He’s Getting In: Michael Bloomberg to File for the Democrat Presidential Primary Ballot in Alabama

Fresh off his success throwing cash at the Old Dominion and turning Virginia’s legislature blue in order to further the cause of civilian disarmament, anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is reportedly filing paperwork to get his name on the Alabama Democrat presidential primary ballot. The diminutive mogul originally ruled out a run in 2020. But apparently […]

Sitting Ducks: Elizabeth Warren Wants to Eliminate Armed School Resource Officers Nationwide

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) wants to leave our children unprotected in their schools. She opposes allowing school staff to tool up. And now, in a new editorial, she proposes eliminating armed school resource officers, leaving our nation’s children utterly undefended from madmen and losers. The Dems’ wild-eyed front-runner in the race for president does her […]

Vox Explains How the NRA Lost Virginia

The quote of the day is presented by Guns.com. The leftward drift of Virginia has been years, maybe decades in the making. But the Voxen put a lot of the blame for the loss of the state’s House and Senate — races that were heavily influenced by gun control — on the NRA and and its […]

America and Guns: How To Spot Poor or Deceptive Polling

Did you ever wonder why polls consistently report finding that 90+% of Americans want universal background checks preemptively-prove-your-innocence prior restraint on rights, and other such nonsensical infringements…and it rarely passes when put to a referendum? Even when it does pass, actual voting results never come within 30 points of the claim. Blame poor polling technique. […]

Gear Review: Streamlight TL-Racker Shotgun Light

As far as defensive and military shotguns go, it seems that the pump-action still rules the roost in the United States. While semi-autos are more and more accepted, the transition is slow. The USMC adopted the M1014 shotgun in 1999, and my infantry battalion’s armory had zero of them…in 2012. We did have a ton […]