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By Larry Keane

Congress is lining up behind billionaire-backed gun control groups demanding that President Joe Biden appoint a gun control czar to dictate to America just who, when, how and how much gun rights they can actually exercise.

It begs a question, though. Isn’t President Biden supposed to be in charge? If he is, then it should be his policies for which he needs to answer to the American public. If he needs to appoint a political appointee, why?

The entire notion opens up a can of worms that Democrats who signed onto a letter should answer to the American people. When did fundamental pre-existing rights that are protected by the Constitution become something that needed to be parceled out by a partisan bureaucrat?

U.S. Reps. Joe Neguse (D-Colo.) and Lucy McBath (D-Ga.) led the signatories on a letter to President Biden sent last month that was signed by 34 additional Members of Congress. They demanded he “appoint a National Director of Gun Violence Prevention and empower this newly appointed official to create and chair an Interagency Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention.”

Ready Resources

It would seem the president has the assistance to fight criminal misuse of firearms already. He’s got an attorney general, who oversees the Department of Justice. Within that, he’s got an FBI director to investigate federal crimes and an acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), that regulates firearms and the firearm industry and has law enforcement authority.

There’s been smashing success on operations by the Department of Justice to fight criminal misuse of firearms. The DoJ is still running Operation Legend, a sustained and cooperative law enforcement effort to fight crime. There’s also Operation Relentless Pursuit, a law enforcement initiative aimed at cracking down on crime in seven major U.S. cities.

Those operations run alongside the DoJ’s Project Safe Neighborhoods, a collaboration between federal, state and local law enforcement to identify violent crime and develop comprehensive answers to stopping it.

Joe Biden
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There’s no shortage of initiatives to fight crime or create pathways for combine federal resources with local law enforcement. The call for this “gun czar” isn’t about crime. It’s about guns.

Controlling Guns, Not Crime

The intent of appointing a “gun czar” isn’t to combat crime. Clearly, the resources and infrastructure are there and the Department of Justice is doing this. The calls are to control guns and to have it be done by a partisan political appointee who isn’t accountable to the people.

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Members of Congress are merely echoing what the gun control group March for Our Lives has already demanded. That group, funded by antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, demanded a “gun czar,” along with $1 billion of taxpayer money to enact their radical gun control agenda that was actually captured in a “demand list” for the Biden-Harris administration.

The group’s policy director Max Markham said he wanted a cabinet-level position to “Highlight the executive side over the legislative side.”

That’s beyond bureaucracy. That’s dictatorial.

Rights vs. Privileges

The problem with their demands is that they are attempting to ration a right that’s not theirs to measure. The right to keep and bear arms is a pre-existing right. It’s one that every American has as their birthright, endowed by their Creator.

The Constitution’s Second Amendment recognizes this right existed before the founding of the U.S. government and it isn’t for lawmakers, the President, or an appointed “czar” to measure out. No such bureaucrat would be tolerated to tell Americans when they’ve had enough free speech or enough free exercise of their religion.

Delegating the Second Amendment to a second-class right or a privilege that a bureaucrat would be able to turn off the spigot to is an abdication of the responsibilities of the President of the United States. It’s also ceding a right that belongs to the people to an unelected and unaccountable “czar” or king of guns.

Americans threw off a king once who attempted to seize guns and powder in Lexington and Concord. There’s no room to invite one back.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Remember, that’s the guy who wanted a “reality czar”, which I’m guessing would’ve been a Ministry of Truth but with the enforcement done by Cossack mercenaries rather than UK cops.

    • The Liberal Democrats know that they can’t get rid of the 2nd Amendment, at least not right now they can’t. Their plan is to regulate the 2nd Amendment to death. We conservatives are like the frog in the pot of water on the stove. The Democrats have been turning up the heat to that pot of water at a slow steady pace until the water reaches the boiling point and then it will be too late. Freedom is like water in a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. Unless vigilant people do something to keep that hole plugged up, freedom just like the water, will slowly disappear. Reagan said it best. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, Freedom is just one generation from disappearing. And for those of you who think that Biden is running things, I have this to say: Biden is lucky if he can still control his bowels much less command the most important job on earth. Come on, MAN!

  2. It’s called delegating work Jack! I’m too busy handling the Covid Crisis. Wear your masks! Next, I’ll be hiring my cure cancer czar!

  3. You’re asking why busy executives delegate work?


    Is this what passes for “contributions” around here? Fucking clown show.

    • I wouldn’t call Biden a “busy executive.” He doesn’t even have the mental capacity to decide when to go to the potty.

    • I think you take some opinion pieces a bit too seriously… well, anyone who has seen your previous posts knows you are irrationally emotional, so nothing new to discuss there. If you know it’s a clown show, then please exit the vehicle. This geo metro is full.

    • jsled, is that really your picture in the avatar?

      You sure look angry…I know things are hard for you to comprehend, but you should give it a try, it might relax you a bit.

    • Busy doing WHAT, exactly, genius????? No press conferences, yet. No “press availability” that was anything other than a photo op. Reams of stupid and mostly unconstitutional “Executive Orders”, and a Press Secretary who seems to think it is not her responsibility to know anything about anything the Administration is doing, but she’ll “circle back” to the press, later . . . and then doesn’t.

      Yeah, he’s “busy” alright . . . trying to remember the name of his Defense Secretary, and the name of that funny, five-sided white building. Jeebus, is there NO length that you Leftists won’t go to to defend this senile idiot (who was an idiot for DECADES before he became senile)?

      • He’s not even an “executive”. Those know how to walk without looking down at their feet. They know who they are, where they live, and can discern the difference between their wife and their sister.

        Although mistaking one’s sister for one’s wife may say more about his youth than we want to…. I guess I better not go there.

  4. Its exhausting. Its never been and never will be about logic. It has always been a power play. they want power and when you want power there’s no room for logic.

    • This. Regardless of who is in control, the agenda lives on. The entire point is to exhaust people. If you are told and taught something for so long, it becomes common nature. Easier to manipulate the rule of law in your favor that way.

    • Are you frickin’ serious… he has a wardrobe czar to make sure he’s not wearing Depends on his head instead of a mask when he wanders out in public !!!

  5. Such a Jim Crow Gun Control democRat pos will be easy to spot…They’ll be wearing a towering pointed cap and a white sheet.

  6. Why Does He Need a ‘Gun Control Czar’?

    Because Biden can’t even dress himself, that’s why. The guy’s such a sock puppet, even he must be getting tired of George Soros’ hand up his @ss.

    • The investment that the Chinese Communist Party placed on Biden through his son Hunter is finally paying off. We know that Biden isn’t calling the shots and only a fool would think that it’s George Soros. It’s just that simple. Follow the money. Come on, MAN!

  7. IMHO, there are utterly legitimate concerns by many, and not just conservatives, about Joe’s mental state.

    Were those concerns proven to have been well-reasoned by future events there are also legitimate concerns, this time mostly amongst conservatives, about Harris becoming the President in his place.

    • We shoulda thought about that before the election.

      Yeah… I know all to well Trump won by a huge landslide. I also knew they were going to steal it. It was the worst-kept secret of all time.

  8. The only thing sleazy/creepy joe is in charge of is his own pr1ck. Maybe he needs another one to hold on to.

  9. People are overlooking why this is being talked about. It’s got nothing to do with Bidens capacity. It’s all about creating a canceling version to the NRA. Another big money organization with an agenda. So when one idiot in the oval is gone, the agenda lives on through big money donations and the propaganda keeps flowing. If you think it has anything to do with any president, you are seriously behind on how politics work.

    • Not just a bigger organization with more money and resources — a *government* organization with virtually infinite money and resources.

  10. China should launch a couple of EMP warheads (one east coast, one west coast). Then start their invasion a year later. There wouldn’t be much left to clean up.

    • They know they won’t need to do any of that messy stuff; the Dems have sold them the keys already.

      Hell, they won’t even need to set foot over here if they don’t want to. Their messy work will be done by natural-born Democrats. Almost said “Americans”.

  11. The politicians mentioned in the article are the ones hardily endorsed by Moron69er and the other leftist trolls that infest this site.

  12. We The People should have some say so in who gets hired, after all it’s our money that pays their salaries.
    For real, what’s to keep Biden from creating a high pay job for all his buddies.
    Administrator of lawns, Bureau of Sand, Commissioner of Smelly Farts. All my buddies get a high pay job, your tax dollars at work.
    They’ve lost their minds

  13. The Liberal Democrats won’t be happy until everyone is either transexual, gay, in the country illegally, on welfare, an atheist, or at least one of them. Conservatives will all be in concentration camps with the rest of the normal people, awaiting either re-education or elimination.

    • I’m conservative, and I am at least one of those things.

      “normal”? by who’s standards?

  14. In this looney toons world where political correctness is going absolutely nuts, you want to discuss the term normal? If you don’t know what is normal, you aren’t going to like the answer to your question. There is a norm in this world as defined by nature and there are also abnormalities. Norms are also defined by the society you live in. If you are that different from everyone else around you, then you are not normal as defined by the people around you. Do you understand? It’s really all about common sense that seems to be severely lacking by way too many people these days.

  15. Gun Violence Prevention? I have never seen a violent gun. How can an inanimate object become violent ? I have heard of violent gun owners, but never a violent gun. That’s like saying that 2 violent cars were in a crash.

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