San Francisco Business Owner Patrols the Streets With a Fake Gun to Fight Crime [VIDEO]

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This is what happens to a disarmed populace. San Francisco is quickly becoming the new Detroit. Speeding it along on that path to glory is a city council with politics to the left of Venzuela’s, an overwhelmed, under-manned (by design) police force, and a revolving door criminal justice system.

But over 800,000 people live in the city and many of them are sick of stepping in feces, wading through junkies, and finding their car windows smashed and their valuables gone.

riot attack vandalize car window

That’s why one masked man has taken to San Francisco’s streets with an airsoft pistol on his belt.

From abc7news . . .

He’s lived in San Francisco for over 20 years and lately instead of going by his legal name, people call him “Boots.” “I’m called Boots. I’m working outside rather than inside.”

Covering his face with a ski mask to protect his identity, Boots walks around his neighborhood of Fisherman’s Wharf with a non-lethal weapon that looks like a gun. His goal is to scare off thieves from breaking into cars.

You and I may know that open carry is illegal in California, but Boots is apparently betting the average thief isn’t as knowledgeable about gun laws.

“The tourist aren’t going to come here. The business of some people that have lived here and have been here their entire lives and it’s not fair,” said Boots.

According to SFPD’s incident data, on average there are 67 thefts from vehicles every day in San Francisco. Outside Eight AM, a brunch spot on Columbus Avenue employees see car break-ins happening on a daily basis.

The SFPD may be unwilling or unable to do anything about the city’s rampant crime, but don’t expect to see them shining the bootsignal in the night sky over the city any time soon.

They’re less than appreciative of his attempts at deterring criminal activity.

Wednesday while Boots was patrolling the area hoping to deter thieves, he was arrested by SFPD for brandishing an imitation firearm which is a misdemeanor. Boots could face charges.

“We don’t recommend anyone doing that. We understand everyone’s frustration. Officers are frustrated and taking the number of police report regarding auto burglaries occurring throughout the city. However there is a system in place to do that,” said SFPD’s Officer Robert Rueca.

The SFPD can’t seem to arrest junkies in its open-air drug market or stop rampant thefts from cars, but when it comes to harassing a lone citizen who’s doing what he can to dissuade criminals, they boys in blue are right there with the cuffs.

SFPD says they are short-staffed but to Boots even though he was arrested, he viewed it as another victory.

“While police were there, nobody was getting their car broken into for that half hour,” said Boots.

In a lawless hellhole, you have to take your victories where you can.

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  1. So this is what happens when a liberal gets mugged. Over and over, and over, and over again.

  2. Amazing how the Black Panther Party for Self-defense were correct. But it does take a very, very, very large population of white people to finally see the truth.
    But now it too late them. The door has been slammed shut. By the proud h0m0sexual lawmaker Tom Ammiano. Who as CA state senate president, passed the bill that completely banned, the open carry of guns. Loaded or unloaded.

    He totally supports the Mulford Act.

  3. Job security for the police. They won’t or can’t do their job, but when somebody else comes in and takes their own action, they use their force to stop them, also… for doing the job they won’t.

    • This is what they asked for. I’m sure this white liberal man supported BLM and all the protests. And I’m sure he supported the order for the police to stand down.

      You certainly have the freedom to support the stupidest sh!t in this country. Now live with the consequences of your actions.

      • What is the source of your information concerning this persons politics? It seems to me based on what you write you must be a right wing, lunatic fringe, knuckle dragging troglodyte and brown shirt fascist. My observations about you are just as valid as yours about him.

        • You are just a dishonest person. Who will never admit that your hatred of the police blinded you. Just like so many other people.

          I’m sure you’re one of the many who said, “that is what insurance is for”, as the mobs burned American cities to the ground.

        • tomas12…It doesn’t take much to get you going…By chance have San Francisco democRats red flagged you?

  4. Until he meets a criminal with a real gun. Amazingly stupid. You want to help reduce crime, stop electing Democrats and pansys.

  5. There is currently legislation in the San Francisco city counsel making it illegal for security guards to have or use firearms in their duties to protect stores and employees from thefts by criminals.
    San Francisco lawmaker wants to ban security guards from drawing guns during thefts | Washington Examiner
    Security Guards in SF Are Carrying ‘Nonlethal’ Guns. Is It Legal?

  6. Boots was lucky the cops did not blow him away and ask questions later.

    All across the nation the elimination of stand your ground laws and permitless carry has skyrocketed gun deaths. In a 2020 study (not including permitless carry) the roll back of stand your ground laws resulted in over 700 unnecessary deaths. In regards to permitless carry unnecessary gun deaths rose to double digits.

    • Elimination of Stand Your Ground Laws? So making it illegal to do anything but run resulted in more gun deaths? Eliminating permitless carry has increased gun deaths?

      You live in your own little, confused and mentally ill world, don’t you.

      • Criminals presenting themselves as targets is what causes a rise in gun deaths.
        You know the bigger they are the easier they are to fall.

    • “In a 2020 study (not including permitless carry) the roll back of stand your ground laws resulted in over 700 unnecessary deaths.”

      Do you even read what you write? “Rolling back” (rescinding) stand your ground laws resulting in more deaths. That means that common-sense self-defense laws saved up to 700 lives.

      Now tell us how blacks are the most frequent to assert a defense on “stand your ground.” Because it’s true.

      • He’s so stupid and uneducated. He just made an argument proving that stand your ground laws and permitless carry helps end violence and he doesn’t realize it.

        I would be gob smacked were it anyone but dacian. He’s just painfully clueless.

        • He is forever quoting some “study” and praising other countries.
          Yet, he can’t understand the clear language of the 2nd Amendment

        • Perhaps he could go to Slovenia, but his head would explode at the gun scene over there.

          And there’s the slight problem of the ankle bracelet and being on the s3x offender list.

  7. The place is filled with crazies and they overwhelming vote Democrat (those that do vote). This guy is no different. This is no hero. He is part of the unstable element that makes that city what it is.

  8. Yep, this guy is going to end up as another casualty of the murderous Democrat Party. If you oppose them they will stop at nothing short of your death since blocking their “progress” is a capital crime.

  9. California is lost. It has more Republican voters than any other state. They will never retake California. Let them have it. We can’t eradicate the crazy libs, but we can segregate them. Leave California, Washington, and Illinois. Let’s take Nevada, Arizona, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Once we have red states, we have to strengthen them. States control elections. We have to make them secure. We have to purge RINOs at the state level even in deep red states. That’s how we win. We need to get the word out. Retaking Cali, et al is a pipe dream.

  10. Did this fool take the orange thing off the barrel? This is the dumbest chit I’ve seen today…so far🙄

  11. It’s obvious that California doesn’t want you unless you’re a globalist billionaire or a completely dependent degenerate. Anyone not falling within those two camps should either leave or become militantly ungovernable.

    • As someone famous once said, “you didn’t build that.” Or rather, the current power structure there didn’t build that, even though they constantly brag about the wealthy people and businesses there. Don’t look now, but those wealthy people and businesses are looking for a way out. The arrogant Cali dems will end up running them off with their nutty governing policies.

      Even NY gov Cuomo admitted that high taxes will make the rich leave the area. People don’t have to work in office buildings. Movies are made in Georgia or Canada. It’s a different world now.

      • Cali legislature has recently proposed a bill that would make your electric bill dependent on your income. The more you make the more you pay regardless of how much you actually use.

  12. How long until someone is doing this with a real gun and leaving bodies for the cops to pick up?

    I am told that illegal guns are easy to obtain.
    Californians can drive out of state to buy ammo.

    Threaded barrels can be shipped through the mail or ordered to a mail drop in an adjoining state.

    There are plenty of books, websites, and videos out there on how to make a hardware store suppressor.

    Don’t be seen. Don’t be known. If you see someone smash a window shoot them and move on. Try to leave them alive.

    Can’t get a gun, even illegally? A baseball bat, a pipe, a roll of quarters in a sock will get you started. Stop a few criminals and one of them will have a gun to give you.

    Theoretically. Hypothetically.

    I am not a lawyer. I do not play one on TV. This is not legal advice. This is not illegal advice. I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I am not advocating violence or criminal acts.

    If you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns. If the authorities will not fight crime then ordinary people have to be an outlaw to fight crime.

    Only half of people vote. They split about evenly D and R. A few swing back and forth. So the politicians are elected by a little over 25% of the population. 75% did not vote for what they are getting.

    • @PKG

      “75% did not vote for what they are getting.”

      Au contraire, they received exactly what they were too lazy, too apathetic or too stupid to vote against.

        • Southern,

          But would you WANT someone too apathetic and/or stupid to vote???? There’s at least a 50/50 chance they’d be as stupid and uneducated as MajorLiar and dacian the demented. If we could have IQ and basic civics tests as a condition to voting, I’d be all in favor, but as it is, I’d prefer to have as few morons as possible voting.

        • Most either vote party line or on particular issues. There are swing voters that can change the winning party.

          And the democrats tricks with registered voting even beyond the death of the voter are well known. And enough winning ballots being discovered at the end of the count, after the scrutineers have been “advised” to leave. There’s no perfect system, but the GOP had better do something to improve their voter turnout.

    • San Francisco was once home to a large group of vigilantes…they’ve seen lawlessness before

  13. What are the consequences for a vehicle owner physically interrupting the break-in of their automobile?

    • In answer to your desire the Mexican Cartels have provided this service through regular fentanyl distribution.

  14. Covering his face with a ski mask to protect his identity, Boots walks around his neighborhood of Fisherman’s Wharf with a non-lethal weapon that looks like a gun.

    Wearing a SKI MASK and walking around with a GUN. That’s ****ing brilliant. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Here in CA since the covid scandemic folks in weird masks are so common they don’t even rate a second look anymore.

      I still see folks masking up here. People alone in their own cars wearing the mask. Pathetic.

  15. Unfortunately, California law includes brandishing FAKE weapons as an actual gun violation, with the same-level felonies as brandishing an actual weapon with or without ammo. Especally in a city with a Marxist DA who is ITCHING to throw people like this (albeit justified) property defender into prison.

    • In most places, brandishing a realistic fake or unloaded real gun has the same penalty as a loaded real gun. If the victims think they are being threatened by a real gun, the effect is the same. The victims are also justified in using deadly force in return.

  16. I’ve said this before on TTAG. But it needs to be repeated.

    Thank you to the men of the John Birch society. Whose members had been elected to the California state legislature in the 1960s. And who spoke out against the Mulford act. And who publicly supported the 2A civil rights of the Black Panthers.

    They voted against the most racist modern day gun law. The Mulford Act.

  17. No. The guy’s well-intentioned, but the streets of Hell are paved with good intentions.

    Criminals don’t carry airguns. Get a clue, or get DEAD.

  18. What a GREAT way to be killed by both sides. This person has to be a liberal. No conservative would be this insane.

    • I watched and skipped around a few minutes to see why. All I saw was complaints about the Puppet being senile and Biden family corruption. Democrats don’t care about either of those things. Some swing voters will care. The only time swing voters matter is when they’re in swing states. No one has explained to me how Republicans will carry places like Arizona in 2024.

  19. Trying to scare criminals away with a toy gun? Does the fool have a death wish?
    Sooner or later he will receive the Darwin Award for being stupid. Either from a frightened cop, or a determined criminal.
    I could advise the person known as “Boots” about how to actually accomplish some results in bringing down the crime stats, but since it might be illegal, I won’t tell him to actually arm himself with a real weapon, and not be around when the cops show up to reports of gunfire or bodies in the streets.
    When the police are either unable or unwilling to perform the duties of their office, it is likely someone else will. Usually resulting in acts of violence against those believed to be committing the crimes. Unfortunately, the vigilantes do occasionally get the wrong person.

  20. “In a lawless hellhole, you have to take your victories where you can.”

    Real guns against a fake gun?


    Seems to be inviting himself to get shot quickly.

  21. Blind cop suckers support the enforcers of Marxism, the police, exactly how the leftists manipulate cuckservatives to.

  22. As long as he doesn’t air soft the midget wearing a yellow thong riding the half nude leather clad man.
    Dont look back you might be turned into a pillar of salt.
    San Francisco

  23. What a relief to hear the cop say there’s a “system in place” to deal with that. Glad to see it’s working well.

  24. I’m sure he’ll be murdered soon or arrested when he “Shoots someone’s Eye out.” 🤣

  25. “I walk the streets alone
    Just me and my shadow”

    Sounds like good titles for a movie and a song.

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