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I put this gun on my hip and declare my freedom from fear, so that I can protect myself, my family and my community against those who would do us physical harm.

I put this gun on my hip and declare my independence from the government, which has no legal obligation to protect myself, my family and my community against those who would do us physical harm.

I put this gun on my hip and declare my gratitude to those who died defending my liberty, and those who defend it today.

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    • Jewish Biblical teachings do teach the right and duty for the defense of innocent people, property, and the home and to first strike down an attacker (and using a weapon is fine and good, again in self-defense) before that person strikes you down. Others could better expound upon the issue better than I can. I do not know if there is/was an ancient priestly blessing or not for weapons.

      • The Talmud explicitly approves the killing of a burglar who enters your home at night. Read it some years ago, to broaden my Anglican understanding. Decided at that time, from that reading, that being a rebellious child in those bad old days was not a good idea….. And that not cutting corners (of a grain field) was a charitable obligation. Fascinating material.

  1. I do it because I can, and because I feel like it.

    I do it because if I don’t, I might lose that liberty (in a legal sense) because, if no one does it, then why do we need that liberty?

    I do it because it is a tool, like any other I might have on me. Pen, pocket knife, credit card. All have their uses.

  2. Imagine what a good, strong, and self-reliant society we would have if all law abiding healthy citizens were required to own a long gun and a handgun, and to become proficient using them. I would make an exception for penis-tiny Mikey the Troll who would be required to own a slingshot.

      • OK, I was mostly being a smart-ass, being rhetorical, taking the opposite attitude of the anti-gun gangs. However, some requirements for the greater good are necessary. A few examples are wearing clothes in public, restaurant chefs washing their hands after using the toilet, drivers stopping before the crosswalk letting children walk through safely, and requiring surgeons to have passed a certification and training program.

    • How about required to train with each? regardless if they plan on buying one.

      It’d be somewhat like Switzerland.

  3. I’d put that gun on my hip cause it’s the purdiest dam Ruger I ever did see. Is it a chick magnet too, or should I keep my ’78 firebird?

  4. I’ll take the minority position and state that I find the paranoid, anti-government, anti-law enforcement, Neo-Confederate rhetoric offputting, and likely to cause more harm to 2A rights in the long run than any actions by those on the left side of the political spectrum.

    More focus on weapons and accessories reviews, and training and technique, please, and less of the black helicopter provocation.

  5. I agree about protecting yourself and the ones you love, but don’t say the govt has no right to protect you unless you intend to never dial 911 for ANYTHING.

    • 911 will get you an Ambulance, (not protection, but rescue) the fire dept, (not protection, but rescue) or a cop to come and investigate the crime that was already committed and write a report (definitely not protection).

  6. “I put this gun on my hip and declare my freedom from fear” is sometimes rendered, “I put this gun on my hip and declare that without it I feel unsafe, even though I admit there’s no danger. It’s become an obsession with me that I imagine the most bizarre and unlikely events which only the gun on my hip will save me from.”

    • can you schedule a situation where you may need your gun to protect self and loved ones? Do you need the jumper cables in your trunk every day? they are there for the time when a situation arises, and then you are glad you had them right. Same shit, different tool.

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