Image by Boch. Base images courtesy NAA and Boone County Sheriff.
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North American Arms makes some pretty small revolvers.  Suitable for deep cover (Jeremy carries one in his hat).  Or, in the case of a woman in Boone County, Missouri, deep-deep cover.  Amy Wilhite, 39, apparently lacked a holster for her NAA .22 revolver, so she improvised.  She reportedly used the holster that mother nature provided.

Even more impressive, after she was arrested she made it through the strip search process without the little gun’s detection.  Now that’s deep cover!

This isn’t the first time a woman has concealed one of NAA’s products in her holiest of holies.  [ED: you can say “vagina,” John, it’s okay]

Maybe NAA should come up with a new ad campaign.  Finding a model for it would probably be difficult, though.  Perhaps when Ms. Wilhite is released?

Amy Wilhite.

The incident provides some great material for TV news anchors and radio and TV commentators.  Like this clip about a woman in Oklahoma a few years ago:

NBC station KSN has the details of this most recent incident:

A female inmate at a Missouri jail is facing additional charges after investigators say she hid a tiny gun inside a “body cavity” to smuggle it into the facility.

Amy Natasha Wilhite faces a felony charge of delivery or possession of a weapon at the Boone County jail.

According to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, on Wednesday, detention staff found a firearm inside one of the housing units.

An investigation determined that Wilhite had allegedly concealed a tiny revolver inside an unspecified body cavity when she was booked into the jail on Feb. 14. Wilhite allegedly removed the revolver and hid it inside her personal belongings.

Wilhite was originally searched three times, including a procedural strip search, but no weapon was found.

According to investigators, the gun, a North American Arms .22 caliber revolver, weighed only 4.6 ounces.

Several of the staff at the Boone County jail have Explaining to do.  Or perhaps they need to buy a metal detector to install at their intake area.

Fortunately, that particular “pre-owned” NAA .22 revolver is unlikely to ever be sold on the used firearm market.  For that, we can all be thankful.


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  1. “Fortunately, that particular “pre-owned” NAA .22 revolver is unlikely to ever be sold on the used firearm market. For that, we can all be thankful.”

    A good soaking in Hoppes No. 9 will “disinfect” it. At least it will smell better.

    I love the smell of Hoppes in the morning…it smells like…victory.

  2. The end of the video had a classic comment in it, the male announcer said “I know some women that could hide a machine gun up there”…

    Kegel exercises sir. A few exercises to firm up the pelvic floor by the woman can do wonders in increasing necessary ‘traction’ in that department.

    (I bet my little demented troll is furiously Googling away right now… 😉 )

  3. This is shocking… how exactly?

    Shocking is the SAAR personal income graph sitting at 26.94% for “government transfer payments” and virtually no one seeming to care.

      • SAAR is the Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate.

        In this case 26.94% of all “income” that Americans have at this point in time is “government transfer [wealth] payments”. Welfare, stimmy, Social Security, disability etc. Which is to say that out of every dollar Americans have as “income” 26.94 cents of it is government payments to the individual.

        In 2019 it was mostly what you’d expect, SS was the bulk with a layer of welfare and that was running at about 13% of all income. Now, various forms of welfare and stimmy have been increased. They hit a peak late last year of 31% of all incomes, seasonal holiday jobs brought it down to ~22% and now it’s back up to nearly 27%. The only reason 27% isn’t the record is because of last Fall.

        But hey, it’s early in the year and the rate is rising fast, maybe we can get to 40% this year? That next stimmy’s gonna pop the number, obviously.

        But hey, we can afford this, right? I mean, if we do it for a whole year 26.94% is only tacking on another $4.77 Trillion that… we don’t have.

        • You know, $4.77 on top of the $6.1 Trillion in stimmy and QE we’ve added in the last 11 months… no biggie, we’ll totally pay that back, right?

          And it’s totally not falling almost ALL on younger people to pay off like 20 years from now with interest… right?

        • strych9, it makes me feel sick. Democrats are pillaging the country and no one notices because they’re happy they have extra money to blow at Amazon and the big box stores.

        • “Which is to say that out of every dollar Americans have as “income” 26.94 cents of it is government payments to the individual.”

          All a part of the plan. They know there is no way they can get the American voters to willingly vote for “The Great Reset” that they so desperately desire, so they will lure them in to it.

          All for one outcome, destroy the economy. That way, they can take the reigns and ‘save’ us from our selves. This is what the ‘Great Reset’ is all about – Destroy the economy, blame capitalism, and put them in power.

          Look at what’s happening with the innocuous-sounding eviction-freeze decree – It’s a kindness to keep the evil landlords from making innocent people homeless, while destroying the landlords economically by driving them into bankruptcy. The other day you commented on how America was over, that there’s no saving it. I thought it was crazy talk.

          You were right, it’s inevitable. No longer if it will happen, only when. And those fucking Leftists will grab the brass ring and fvck us in the rectal orifice…

        • Well you know, most of the SS payment will be coming from the Social Security trust fund and not general revenue.

          It will I remember how the mass of George Bush tax cuts for the wealthy was going to improve tax revenues so much that no one will ever notice, cue the 2007-2008 republican crash.

          Then we have the $2 trillion Trump tax cuts for the wealthy, don’t forget your middle class tax break will end by 2025 but the wealthy will enjoy their tax cut permanently.

          But don’t you fret, Q is in control, trust The Plan!

        • “All for one outcome, destroy the economy.“

          Like Reagan /Bush?

          Or George W?

          I vote for George, it took great courage to create the great recession of 2007 and 2008.

        • I see Minor Annoyance has decided to bless us with his “wisdom”. Minor IQ, there IS not “Social Security Trust Fund”, and hasn’t been since shortly after SS’ formation. The government collects the money, spends it, and issues “Treasury Notes” to the SS.

          Dude, we’ve been on to this pathetic scam for decades. Try blowing that smoke up your boyfriend’s @$$, Minor IQ.

      • @Geoff:

        I’m aware of the tempest [in a teapot] surrounding Klaus Schwab. I find it… mildly amusing. Go back to everything I’ve said about people’s brains searching for patterns and, failing to find one, creating it. That’s what’s happening with that. The pattern is the one you want to see because you want to believe that there’s a plan, evil or not, someone’s planning it. But that’s Q/Blue Anon thinking. No one is sitting somewhere sipping cognac and petting a Persian cat while thinking about how it’s all going according to plan.

        There is no plan. There never was. This is what happens when you have incompetent people responding to a combination of bad policy created by the previous generation of incompetent morons combined with entropy and inertia. Klaus is a carnival barker trying to “never let a crisis go to waste” but he’s not smart enough to read the writing on the wall which in giant neon letters is flashing “YOUR DUMBASS “PLAN” CANNOT EVER WORK IN THE REAL WORLD. YOU WILL BE MURDERED IF YOU TRY THIS”. (Hat tip to our local caps lock junkies, btw.)

        There was a plan decades ago. That plan was actually rather elegant. No details, just guard rails. That’s what the BoR is. That’s what a Gold Standard was. These things, at least in theory, provide a fairly hard set behavioral guides. You can be stupid within them but you can’t easily go past a certain level of dumb. Well, we’ve removed some of those guides and we’re hard at work removing more.

        You see the same thing in the educational system. It went unnoticed for decades, IMHO because while the graph of the “idiocy quotient” may not, strictly speaking, be exponential it follows the same basic trajectory.

        Run backwards it’s essentially an asymptote that runs close to parallel with the X axis until you hit the curve and it takes off and goes nearly vertical. During this time period there’s a moderate/acceptably low level of stupid. But, when the curve is hit things get worse with a quickness.

        The reason it seems like everything is happening so fast and is getting, as a current rap song puts it, “exponentially dumb” is because we’ve hit the near vertical part of the graph. Things are getting extremely stupid and they are doing so at an accelerating pace.

        However, fear not, for reality constrains everything so the ray can’t continue off in one direction forever. There is a ceiling. The question, at this point, is how hard we hit it. [Hard I expect.]

        Again, there is no plan. I mean unless you think tHe JoOoOOoOoOs (or the Lizard People from Beyond the Ice Wall, or the Greys or whatever) have been planning this for several hundred years and managed to both hide it perfectly and execute it seamlessly… (maybe that’s why they have a sPacE laZZeRR?) In which case your LSD dealer must be good and I’d like to speak with him/her/zir because, at this point, fuck it, why not take a grip of doses and see what happens?

        No, what you’re seeing is more insidious. It’s less organized but also less intelligent. What you’re seeing is just parasites parasiting and idiots idioting in a system where stupidity and virtue signaling have gone exponential (or close to it) and where inertia keeps us moving in the same direction because we’d rather fight each other than actually unite against the things that are going to fuck us all and where entropy throws in a few little surprises. In that regard the comparison to Rome isn’t perfect but it’s fairly apt. Greed, idiocy, myopic thinking and entropy (circumstances) don’t conspire towards a given outcome, they conspire to prevent people from preventing that outcome. Just ask Jeffy Immelt about this.

        If history or physics are any guide you will end up with another system that’s has order, for a time at least, but which is far more decentralized. But that won’t last forever. Eventually people will see inefficiency in that system and start to work on coalescing back to a centralized system again.

    • Pay off? Ha! They’re not going to pay it off, they’re going to inflate it into insignificance by printing money.

      • In which case we, the people, still pay the price. Funny how the entirety of government activity and monetary policy comes down to screwing everybody except the anointed few who pull the levers.

        • In a country where the difference between “money” and “currency” isn’t understood by 95%+ of people, how exactly is this surprising?

          MMTards are possibly the funniest people ever. Their “theory” is exactly none of what the name suggests.

  4. The TV show “Manswers” had a story about how a guy smuggled a small hand grenade into a Colombian prison. Best show ever.

  5. Ain’t the first time. A couple decade’s ago a man tried to smuggle a loaded antique pepper box into to the Green county Missouri jail in his back door male chute. He came back from a weekend furlough and after finding something odd in his cavity search the jailer had him x rayed only to find it loaded and the business end pointing up. Sh!t happens.

  6. Needs to be listed on Gun Broker with a super high reserve just to see how many bids.

    Exact description included with pictures…maybe some added photoshop enhancements? lol

    • please no. That 39 years has some highway miles on it, I’d rather not see what the body fluids looked like too.

  7. No telling what else she’s used it for. Hopefully not for groceries. BTW…Everytime I appropriately use the v-word I get a mod notice…So in my case it’s never ok, John.

    • I tried to grab some donuts at work the other day and on the box it said “happy national womens day”, when I read it aloud while opening a femnazi repelled from the 2nd floor and slapped my hand asking me “Do you have a fhagina?”

      I was shocked. I acted accordingly and asked her to please not assume my sexual preference or identity, and I took the whole box.

      I’m not even making a single part of that story up… not, one, single, part…

  8. Is… Is that still considered ZAP?

    Kinda sad really… I used to ZAP a Glock 22… ya’ know, cuz it was a fhotee. This bitch needs to loosen up a bit.


  10. The NAA’s compactness and stainless steel composition would seem to be particularly well-suited for stealth concealment, although not as confident regarding the brass cartridges and propellant.

  11. Actually, it is quite common to smuggle something like that in jail. Or some other contraband

    It puts in a new definition of crotch rocket.

    Now, it also brings up the question: are willing to stick into something crazy.

    • Im going out on a limb here but I bet that it is a used up old piece leather…. Probably needs a new sleeve (diesel mechanic world)

  12. Betcha it’s more effective than pepper spray to put that gun up point blank to someone’s head. Thing must be multi caliber STD-STI, chemical gun. Downside is you got to wear gloves and a mask when handling, but since covid is going on that’s not too bad.

    I also would think the ATF would consider that a legal destruction of frame.

    Sign me up for 2!


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