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Do not use memes as legal advice!


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    • The sub compact models, while lacking large-caliber teeth, make excellent intruder alarms… ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. it would be a novel argument in court. I wonder how they would address the aggressive dog issue.

    • Yeah sounds about right Buffalo Billion Hochul is still fighting the quarantine camps being unconstitutional ruling.

  2. Now if they could teach that dog to jump in a trash dumpster they would have a real hunter.

    • Check out this guy, he trains minks (yes, the furry ones) to hunt rat infestations.

      He also uses dogs in tandem to get the rats the minks flush out of hiding :

  3. French Bulldog. Hope he is better than the French military in retention.
    ” For Sale. 1 French Infantry rifle. Never fired. Dropped once.”

  4. We found a now 90 lb rottweiler pup a few months back. (My first rottie and i highly recommend them now- great dog). I wonder what sheโ€™d look good carrying. Nice blacked out 1911 in .45acp maybe

  5. Jabtard Woke Carhart on a dog that size… no gun’s gonna get your self or personal respect back.

    But then, you were probably already considering gender affirming care.

    • “But then, you were probably already considering gender affirming care.”

      I am *so* stealing that!

      If I ever get into it with one of those assholes, I’ll condescendingly tell them that I really hope they get the gender-affirming care they so desperately need… ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Just don’t do it on social media until the childchoppers calm down. You’ll lose your account just for calling one of them a “clown” at this point.

        And no, you won’t get it back. In fact, they won’t even respond to inquiries when you use their appeals process. Your account ends up like ServePro, like it never even happened.

        • There are certain blasphemies the cult will tolerate and others that they will not. Which are in the group that won’t be tolerated has some variation to it, with kids being exception.

          Question, mock, tell them they’re wrong or whatever. It doesn’t much matter. Deviation on this topic is a heresy they will not tolerate.

          The whole thing is really quite Maoist. By design.

        • Well be it denouncing as a science denier or transphobic the autistic screeching and personal attacks do share a lot of similarities I just noticed more impotent rage in person when I laugh at them when they try explaining why it’s not grooming kids.

        • “There are certain blasphemies the cult will tolerate and others that they will not.”

          Indeed, just like in fundamentalist Islam.

          Lying in Islam is forbidden. Lying if it is *in the interest of Islam* is tolerated. That’s also how they get away with drinking in the civilized West. They’re just trying to fit in with the Infidels…

        • You’ll find different behavior in low level cult members than you do in the higher-ups. Cults are hierarchical, even when the cult is ostensibly anti-hierarchy (such as neo-Marxists or old school Commies).

          It’s been known for decades that properly brainwashed people quite literally feel physical pain (I assume this to be psychosomatic but, really, that’s entirely academic) when something forces them to go against their programming and this is mixed with mental anguish that most people simply cannot comprehend. This reaction occurs even when they simply encounter openly displayed “wrongthink” and being forced to interact with it. It’s part of what keeps them coming back to the cult. Like a rat getting an electric shock for pressing the wrong button but without the associated hardware to do that, this is internal.

          It can be difficult to separate that from the people play-acting the same basic behaviors to reinforce the way this works for other cultists, and mostly, it’s not worth trying.

          The only thing you can really do is break the programming by forcing these people to run into that which they cannot deal with so often that they are forced to change.

          Such forcing requires a society that is relatively intolerant of their behavior but in a non-aggressive way. Essentially placing a stigma on their behavior until it changes. Then they tend to throw tantrums like children, but eventually getting over it.

          Or they get super violent which is not on you.

          Oh, and this doesn’t work on the internet. Only in person. They have to discover that leaving their shelter puts them in the real world where this particular kind of stimulus is everywhere so that they are forced to either go away or adapt to reality. This is harder to do with the laptop class but the existence of such a “class” won’t last much longer, so over the medium to longer term they’ll be forced to deal with reality one way or another.

    • Yeah, I saw that article. Notice how Joe posed for a pic with her/she/it/they/them/he/him/?/

      • Absolutely nuts whats goin on in this country. Weve lost our moral compass.

        I hope the pendulum swings back but Iโ€™m not so sure any more.

        • I’m working on a magnetic pole changer.
          My plan is to change the magnetic poles, watch humans throw a shit conniption until they get it all fixed, then light the fuse on my UniverseEndingPerpetualFussionNeutrinoBlomb.
          Ain’t no sunshine when she gone
          Ain’t no sunshine when shes blowed away

  6. Don’t punish the rest of the Universe for the mistakes of a few hundred million huuman beans. Their might be sensible species out there somewhere.

  7. That dog is black, and do you know what that means?
    That means Democrats will call it a “military-style assault dog” and ban it, because Democrats are so racist that they think anything black is evil.

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