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Banning guns might reduce firearm suicides and cases of self-defense, but it won’t reduce firearm murders. Indeed, a ban on guns, even a handgun ban like the ones we’ve seen in Washington and Chicago, inevitably makes things much worse. After every gun ban, murder rates have gone up.

One would think that just once, out of simple randomness, murder rates would have gone down or remained the same after a ban. But whenever crime data are available from both before and after a ban, we can see that murder rates have gone up (often by huge amounts).

Gun control advocates will tell you that Washington and Chicago weren’t fair tests. They will point out that criminals could still get guns in Virginia or Maryland, or in Illinois or Indiana. While that might explain why murder rates didn’t fall as promised, it doesn’t explain why murder and violent crime rates went up.

Even island nations have fared no better. After the UK banned handguns in January 1997, its homicide rate rose by 50% over the following eight years. The rate returned to earlier levels only after a 14% increase in the number of police.

Even more dramatic post-ban surges occurred in Jamaica and Ireland, with six or sevenfold increases in homicide rates.

Democrats can’t accept their responsibility for increased violent crime in 2020 and 2021. They want to blame guns, and there’s no better way to do so than to keep claiming that guns are the number one killer of “children.”

— John R. Lott Jr. in Guns Are Not the Leading Cause of Children’s Deaths

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    • .40 – the only real ‘reason’ they aren’t adding in the 20-26 year olds still living at home (dependents) is they know that even the dumbest sheeple would figure out their subterfuge.

  1. But they don’t care about the homicide rate.
    They only care about the gun violence rate.

    Homicides could increase 100 fold and as long as guns aren’t involved it’s A-OK.

    • They want guns involved. It fits with their plan, more gun crimes, more gun restrictions needed.

      • Close, but not quite.

        It’s dependence. Take the guns from the public, and now the public must depend on the almighty ‘State’ to protect them…

        • There’s only a select few I would trust to protect me/mine and the “state” ain’t on the list. The state is who I want protection from. Most anything/anyone else I can handle myself.

    • How’s yer “safe ILLannoy” gat ban going Dimscum©? It’s safer in Indiana where you can carry a gun with no license! And baby’s are less likely to be murdered🙄

  2. I had to attend the autopsy of a six month old girl once. We thought it would probably be ruled sudden infant death syndrome. Then the M.E. removed the skull cap. The doctor said, “Hello.” I left the desk where I was taking notes for a closer look. There was a perfect triangle fracture inside the skull and a hematoma on the brain. I pointed to the corner of the examination table and asked, “If the child’s head was smashed against a corner like this, could it cause a wound like that?” The M.E. replied, “That is exactly what could cause this type of wound.” Homicide. It seems the child’s mother’s boyfriend (not the father) was ill and was trying to take a nap. The baby was crying. Mom wasn’t home. He had struck the child’s head against the corner of the crib’s bed post. Should we ban cribs?

    • We should be banning people like the “child’s mother’s boyfriend” before they commit violence.

    • No, we should ban the welfare system we have in this country that pays baby mommas to have more kids, and encourages the “responsible donor ” from sticking around to help raise the future criminal.

      • Banning People and future criminal? I’m surprised you two did not take the Abortion path and/or ship them back to Africa path.

        If you were raised in an environment like those “future criminals” chances are good you’d be right alongside them doing the same stupid things.

        Instead of seeing what is a democRat Party created Content of Character problem and fixing that you took the level of mentality behind banning guns and ran with it…Guns are the problem, Inner Cities are the problem…Sounds somewhat homogenous.

        • Stupid inner city people are a large part of the problem. No self control. No thoughts of actually trying to make their lives better.
          Just more of the gimme free stuff and what can I take from someone else. Does sound like the dem/leftist way of life.
          And no sending people to Africa. They have enough problems and don’t want the thug trash either.

        • Debbie, this was a well kept home. The mother and boyfriend had decent jobs. Remember, it was the Republicans that created the country of Liberia so the slaves could return to Africa. Most declined. I’ve seen good and bad of all races come from all economic/environments. I’ve become convienced that “bad” is hardwired into the bad. Eliminate them from society. Lock them up, or on the street. Doesn’t matter. As long as polite society doesn’t have to face them. BTW, “Raised in an environment like those ‘future criminals’ sounds like a democratic, leftist screed to me.

        • “Banning People and future criminal? I’m surprised you two did not take the Abortion path and/or ship them back to Africa path.”

          This requires a response. Nowhere in Gadsden’s original post, nor in my response, is there any indication of race or racism. I spoke of banning a certain type of person, which is another way of saying that we should concentrate on the likelier and known criminals that perpetrate the majority of crimes and interdict them before they act.

          Debbie, you demand fealty to the notion that race and racism had a large part to play in gun control. Yet you are quick to become insulted and protest as racism any discussion of which representatives of certain demographic groups contribute the most to the crime problem, and how we might address their special needs if we can find effective ways to address them and prevent criminal activity.

          (Do you have a reason to be especially sensitive to the topic of race?)

          We won’t accept only one side of the argument from leftists without proper discussion and debate. One discussion goes hand-in-hand with the other, IMO.

    • Oh sht I’d hate to do an autopsy on a kid. More then likely I wouldn’t sleep well for a couple weeks.

  3. Ivory tower Gun Control zealots can live with the increased murder rate because odds are it will not effect them. The kicker is banning guns doesn’t stop with increased murder rate, banning guns is the pathway to tyranny which is the pathway to Genocide, Slavery, etc…The History of Gun Control Confirms It.

  4. There was a time in our nation when the rulers attempted to take firearms away from the citizenry and said citizenry (3%) banned together and eliminated said rulers. Because they understood the dangers such action would have in their pursuit of Freedom and self determination. The only difference between then and now is the resolve of the citizenry to stand against their rulers and eliminate them and their tyranny. You deserve the tyranny. You allow.

    • There is a big difference between the men of then and the men of now.
      All of our freedoms come with a price tag.
      Back then they worked the land and owned the land. Today they sit in offices and pay taxes on the homes double mortgaged.
      A new car has more value then Freedom, and your only allowed to drive that new car with dot givs permission.
      We have become accustomed to having dot giv give us permission to do everything.
      I walk into the store at the door marked Exit, just because.

      • The difference between getting permission to drive a car and the Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are as different as day and night. Sadly, People confusing the 2 is exactly why Freedom and Liberty will always be in jeopardy. Walking in the exit door is child’s play, in comparison to standing up for your Rights and eliminating those who would deny and/or destroy them. Child’s play is exactly what they expect from their subjects.

        • Yes, walking in the exit door is child’s play… unless you’re 3 1/4 inches tall – then, not so much.

  5. I understand that the nonprescription use of of fentanyl in this country is strictly prohibited….with multiple State and Federal agencies devoted to the enforcement of this law, how is that working out for us?

    • Maybe the feds could consider the chemicals shipped from china as chemical warfare. Let’s not consider the biological warfare from that country atm.

      • China is already at war. Just not a full hot war. It is a war of ideas, subversion, influence, dominance, and misdirection. It will get hot when the “eternal emperor” decides it’s time.

        • I like buying Xhinese, nothing like supporting Americas favorite communist.
          With enough support Xhinese made products will be domestically produced.

    • When the Government Starts Asking for a Time Out From It’s Ass-Whooping. (related to the video above this one, more clarifying)

  6. I noticed the report stated the murder rate went down in the UK only after a sharp increase in police on the streets. Now they have a police state where silently praying near an abortion clinic gets you arrested and charged with a hate crime. What does our limp noodle limey have to say about the actual numbers of homicides after banning guns? Or perhaps he would like to explain how the numbers of knife related crimes shot up?
    The problem never has been the firearms or knives. It’s always having a helpless population at the mercy of either criminals or government owned thugs.
    Gun control has never been about public safety or preventing crimes or deaths. But the PTB having power and control over the serfs and peasants.

  7. After Jamacia banned guns the authorities went through upscale neighborhoods, confiscating any firearms they could find. Guess who came into the neighborhoods that night.

    • The Wailers, whom have little else occupying their spare time since their leader Bob Marley forgot to breathe.

  8. Thomas Paine, writing to religious pacifists in 1775:
    “The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside. Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them; the weak would become a prey to the strong.”

  9. How’s this for coincidental timing. I’m at work looking at some stupid fucking Resident with a scrub cap on that says “We Can End Gun Violence.” I’m trying not to glower at the dumb ass.

  10. Lotts fantasy books have been debunked by all the experts who have studied gun control. He is a charlatan and a pathological liar.

    • No, YOU are the pathological liar who has been debunked more times than you can count… Dr. Lott has only been “debunked” by partisan hacks who wouldn’t recognize real research if it bit them in the ass!

      A fantasy world is what you live in, wishing and hoping that some day you might have a modicum of status or knowledge in THIS, the real world. Crawl back into mommy’s basement, Jerry in Ohio.

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