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At least here, you don’t have to hit the mute button or change the channel if you don’t want to listen it.

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  1. Neither understands what the Second Amendment IS, so their statement is comically ignorant.

    I’m against illegal mayors, but I’ve never seen an illegal gun …

    In 1727, Prior to this country being formed in 1776, a County in Virginia granted the Nansemond Indians recognition of their right to bear arms while the colonies were under England.Pieces of paper such as that document and the Constitution’s Second and Third Amendment do not “give” rights but they recognize rights which are unalienable.Mayors try to alienate people from those rights recognized by the legal documents, hence the illegal Mayors.Illegal Mayors think it’s about hunting, but the Second Amendment is all about the Third Amendment, preservation of ones’ self and family and property from the Government, which is not a right “given” by Government, but one the Constitution recognizes that we already have had, prior to even becoming a Nation, and a promise to not try to take it away…

    Illegal local Mayors try to illegally violate that promise made in the legal documents.

    • Too few of the general public, even those who support the Second Amendment, understand that its primary purpose was\is for protection from tyrannical government and see it only as a personal defense\hunting\sport issue. Even though today we face a large standing army and our chances of resistance may be limited, the premise remains.

      • … Even though today we face a large standing army and our chances of resistance may be limited, the premise remains.

        Ask a people who have no chance against murderous tyranny (e.g., Syrians) what they would give for just a fighting chance.

        A fighting chance is all a free people need. We expect no more and deserve no less. The right is universal, unalienable and self-evident.

      • A large (and unconstitutional) standing army, yes. However, there are still several times more private gun owners in the country than there are police / soldiers / federal agents.

    • So, what’s your take on gun ownership for felons then?

      Why is it OK to strip a felon of his or her constitutional rights for life? Long after their sentence (if any) was served? Why won’t the NRA and other gun rights groups address this?

  2. Those clowns going to a circus or what?

    Dressed up so to connect with the guy. Talking smack, beans vs. bagels.

    Empty rhetoric as if nobody understands just what they really want, the disarmament of the average citizen.

  3. We support the Second Amendment so much that NYC’s finest arrested a Navy SEAL for possessing a handgun. So as long as you are more qualified to have a handgun than a SEAL, or you work on one of our security details, we support your Second Amendment rights. Thanks, America! (massive sarcasm on)

    • @Accur81:

      That is completely unfair. You also qualify to possess a handgun if you are a major donor to Mayor Bloomberg’s re-election campaign, or if you’re one of his friends. So, you see, ordinary people can qualify as well.

  4. That’s actually a pretty well-made ad. They’re most dangerous when they sound so reasonable…

  5. Cowboys! Broncos!
    9mm! 45!
    AR! AK!
    Glock! 1911!
    You can make a big difference this SuperBowl weekend in the life of a lonely gunstore clerk! Get out today and buy something !

    • For just four easy payments of $199.95, you could give this unloved AR a good home where it will be loved and cared for.

  6. god what a waste of time and money, these two fool don’t give a **** about people gun rights, the support the disarmament of citizens outside of their cities to make themselves feel better.

  7. I support the 2A which means that the military and the National Guard have rights to weapons. The 2A has nothing to do with civilians. This about being able to well regulate militias of a National Guard Type.
    See they do support 2A!

  8. Hey, you two wacky funsters, did you hear the joke about a girl with headache powder in her purse? It’s a laugh riot.

  9. I may not be a religious person, but the premise of the devil being most effective as a trickster is spot on.

  10. What the MAIG stands for is not all that radical and wouldn’t affect you lawful and responsible gun owners much. Mainly they want the background checks fixed. Many pro-gunners have expressed agreement with the “closing the private sale loophole” argument.

    So, since their message is not all that unreasonable, you do one of three things.

    1. Pretend their message is extreme and radical and argue against that.
    2. Admit their message isn’t that unacceptable but that they’re lying and they really have a radical and hidden secret agenda.
    3. Attack the mayors personally about the number of them are corrupt white-collar criminals themselves, which has nothing to do with their gun-control suggestions.

    • Ah more oral diarrhea, do you even check up on the crap you spew out or do you just hit send and hope that everyone else might just believe you this time?

      This is just from the MAIG homepage…
      1:Fix NICS, wow Mikey is right so far…

      2:Stop National CCW reciprocity

      3:Fix the ‘terror gap’, gee that sounds   scary but what it really means is that anyone the AG ‘has an interest in’ or people on te no fly list cannot buy a gun.  How many people do you think hizzoner Holder is gonna put on that list?  That and precluding someone’s rights without a trial seems like a d-bag move to anyone with a brain.

      4:They want to get rid of the Tiarht Amendment because it means that only law enforcement agencies can have access to gun trace data.  The Fraternal order of Police, among others, have stated their support for this amendment. 

      5:They want to stop the Boren amendment, basically this amendment would prevent the BATFE from establishing a registry of people that buy multiple long guns. 

    • So hey, what *is* the ‘background check loophole’ and what measures are you suggesting should be implemented.

      What penalties would you like to see imposed?

      At what level of government (federal, state, local,) should such legislation be implemented?

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