Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.
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Four masked, openly-armed black teens rolled up in front of a Cleveland high school in three stolen cars. They approached the school in an effort to evade capture by police who were hot on their heels.

What do the school’s administration do when faced with four masked armed individuals? Two assistant principals over-ruled the school security officer and let the armed thugs into the first set of secure doors “to protect the suspects from the police.”

There was a second set of locked doors, but the move to “protect” the criminals from law enforcement sets a new low for reckless, irresponsible, and felonious negligence.

Can you imagine if your kids attended that school and administrators knowingly allowed armed individuals who were trying to escape from police to enter the school?

Oh, but as the ShamWow Guy would say, “There’s more!”

Th cops, not far behind, come running up to the doors to take the four thieves into custody. The school administrators opened the outer doors for the cops. The masked bad guys played stupid initially, then at the first opportunity, they took off running.

After a lengthy foot pursuit, all four were taken into custody.

Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

Cops took at least one GLOCK from one of the perps. A handgun the administrators had allowed into the school.

Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

Here’s the bodycam video.

From The Police Tribune . . .

Administrators at a high school in Cleveland have some serious explaining to do after video and audio recordings showed they let four armed, masked teens into the school building last month while classes were in session because they were trying to protect the suspects from the police outside (video below).

Police said the incident occurred on Sept. 14 at Garrett Morgan High School in the 4600-block of Detroit Avenue on the west side of Cleveland, WJW reported.

A school security officer saw the teens pull up to the high school in three cars and get out wearing masks and carrying guns.

Police said the cars the teens arrived in were stolen, WJW reported.

The school security officer called 911 and the school was placed into lockdown.

Thank heavens for the school security officer who appears to have done the right thing. But the school’s woke administrators over-ruled the officer and put everyone in the school in danger in order to “protect” the criminals.

Audio recordings of the 911 called showed the security officer was yelling at someone not to let the armed teens into the school, WJW reported.

“Do not let them in the building!” the security officer yelled. “Do not let anybody through that door, people.”

The call taker asked the security officer whether the armed teens were approaching the front or the back of the school building, the recording showed.

The security officer can be heard in the background screaming repeatedly for others not to let the armed teens into the building.

Then the security officer told 911 that the suspects were inside the high school building.

“They’re inside the building,” the security officer said in the recording. “They’re in the outer part.”

If it hadn’t been for school security, the administrators might have let the four armed criminals all the way inside the school for some warm milk and cookies to help them avoid handcuffs.

The security officer was referring to a locked, glass-walled vestibule at the school’s entrance, WJW reported.

“They got in the building?” the dispatcher asked in an incredulous voice.

“Keep the school locked down!” the dispatcher ordered the security officer in the recording.

A witness told police that “two assistant principals from leadership let the males into the building,” WJW reported.

One would think parents would been outraged and spitting nails at the criminal-coddling administrators for endangering everyone in that school. Will parents demand changes in the school’s leadership? Time will tell.

Given the school district’s statement on what happened, the wokeness that endangered children that day goes far higher than the bumbling local administrators. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District offered this via Fox 8 . . .

“As one of the witness statements indicates, the males entered a controlled, secured area that is specifically designed to prevent access to the rest of the building. Cleveland police had already arrived on the scene and were able to make arrests. The staff member made a split-second decision that the individual thought was the best way to keep students and staff safe.“ 

For now at least, four accused criminals are in custody.

The whole incident shows yet again how the woke social justice warriors have more concern with the well-being of criminals than with children. And their actions to further their twisted social views put innocent people in jeopardy.


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  1. it would have been really funny if the school resource officer had seen that they were armed and shot and killed all four of them.

      • not at all. the “community” will support them for their efforts to help the youts evade the police.

      • No, no. You have no idea how difficult it is to “fire” a public employee. It would be easier to talk Putie out of invading Ukraine than it is to fire a public employee. At worst they will have to go to counseling.

  2. Educrats are the least qualified people to be entrusted with the guidance and well-being of our youth.

    • Public school administrators are the least qualified, laziest, most-stupid-assed “people” in the solar system.

      They take a job with a district, sit at a desk and get fat for 40 years and retire after having contributed exactly nothing to society or their own life.

      • Yup. I had a series of cases in Akron a few years back, which required me to have to fly into Cleveland on a regular basis. Which led me to the following discovery . . . .

        Q: How do you fly into Cleveland and avoid being depressed by the sight of it all?
        A: Arrive after dark.

        I’m here all week. Try the veal!

        • Houlihan, Big Chuck, and Little John are about the only good things Cleveland ever produced. Well, them and a boost to my salt mine holdings.

        • BTW, Akron is equally depressing. Who in the world would name their college athletics teams the Zips?

  3. “two assistant principals from leadership let the males into the building,”

    Corrective Actions:

    Step 1: Heat tar until molten.
    Step 2: Place all feathers in one place in a big pile.
    Step 3: Pure molten tar over the two assistant principals and liberally apply feathers.
    Step 4: Take now tar-n-feathered assistant principals to outskirts of town and leave them with a warning to never return.

    Seriously, if they let these two assistant principals keep their jobs parents should tar and feather them and run them out of town. There is some serious defects in their thought processes that lets armed thugs past the front door, even after the SRO warned about the threat and tried to stop it.

    • The tar was historically liquid at room temperature and used for sealing. That’s why it did not kill people.

      • Yup. Made a hell of a mess though and screwed up the person’s life.

        Hard to hide your history when you get thrown out of your town and walk into the next looking like a hen.

        Today’s hot tar wouldn’t require a warning not to return very often. A good coating wouldn’t be survivable in most cases.

  4. There’d be two unemployed “Admins” if I were in charge. As a parent of any of the children in the school, the Police would have had to protect those uneducated , racist, morons from me, or they would have “woke” up in a hospital bed. Unbelievable!

  5. I…what????
    Monday: School shooting in St. Louis
    Tuesday: School administrators LITERALLY INVITE four armed individuals, fleeing from the police INTO The school!


  6. Wow! Just, wow.

    If I were the security person at the school door entrance and the assistance principal indicated that he/she was going to let four masked and armed people (who were rushing the entrance) into the building, I would have done everything in my power to prevent that from happening. At that particular moment, it would have been entirely reasonable to conclude that was a terrorist attack or a false-flag attack and the assistant principle was part of the attack.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, that school district must immediately fire those two assistant principals.

  7. I don’t mind these idiots woking themselves to death. What I do mind is them dragging me along for the ride. And, in this case, a school full of peoples kids.

  8. ““As one of the witness statements indicates, the males entered a controlled, secured area that is specifically designed to prevent access to the rest of the building.”

    Hmmmm….no. Its only designed to delay, not prevent. Its a ‘layer’ thing, it doesn’t work well to delay for long if you let them through the first layer of the front doors. Once they are through the front doors its not difficult to get though the second set because they can just shoot or break the glass enough to break it out enough to slip through. It is not bullet or impact resistant glass, just a little thicker glass, because their fire codes don’t allow bullet or impact resistant glass in these entry areas because its got to be easy enough to break through for the firefighters to get in or to break out for people to escape in the event of a fire. So its only designed, in the hopes of delay and not prevent entry to the rest of the school.

    This is one of those ‘false’ security statements trying to mitigate the situation appearance to something that isn’t really true to ease public perception, you parents should not let them get away with it. This area they were in is only intended to delay and not prevent entry and that’s supposed to be backed up by quick police response before that delay can be defeated but the SRO was basically ignored and made to stand down by these assistant principals. So thankfully the police did respond quickly. Letting them in the front doors, if they had so wanted and tried, would have led to defeating this easily and gaining entry to the school proper if the police had taken longer.

    • Everything you cite could happen did not happen did it? Appears the only escape route was perps running past the police when the doors were unlocked by those who were said to be protecting criminals from the police.

      I do not believe it would be easy peasy to break glass, etc. in what is designed not to allow an intruder(s) to pass. Lots of gray areas in the embellished story, jumping to conclusions which seems to be the wave may not be as wise as it seems.

      • I’m not jumping to conclusions. Its a common design used in most of the schools that have such. We have them here in our schools, I’ve seen them and I’ve seen the glass tested in the lab. Its the same as shown in the video, at the front door where the police are waking up – the guy holding the door open, in the video you can see the interior when the police approach the guys. They are not designed for preventing entry, they are for delay.

        No, it did not happen that they broke through it, never said they did. Which is why I basically said “if they had so wanted and tried” to do it they could have.

        The reported statement is this … “the males entered a controlled, secured area that is specifically designed to prevent access to the rest of the building.” and that’s not true, the area is not “specifically designed to PREVENT access to the rest of the building.” – all they do is provide a delay, because they can be gotten through by breaking the glass enough. Its just a thick glass with a laminate between the plates (sometimes its a wire mesh, but once the glass is broken enough that can be pushed out too), it will shatter in sections, sort of like an auto windshield glass does, and you just push it out in those sections.

  9. This makes perfect sense. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left have a long history of hating the police. They have often said, “the police are the problem”. So of course when masked strangers carrying guns are being chased by uniformed police officers. The Libertarians liberals in the left automatically Side with the criminals.

    I hope they are successful in their ultimate goal of defunding
    and eliminating the police departments where they live.
    This way they will get the perfect world that have been asking for.

    And the rest of us can watch what happens from a distance.

  10. Since this is NOT Facebook, I can safely comment on the story without retribution (ban) from the FB overlords.

    The idiot school administrators should not only be fired, charged, having any educational licenses revoked but should be tarred, feathered and carried out of town on a rail.

    This is the kind of shit that should not be tolerated.

  11. New school system slogan: Cleveland School System, producing and protecting criminals since ….

  12. Man them kids with the stolen cars and gunms was the schools class president and the honor students.
    Cant have the cops gunning down the future now can we?

  13. doesn’t surprise me coming from a democratically controlled City. this is how the foolish mind works.

  14. I’m guess that the youths on the run were valedictorians that “graduated” from the now-famous school, so it was just a homecoming of sorts. Perfect role models for the next generation of thugs to be produced by that fine institute of learning.

  15. 1) Parents wait outside of the school.
    2) Woke administration leaves the building.
    3) Parents beat the living shit out of them.
    4) Parents warn if the police are called, tomorrow’s beating will be MUCH WORSE.

    Why would ANYONE put their faith in that local school board or local DA to hold them accountable? These idiots didn’t grow in a vacuum. Chances are the whole local government, top to bottom, is on board with this. They want gangs ruling the ‘hood? Show them some gang tactics!

    • “Chances are the whole local government, top to bottom, is on board with this.”

      Based on my experience in the area over a decade ago… that’s likely. Not the entire local government but enough that it keeps those who disagree silent so they can get a letter of rec from their current boss and move slightly West to Rocky River.

    • the last Cleveland mayor’s grandson and great grandson are/were bangers, drug dealers I think one is in prison and one got killed.i don’t remember. I. live about 40 miles from there and the saying is first thing to do when you get to Cleveland is leave. and the city of east Cleveland is worse.

  16. It’s not even a puzzle worth solving anymore. Thats why I live where there is less than 1% of the 13%. Problem solved.

  17. My college girlfriend was from just a bit West of this school down Detroit Ave, I spent some time in this area. Also, her mother was the DA for youth crime, prosecuting felonies committed by the <18 cohort in that area.

    This story doesn't really surprise me. At all.

    Some of the dumbest responses to "hood shit" I've ever personally witnessed occurred in this area. Off the charts levels of risky stupid by dumbass, middle aged suburban morons. The 'tard quotient was nearly indescribable.

    Like an entitled idiot from Tangle Town trying to "talk it out" (His words, not mine. He must have been an Eminem fan) with a carjacker and then being absolutely shocked when he got pistol-whipped in the face resulting in a broken nose. What part of "Shut the fuck up and give me the keys" was unclear? You need hearing aids or something? Homeboy is taking your car and it's not a request. You bleeding (or, honestly, breathing) is optional here.

    Idiot proceeds to tell the cops about how people who are poor sometimes get desperate and it's not really the BG's fault, oh, btw, do you think I need stitches?

    Ah well, at least lunch came with some entertainment that day.

  18. All of this is further proof that we are living in the last days. The prophecy states that in the last days they shall call evil good and good evil. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.

  19. Maybe the assistant principals thought they were “containing” the thugs. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

  20. When that administrator let them in, she endangered every child in that school.
    the security guard saw the gun on at least 1 of them so the admin must have to, how easy would it have been to put the gun to her head and make her open the other doors ? think about that. then there’s a whole school of hostages they would have had, no way there just kids you say ? well those *kids* already had guns and were in a high speed chase from the cops already. WHATEVER COLOR THEY ARE, after they have guns, start robbing car jacking committing crimes, there no longer little kids there criminals. And i’m not saying put em down like dogs, but don’t coddle them either or they will never learn right from wrong that their parents never taught them. end this wokism or more kids will die doing this same dumb stunt. oh and fire and administrator who had a hand in letting them in and endangering all those kids in the school.

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