Personal Defense Tip: Never Shoot to Kill

The correct expression when discussing a defensive gun use is “shoot to stop the threat.” That’s what you’re trying to do when when your life or that of a loved one is threatened. You are not trying to commit homicide, however justifiable that may be in a given situation. Even if you’re aiming at the […]

Things That Don’t Suck: Magpul Bipods

When Magpul first released the aptly named Magpul Bipod in mid-2018, I didn’t get the appeal. It appeared to be effectively all-polymer, and I tend to lean into my bipods and load them up fairly firmly. So I had doubts. But then I got my hands on one, and my opinion changed 180 degrees. Magpul’s […]

Chasing the Machine Guns

I try to keep up with the criminal use of machine guns in the United States. To date, I have documented five cases of an actual machine gun that was used in a crime (as opposed to the crime only being possession or transfer of a machine gun) since passage of the National Firearms Act […]