Screenshot of viral video showing Chicago teens armed with GLOCK-type handguns equipped with full-auto switches.
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New legislation proposed in New York aims to be the first in the nation to prevent gun manufacturers from selling pistols that can be modified to shoot like machine guns, according to The Wall Street Journal. The bill, targeting the use of “pistol converters” or “Glock switches” as they are more commonly called, would make it a felony to sell, transport or ship such convertible pistols as merchandise, though law enforcement and military sales would be exempt.

Introduced by State Sen. Zellnor Myrie, a Brooklyn Democrat, the bill responds to police concerns about the rising use of these devices in violent crimes across the United States. The converters allow a pistol to fire continuously while the trigger is held down, mirroring machine gun fire.

Myrie noted the legislation specifically addresses Glock pistols, which are notably susceptible to these conversions. The measure comes amid several gun control efforts by the Democratic-led New York Legislature, including laws against ghost guns and bump stocks.

The bill will face significant opposition from gun-rights advocates and legal challenges from gun manufacturers, who argue it unfairly targets them for how their products might be misused. Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, criticized the bill as a misunderstanding of firearms’ functionality and a step toward banning Glock pistols entirely.

Glock, whose U.S. headquarters is in Georgia, has not commented on the proposal. The legislation has been drafted with input from the anti-gun group, Everytown for Gun Safety, whose officials label the misuse of Glock pistols with switches as a national crisis.

The legislative session in Albany continues for five more weeks, during which the fate of this pioneering bill will be decided.

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  1. Biden Admin Throws RINO Gun Controlling Senator UNDER THE BUS… FOR HIS GUN CONTROL BILL…

    • Again and again…
      It’s the same ole song and dance. The whole of the Democrat party does the same thing to black community, and they happily continue to follow.

      We do the SAME thing.
      We all already know that Facebook and Google hate America and all Americans. Yet we continue living under their kingdom. Slaves in THEIR world.

      We saw most of this country fall for the same craziness during Covid.

      Cornyn is a RINO and is part of the swamp that must go.

  2. Yet no voter ID? Yeah okay. They aren’t serious about solving problems unless it involves more money and power, political grandstanding, or sticking it to the lawful undesirables.

    • Yeah not going to get too worked up on this one it has some similarities to another issue that it could get rolled up with in the court challenge if it makes it out of committee. Besides the standing from mass noncompliance especially with permit info would be fun.

  3. Can’t wait to see how this is compatible with common use tests.

    how many Blocks are out there? cant be less than lots.

    • For a small sample data set 1/3 of all pistol permit holders I have encountered have at least one Glock of some sort. Dial that diwn to 1/6 and figure there were 194k permits around 3 years ago so probably 32k as a lowball.

  4. This bill will have zero effect on stopping what the bill authors state is the problem and if you think your grandfathered Glock is going to survive I have some oceanfront property I would like to sell you an Arizona.

  5. Amerikazans only need flintstonelock guns. Because oil film on my car window in the morning what some guys who won some war used flint powder guns and if it was good enough for them it should be good e e e nough tshuday in had my ass wipe now.
    Cannibals had nothing but sticks and shot down an airplane, I had a hero uncle, he puase liked chocolate chip ice cream. The kids at the swimming pool used to rub my hairy legs and I sniffed their hair because the sunshine,100rnd clips, Harumph, listen Jack, c’mon Man, what, are deer wearing kevlar vest?
    Let’s do pushups.
    If you need 100rnds to kill a deer your not a very good Hunter, a good Hunter, and yes Jill and I are proud of our son. Jill’s a doctor and I a collage professor so I no what I mean when I say I’m the president.
    4 more years pause.

  6. The initial. and appropriate reaction is simply this: we can redesign it, but someone will come along to design a workaround. Least ways that was California’s experience when it sought to outlaw Evil Black Rifles. There are probably over a million “it’s not an assault weapon” ARs in this state.
    Or perhaps Glock could do a Barrett: quit selling or servicing NY police Glocks.

    • Glock refusing to do business with New York really is the answer to this. Regardless of whatever contract they might have.

      Glock: let New York bring on the lawsuit. They are they ones in breech of contract anyway.

      • A few years ago I would call that idea crazy…….but honestly Glock is quickly losing contracts to Sig in a lot of areas of NY and sells their blue line to police officers (for personal weapons) at a fairly steep discount and if they are going to have their primary market (even lowball estimates match to exceed police issued weapons and at a higher consumer cost) annihilated then fuck it why not pull out entirely and boost sales everywhere else with the Barrett stance that most consumers can afford/use.

  7. Stacking a law on a law that already exists. Just because a firearm can be converted is no legal basis for going nazi on everyone…especially when criminal coddling Gun Control democRats created the problem.

    TRUMP 2024.

  8. Just more stupid nonsense craziness chasing dreams that never be fulfilled.

    They can ban Glocks for whatever reason they like. Criminals will still get guns. Full auto versus semiauto doesn’t mean anything to this. The problem is that none of this even comes close to addressing the issue (just the way it’s meant to be). New York could ban all firearms and it wont change a thing except for making things worse. These are the same people that want to ban computers then complain that poor kids don’t even know what a computer is. The whole thing is ridiculous.


  10. Well, I know the “gun community” here on TTAG completely supports this law.

    Because so many of them said a modified AR15 with a bumpstock was just a waste of ammo.

    And they asked, “why would you need to have a gun that shoots like a machine gun?”

    Just tell NY you will be happy with your break action single shot rifle. And NY might be generous enough to allow you to choose the rifle caliber.

    • BumpStocks ARE a waste of ammo. That DOES NOT translate to supporting this or any particular law. Thinking it does is head-in-the-sand lack of thought.

      I guess if I admit the sky looks blue then it must have been done with crayons!?

      • “BumpStocks ARE a waste of ammo.”

        Is it a waste if I use ammo to entertain myself at the range?

        Is it a waste if I buy gun powder in order to just turn money into noise?

        • There is the entertainment factor. That’s part of what I mean. If you have it to spend it and that’s what you want to do then it’s about what you want. That is Freedom. It is a waste every bit as much as a grand spent on fireworks on the 4th of July.

          • To everyone’s point wasteful or not making it illegal is not the right move and supporting such laws is beyond foolish as it then becomes precedent to take even more (binary triggers, forced reset, full auto convertible, semi auto, repeater etc).

    • Chris T,

      I have NEVER said that bump stocks should be banned. I DID say they were stupid and a waste of ammo, and I stand by that. If you want to be stupid, and waste ammo, that’s your right, but . . . it’s still stupid, and you’re still wasting ammo. I’m sure you are aware of this, but the US military emphasizes NOT to use “full auto”, even if your firearm is configured for that (and note that many newer M4’s are configured with the choices being “semi” or “3-round burst”). I NEVER said that people should be forbidden from having them (or straight-out full auto, belt-fed machine guns, for that matter), but . . . that doesn’t mean they aren’t stupid and wasteful.

      Capisce, paisan??

  11. The 2A has absolutely nothing, nothing to do with hunting.
    It’s about the civilian population of the USA having superior firepower. Compared to the civilian cops or the military.

    We use to lock up criminals in huge numbers here. Including the dangerously mentally ill.
    But no longer. The consequence is an increase in crime in general. In the major cities. And now instead of holding criminals accountable, mentally ill or not.

    Now we just let them go. This is a result of a utopian, irrational, unicorn world upside down view of reality. That is held by libertarians liberals and leftists.

    The three L’s have perverted what the word Liberty means.

    And telling the world that a father is not necessary in the home.That his love and discipline are not required, only made things much worse.

  12. Readily converted has been defined by ATF as 7 hours by a trained gun smith. I think you could build a gun in that amount of time. So, as usual, a seemingly small law can be expanded to include all guns.

    Slippery slope is not a logical argument you say. Show me where it has not happened with gun control.

  13. If the issue is how many projectiles that can be sent down range within a short period of time, why are they not banning shotguns?
    Let us be real. A standard 12 gauge shotgun can fire 9, 00 buckshot or 27, #4 buckshot at a target with one pull of the trigger. The not so uncommon 12 gauge by 3&1/2″ chamberings can double that. Unlike a full auto Glock, a shotgun will keep multiple rounds concentrated on target rather than spraying them everywhere.

    To be blunt, I’d much rather be confronted by one of President Obama’s bastard sons armed with a Glock with a 33 round magazine and a Glock switch than Elmer Fudd armed with a 12 gauge, double barrel shotgun loaded with buckshot.

  14. Ultimately, Home Workshops and possession of power tools will be banned.
    Just a matter of time. Folks don’t need to make stuff, they can buy it from China.

  15. Wait a minute … if I wanted a full-auto why would I buy one of the overpriced, khaki-shorts and loafers crowd Glockies when I can file the firing pin on my existing semi-autos?

    Of course N.Y. is racist by targeting the pants-on-the-ground segment of the population.

    • Lol no they don’t. They may use them to push laws but arrests for actual criminal activity LOL LMAO even.


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