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The White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention is hosting the first in-person meeting of federal agencies to figure out what to do after a tragic mass murder and criminal misuse of firearms. The focus will be on what resources can be brought to bear after a shocking crime has been committed that once again rocks the nation’s conscience.

The Biden administration is missing the target, once again, on guns. The focus shouldn’t be on what can the government do after a tragedy occurs. Rather, it should be on what should be done to prevent it.

That answer comes down to two efforts: Enforce the law and hold criminals accountable for their crimes.

Misplaced Priorities

In the list of priorities for the Biden administration’s gun policies, these have fallen far down on the list behind efforts to create a new taxpayer-funded office to install an extremist gun control agenda, craft new laws by executive fiat, criminalize private firearm transfers, halt firearm exports, illegally spy on the private financial records of Americans legally buying firearms and ammunition and continually spinning outright lies that come straight from President Joe Biden himself.

Despite the White House’s insistence on treating criminal violence as a public health issue, crime is still a very real and very lethal problem this administration refuses to confront. Murder rates in most cities are falling off the peaks witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but some cities report shocking murder rates. Crime is still rampant.

That remains, in part, because government officials refuse to report it. The Marshall Project has been tracking the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and noted last year that nearly one-third of law enforcement agencies were missing from the FBI’s statistics. That’s not because there wasn’t crime. It’s because they didn’t report crime.

Recognizing crime is the first step to stopping it. How?  By enforcing the law already on the books. That is a hurdle seemingly too high for the Biden administration. The failure starts at the top, with an administration that refuses to enforce immigration laws that have allowed known terrorists to cross into the United States. The Cato Institute reported in February that the U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended 342 illegal border crossers who were on the Terrorist Screening Dataset since 2017. That figure rose to 169 in FY 2023 and 49 this year. That’s just the ones apprehended. How many more slipped across our porous borders undetected?

Crime Problem

The “blind eye” to crime isn’t isolated to the Biden administration. Attorneys general, district attorneys and prosecutors are complicit, too. Washington, D.C., Attorney General Brian Schwalb was forced to walk back comments made to residents when he said the District cannot “prosecute or arrest our way” out of rising crime rates. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón was excoriated by the Association of Deputy District Attorneys for abandoning all murder victims’ families. He defended a diversion program that allowed criminal offenders to still have access to firearms and released a murderer from prison after serving only six years of a 50-year sentence. That prisoner was re-arrested within a week of release on gun and DUI charges.

Two Los Angeles police officers were shot and killed by gang members in 2022 after they were released on downgraded charges by DA Gascón’s office. Those felony firearm charges would have kept them locked up. Because of DA Gascón’s policy of not pursuing gun-related charges, they walked out to murder police officers.

Several high-profile mass murders also showed instances of when laws that are already on the books were not enforced. The tragic shooting in Sutherland Spring, Texas, was carried out by a deranged individual who was convicted in a military court for domestic violence and was later involuntarily committed to a mental health facility before being dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force. That individual should have been prohibited from purchasing firearms but because the Air Force didn’t send those disqualifying records to the FBI, he wasn’t listed in the system as prohibited.

Tools Unused

The murderer at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., exhibited a series of instances when school, county, state and federal officials could have intervened, but didn’t. That included threats with a gun against his own mother and warnings reported to the FBI that the murderer wrote, “Im [sic] going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI admitted it failed.

The murderer in Buffalo, N.Y., was brought in by state police for a mental health evaluation, but never brought before a judge for an adjudication or consideration for involuntary commitment to a mental health facility. Not one New York authority invoked that state’s “red-flag” law to protect the community.

The murderer in Uvalde, Texas, made threats on social media that he intended to murder children at a school a month prior to his heinous crimes and again 10 days prior to when he committed his horrific crimes. He made threats of rape and assault against former classmates and posted disturbing images on social media. None of this was reported to authorities to stop this criminal.

The murderer in Highland Park, Ill., previously had knives confiscated after making threats against his family. The incident was treated as a “mental-health issue.” No follow-up was done to make sure he didn’t have access to firearms.

The murderer at the Covenant School in Nashville was being treated for undisclosed mental health disorders and stockpiled firearms without her parent’s knowledge. That murderer left a manifesto, portions of which were leaked. A federal judge told the FBI that document must be turned over to the court for review. A “show cause” hearing was recently held to determine if the manifesto will be released to the public.

The White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention is failing if it is meeting to plan coordination after a tragedy has happened. The whole point is in its name – prevention. The focus should be on prevention and accountability. The tools, tragically, are already there. The Biden administration is focused on distraction over prevention. It is time for the American people to demand accountability of them.


—Article courtesy of the NSSF

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  1. Back before my brave Uncle Bosie met his fate in Mount Doom, he took me out for some ice cream one day. Outside of the ice cream store, two men were making out with each other. Uncle Bosie turned to me and said, “Joey, that’s what love is.”

    • Their intent is to coordinate the propaganda campaign to try to push through unconstitutional laws infringing on the 2nd amendment rights of citizens, by manipulating emotional sheep, coordinating the media’s and entertainment world’s focus, etc

  2. They can’t (or won’t) hold criminals responsible because an overwhelming percentage of these criminals are black, a core constituency. So they need to shift the blame to the law abiding (overwhelmingly White) citizens.

    • dundeedumbfuk…Centuries ago from reasoning such as yours came Gun Control. Take a bow azzhole. There are plenty of Black Americans who know the score without your lily white bigoted behind making matters worse.

      • please tell us o great historian (should probably be hystorian) why then are the criminals- (one of) the lowest population demographic committing the highest rates of violent crimes with firearms (and without)- not being prosecuted? hmmm? hmmm?

        • jr…Can you say soros democRats you politically inept bigoted mealy mouth twit? I suggest you and your history illiterate ilk let Blacks handle Blacks, you don’t want to get caught in the middle of it…Besides after centuries of white trash like you cracking whips you can take a ticket, stfu and sit down otherwise you might bite off more than you can chew like this guy…

        • Is your posting of this video meant to be an endorsement of bricking people?

          Asking for a friend.

        • “the ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”
          ad hominem fembot.

      • Unfortunately he is not wrong for several states or are you going to argue observed empirical data is racist?

        • You’re really behind the times, aren’t you?

          Of course data is racist. Being correct or on time or competent is racist.

          No, I’m not joking. They actually say this shit. Usually followed by something like “Decolonize [something]”.

        • I saw my annual diversity training video for the last few years……and no you aren’t kidding, understating if anything.

      • Perhaps Debs can next explain how “violence” on Asians is not overwhelming committed by blacks (as the MSM attempts to pretend that any such is being by “rightwing extremists).

    • Well, I mean, they worked pretty hard to create that class of criminals by intentionally screwing black people over at every single opportunity they had for the past 60 years…

      So… I mean, that’s a lot of work down the drain to just arrest them.

      Leftists have always seen blacks as politically useful but also trash. That’s why they somehow just can’t fix the school system in areas that are predominantly black yet Lefties send their own kids to schools that work.

      I mean, as a historical example the USSR used to openly court black Americans to emigrate to the USSR because it wasn’t racist the way the USA was. When some black people believed this and traveled to the USSR they were used in a photo op and then promptly shot because there was no way the Soviets were gonna let black people live in the USSR.

        • To be a Russian citizen you must be able to speak Russian. No other language is accepted because you are a Russian citizen now. .
          Wonder what Russian ebonics would sound like? LOL.

        • It’s interesting to contemplate the relationship between this discussion and the following paper.

          The abstract gives you a general idea of how it’s related without bothering you with the molecular mechanisms.

          Maternal care, hippocampal synaptogenesis and cognitive development in rats

  3. Advice from people too stupid to know Violence is Violence is prone to get innocent people mamed or murdered by criminals who criminally misuse anything they can get their hands on. Gun Violence is a concocted label used to push Gun Control that does nothing whatsoever to stop criminals all while leaving you and yours defenseless.

  4. They don’t want to stop crime, they want criminals running around so folks go to the government and give up their Rights so they will feel safe. It’s part of the plan.

  5. While worthless race baiters on this forum attempt inject their bigoted vile into the Second Amendment out of nowhere comes a pint size hero who knows first hand The Truth About Gun Control…

  6. It’s about controlling feelings via narrative to amass power.

    How many times is this going to have to be pointed out before people Right of Center start to understand it?

    Even when the GOP has power they don’t use it. When Dems have power, they use it. Shit, they swing that shit around like guy in drag reading to children.

    • Conditioned complacency? Honestly I just assume republicans are democrats until the media attacks them then I will pay attention to see who they benefit in power.

      • Mostly they’re just corrupt, self centered and playing a part in a theater game that they benefit from being part of.

        I mean, look at Dan Crenshaw. Solid as they come right up until he realized what side his bread is buttered on.

        Plus, I’m sure they’re shit-scared of elements within the deep state.

        • Given some of the Bernie Sanders rumors I see coming to life online lately that last bit is becoming more likely.

        • No, apparently being forced to know a child biblically for blackmail purposes. Honestly don’t hear a damn thing from this area’s jewish representatives (besides Zeldin) about Israel.

        • Oh. Well, that’s a lovely rumor.

          Also, gross.

          But now I have an image of him in my head where he’s like “Touch my mittens. They’re homemade in Vermont from the finest alpaca and oppressed indigenous POC armpit hair because we have to smash the corporations!”.

      • The selected quote might actually suggest that he understood the concept of predictive programming and conditioned fear responses.

        Which, before he became older than dirt, he might have because those are common tricks in the Bolshie playbook and homie has been a big fan of the USSR since The Beatles had a song about it.

  7. Office of Gunm Violence Prevention.
    What a grifter.
    How about Office of Crime Violence Prevention.
    Oh wait, ElfBeeEye, an all the rest. It ain’t working very well but the office of gunm control will until they try to get to the gangs. It’s easy to take gunms away from the law abiding because by nature they obey the law.
    Then add in the BATFE , ” If you own a gunm we will kill you.” However that just might backfire.
    Probably not, the agency will take the law abiding down one by one and nothing will happen.
    I think basically a law abiding American could say, We are Fcked.
    Law abiding Americans?
    Not in theBidens world, no such thing.

  8. If the idiots in charge really wanted to do anything about criminal violence, they would start locking up the 10% of the general population that are responsible for 90% of the violent crime.
    Go ask the police officers in any jurisdiction, they will tell you, if they are honest, that this is true. No matter race, religion or any other demographics. Go to a more homogenic population like Japan, or any of the Moslem countries, same basic percentages hold true.
    If a given demographic has lost their way or has given in to moral decay, do what is needed to push for more moral, ethical behaviors. But, hold people accountable for their criminal acts. Including crooked politicians, dirty cops and corrupt officials.

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