NSSF: New Jersey’s Move to Pressure Gun Businesses is an Overreach of His Authority

Earlier this week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order directing state agencies to cut off business with firearms-related businesses that don’t bend to his particular (vague) standards of good business practices. He’s also threatening to pull the state’s business from banks that won’t disclose their relationships with gun makers and other firearms-related […]

Walmart Generally Not Enforcing Their New Open Carry Ban

Anti-gun activists and the media (BIRM) rejoiced at Walmart’s announcement last week “requesting” that customers not open carry in their store.  Now, the New York Times has a piece detailing how, in Texas at least, Walmart has chosen not to enforce its “request” that customers not open carry firearms. From The Times: Retailers Walk Thin […]

Mass Stabbing Attack in Tallahassee…Will Dems Demand Knife Control?

By the Second Amendment Foundation In the aftermath of Wednesday’s brutal stabbing attack in Florida, the Second Amendment Foundation today asked whether Congressional Democrats will now start pushing knife control. “Five people were brutally stabbed,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “The nation deserves to know whether Democrats will hold the […]

An Open Letter to Former NRA President Marion Hammer

By Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger Dear Ms. Hammer, I see you have launched yet another attack on critics of the Vichy National Rifle Association. I am one of those people. I have been for decades; long before it became trendy to notice the financial mismanagement (to be kind). So you are attacking me. If I had done “1 percent of what […]

CCRKBA: Congressional Dems’ Don’t Get It; Talking Prohibition Increases Gun Sales, Voter Turnout

By CCRKBA Congressional Democrats “just don’t get it,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today after the House Judiciary Committee moved three gun control bills on party lines, including one to limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds. “So far,” CCRRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “all Democrats have accomplished with […]