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A Cleveland Amazon driver was busy delivering his daily run of goop Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Stanley cups, James Patterson novels, leggings and Manspot Manscape Groin Hair trimmers last Saturday afternoon when he was approached by an armed thug waving a gun in his face. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had to work on a Saturday, now he was being faced with an idiot who wanted to highjack his truck full of packages.

According to police and WKYC News, an altercation ensued.

The driver, apparently thinking, “screw this,” managed to deliver a shot into his assailant during the struggle. The carjacker, despite receiving a delivery of lead to the body free of charge and in less than two days, wasn’t interested in the deals the Amazon employee was offering and decided he wanted to play driver instead.

As he took the wheel of the Amazon truck, however, his injuries proved too much, and the 17-year-old bandit coasted to a smashing end like Mr. French in the Departed. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene by Cleveland EMS, and while the case remains under investigation, all signs point to this being a righteous delivery.

There was no word from Amazon on if the deliveries of any of the other packages were late.

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  1. Sad part he will definitely be fired and then sued by the perp’s family. Amazon will be sued too but they have deeper pockets and teams of Attorneys. I’m sure he really didn’t give a sh-t about his packages but does care about his life. I work in a retail location and everything is insured and replaceable except me.

  2. With respect to employees defending themselves (with or without their own implements, tools, and weapons), here is the calculus at large corporations:

    1) An employee who defends him/herself can easily impart serious/fatal injuries to an attacker.

    2) A maimed/dead attacker (or the attacker’s heirs) can sue the corporation for the injuries/death that the corporation’s employee imparted to the attacker.

    3) The lawsuit could cost the corporation several million dollars and represents a huge risk for the corporation.

    4) A corporate policy which requires that employees be “good victims” and comply with their attacker costs the corporation nothing and the employee (and employee’s heirs) cannot sue the corporation for the acts of a third-party attacker. Thus a seriously injured/murdered employee creates zero risk for the corporation.

    The net result: an employee who defends him/herself exposes the corporation to a huge risk of a multi-million dollar lawsuit whereas a maimed/murdered employee exposes the corporation to zero risk. Therefore corporations do not allow their employees to resist–to the corporation’s benefit and employees’ detriment of course.

    • …. asbestos workers don’t have a very good pension program for much the same reason.

      • Asbestos workers should have a really good pension, since you don’t usually have to pay it
        (especially if you offer free cigarettes to the asbestos workers, asbestos and cigarettes together are brutal)

        Watch out for the disability insurance however

    • By the same token(s) the perp is a minor so perhaps the driver can sue the perp’s parents, relatives, the school he attended, the city, the state, friends and all others who sat on their butts and failed to properly raise a contributing member of society.

      • Amen!

        If the parents of a mass shooter can be sued for allowing their teenager access to firearms, the parents of a teenage criminal should be sued for allowing the vicious vermin to run at large. The legal theory would be much the same as suing the owner of a dangerous dog for allowing the animal to run at large. Judges who grant dangerous criminals lenient sentences or allow them to remain free on no bail should also be liable for the consequences of their decisions. Of course I favor subjecting such judges to a good old fashioned public stoning.

        • They’ve certainly set the precedent in a way. Interesting legal pathway. I like it. Start suing gang member’s parents, and if not for immunity, the government agencies that put them back on the streets. Of course, you won’t ever get anything from a gang member’s parent since most of them don’t have shit, but you could certainly garnish wages and get enough to buy a dinner once in awhile.

      • Cleveland?? 17 years old??

        Won’t happen. The perp is likely one of the usual suspects. The powers-that-be never hold one of the usual suspects accountable.

    • “2) A maimed/dead attacker (or the attacker’s heirs) can sue the corporation for the injuries/death that the corporation’s employee imparted to the attacker.”

      I wonder if a Taser and a pair of handcuffs could be an option?

  3. It is sad that a person looses their life at such a young age.
    The left doesn’t understand how a person feels when faced by a stranger wielding a gun or any weapon.
    A total stranger approaches with weapon in full display and the victim is supposed to somehow be all knowing including the knowledge of the mindset of the thug. The victim doesn’t know anything about the thug other than they are here and now with a weapon in view. Yet, the left thinks that the victim is some how supposed to assume/know the thug is just hungry, down on their luck etc.
    All the victim sees is a stranger with a weapon in hand and it is natural for the victim to feel in danger.
    The natural assumption is: why does the stranger have a weapon in clear view, if they don’t intend on using it? You know what they say about ‘assume’!
    It is easy to assume a woman wearing a thong on a beach wants other to look at them. Well, that’s my assumption and I’m sticking with it even though I have only one good eye, but I make up for that deficiency by looking twice as long.

  4. Did the driver have his own heater? It’s not clear whether he popped the bad guy with the bad guy’s gat or used one of his own.

    • I think he turned the crook’s gun on him after a struggle. That was how I took it though I don’t know that for fact.

      • “I think he turned the crook’s gun on him after a struggle.”

        Well, now.

        Since it wasn’t his gun, could that translate into some form of immunity from lawsuits?

  5. Ya know the leftard media will call the room temperature 17 year old a “victim” of gun violence. Poor baby. Dunno about anywhere else but the Ammozone drivers around here are generally idiots who block traffic & park illegally. Pretty good snark nearly at a Boch level🙄😀

  6. Anazon is a left organization. The driver will be fired and employees will be mandated to be firearm free on the job.

  7. Make it illegal for 17 year-olds to walk around Cleveland with a handgun. Problem solved! You’re welcome. While you’re at it, make armed robbery illegal.

  8. Whoe, whoe , whoe young man. No use waving that gunm around, lets go halve’sies.
    Im thinking that shooting armed criminals is only going to make for more violent armed criminals.
    Best just to let them have the stuff, car’s, TV’s, money, houses, spouse’s, children, especially the children, their dangerous, it can all be replaced.
    Society should work on developing a less violent armed criminal.
    I doubt there would be shoot outs with LE if the criminals knew they were only going to be in jail long enough to be booked. No bail bonds and court dates at your convenience keep Bondsmen and Law Enforcement safe.
    Theres better ways to deal with criminal violence then bullets and jail sentences.

  9. I have to ask the guys who deliver my stuff what the policy is. Denying a man the right of self defense hardly seems legal, considering the dangers of the job. But I knew a Bell System Installer on a pole 20 ft up who was robbed at gunpoint by a mau mau with a rifle in Miami many years ago.

    • “But I knew a Bell System Installer on a pole 20 ft up who was robbed at gunpoint by a mau mau with a rifle in Miami many years ago.”

      I’ve heard stories of telephone companies during a strike having linemen up on a pole while the pole was being chainsawed while they were still up there…


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