke townships all over the US? “Money is secondary!’ Yeah, right up until the new contract’s pension terms are up for discussion. Then money seems to be valuable. Desirable. A bad think to waste. “Out of my pocket and into yours?” Forever?

  6. Reminds me of the film “Viva Max!” and the group of uniformed, armed-to-the-teeth John Birch Society-inspired militia clowns who showed up to defend the Alamo from the Mexican Army, then fled in comical terror when the first shot was accidentally fired into the air…in short..RI-DIC-U-LOUS!

  7. Wow that picture says it all. The only dude not my size or bigger is the chick. And why do you need an RV if your entire domain consists of a singe college campus?

  8. Wow, my old Alma Mater (I attended UNC-C for 3 semesters in 1996-97.) Funny thing is I don’t even remember them having police when I was there, just security.

    UNC-C is located in an outer “ring suburb” that is pretty far from Charlotte’s gritty uptown, so unless things have really gotten bad in University City, I don’t even understand this.

  9. “Once in a 12-millenia tragedy,” that’s a riot. And you know what else, there’s absolutely no proof of a single gun violence incident ever on any of the planets orbiting the 400 billion stars in our solar system.

    I may have to switch sides.

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