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Marjorie Taylor Greene (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)
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The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Equality Act, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, extending the same discrimination protections. Laws like these are always going to stir up disagreement and strife, as passionate and well-meaning people on both sides of the issue fight for what they think is right.

That’s a normal part of the legislative process. Unfortunately, two representatives, one a Democrat and one a Republican, engaged in a childish spat over the bill that did nothing to change the outcome, but tarnished both of their reputations.

One of these women is trying to make herself the face of the gun rights movement in Congress, and that’s not going to be good for the right to keep and bear arms in the long run.

The Latest Idiot Move

After hearing that Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene opposed the Equality Act, Illinois Rep. Marie Newman, whose office is across the hall from Greene’s, put up a transgender flag “so she can look at it every time she opens the door.” The intent here was obviously to be antagonistic. In response, Greene put up a “there are two genders” sign on the wall, apparently to get back at Newman. So far, tit for tat, however childish and ineffective it all may have been.

As the feud progressed, Newman spoke out in favor of the bill during debate, and published her remarks in a video on Twitter. In a response, Greene mentioned Newman’s daughter:

I know, I know. Some of you will say that she’s just speaking the truth, but let’s be real about this. While neither Representative’s child is likely to end up in the same bathroom, locker room, or on the same sports team, dragging children into the argument doesn’t help either side of the argument.

Playing Checkers While Democrats Play Chess

We need varying opinions and open debate in society. People should be able to speak their minds, even if it’s bothersome for others. No matter what the snowflakes claim, words are not, in fact, violence. Those who claim that they are merely want to shut down opposing views and silence them.

But how we go about speaking out about issues matters, too. Winning a stupid internet pissing contest may seem cool, but it’s not good if winning that battle costs you the war.

Engaging in personal attacks and idiotic tiffs in the halls of Congress does nothing to advance Greene’s cause, and can only hurt it. Much of the public, many of them Republicans and independents, are disgusted when they see immature and ugly personal attacks like this. Instead of seeing a Christian standing up for what she believes, they see childishness and hatred. They see it this way not because of what was said, but how it was said.

To be fair, Marjorie Taylor Greene has become a designated punching bag for the left-wing media. While Joe Biden makes openly racist comments, he gets a pass. People like Greene have their every word parsed, analyzed, and presented in the worst possible light.

That’s the media world in which those who are right of center operate. It’s definitely not a fair game. That said, Greene knows this. She knows that things she says will be used against her, and yet she still exercises no care to make sure her conduct isn’t endangering the mission. She lets the enemy choose the field of battle and then walks right into their mines.

The problem for the gun rights movement is having someone like her, with whom many of us agree, become one of our spokespeople. Instead of having someone represent us who plays things smart, focuses on what’s important, and makes sure things get done, we have a modern day female Don Quixote tilting at the LGBT windmill.

The next time we tell someone that we support gun rights because it’s a human right, and that it protects human dignity from the ravages of tyranny and criminal attack, our opponents will bring up Rep. Greene. They’ll tell us that she spoke against the rights of a child, and that she’s an immature person who maybe can’t be trusted with a gun. They’ll tell us about her belief in conspiracy theories involving Q Anon, Jewish space lasers that start wildfires, 9/11 as an inside job, and school shootings that were staged.

Are all of these criticisms fair and in-context? No. Will a significant portion of the public eat them all up? Absolutely.

Greene is very unlikely to stop letting the Democrats provoke her into doing stupid things, so we need to distance ourselves from her for our own future success.

A Better Alternative

Instead of backing people with no capacity for strategic thinking, we should be pointing out how diverse the gun rights movement is. It’s more diverse than the Democratic party, in fact. Sure, we have many traditional social conservatives and devout right-leaning Christians, but we also have groups like the Latino Rifle Association, Black Guns Matter, Armed Equality, Pink Pistols, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and even the Socialist Rifle Association. There are many others all across the ideological spectrum.

With all of the new gun owners who armed themselves in the past year, many of them independents and even Democrats from blue states, we can’t afford to make the gun rights movement a right-wing fringe movement. We need to welcome everyone and unite behind our passion for protecting gun rights, even if we don’t agree on much else.

If we don’t do this, expect the Democrats to form their own coalition with these new gun owners, and expect to see “common sense gun reforms” that would, in reality, pave the road to eventual confiscation.

Is “dunking on the libs” worth risking that?


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  1. Jennifer wrote: “If we don’t do this, expect the Democrats to form their own coalition with these new gun owners”

    I’m not sure how long Jenn has been active in 2A advocacy, but I’ve been in it since the day Clinton signed the AWB in 1994. Does Jenn think the Democrats care about gun rights? Or advocating gun rights to non-traditional gun owner groups?

    Laugh out loud.

    The last NRA A-rated US House member lost his race by about 15 points last November if memory serves.

    It doesn’t matter what we do as gun owners and I’ll tell you why: the Left is going to denigrate us no matter what.

    We’ve tried playing nice with them (see Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as two great recent examples) and look what that got us. It got us NOTHING when it comes to gun rights. Mitch sat on National Reciprocity when we had the votes to pass it. Paul Ryan allowed National Reciprocity to come up for a vote, but he did that knowing Mitch would kill it in the Senate.

    Isn’t it amazing how politicians like establishment Republicans – part of the Uniparty – talk a good game at home on gun rights then sell us down the river in DC.

    Now comes MTG. She’s like a breath of fresh air. She advocates for the little people in America with her words AND deeds. She doesn’t apologize or bow to the cancel culture. She doesn’t care what they think!

    Nah, I disagree with Jenn on this. By 180 degrees and an exclamation point.

    Just like MTG, we shouldn’t care what they think about us. We’re going to get the Kavanaugh treatment no matter what.

    And the Socialist Rifle Association? Why not add NFAC, Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club in there while you’re at it Jenn?

    • Gun rights advocates have their own version of a “deplorable” “neanderthal” moment when they think like you do and fail to distinguish between the politicians and voters. Much as there are a lot of Trump voters who voted for his policies, even though he was the worlds biggest asshole, “The Left” is not uniform.

      Anyway, I was at best a weak supporter of National Reciprocity since I suspected it would kill “Constitutional Carry” in a lot of states. Not a great example. The permit to carry a gun is an historically racist process and we dont need any such thing at the Federal level.

      • That world’s biggest asshole did more for the American people than any other President in my lifetime and he was exactly who I wanted him to be. Fuck being nice to demcrats and the media, those bastards have nothing to offer any conservative. I don’t want my politicians to be nice, I want them ruthless just like that bitch Pelousy is. John Boch is dead on!

        • he was exactly who I wanted him to be. Fuck being nice to demcrats and the media,


        • The worlds biggest asshole gave us Joe Biden
          Bullshit DWB! The media and big corporations gave us Biden!

          You’re BOTH wrong, the Communist Chinese Government BOUGHT Joe Biden the Presidency and put the Obamas in control of him…

        • “the Communist Chinese Government BOUGHT Joe Biden the Presidency and put the Obamas in control of him…”

          Big words, but you still have yet to post any actual evidence of the Biden or Obama’s solid connections to China.

          In contrast, President Trump and his family have multiple business dealings in China, trademarks, slave shop factories for their cheap made in China, sold in America goods, etc.

          So what happened with the bullshit hunter Biden laptop story, did MTG accidentally burn it up with one of her Jewish space lasers?

          You people are losing because you are silly clowns.

        • Let me think on the laptop story… what could have possibly happened?

          Who is in the white house right now? Joe Biden
          Who is Hunter’s dad? Oh right, Joe Biden

          For some reason I can’t seem to fathom why it isn’t going anywhere… hmmm its on the tip on my fingers….

          Oh right because he dad squashed the living s**t out of that.
          FFS people THINK!

        • As Donald Trump said in his letter yesterday, send your political dollars to his Save America PAC. Do NOT send any money to the RNC. Support the Save America PAC. The cease and desist order that he sent to the RNC states they cannot use him or his likeness to solicit funds. If you see the RNC using his likeness report it to the Save America PAC. Support the Save America PAC. DO NOT SUPPORT THE RNC.

        • “As Donald Trump said in his letter yesterday, send your political dollars to his Save America PAC.“

          Oh yeah, that’s the ticket!

          And the con continues…

        • “Oh yeah, that’s the ticket!”
          – Miner49er

          From a guy who was postulating the most absurd BS theory on why the laptop story didn’t go further… when the most obvious answer was right before him… please please please continue to post

          I need the laughs

      • Although now we DO have federally-run elections at the state and local level.

        Think about THAT!

    • “….., but tarnished both of their reputations.”

      I agree with Boch, it didn’t tarnish their reputations with me. Maybe Greene’s reputation was tarnished with the elites…. good. She is doing what she were sent to congress to do: fight.

      • +1. Author’s thesis is typical RINO BS.

        We are in this mess largely because of RINO soybois like Paul Ryan who are more interested in being polite to those who would gladly throttle us than actually doing their jobs, because they fear the smart set at those Georgetown dinner parties might think ill of them.

        Politics ain’t beanbag. People like the author who aren’t willing to support those willing to take a punch for their principles need to get out of the way.

    • 2 + 2 = 4. No matter how far a horse walks it will never be a horse. Plenty to disagree with rep. Green on. Newspeak and Goodthink is not it. If Fallon Fox can literally crack women’s skulls in the ring and we are Okay with it then shame on us.

      Men and women are different. There are two genders. Marriage is between a man and woman. Give an inch and they take a mile. Compromise on your values all you want, leave mine alone. If fail to stand for something, you will fall for anything.

      Thought crime, face crime, is double plus ungood. I bellyfeel plus good to live life in the slaveworld.

        • Edit: no matter how far a donkey walks it will be a horse.

          Edit, Edit: no matter how far a donkey walks it will NEVER be a horse

    • The problem is, the little people she advocates for are the ones that live under her refrigerator.

    • espousing looney-tunes conspiracy theories isn’t helpful…but she’s right about the “tranny” thing…

      • The term “conspiracy theory” was concocted by the CIA. I’ll leave it to you to figure out why.

    • First …It’s democRat Party lint lickers like dwb who helped usher in the commander in thief Jim Crow Gun Control joe.

      Yes jennifer unsensiba let’s criticize a woman taking a stand against a democRat pos and let’s do be polite to Gun Control perverts who carry around a despicable agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide. While we are at it why not be polite to child molesters and politely discuss child molestation with them?

      If someone brings you a truckload of manure covered with sugar are you going to have it for desert? Or are you going to bury it before its stench pollutes the neighborhood? The problem is jennifer unsensiba…When people like you see “Gun Control” you do not have a damned clue about what you are looking at.

      Next time you want to ramble on about someone else who does not fit your mold I suggest you spend time imagining yourself living under the rule of the Gun Control socialist nazi party and living under the rule of the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party better known as the KKK.

      Instead of politely blowing smoke how about turning in your knee pads and holding the democRat Party monetarily liable for mountains of their democRat Party race based atrocities which happens to include Gun Control?

    • Agreed. John Boch pretty much sums up the argument.

      This article is pure trash. It’s the common “oh let’s surrender to the left on every front but guns to save our guns.”

      That’s stupid, and it won’t work. I assure you.

  2. Ms. Sensiba sounds like yet another pearl-clutching RINO more interested in not offending anti-gunners’ sensibilities than defending our rights.

    • Yep, RINO indeed.

      To her, being opposed to Leftist woke parents choping penises off their mentally-ill adolescent sons is now a right-wing fringe position.

      Jennifer is a loser just like most of the Repub cucks on capital hill.

    • Yep. We don’t need people like Ms. Sensiba “fighting” for us. I do hope, however, that every woman who isn’t outraged about men pretending to be women invading their space ends up losing a job or a promotion to a transgender.

      Hey, you know how women get preference in government contracts? Now they will get to compete against transgenders. How long before some women’s college coaches start stacking their teams with trans? And since transgenderism can fall under the “gender fluid” moniker, there’s no way the current testosterone level requirement will stand in a court of law.

      If trans women are women, and gender is fluid, and there’s no requirement to take hormones or have surgery to “become a woman”, then its not long before some 6’6″ guy plays point guard on a womens’ college basketball team.

  3. “We need to welcome everyone and unite behind our passion for protecting gun rights, even if we don’t agree on much else.”

    this is more important than the ideological purity most of the trolls here prefer.

    • If Democrat/liberal gun owners were serious about protecting gun rights, then they wouldn’t enable pols who are expressly against gun rights. Those pols don’t care about gun rights at all, because they know you’ll vote for them no matter how anti gun they are….. I could stomach pre-2016 Bernie because he had been pro-gun for decades. But now?… not so much. There aren’t any pro-2nd ammendment (D)pols at the federal level. You want us to unify on 2nd ammendment issues? Then let’s unify behind pro-2nd ammendment politicians.

    • Quite possibly the most inept sentence I have ever read. Time for nice nice is over.

    • Not really. The whole sentiment of “let’s bend over and take it from the left on every issue and maybe they’ll let us keep our guns” is a losing and cowardly stance.

      It implies the left is winning, is right, and more powerful. None of which is true. Just because the left declares they’re “on the right side of history” doesn’t make it true.

      We need to have the mentality of fight the left on every single front, at all times, and forever. And fight to win. Every time. That needs to be measure of our resolve. You don’t win with anything less.

      This defeatist attitude is how you lose.

  4. Mostly I agree, but in the grand scheme of things the biggest thing that will hurt the self defense rights effort is Wayne La Pierre’s (WLP) decision to cling to power no matter what the cost.

    Marjorie Greene will be re-elected, or not, depending on whether she represents her district well. NRA members are not so lucky as WLP as packed the NRA board with cronies.

    • NRA is dead, and pro-2nd ammendment has never been hotter.

      NRA is to gun rights, as the ACLU is to free speech. If you are a corporate donor who wants to virtue signal to a low information constituency, then you give money to the corporate interest group. If you are serious about your civil rights, then you go out and exercise them whether there is a corporate interest or not.

  5. If you think cooperation is going to get pro 2A ideals to advance, you’re delusional.

    • Not cooperation: persuasion. There are lost of persuadable voters out there. I simply don’t care about bathrooms. Having been to Europe, where most of the bathrooms are unisex due to space constraints and have been for eons, I simply dont care. Its not an issue I vote on one way or the other.

      Moreover, the cognitive dissonance of the left “defund the police” but “just dial 911” simply cannot stand.

      We need to be back in the business of persuading people, not generating internet memes.

      • If it is a single use bathroom, I would tend to agree(many handicap bathrooms are single use). Restrooms in parks, train stations, etc. are different. Women get attacked and raped in them often. A male in a women’s bathroom like that should get him dragged out, hung by the neck or ankles and set on fire.

        • We lived there, not once did we feel unsafe in a park or train station.

          So, we should ban unisex bathrooms because a few males misuse them? Gee where have I heard that argument before? Maybe we should just castrate all males because of a few rapists? smh. Stupid arguments about stupid things are why we all dont have nice things.

        • I’m on the road a lot. I also consume a fair amount of caffeine and water. That translates to bathroom breaks at gas stations. Occasionally, guys camp out in public restrooms. I don’t have all day to stand around. I just use the women’s restroom. Knock first in case they don’t lock the door. The bathroom issue isn’t complicated. A little common sense goes a long way. A biological man has no business simultaneously occupying the same restroom as young girls. BTW, women’s restrooms are always nicer than men’s.

      • Persuasion? But that doesn’t satisfy the ego needs of those who want to rant and rave about their enemies.

        DWB, you were making too much sense and will receive much disapproval from the Neanderthals on this forum. Enjoy!

  6. Terrible take. We are at war with the left, playing footsie with them over a single issue and throwing one of the only congresscritters worth a damn under the bus to try and get a few trannies to support 2A is beyond foolish.

    I appreciate MTG, she’s one of the only people in Congress now who actually fights and doesn’t give a rats ass what the bastards think.

  7. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is correct to stand against the Equality Act. For one thing, the Equality Act undermines Title IX protections of women’s sports.

    I presume the author of this article would prefer that Marjorie Taylor Greene be a good little conservative woman and just keep her mouth shut.

    We need to rise up and fight, not keep our mouths shut. If we don’t speak up loudly, the Marxist Left will continue to control the narrative and walk all over us (as they’ve been doing). We need to be louder than them!

    There is strength in numbers and its high time that Patriots that support the Founder’s Constitution and liberty get together and get loud and force the Marxist Left off of the field of battle by overwhelming them.

    Either we get loud and proud of our heritage and birthright now or we’ll need to get very violent later.

  8. That is what everyone said about Donald Trump. But he did what everyone said was impossible. Playing nice to Dems on anything is a bad idea. For 2A, it’s far worse. We have to be willing to go even lower than them. Could MTG be more mature. Sure. Let’s hope she learns. But the GOP has never learned and never protected 2A rights.

    • “That is what everyone said about Donald Trump. But he did what everyone said was impossible.”

      Yep, he talked about supporting the Second Amendment in order to get elected, but then banned bump stocks in order to make hundreds of thousands of American citizens into instant felons.

      He advocated publicly for red flag laws, saying “maybe we should just take the guns first and worry about the courts later”.

      He ignored national reciprocity, hearing protection act, etc. even though for the first two years he and the Republicans held both houses of Congress and the presidency and could’ve passed any bill they liked.

      Y’all were snookered by a New York City ConMan, and still you’re sending him millions of dollars. Enjoy!

      • You are absolutely right that Trump utterly sucked on gun rights. He was better than the Democrat alternatives in that regard, but he still sucked. The horrible precedent he set on bump stocks, as unimportant as the devices themselves are, is dangerous. Basically re-writing a law without the participation of the legislative branch. That horrible precedent is likely to bite us. And soon.

  9. Agree with John Boch.
    Since Handgun Control Inc showed their face I’ve been doing everything I can to resist and teach others. What the writer suggests has been tried in one form or another.

    It’s time to fight fire with flame throwers and massive napalm drops. When the Left/Progressives throw a punch, we strike back twice as hard and fight dirty every step.

    Nice guys get run the hell over and finish last, if at all.
    Stop being nice! It has never worked.

  10. “While neither Representative’s child is likely to end up in the same bathroom, locker room, or on the same sports team,…”

    Really, Ms. Sensiba?

    Have you read that bill? Because that bill says they can do EXACTLY that…

  11. As far as I know Marjorie Taylor Greene is a supporter of machine gun rights for black people. The reason why Black Guns Matter and other groups were created was because the traditional gun rights organizations such as the NRA, we’re not supporting civil rights for non-traditional gun owners.

    When anti-civil rights homosexuals like Tom Ammiano worked to destroy rifle teams and 2A education in the San Francisco Public School System, the gun community did not put up any serious challenge.
    In fact as I recall many in the “freedom of speech freak” community supported the right of the Klu Klux Klan to march in black neighborhoods. But they have never supported the right of black people to open carry guns in their own Community when the Klan showed up.

    If I were to ask Marjorie Taylor Greene if she agreed with Colonel Jeff Cooper, who said, “the best way to solve the violence problem in the cities, is to make sure the residents there have guns. That way they can solve their own problems.”

    I seriously doubt many in the so-called “gun Community” Support that radical statement.

    Has anyone asked Miss green if she believes that all drugs should be legalized? If she does. Would that change your mind about her, because of that one single position she holds?

    Because it seems drug legalization is more important than anything else, to a lot of gun owners.

  12. I’m tired of feckless Republicans. They don’t put up a fight to the Democrats. I’m glad this woman is doing that. It’s about time some Republicans grow a spine and do what they’re sent to Washington to do.

    • republicans are gun-control lite…as has been proven in the past…they are lukewarm on the issue while expecting your vote…

  13. “We need varying opinions and open debate in society.”

    But we don’t have open debate in this country. The Left owns 90% of the media and 99% of Big Tech. Why would they bother debating ideas when all they have to do is shut down any opinions or real news stories they don’t like? If they can memory hole the Biden-China scandal before the election, then they can suppress any story. If they can push a conspiracy theory like Russian Collusion for three plus years, then they can push any false story.

    “Instead of having someone represent us who plays things smart, focuses on what’s important, and makes sure things get done”

    Like who? Who is that person that can politely go up against the machine and get things done? Please share your examples.

    I agree with Boch that “we’re going to get the Kavanaugh treatment no matter what.”

    Boch: “We’ve tried playing nice with them (see Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as two great recent examples) and look what that got us. It got us NOTHING when it comes to gun rights.”

    The reason it got you guys nothing is because Republicans only pretended to fight for that in order to get your vote. The reality is, that was never a priority for them. Securing the border, and honestly assessing both legal and illegal immigration were never priorities either. Being fiscally conservative was never a priority either, but it’s a hit with voters…

    • Exactly. The anti-gun, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, anti-family, anti-capitalist, anti-liberty commies have exclusive rights to voice their opinion and wage war against America while the rest of us are censored and branded as terrorists. All while the spineless and traitorous RINO’s that pander to them for the sake of having a “dialogue” have sent us into the abyss with decades of gun control concessions. Greene is exactly what we need. Someone that will tell the to f*** off on all counts. She has more ba11$ than most of the “men” in DC.

    • “If they can memory hole the Biden-China scandal“

      Please help me to understand what you are talking about, do you have specific evidence that you can present here regarding your claim?

  14. While harassing a freak of nature(a true trans gender person) is just wrong(they are people too), that does not mean I want them using a women’s locker/bath room. A trans gender woman can use the men’s room and close the stall, but a biological male has no business in the women’s room.
    They deserve no extra rights than anyone else. When I was in a wheelchair for 2 years, I found a way to drag myself up a flight of stairs to our office, no one came to force the building manager to put in a wheelchair lift. If you want to live/work in society, there is a certain amount of blending in. If you do not want to, I am sure there are disability programs where you can survive – it is not like you have a family to support.

  15. Marjorie Taylor Greene believes that California’s wildfires are caused by a giant space laser controlled by Jews. Be careful who you align yourself with.

      • The burden of proof is upon the individual making the claim.

        Please help me to understand, what evidence can you offer to substantiate the assertion that there are lasers in orbit around the earth controlled by Jews?

        Wait a minute, you do believe the earth is an oblate spheroid, right?

    • Hold up there Bub! If Jews aren’t controlling the giant space laser, then who is??

        • The nation of Islam, Scientology and all other religions are total hokum, invented to manipulate the poorly educated.

          Freeing one’s mind from all forms of tyranny includes discarding the sky daddy (and mommy) deities and the ancient records of their taboos and rituals.

    • Well, we do have the technology to put such lasers in space… and if we have it, “the Jews” have it. Perhaps not megawatt lasers, but definitely kilowatt-class. A large, solar charged capacitor could send a potent blast down to Earth… easily enough to start a wildfire in dry brush. She does have a point in being concerned about the old Jewish families that control everything… i.e. Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc. Anyone that knows anything is concerned about them. Honestly, nothing surprises me from this cabal. I mean, they are running a global child sex trafficking cult. Why would they not start wildfires to screw with us?

  16. Huh — a female cuck making the George Will patsy argument. Yeah, that has worked great so far. First the no-reason format change, now this. Buh bye TTAG.

  17. Is “dunking on the libs” worth risking that?

    YES!!!… If you continue to allow the Democrats to impose their will and speak THEIR truths (regardless of the facts) without challenge (childish or not) Do you think they will just do a 180 and start acting like reasonable commonsense adults? The so called “Equality Act” has nothing to do with women’s rights… Title 9 established women’s rights to compete in equivalent sports programs in schools with boys sports and there are laws and regulations protecting women’s rights to housing, education and employment.. This “ACT” will nullify all of those protections by giving preferential treatment to a biological male who just decides he wants to be a woman… Why are there no women who “identify” as male trying to compete in men’s sports?…

    • The “Equality Act” is all about destroying religious liberty under the 1st Amendment. The modern day Sodomites want to force us to accept their perverse, degenerate lifestyle. They also want to destroy morality in their war against humanity. This is part of the communist attack plan. Check out the series called “How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World” on NTD News online.

      • homosexuals and the other assorted creatures under their banner bring a lot of cash to the table…and we all know what influences congress the most…

      • Solemn was destroyed because they did not meet the needs of the poor:

        Ezekiel 16:49

        “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”

  18. She’s a politician, so she’s going to get involved with legislation outside that of the 2A.

    The left and the media would pick someone to attack even if she remained mum.

    I believe homosexulaity is a sin. I also believe homosexuals have the right to be left alone unless assaulting someone else. I believe they have right to carry a gun and defend themselves.

    Tolerance should not be confused with acceptance or promotion. Acknowledgement of indivual rights does not mean I have to change my beliefs. But this precisely what the left demands.

    So this lady may not be marching to your tune…..get over it. The people most detrimental to the 2nd are those on the rabid left. Biden, Pelosi, Occasional-Cortex, CNN, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

    Shame on you for piling-on this woman for engaging her opponents. Scape-goating one who is an ally and presenting her as reason for 2A attacks is poor form.

    This read more like a post from Moms Demand Action.

  19. Comment is awaiting moderation.

    You gotta be kidding me.

    Dan – have you sold out to CNN.

    • What happened to my first post Dan?

      Did it not meet the censors approval?

      Will I get a yellow star to wear?

      • I’d like to know what exactly triggers the ‘Comment is awaiting moderation.’ flag…

        • Oh, the *irony*… 😉

          And here’s what others say about *you* :

          “The continuous time and effort this person puts into attempted mockery of Geoff pretty much means Geoff owns him.”

          *snicker* 😉

    • Specialist: It was awaiting moderation because you used one of the key words that puts it in the “pending” status.

      Using more than one link in a comment is another reason they get put into pending.

      I approved your post. Take a deep breath.

      • So TTAG was “triggered”. Or was it you?

        Which words in either post was deemed censorable?

        Take a deep breath? Do I need to place my hands in the circles on the wall while I wait as well?

  20. Sorry Jennifer, but I respectfully disagree. Greene is exactly the kind of legislator that gun owners need. One that does not play nice or compromise with the enemy. Yes… I said the enemy. Those seeking to disarm us are the enemy. The gloves are off. America is under attack by a globalist cabal. Forcing their perversions down our throats is just one of many angles of attack. I don’t care if their feelings get hurt. The traitors deserve much worse than harsh words.

  21. Ms. Jennifer Sensiba sounds alot like another coward, afraid to upset the opposition, much like Harold Hutchinson. I abhor these “go along to get along”, spineless cowards who preach just “a little compromise” so we don’t anger the beast. Stand up or stand aside. The likes of Sensiba and Hutchison are the impediment, not Constitutionalist like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

  22. It is a childish fight with the both of them behaving as if they were in Junior High School.

    Yes, it is bad for gun rights to have a cracked pot like Greene claiming to be our standard bearer. If she wants to play at school hallway politics, she should resign and get a teaching job someplace.

    • No one is claiming that she is “the or A” standard bearer and what do you mean “Our”?
      There is no “Our”. Gun Rights are not a collective.

  23. I think the author’s point is this is sideline soccer mom bullshit. I support a person’s right to pretend to be who they want to be as long as they leave me alone. And that means that I should not be legally forced to share in their fantasy. That being said, this is not the way to be taken seriously as a legislator. I’m sure AOC is happy to see these two on the scene.

    • “I support a person’s right to pretend to be who they want to be as long as they leave me alone.”
      what you don’t seem to get, just like the author, is they will not leave you alone.
      you will be forced to comply.
      time to wake up.

      • I know they are not leaving me alone, but that is the position I speak from. And these petty Twitter wars aren’t changing anybody’s hearts and minds. The question you need to consider, and I don’t need to know your answer, if how you will respond when forced to comply. Because it is coming for you too.

        What we need are Statesmen to advocate for our rights. But what we are getting is what you see here.

    • My comment was moderated and never showed up. I guess I didn’t word it right?
      But yup, two genders.
      Whether it happened or not, Sodom and Gamorra dont work.
      Its coming

    • I put gender identity theory to my son who was 8 or 9 at the time. He laughed himself silly for 5 minutes saying it was the most stupid thing he had ever heard of.

      If this progressive new-age theory can’t pass the child test, it has no future.

      All this is doing is sowing further division. Xi Jinping would be proud.

      • From Liar49er’s link:

        Gender dysphoria is a diagnosis listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association to diagnose mental conditions.

        Even those highly educated hacks can’t entirely bury the fact that it’s a problem.

      • Not a problem, but a condition:

        “published by the American Psychiatric Association to diagnose mental conditions.”

  24. Why is Jennifer writing for TTAG? If there is anyone that doesn’t get it its her. We are sick and tired of playing defense and allowing the media, social media, and now corporations dictate what is culturally appropriate. This trans BS is just that. Another made up line in the sand to create animosity among Americans.

    Go back to the leftist corner from whence you came.

  25. Marjorie Taylor Greene has something that a some of the guys posting here don’t have.
    BALLS !!

    I applaud everything she did, and I hope she does even more.

    In case anyone here is not aware, the evil twisted liberals want us all to die, or be put into concentration camps, which they call Re-Education Camps.

    Anyone who is not 100% for the Bill of Rights has no business living in America.

    We need to get wheelbarrows to carry our huge balls, or we will lose everything.

    • old guys often have huge balls…something we could do without when they start to get in the way…

  26. Conflating the two issues, which the Left will certainly attempt to do is problematic. Well… that depends on your point of view, actually.

    OTOH, politics is downstream from culture and politicians are not a la carte, they’re table d’hote. If Lefties get elected it doesn’t matter how they get elected. If they get elected by running on gun control, or stimmy checks or “equality”… doesn’t matter, you’re going to get pushes for gun control no matter what the “winning issues” are. And no, it doesn’t matter if they lie to everyone including their base. Because machine politics is machine politics and at this point, at best, they’ve turned that into a national level escapade.

    I don’t think Greene should be the one we pick to run point… but she does seem to have more balls than most of the men in the GOP. Which is a roundabout way of saying “We’re in deep shit here”.

    It is, in some regards, rather amusing that Greene is pretty far out there and this is bad but “the Squad” are just as crazy in the other direction and that’s A-OK. Having the media slobbering all over you is a nice ace in the hole.

    Personally, I’m of the opinion at this point that it doesn’t much matter. The country’s essentially done, circling the drain if you will. All that’s left is for people to recognize this. Sure, the USA will still be there on the map but realistically there are going to be a ton of changes that are both profound and interminable. I suspect very strongly that virtually no one outside those in power will actually like them, but again, machine politics and the machine doesn’t care what you think or feel.

    There was, and still to some degree is, a shot at fixing things but 95% of people don’t properly diagnose the problem and so they argue over which symptom should be treated first. Meanwhile the patient is bleeding out. I suspect the medics argue until well after the patient has actually expired.

    Welcome to Mexico 1928. Everyone outside the party’s connected few is about to get fucked and you’re not going to change it. Even a lot of Democrats are going to be howling mad and they may even change party affiliation but that won’t change the party in power.

    Students at CU Boulder resist the cops and all the people, even at the national level, focus on is a “super spreader event” that might kill grandma. Seriously, the main issue is masking and social distancing? Wow, you might actually be a smoothbrain. But whatever, enjoy the Wonderbread the the circuses. They won’t last forever.

    • To leftists, politics is everything to the point it is there religion. And like zealots in a cult, any criticism of their faith is an extreme personal affront.

      People in the former Soviet Union used to joke about how everything was politicized. Even cooking classes.

  27. I like how stating XX and XY are real things and individual rights must be protected has become identifying of a lunatic, extremist fringe and saying you want to lop off body parts from homeless kids and only the state has rights all while dropping one racist comment after another as you push for next-gen segregation is the mainstream voice of reason.

    Truly we live in interesting times. As per the curse.

    • well … since marjorie taylor green is not polyamorous … your comment sounds as smart and well thought out as any comment from AOC.

      • “QAnon conspiracy Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene cheated on her husband of 25 years with a polyamorous tantric sex guru and a gym manager according to a story published today in the

        The alleged affairs took place around a decade ago when Greene was training at a gym in Alpharetta, Georgia.

        Neither man denied the affairs when approached by

        Craig Ivey, the tantric sex practitioner, said: ‘I will not respond to anything about this,’ while the other man, Justin Tway, said: ‘I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman. Everything with her comes to no good.’

        Instead of trying to keep her indiscretions a secret, Taylor Greene was said to be brazen in her actions.

        “It wasn’t a secret,” said one man who worked closely with her. “Everyone who moved in her circles knew about both the affairs.”

        Reportedly, Taylor Green was so open about her affairs at the time that people close to her assumed that her marriage had hit rock bottom.

        Taylor Greene often describes herself as a “strong conservative Christian” and predictably told the Mail the claims involved in the story is “ridiculous tabloid garbage spread by an avowed Communist.”

  28. If you’ve got a penis your male, if you’ve got a vagina your female. What you do with those is your business.
    But dont expect Dude looks like a lady to nurse babies , or Butch to get Dude looks like a lady pregnant.
    What a fuster cluck

  29. I have no problem with what Greene is doing. The days of putting on our sunday best and minding our manners is over. It’s way past time we got mad-dog mean and got down in the mud with the opposition ’cause that’s where they took the fight and that’s where it’s going to stay. We can’t reason with gun-grabbers — that’s been proven over and over. Might as well kick and bite and fight dirty just like they do.

    Greene is not the standard bearer of the 2A movement, and she won’t be unless we all put her there. If her name comes up and it bothers you, just shrug and move on to the next talking point.

  30. possums have a hard time living, we’ve not got time to waste sticking our units up a hole that dont make more possums
    Humans are different I guess?

    • Reminds me, make sure you look left/right twice while out on your travels. And scoot across, don’t mosey. Been seeing too many of your kin flattened on the center line lately, hate to see your picture in the paper…

      • Hell yes it does .
        you wont find any possums named Dick, no matter how you split it or bang your head. .

  31. “Winning a stupid internet pissing contest may seem cool, but it’s not good if winning that battle costs you the war.”

    This may be good advice for home life, but I don’t think the same way regarding politics as it is now. At home, a disagreement over not leaving the basement light on is not worth another dented skillet plus three nights on the couch, even if I am correct. Pfui. I simply put in LED bulbs so she can run them all she wants.

    In politics however, I think we need to fight the left at every level they take it to, with overwhelming force, whether it be in the administration, board room, courthouse, schoolyard, legislature, media, or embassy. Smart means different things to different people.

  32. Friggin enough. I don’t care what two lazy BS-fueled politicians are doing inside their private military-guarded clubhouse. They both already hung their “One rule for thee” signs out, so they can both burn on the pyre of idiotic grandstanding. Whatever.

  33. Just FYI, Representative Greene is hardly nuts to consider the possibility that orbital lasers might have been used to start wildfires. Laser weapons technology has advanced profoundly since President Ronald Reagan gave his famous “Star Wars” speech. The ABM missiles based in Alaska are very real. Most of our Aegis cruisers and destroyers can launch interceptors that are effective against intercontinental ballistic missiles. They can even shoot them down in the boost phase if positioned properly. The US, China and Russia are deploying lasers on warships. We now have laser pods, similar to a gun pod, that can be deployed on bombers and heavy weight fighters such as the B-1 and the F-15X. Fiber lasers are an absolutely game changing technology. More recent is the development of Phased Array Laser technology that eliminates optical distortion challenges and are infinitely scalable.

    A laser with an output of only a few hundred kilowatts combined with a 5 meter diameter optical stay would be more than suffecient to ignite wildfires in dry timber. I don’t believe that the Israelis would do this to the US. However; China would just as eagerly as they have unleashed a virus that is taylored to be selectively lethal to caucasians.

    • Oh theres lazer gunms in outer space alright. Boieng didn’t modify a 747 for nothing, not that the plane took it there but that the lazer used in testing was in a 747. 14 feet past the nose of the plane to the tail, three different lazers, iodide injection.

      • That was the technology of the decades ago. With fiber laser technology they can get just as much bean power from a pod carried by an F-15 EX. Instead of all of the nasty chemicals to fuel it, they can just run generators of of the engines.

    • “They can even shoot them down in the boost phase if positioned properly.”

      Why else are those very assets continuously deployed around the Korean peninsula – South China sea?

  34. I don’t know about space lasers??? But I do know that illegal aliens have been arrested in connection with forest fires in California.
    It has been suspected that the drug cartels have started fires in order to destroy the American marijuana crop. Which they view as competition.

    There goes the hope for eliminating crime by making pot legal.

    Libertarians and the Left seem to believe in UFO’s? video 24 minutes long. From Apr 2020.

    “Joe Rogan and Tim Pool Go DEEP on UFOs”

    • they’re here…and we can’t do a damn thing about it…so worrying about it is fruitless….

      • both of these characters are too young to remember the huge flap that occurred when these things flew over DC in the early fifties…Truman went nuts and the press went crazy…remember Drew Pearson and his “Washington merry-go-round”?….in the end the only response the govt. could offer was that you didn’t see what you obviously saw…and they’ve been sticking to that ever since…I did my own little investigation about the Kecksburg incident…actually talking to some of the military types that were involved…and the response was the same…telling the locals they didn’t actually see anything while this thing was being driven out of town under a tarp to be spirited away to Dayton…it’s the standard line and it hasn’t changed much down through the years….

        • Ahhhhh.. The “Giant Acorn” rears it’s ugly head once again… Funny how all records of that “incident” disappeared 25 years ago and the object has not been seen since Dec 1965… But the folks in Kecksburg keep it’s memory alive.. (this years festival is rescheduled to July 23-25)… Any reason to party is a good reason…

  35. “dragging children into the argument doesn’t help either side of the argument” Do you really think this is the first time kids have been brought into this? Children are the basis for thus argument from the start. If you don”t believe me, you can ask the full grown man that followed my grand daughter into a restraunt restroom how I feel about his “identify as” bullshit. MTG standing for what she believes in is what we need more of, especially now that the left is completely running the show and completly making this country FUBAR. So, to quote AOC, “At least I am doing something.” And so is MTG. In short, your article is pretty much leftist BS.

  36. “God, just let them inject your children with hormones in schools! Then they’ll let us keep our guns! We need a big tent guys, not for anyone who believes in nazi-ish stuff like God or the first amendment, but for the people who believe in judging everybody based on their racial cohort first, personal attributes second. This is the most important thing, making people who hate you, your religion, and your politics happy, so you might be able to retain some level of your neutered 2nd amendment rights!”

    Who needs this dummy? Not me.

    • Right on Scott. That’s exactly how I read this article and everyone like it. It’s the Neville Chamberlain approach that got us into this bullshit to begin with.

  37. I don’t care what names I’m called. The enemy wants me dead. They want my children raped. Boys and girls. And made their slaves. They, the “Lizard People”, don’t believe in the 1st amendment. And they don’t believe in the second amendment.

    The sexually Liberated have never supported the Bill of Rights. The sexually Liberated, gay married with kids, Gov of Colorado is a great example.
    But many of you where so proud to vote for him. And he did say he supported gun control, BEFORE, you voted for him.

    These people are as anti-civil rights as Bull Connor. And they are as anti traditional black family as Bull Connor. The sexually Liberated are disarming law abiding California residence. They like it when a woman has 5 kids from 5 different men. The women and children all living in “gun free zone” public housing projects. That the Sexually Liberated built with tax payer money. And a sign posted saying, “No husbands allowed”.

    The government is your husband and your daddy now.

  38. We as a species (especially Americans) have been well conditioned by the boob tube. The cardinal sin is to (gasp) look bad. Hollywood has gotten into our souls more than we are willing to admit. So MTG says some questionable things about questionable topics and that might upset certain people who do not engage in rational thought. They will then look at MTG’s stance on guns and get a bad vibe. Is that the argument?

    Dennis Miller nailed it 27 years ago. We had an actor and a reality TV personality as president and those are not accidents. “The Rock” has a real shot to be the next one. Dennis Miller nailed it 27 years ago.


  39. Geez what a waste of words Sensaba. We’re at WAR and you trash a decent female Congress critter. No need to be nice. The leftscum baby murderers & perverts aren’t!

  40. Reads like a “no mean tweets”, or else we will lose everything because we need to take the high road and ignore the damage the Dims are doing every minute. Dims attack everything about their enemies, non-stop, and with no sense of shame.

    Tell me again how the US won WW2 by being nice about it?

  41. Playing nice is how we wound up in this boat. There is no point to trying to find common cause with people who fundamentally want you disarmed and locked in a re-education camp for wrong think. There only two genders. It’s good to get married and have a family. It’s okay to be white. A man will never be a woman no matter how we fillet his genitals. Liberty is more important than security. 2+2=4. The Second Amendment is for removing corrupt tyrants.

    There, that ought to be enough to bump me to the front of the line when they come for dissidents. At least I won’t share a cattle car with Enuf (spineless dissidents are wave 2) or miner(paid agitators and useful idiots are the last wave to be purged.

  42. Ms. Sensiba, the lines are already drawn. MJT is on the side of freedom, and the other C U next Tuesday is on the side of tyranny and oppression. Don’t play footsie with tyrants.

    The other issue is that trans are destroying women. My wife is dropping retailers of feminine products faster over their elimination of a focus on women than I do over gun issues. Yesterday she dropped a brand of women’s razors for their decision to “Rethink what we think about when we think of a woman”. Neither of us want to rethink that. We’re delighted with the biological reality of male and female. She, and many other women, feel increasingly marginalized by the trans movement. We don’t need men in women’s bathrooms, women’s sports, or women’s products.

    I pointed out to her that every man in every sitcom for 60 years or longer is a bumbling buffoon, and reexplained the problems with the idea of “toxic masculinity”. The war on men has been going on for longer than I have been alive. I have warned her about it many times. This time it took. Now that “her side” is in the cross hairs she can see what “my side” has been going through.

    All of this boils down to one simple thing; Stalin’s communist strategy to destroy America by destroying our families and Judeo-Christian social structure.

    • so much for reruns of “Father Knows Best”…different time…different world, actually….

  43. Some years ago here in PA we had a court case, Commonwealth verses McKown IIRC. The majority in the gun community did not support McKown or engage in the activism that we had engaged in for other cases and situations. They wanted McKown to drop his defense and take a plea. I pinted out that hwoever much they didn’t like McKown, this was the case that happening and that McKown had to defend himself if only to preserve his own rights. He was not going to fall on sword for a bunch of people who were talking shit about him. I urged the gun rights activist community to support McKown and campaign on his behalf. They didn’t and we got the ruling that PA residents are not “any person” under the law.

    If the gun rights community had gotten behind the case, called radio stations, written op eds and letters tot he editor, protested outside the courthouse, donated money, written amicus breifs, etc, that case probably would have turned out differently.

    Even if you don’t always agree with MTG you need to support her. She is the person we have in congress who is going to stand up to the bullshit. If we pull the rug out from under her then we all lose too.

  44. “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Hurting The Gun Rights Movement”
    ’nuff said.

  45. If LGBT groups started actively supporting our 2nd Amendment rights the way we want, would we grant them the reciprocity of support?

    • If LGBT groups started actively supporting our 2nd Amendment rights the way we want, would we grant them the reciprocity of support?

      Sure I would support their 2nd Amendment rights as well, in fact I already support everyone’s CONSTITUTIONAL rights… Would I support their “LGBTQ” rights? If they are explicitly defined in the Constitution I already do… If you want my blessing for a man who declares himself a woman to share a public restroom with someone’s young daughter or my wife? NO!, If you want me to agree that some muscled up dude should compete with my teenaged Niece in College sports? Hell no!!.. If all they want is to be left alone to QUIETLY live their lives without DEMANDING special treatment (which is ALL I want) then yes I could and do support that… Unfortunately that is not the case, they want SPECIAL treatment, protections and rules which is NOT what POTG are asking, all we want is the basic right to protect ourselves from those who would attempt to deprive us of life, liberty and property which is a natural right, protected by the 2nd Amendment and I want nothing less for any other American citizen, or anyone else anywhere on the planet regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or sexual orientation…

  46. “I appealed to Lincoln for his own sake to remove Grant at once, and, in giving my reasons for it, I simply voiced the admittedly overwhelming protest from the loyal people of the land against Grant’s continuance in command. I could form no judgment during the conversation as to what effect my arguments had upon him beyond the fact that he was greatly distressed at this new complication. When I had said everything that could be said from my standpoint, we lapsed into silence. Lincoln remained silent for what seemed a very long time. He then gathered himself up in his chair and said in a tone of earnestness that I shall never forget: ‘I can’t spare this man; he fights.’”

    The North was losing the civil war until Grant was given command. Many people didn’t like him. If I remember correctly, he liked his drink, he was uncompromising, and he didn’t pull his punches, suffer fools, or kiss the ring like those in Washington demanded. But he got the job done, the most important job: winning.

    Articles like this one remind me of the complaints against Grant. But the simple fact is that “don’t offend people“ has not been working in politics. Speaking the truth always makes people who hate the truth angry, no matter how much shrubbery you hide it behind or how passively you state it. The haters will always attack.

    The truth must be spoken plainly so those who haven’t heard it before can recognize it. That doesn’t mean going out of your way to offend or seeking to cause anger. That also means not playing dirty (lying, cheating, etc.) because that just damages the message of the truth. It takes real skill to speak the truth in the most persuasive manner possible, but it must always be clear and understandable, not watered down or treated like a crazy uncle.

    Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. This is especially true when truth is widely rejected as it is today. “Ina time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” (Attributed to George Orwell)

    While I have concerns about some things MTG has said, attacking her for speaking the unpopular truth is one of the stupidest things we can do. A knife in the back can be the easiest to achieve, but it what reveals about the character of the one wielding the knife is never good.

  47. The giveaway that you have fallen for this woke crap is that you called a boy a daughter. You might think this hurts 2nd Amendment advocacy, but the denial of God creating them male and female removes the foundation of natural rights, God. You are losing your gun rights for the same reason babies are being murdered in the womb, children are being fed sterilization hormones without consent of their parents, and gays are walking around celebrating their wickedness. When your nation has rulers that do not recognize an ultimate authority above themselves that has established right from wrong, rights come from the government as a matter of majority preference. Good luck convincing self proclaimed evolved pond scum that you deserve your “right” to keep and bear arms.

  48. dwb March 8, 2021 At 14:08
    The worlds biggest asshole gave us Joe Biden. I am not as easily impressed as you.

    Miner49er March 9, 2021 At 07:27
    “the Communist Chinese Government BOUGHT Joe Biden the Presidency and put the Obamas in control of him…”
    Big words, but you still have yet to post any actual evidence of the Biden or Obama’s solid connections to China.
    In contrast, President Trump and his family have multiple business dealings in China, trademarks, slave shop factories for their cheap made in China, sold in America goods, etc.
    So what happened with the bullshit hunter Biden laptop story, did MTG accidentally burn it up with one of her Jewish space lasers?
    You people are losing because you are silly clowns.

    correction … if we lose it’s because we have to deal with non-thinking morons, like these two, while still fighting the battle.

    • Empty speech.

      And still, “you still have yet to post any actual evidence of the Biden or Obama’s solid connections to China.”

      Put up or shut up.

      • It’s absolutely fascinating how you have the unmitigated gall to posted this given that I did post evidence.

        You shut up, liar.

        • I’m sorry, but you didn’t post any evidence, just quoted some text from a news article whose reporter didn’t see any evidence either.

  49. And once again, Liar49er chimes in to demonstrate his adversarial relationship to truth and evidence.

    For at least seven years, many when his father was vice president, Hunter Biden pursued a lucrative deal to run an investment firm founded by millions of dollars from a Chinese partnership.

    Joe Biden claims he never spoke with Hunter about his dealings, and never profited from any group his family set up, but e-mails and text messages found on Hunter Biden’s old laptop hard drive — first published by The Post — show “the big guy” being referenced repeatedly.

    And let’s not forget that Joe Biden has been practically giving China a tongue bath, to the point that he actually defended their “ethnic cleansing”!

    Just shut up liar. There is no truth in you. You share your father’s nature.

    • Don’t waste your time with that scumbag. He’s a feculent human being, deserving of nothing but derision.

    • Ha ha, more bullshit.

      From the article you cite:

      “but e-mails and text messages found on Hunter Biden’s old laptop hard drive — first published by The Post — show “the big guy” being referenced repeatedly. A federal investigation into Hunter is ongoing”

      Hunter Biden’s laptop story, what a hoot!

      Please, share the text, including header, of these incriminating emails you claim show criminal activity.

      In fact, you should immediately forward those emails to the federal prosecutors so they may file criminal charges against the Bidens, you have done that already, right?

      Meanwhile Jared and Ivanka made millions while working for the American people in the White House, with Ivanka’s multiple Chinese businesses at the forefront of the corruption

        • Please, share the text, including header, of these incriminating emails you claim show criminal activity.

          More importantly, have you shared them with the authorities so that they may pursue an indictment against Hunter Biden or his father?

          Or is it just more bullshit like Hillary Clinton’s ‘incriminating emails’?

          I assume you’ll be locking Hillary up, right after we receive a check for the wall from Mexico and two weeks after trumps healthcare plan is revealed?

          What a bunch of rubes, isn’t it embarrassing to realize you’ve been snookered by a New York city slicker, how pitiful.

          “Hey Eb, Mr. Haney has a real deal for you!”

  50. ” They want perverts in your daughters locker room, and if you disagree “you are hurting the 2A” movement.”

    Sensiba is NOT speaking for me. Doesn’t seem like she’s speaking for the overwhelming majority on this site either.

  51. I’ll be breif, If you really want to know about how people become leftists and why they beleive in what they do, Read the first five pages of Ted Kazinsky’s manifesto. Yea, I know he’s crazy, but he is not stupid. Very enlightening few pages and good read.

  52. This guy is FOS!! Has he looked at what the dumbest comments made and being made every day are coming from the dark side? “The island of Guam is going to tip over if too many because there are too many people on it” and this F Clown was re-elected in a landslide. Maxine Waters, “get up into their faces wherever you see them and harass them” while directing her comments to Trump supporters, is re-elected in a landslide! I could go on and on but turds like this writer, the John McLame types, “I work on both sides of the aisle” are Fkn losers. They don’t like to tell it like it really is so they get on their knees to mollify the dark side. Marjorie Taylor Greene will be re elected in a landslide if the F fools out there don’t listen to turds like this!

  53. Sensiba is that despicable type of “conservative” who’s always willing to throw other conservatives under the bus to ingratiate herself with leftists who will still hate her anyway.

  54. Sensiba is the same kind of “conservative” that Donald Trump has identified as the RINOs that crawl to the Democrat masters asking them not to be mad. MTG is Donald Trump in skirts with an added awareness of 2A GROUND TRUTH. Ms. Sensiba should not be talking ANYTHING in this site about out 2A rights which she obviously is willing to give away inch by inch. MTG speaks for me.

  55. This article makes a very important point, unfortunately lost on so many commenters here.

    Gun rights are not conservative rights. Gun rights are gun rights. It’s an issue that can build coalitions across ideological lines.

    If you’d rather lose your gun rights than share one point of agreement with liberals, you need to rethink your strategy. We need allies from all aspects of the ideological spectrum.

    If conservatives can’t explain to liberal leaders why gun rights matter, liberal gun owners can. If liberal gun owners are alienated by their party leader’s pandering to gun grabbers, a cordial alliance on gun rights might open them up to other conservative ideals.

    Politics is a game of alliances. Know your target and what’s behind it. Keep your finger off the trigger until it’s time to use the trigger. Treat all contacts as if they are potential allies. Be nice.

    • There are only really two foundations for convincing someone of anything:

      1) Truth

      2) Because I want it this way

      If the second dominates is legitimate, then anyone can believe anything they want. This includes topics like biology and gun “rights”.

      But if Truth is the basis, then we are not free to reject obvious truths like the fact that there is only male and female in human biology. In fact, that truth is even more obvious than the right to defend ourselves. (“Look in your pants” vs. the multiple steps of “right to life” to “right to defend life” to “right to effective tools of defense” to “what level of defense might be needed.”)

      You could even say that it’s “right in your face, and everyone else’s’.”

      In other words, it is “my truth” versus “THE truth”. That is why the First Amendment is first and the Second is its backup.

      If someone insists on a “my truth” claim, even if they’re asserting as “the truth”, I disregard their arguments on all subjects.

  56. Another lie from Liar49er.

    But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house. And they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.”
    — Genesis 19:4–5

    Those men we so set on raping the visitors (whom they thought were men) that even when they were blinded…

    But the men reached out their hands and brought Lot into the house with them and shut the door. And they struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door.
    — Genesis 19:10–11

    They had already been judged for the magnitude and multitude of their crimes. For you to cite just one (inhospitality) and pretend that there were no others, such as the one God directly calls an “abomination” (the worst of the worst, a death penalty crime), is yet more evidence of your lying.

    if by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them to extinction, making them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; and if he rescued righteous Lot, greatly distressed by the sensual conduct of the wicked (for as that righteous man lived among them day after day, he was tormenting his righteous soul over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard);
    — 2 Peter 2:6–8

    • Nice story book you have there, but you are asserting facts not in evidence.

      There are no commandments among the sacred 10 against homosexuality, or for that matter slavery or genocide.

      Jesus never once spoke against homosexuality, but he spoke many times about his requirement that his disciples feed the poor and help the lame.

      So why do so many conservative Christians focus on homosexuality but oppose welfare, food stamps, etc.?

      Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

      For all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory.

      And especially today, when I regard the evangelical televangelists I think about what Jesus said of those who make a big public show of their Christianity.

      “they are like white painted sepulchers, beautiful to behold but filled with corruption within“

      • Nice story book you have there, but you are asserting facts not in evidence.

        That is so typical of your constant lying to claim that the written words aren’t evidence of what the written words say.

        There are no commandments among the sacred 10 against homosexuality, or for that matter slavery or genocide.

        So what? You know as well as every single person here that the Bible is a lot more than a single page.

        Jesus never once spoke against homosexuality, but he spoke many times about his requirement that his disciples feed the poor and help the lame.

        Again. Irrelevant. There are a lot of topics in the Old Testament that He didn’t address. It wasn’t necessary, because:

        “For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished. Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”
        — Matthew 5:18–19

        But since you insist on lying about this point, Jesus did quite explicitly restate what marriage is:

        He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?
        — Matthew 19:4–5

        That definition leaves no room for homosexuality.

        But it goes further, look up the word “theophany”. The person of God whom Moses received the Law from was the One who was in the Tabernacle. Here are some hints:

        Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle. And Moses was not able to enter the tent of meeting because the cloud settled on it, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.
        — Exodus 40:34–35

        Then the angel of God who was going before the host of Israel moved and went behind them, and the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them,
        — Exodus 14:19

        Your homework: Which person of God told Moses that homosexual behavior was an abomination punishable by death?

        Bonus question: What makes you think there is even the slightest disagreement among the Godhead?

        So why do so many conservative Christians focus on homosexuality…

        Because liars like you keep bringing it up. (Notice that you did that here, too.)

        …but oppose welfare, food stamps, etc.?

        Pardon me, but your straw man is burning. You’re trying to make it sound like we oppose charity, but as usual, you’re lying like a rug.

        Judge not, lest ye be judged.

        Then why are you judging me?

        You just keep lying, including with the rest of your out of context quotes, just as your Father did in the wilderness. Go away, liar.

        I’ve answered your lies for the benefit of others here. You may not waste any more of my time.

        • I am not judging you, you are the one who made the claim I’m lying so the burden of proof is upon you.

          And nice trail with the circular reasoning, ‘the Bible is true because the Bible says it is true’.

          The Bible is nothing but the ancient record of the taboos of a savage and warlike tribe, it is filled with inconsistencies and contradictions because it was written over thousands of years by hundreds of different authors and translators, all of whom had their own agenda.

          If your scared daddy is so powerful, why did he allow evil Obama to be elected?

          Why didn’t your deity ensure that Donald Trump was reelected, wouldn’t your deity be able to overcome whatever ‘fraud’ you claimed happened?

          It is interesting to hear you quoting the old testament, are you also in favor of enslaving your family friends and neighbors?

          Why aren’t you burning down the red lobster for selling seafood for consumption or how about McDonald’s for putting cheese on hamburgers?

          It seems reasonable that an all powerful omnipotent deity could get his own killing done, why do so many humans think that God has sent them to kill others in his name?

  57. Transpeople are mentally ill.

    So are schizophrenics.

    But their illness doesnt give them rights to damage others.

    The author of this post is also mentally ill. Like a beaten wife “if we just stay silent on issues we care about, we can save ourselves, save our gun rights” blah blah.

    • “rights to damage other“

      I am unfamiliar with LGBTQ folks demanding the “right to damage others”.

      Please enlighten me with details of your fear.

  58. I didn’t read every comment on this article, but I did read about 20 minutes worth of them, and I am a very fast reader.

    I will say what every commenter that I read WANTED to say, but was too nice, and too bound by political correctness to say, publicly……

    Jennifer Sensiba is either a stone cold idiot, or she is waaaaay too far removed from the public in general, and specifically the readers of TTAG, to know them and what they believe, and wh as t is RIGHT. I’d guess both apply.

    And TTAG is suicidal if they keep her on the payroll.

    • Yes, you have joined the cancel culture chorus of those on this list who wish to cancel the author of this article because her viewpoint is different than yours.

      “the readers of TTAG, to know them and what they believe, and wh as t is RIGHT”

      Well, that is two different things.

  59. Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina, it’s as simple as that! And no amount of drugs, hormones and surgery will ever change one sex to the other. They need psychiatric treatment.

  60. Not one of the Senators or Representatives from either party or political theory adherent has put forth a plan, idea, proposal or legislation which has separated the rights of legal gun owners and those wanting to be legal gun owners against those who should not be allowed to possess or own a weapon. All their plans/legislation are a one size fits all proposals. They never zero in on the point of the problem which is to identify all the criminals and others who should not own or possess weapons and increasing the sentencing to include life in prison and to remove those Judges who only slap hands and allow criminals back on the street.

  61. She needs to learn to pick the fight worth fighting and then distance herself from wackjob Qonspiracy nuts because she’s not helping as much as she thinks she is.

    First off, approve or don’t approve, LGBT(+whatever follows) rights protections are going to happen. Personally I’m fine with it. I believe in protecting everyone, whether I agree with them or not. I may not like you or want to be around you but I will support your rights 100%.

    Aligning yourself with people who have no firm grasp on reality is a real bad way to get people to listen to you and take you seriously. Base yourself in reality and fight the winnable fight. Our second amendment rights are constitutionally guaranteed which gives us a stable platform to fight from. Work from your place of strength. The democrats are playing chess while we’re playing checkers. We have to start playing smarter. Marjorie Taylor Greene is in the perfect position to make a difference but instead she’s getting distracted by shiny objects. Look at Lauren Boberg, she’s focused and has the democrats scared while MJT is busy playing in the corner fiercely fighting balls of yarn.

    Make no mistake, the democrats intend to turn this entire nation into the failed state of California and they are winning. The number ONE thing on their agenda is disarming those who oppose them. Focus MJT…..focus.

  62. “republicans are gun-control lite…as has been proven in the past…they are lukewarm on the issue while expecting your vote…”

    Like it or not, we live in a political world where decisions can only be made based on “best of two evils”. The vast majority of politicians in my lifetime concluded that gun ownership is not a burning issue with enough voters to make a difference in an election outcome. Election politics is about vote count, and nothing more. The calculus is that if given a list of 100 “top issues” for voters, gun owners will vote for whichever politician will promise the greatest number of the 100; there is no rational rank order, or “red line” for most.

    And soon, it will not matter at all what non-Dims desire of politicians; all other parties will eventually eliminated.

  63. “If LGBT groups started actively supporting our 2nd Amendment rights the way we want, would we grant them the reciprocity of support?”

    Why the question? Self-defense is a human right. Why would an avid 2A defender go about declaring who is human, and who is not?

  64. “Politics is a game of alliances.”

    Yes it is, but you don’t build alliances with people determined to end you.

    Do we know how many “liberal gun owners” put the Second Amendment at the top of their political goals? Do we know who they are? Are we certain that liberals don’t demand freedom of gun ownership only so long as we, the basket of deplorables, can be a perceived threat? Do we know that liberal gun owners will not immediately give up gun ownership for something else the value even more.

    The “enemy of my enemy” better not also be an enemy of me.

  65. What a crock of crap. Greene simply doesn’t kowtow or play ball with the professional politicians, therefore just like Trump, the swamp is trying desperately to silence and delegitimize her.

  66. “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina, it’s as simple as that! And no amount of drugs, hormones and surgery will ever change one sex to the other. They need psychiatric treatment.”

    Oh, wow. You’re in for it now.

  67. Yeah, playing by the author’s “smart” has really gotten America into this mess. Play by the enemies’ rules; lose by the enemies’ rules. About time we play by American Patriot Rules, and start taking our beloved land back from the Libtard/Socialist/Elitists/One Worlders and their Useful Idiot fools. If one allows mice to live in their house, they’re gonna have mouse shit all over everything. Clean up is way more unpleasant than prevention. But, we let that ship sail long ago. That’s why they hate Patriot mops so much.

  68. So basically you want bold reps and senators who actually know, understand, and support the rights endowed by our Creator and enumerated in the Constitution, to keep being the spineless cowards who “play nice” and don’t take a hard stand on anything that infringes on those rights. Jennifer, you might need to go look at our recent history to understand that those tactics do not work. Anyone who uses those tactics is complicit with the tyranny being imposed on the American people.

  69. Miner quoted this “they are like white painted sepulchers, beautiful to behold but filled with corruption within“

    What an apt quote. I agree that ALL liberals are just as you described in your quote.

    Just in case you don’t know, Marjorie is doing God’s work, and I’m thankful that she is.
    If you want a reference: Luke (22:35-38)

    Besides, despite having 40% of the world’s firearms and 4.4% of the world’s population, Americans committed only 3.7% of the worlds murders. We are a kind and forgiving nation…



  71. Marjorie Taylor green what a waste of space her mother should have swallowed that load took one for the team!!!! Great job Marjorie!!!

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