OFF: Oregon 114 Violates the Second Amendment and a Basic Understanding of the English Language

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…Judge Karin Immergut ruled against gun owners, the Second Amendment and a basic understanding of the English language and ruled that Ballot Measure 114 is just fine.

The decision is 122 pages and we just received it so we have not had time to analyze it in depth. What we have read defies belief.  While not entirely unexpected, Immergut’s ruling is simple nonsense and sure to be overturned at the 9th circuit.

When faced with the clear and undeniable issues about all magazines being banned and the permit system being completely unworkable, she essentially said “not my  problem.”

We are sure there will be plenty of parsing of this absurd decision in the coming days, but it was clear from the very first day that Immergut was both painfully ignorant and in the pocket of Oregon’s far left “Department of Justice.”

No doubt it took this long for her to come up with a reason to reach this conclusion when none of the facts were on her side.

You can read her decision here.

Please keep in mind Ballot Measure 114 is still prevented from going into effect because of the State Court decision in Harney County.  A full trial on the merits there will be held in September.

Oregon Firearms Federation

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  1. “…Judge Karin Immergut ruled against gun owners, the Second Amendment and a basic understanding of the English language…”

    …and this ‘judge’ (more like a flat-faced Fascist, by appearence) was appointed by Trump, supposedly as a Republican.

    That’s kinda odd, as the Federalist Society was supposedly vetting his court pics.

    So, how did *that* slip through? 🙁

    • stfuoldsht…You come on this forum slandering POTUS DJT and his voters which indicates your 2020 vote or no vote went directly or indirectly to…biden.

      It is crystal clear the OR Gun Control judge is following biden’s Gun Control agenda. POTUS DJT did not appoint any judge knowing they were a pathetic two faced worthless pos like you.

      Who put Barret on the USSC? Now go choke on your slanderous poop.

      • “Who put Barret [sic] on the USSC?”

        The US Senate. The President only appoints candidates for the Court.

        For whom did I vote in the 2016 and 2020 elections? How do you know?

        • Assumed for failing to support Trump 100%. For members of his personality cult, even the slightest criticism or sign of disloyalty to Dear Leader shows that you’re not one of them, so presumed an enemy.

        • Pay Attention no name…When and if you regurgitate your buddy oldsht’s slander about POTUS DJT and his voters it will not be difficult to figure who the heck you voted for.

          So by oldsht’s POTUS DJT and voter slandering who do you believe oldsht voted for? Can you refer to anything oldsht has stated to indicate he was there for POTUS DJT in 16, 20 or will be in 24? Do you just like being deaf, dumb and blind about a blowbag who by his own words proved numerous times to be nothing more than a democRat Party lint licker? Or are you not man enough to call oldsht out and replied to me in an effort to avoid addressing him? Answer 4 questions or stfu.

        • no name…I don’t need any lesson coming from an oldsht lint licker like you. Without POTUS DJT Barrett wasn’t going anywhere…ain’t dat right? BTW..
          Do find a diffenent moniker…the one you have you do not wear it well.

          serpentlips…Gun Control democRats applaud the kind of wimpy pasty mouth rhetoric
          coming from politically inept twerps like you…take a bow.

          To whom it may concern..It is amazing how when oldsht gets a taste of his own medicine all of a sudden there are newbes posters popping up like Tulips in springtime…Suspiciously quick to lend oldshtforbrains their helping hands…circle jerks.

        • Wow, Debbie One-Note, you SERIOUSLY need to get laid!!! You were never rational, but now you are become a babbling lunatic. Pick on someone you own speed; wait for a MajorLiar or dacian the demented or Prince Albert comment to respond to.

          You are living proof that “gun rights advocates” can be every bit as blitheringly stupid as those two.

        • You seem dissatisfied with Donald Trump’s judicial picks, why would you expect more from this family:

          “Ben Meiselas reports on one of Donald Trump’s Super PACS using its donor money to pay Melania Trump $155,000 for a speaking engagement at a Trump property. The payment was previously concealed by the Super PAC. Meiselas brilliantly calls out the Trump grifters.“

          Do you remember when Obama’s super PAC secretly gave Michelle Obama $155,000?

          Neither do I… Because Michelle Obama was not a lesbian porn actress, but rather a recognized attorney who never grifted from the American people.

      • Try answering the question next time. How did a Trump judge do this?

        Is that question too simple for you? If Geoff is as far off base as you say, then it should be easy peasy lemon squeezey to pick him off with facts instead of insults.

    • I don’t hold Trump out to be perfect, and he’s made some mistakes, and this judge was one of them. I imagine that since OrTardia is such a backwater, he didn’t pay too much attention to the appointment. The fact that she was a Multnomah County judge prior to the appointment was a red flag, but if you do not know the injustice that goes on there by being a local, you wouldn’t know. Republicans continue to fight for this state, but the Liberals are in firm control, with their ensuing stupid legislation that follows.

      • The Libertarian personality cult has said
        urinating and defecating in public are a good thing. The Libertarian personality cultists believe having sex in public in front of children is a good thing.
        These cultists believe you should be free from arrest for the above acts, as well as doing drugs in public.

        And they believe the government is here to financially support all of this.

        • Methinks that you might want to re-evaluate what “Libertarianism” is, as having the government pay for all the crap you mentioned certainly isn’t part of it…

        • to stuck in pugetopia

          The libertarians have long supported government funding. For condoms, needles, abortions, sex change operations, and anything sex related. They want the government to pay for any and all STD treatments.

          They want the government to give you your drugs. And then pay for your drug treatment. When you get addicted to those drugs.

        • I’ve never seen someone more wrong about Libertarians than Chris. ironically he is a hard-core statist and directly supports the ideals he claims to be rallying against. Also why so many people no.longer take Republicans and alleged Conservatists serious anymore. You are wasting your breath trying to explain it to him. Ironically especially the part about Governement support are 100% contradictory to Libertarian beliefs but he won’t let things like facts get in his way.

        • Pugetopia and BSon,

          My working theory is that Chris T was either raped by a “Libertarian”, or his girlfriend was stolen by one. Chris T knows less about “libertarianism” than Prince Albert knows about guns – apparently, negative knowledge is an actual thing.

  2. Is this a “tell?”

    “As a Federal prosecutor, Immelgut handled white collar crime cases and worked on Project Safe Neighborhoods, an initiative that promoted the reduction of gun violence.” —

  3. Should be no surprise. She attended UC Berkley, Amherst, and Berkley Law School. The poor thing was thoroughly indoctrinated into Marxist ideology and had no chance to develop her own thoughts.

  4. Shall Not Be Infringed. What is so hard to understand,?

    We need to take our Republic back

    • To late.
      The surveillance mechanisms have advanced greatly in the last 20 years.
      Heard of a van, loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go.
      Yes they heard of the van and kno what road it is traveling, how many people are in it and where they plan to go.
      It doesn’t matter how many times you change your hair style or what you look like.
      Big Brother is Watching but he can not see the ghost in the machine and that’s the only way a revolutionary war could be victorious now. Win by accepting defeat and tear it down from within.
      The wheels on the bus go round and round until they fall off because someone didn’t tighten the lug nuts.

  5. I have a feeling that the anti-gun pro bono resources and Soros funded groups provided “suggested wording” with a palmed donation to the judge.

    • mo42…Is 42 your waist size or IQ? I am sure oldsht appreciates having your lips stuck to his butt.

      • Debbie W.,

        I recommend that you significantly scale back your insults and vitriol–and redirect you energies instead on civil dialogue.

        If you believe that someone’s statement is inaccurate, incorrect, or false then go ahead and explain that in a civil manner and tone. In so doing, you invite that person to learn something and be a better voice for our rights.

        Remember the old adage: you will attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Lately, I am seeing a LOT of “vinegar” from you. I feel confident in saying that I speak for everyone on this forum that we would much prefer to see a lot more “honey” from you.

        • uncommon,

          While I definitely agree that a more rational, less ‘over the top’, approach from Debbie One-Note would be a refreshing change, I believe you may be asking for more than she is capable of giving.

          The sad part is, when she gets off her “one note” meme about “gun control is rooted in racism” shtick (and doesn’t just resort to ad hominem, instead) she actually sometimes makes semi-rational comments. Unfortunately, that appears to be a “bridge too far” for Debbie One-Note.

    • Some time in the last six months to a year she has slipped a cog. I used to read her posts but now scroll past like I do for the resident trolls.

      • cwt…You poor sensitive man-child…I can see my repeatedly fact checked posts and the tweets that came from POTUS DJT have been devastating for you…And dog gone I now realize when you see a woman handing oldsht the truth about himself that truth hurts you too…I will try really hard never to upset your sensitive nature again…Not.

      • CWT, there’s a few people I’ve just come to skip over their comments entirely when I see them and she’s one of them. Zero redeeming value.

    • Her Syph and Mad Cow diseases have eaten the last remaining brain cells she had. So sad, it’s turned her into a bitter, ranting, brain dead witch.

      • cato…Nice to see the biggest Gun Control history illiterate on this forum chime in…Let me help you out you pasty mouth ignorant pos…Your time would be much better spent organizing your anthony weiner photos.

        • Your rants are tiresome and worn out.

          Blowing hobos at the bus station, catching Syph and passing it along, does not make you an expert on gun control, history, or anything else.

        • Cato,

          But if she didn’t do that, she’d be on welfare. Girl’s gotta make a living. And at a quarter a blow job, it takes some work to earn enough for a MickeyD’s cheeseburger.

    • “Is Debbie a tad unhinged or does she just no like the poster she went after.”

      Mo, she is *beyond* un-hinged, if you don’t goose-step like widdile debbie, you are the next-closest thing to Hitler.

      Seriously! Stick around, there’s an *epic* meltdown coming, and you will get a ringside seat.

      I stated a FACT, that we will have a better chance winning 2024 if someone not as poisonous as Trump is the candidate. The Leftist Scum ™ have such an off-the-rails hatred of him, it will drive turnout for their side.

      Trump was *perfect* for 2016 (I voted for him in both 16 and 20, because I damn sure won’t vote any Leftist Scum ™, he exceeded my wildest expectations with his judicial picks alone. The Federalist Society was doing the vetting, which makes that judge’s ruling all the more puzzling.

      Little Debs is a LITERAL Fascist, if you don’t agree with her, she will attack you like a rabid animal, as you have been seeing. (Personally, I’m convinced someone isn’t getting the necessary ‘attention’ at home, if you know what I mean. *Wink* Enough to make anyone cranky. 🙂 ).

      Fact, little brain-dead debs, if we lose next year, it will be because of fucking stupid people like YOU writing in his name, handing the election to the enemy, the same way H Ross Perot handed the White House to Clinton years back…

      • oldshtfirbrainsgeoff…I am calling you a liar and a spinning gutless wonder…No one repeatedly spews democRat Party level slander and libel against POTUS DJT and his voters and then says they voted in 16, 20 much less in 24 for POTUS DJT…When it doesn’t add up it’s lie…liar.

        This is by no means the first time you posted slander and libel apainst POTUS DJT and his voters so cease acting like it is…You’ve had numerous opportunities to clear the air in your replies to me and not Once did you counter with who you voted for directly or indirectly…Ring a bell oldsht?

        On numerous occassions You made your disdain for POTUS DJT and his voters crystal clear; the word voters includes me. If you have not noticed there is a reply to your f-bomb, fascist, punkazz blabbermouth garbage…I am free to reply to you or do have issues with both women and free speech?

        You’ve been all over the map trying to save face with your gutless little man guesswork about me…I’ve got your tiny balls in a vice and you are squealing like a stuck pig…you lying pos.

        • Deb isn’t it a little early to be drunk?
          Sometimes a little day drinking is ok but I think you need to cut back.
          It’s really making you into an even bigger crunt than you normally are.

        • Awwww, is widdle debs angry?

          Good. 😉

          Stupid dunces like you are what’s wrong with this country, and I’m looking forward to reminding you of that as much as I can.

          What are you gonna do about it, princess? 😉

      • Trump is not going to get the chance for re-election.
        Jan 6 showed the system that Trump has the charisma to unite people.
        The system chooses who the dictators will be, not the people.

        • “Jan 6 showed the system that Trump has the charisma to unite people“

          Yes, would-be dictators often exhibit a charismatic ability to sway the less educated among the population and achieve unlawful power.

          Fortunately, the majority of voting Americans rejected Trump in 2020 and they will do so again.

      • We can’t forget the Republican “Never Trumpers”. Trump was this century’s Teddy Roosevelt. The whole point was that what he did was for the good of the country, not for one party

      • void…I handed your Gun Control history illiterate behind to you countless times…Nothing and I mean nothing I cite about Gun Control can be debunked, many fools have tried. Your lame brain attempts to bark at my posts defining Gun Control puts the word “Stupid” in neon lights.

    • There are times when I wish TTAG would use disqus for comments, it has some features the current comment software lacks.

      • I’m glad it doesn’t, freedom of speech is a thing. DebbieW has every right to her opinions as anyone else.

        • Agreed but it’s fun to watch her assert facts without providing support then try and fail to insult those who call her on it.

        • “…it’s fun to watch her assert facts without providing support then try and fail to insult those who call her on it.”

          Like many of limited intellect, the ‘debs’ suffers from ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’, when the dim mistakenly think they are smarter than they actually are, so they over-compensate with large volumes of flowery speech that masks the complete lack of brains behind it.

          (I wish I was smart, life would be a lot easier if I was… 🙂 )

  6. RE: “Immergut’s ruling is simple nonsense and sure to be overturned at the 9th circuit”

    Sure to be? Think again. Disgusting courtroom decisions against The Second Amendment surely must be based on how subliminally infected judges were with Gun Control’s catchy buzzword, “Gun Violence.”

    Unless The History of Gun Control is presented in court to Defend The Second Amendment there is nothing
    there to override small minds infected with visions of mobs marching not against Violence but, “Gun Violence.”

    Even though Violence is Violence and should be enough to cut through the Gun Violence crap perhaps “Gun Control is Racist” would give judges and the public something else to chew on…But do not hold your breath waiting for certain Gun Control history illiterate boys on this forum to speak up like men…

    • I spell better than you, passion-deprived cupcake, and don’t you forget it.

      Seriously, get some, you damn sure need it… 😉

      • oldsht..You spell better than me? Then you should have no trouble spelling, Pervert. You need it in a sentence? The old Pervert is a lying pos.

        • Get some, debs. Please. You *desperately* need it. 🙂

          I speak the truth – Trump will cost us the 2024 election because of idiots like you too stupid to pull your own head out of your ass concerning Trump.

          Get it, yet, you mind-numbingly dense moron? 😉

      • She wants me. She just needs to acknowledge it… 🙂

        • We the People do not elect presidents.
          Trump is out, the system saw he has the capacity to become a dictator. There are only certain people that are allowed to do that, you can call them Democrats or Republicans doesn’t matter, two wings on the same bird of oppression.
          Our Rights hinge on the dessisions of nine robes. Not good.

        • I am *ECSTATIC* he was president, he literally saved this nation I love from imminent collapse…

  7. It has always been a trade. Your 2A civil rights in exchange for legal oral and anal. As well as legal drugs everywhere.
    The three L’s have never believed in the concept of private property rights.

    That is basically why eastern Oregon wants to separate themselves from the rest of the state. They simply do not agree on the many basic requirements to keep social order.

    This is just a “national divorce” on a much smaller scale. And it needs to happen. Violence is not needed. We just go our separate ways.

    • Washington is similar. If you include the area in a roughly 25 mile wide swath around Puget Sound, you will have included about 90% of the libidiot moonbats that have been driving Washington State right into the ground. With only a few exceptions, the rest of the state is pretty conservative.

      I really think Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon should join with Idaho, and let Pugetopia fully reap the fruits of their voting habits. That being said, voting those jerkwads out of office will NEVER happen, as long as Washington retains vote by mail.

      • A germ scare was used to force churches to close. But the strip clubs and bars were allowed to stay open. And big box stores allowed to stay open, like Walmart did very well indeed.

        And the voting rules got changed when everyone was paying attention. Everybody knew what was going on.
        Oh well.

      • Puget, we also need to get rid of open primaries and return to party only primaries. We could end up with two lefty dems running for governor due to the open primaries. If we had closed primaries, Dave Reichert could win the nomination and maybe beat Turd Ferguson.

        We also have to very bad choices for AG it would be nice to at least have a decent choice for Guv.

  8. The judge’s decision in the link above is evidence that she is blind and void of any real understanding of the English language. She cherry picked “expert witnesses” to suit her unsupported opinions while discrediting others whom. she disapproved. The flaws are numerous and is not to be read by the weak. Simply put, her decision is a gross twisting of the facts which fully demonstrates her ignorance of the 2ND Amendment, guns in general and especially the use of any capacity magazine.

    • You deserve the tyranny. You allow. Something the Founding Patriots understood and chose to deal with appropriately, after many years of attempting to fight within a system that was stacked against them.

  9. Proving once again that there is nothing wrong with the State of Oregon that nuking the City of Portland, Salem, Eugene, Beaverton, Hillsboro and Bend wouldn’t cure.

  10. “…she essentially said “not my problem.” ”

    Isn’t it more along the lines of, “I am a judge for life, I can do as I please, and there is nothing you can do about it.” ?

  11. Funny how what was supposed to be an article about a blatantly unconstitutional law quickly devolved to a pissing contest over Trump, is baggage and his ill advised choices for some appointees.
    Hate to have to say it, but, Trump, while I like most of his policies, has little chance of winning the election. Be honest. He barely squeaked past the most hated woman in politics to win in 2016. He blew his chances to secure the house and senate in 2018 and was disastrous for the GOP in 2020 and 2022. What should have been easy defeats for the dementiacrats were blow outs for the republicans. By rights we should have seen the house and senate with overwhelming GOP control.
    Sorry, saint donny isn’t going to win against the dementiacrat machine in 2024.
    Much as the only Trump crowd would love to claim he somehow will win. Why else would the never Trumpers and talking empty heads in the media be trying to get him as the GOP candidate?
    Now, that said, I would hope when this case gets to the full Ninth Circuit it will get shot down as the ridiculous over reach and completely illegal legislation it is.

    • “Sorry, saint donny isn’t going to win against the dementiacrat machine in 2024.”

      THANK you, you speak a great truth. Hear that, debs?

      I wish him well in retirement, and I can’t wait the literal melt-down by the fascists when it comes time for his state funeral… 🙂

  12. Giving the power of civil rights to judges is a bad thing.
    All they need do is adhere to the Constitution they swore to protect.
    We can have gunms, you say we cant, then you lied when you took the oath. Your fired and be glad not executed for treason.

  13. @Geoff
    “(I wish I was smart, life would be a lot easier if I was… 🙂 )”

    Well, I am the smartest person around, and life ain’t that easy. Better to face a hard life without the extra burden of being smarter.

    • While I may not be smart, you’ve been around TTAG long enough to know when someone flips my switch, it’s ‘balls-to-the-wall’ for me… 🙂

      • Didja know that the phrase “balls to the wall” doesn’t have anything to do with male sex organs? ‘Tis true. It’s an old fighter pilot saying. Pushing the manual throttle(s) as far forward as they will go so that the small knob(s) (“ball”) on the end(s) contact the instrument panel = maximum power.

        Analogous to “flooring the gas pedal” in a car.

        • “Pushing the manual throttle(s) as far forward as they will go so that the small knob(s) (“ball”) on the end(s) contact the instrument panel.”

          Always good to learn stuff; cool trivia.

          I know everything, but I didn’t know that.

        • Thank you; it’s good to find at least one other person who appreciates my useless trivia. My head is full of the stuff, taking up space but (as my wife says) not making me any money. She seems to think that there should be a connection.

      • “While I may not be smart, you’ve been around TTAG long enough to know when someone flips my switch, it’s ‘balls-to-the-wall’ for me…”

        Just keep smiling. Makes the world wonder what you are up to.

  14. Another example of a judicial insurrection. Basically, the left wing version of “will not comply.”

  15. Blame the judicial system for not having rules for the judges to follow. There is no Punishment for them for not following them, they get to wash their hands of any responsibility and hands it off to someone else harming the citizens rights.

  16. @Man with no name
    “…one other person who appreciates my useless trivia. My head is full of the stuff…”

    I hear you. Sorta have the same problem. I tell people that if they want useless information, I am a complete library; but, when it comes to something important, I am utterly clueless.

    • “Racecar” spelled backwards is … “racecar.” A palindrome, my dear Watson.

      The trick is to dribble out useless trivia that sounds important.
      Cluelessness is optional.

      • “Racecar” spelled backwards is … “racecar.”

        “Stewardess” is the longest word you can type, using only the left hand.

        But the phrase that always stops conversation is, ” ‘Wow’ spelled backward is ‘Wow’ “.

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