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America now has a new president in Kamala Harris Joe Biden. While we can debate the legitimacy of the election or just how deeply the Biden family may or may not have been bought and paid for by foreign powers, the people running the Bidenharris administration have zero love for your guns or your Second Amendment rights.

In fact, they don’t like that you have guns at all. You can count on them doing their level best to help relieve you of your self-defense tools and your right to keep and bear arms.

Yes, Virginia, they really are coming for your guns. They want to outlaw them. What’s more, they want to confiscate them. Both Beto and Grampy Joe have said as much.

Meanwhile, don’t expect many gun owners to roll over if and when that happens. For many of us, “I lost them in a tragic boating accident” will remain a common refrain.   This goes double for nosy people who don’t need to know what bangsticks we might or might not own.  I’ve had a couple unfortunate boating accidents myself and I have the photos to prove it.

Tragic boating accident
Tragic. (Bigstock)

With the changes at the top of American politics, the latest moves in the House of Representatives, and the political hard left drunk with power, more gun control legislation is undoubtedly just around the corner. Will they ban the possession of the scary black guns in addition to their sales? Have you given any consideration to what will happen if President McUnity really does recruit Robert Francis O’Rourke to help implement his plan of “Hell yes, we’re coming for your AR-15!

You should, unless you’re planning to compliantly surrender your personal defense tools if and when the time comes.

An oft quoted old maxim holds that if it’s time to bury your guns you should instead consider using them. We’ll save that discussion for another day and time. For now, here’s how to proceed . . .


Don’t keep all of your eggs in the same basket

If you have more than a dozen or so guns, you should be spreading them out in case disaster strikes. Just as you should keep your retirement investments diversified, the same goes for your self-defense tools.

The low end of diversification involves asking a trusted friend or family member to store some of your firearms in their safe, along with some ammo and perhaps some other gear such as holsters and spare magazines. That way in the event of theft, fire, natural disaster — or police knocking on your door — you won’t lose everything.

[Failing to disclose firearms you own kept in other locations may be against state or local laws. Consult an attorney before you’re confronted with that issue.]

Obviously, good candidates to “gunsit” your tools wouldn’t be someone you just met. Instead, they should be a close relative or long-time friend with honesty, integrity, stability and sobriety in their lives. If his name is Hunter Biden, you probably need a better class of friends and improved skills at evaluating a person’s character.

Image via covertfurniture.com

Some people think they can effectively hide their guns within their home. Inside the home, a hidden gun safe or gun concealment furniture might work against a meth-head looking for a quick score. However, if Uncle Sugar believes you’re hiding newly banned firearms, they won’t hesitate to literally tear your place apart to find them, so scratch that idea.

Burying firearms in the back yard, or maybe even in the land behind your property might seem like a better idea. But ground-penetrating radar, scent-trained dogs and lasers that detect recently dug-up ground will lead Beto’s boys right to your hidey hole in less time than it took you to dig the hole in the first place.

Off-site caching

If you don’t have any trusted friends nearby or your family name is Biden or Harris, you may not want to leave some of your collection with a friend or family members. That will generally mean off-site caching.

Clearly, considering a cache or two of firearms, magazines and ammunition remains a very personal decision. Many serious gun owners have considered this over their lifetimes. Here are some strategies that don’t involve the bottom of a large body of water.

Do you believe the black helicopters are coming for you and your stuff? All hope isn’t lost. You can use some creativity to help thwart easy detection.

Planting your stash under tilled crop fields — with the farmer’s consent (again, one you trust) — will make unauthorized discovery of your stuff difficult. Especially if it’s done at certain times of the year. Hillsides make fine places as do fence rows between farm fields. Also consider areas under things like concrete pads, junk cars or brush piles.

deerfield assault weapons ban
You might want to bury your stash deep under a flower vegetable garden. (Courtesy the Village of Deerfield, IL via Facebook)

I recommend caching “ghost guns” for off-property storage to eliminate any possibility of an unauthorized discovery being traced back to you.

Another point to consider: At the outset of WWII, my great grandfather cached a number of rifles and handguns in the Hewittville neighborhood of Taylorville, Illinois. He and his wife both went to their graves without anyone knowing where he buried them. And none of his many sons or daughter ever found them.

Don’t let that happen to you. You can’t take them with you to the afterlife, but your kids or grandkids might appreciate them, so make some provision to let your survivors know where any firearms may be residing after you’ve shuffled off.

Make sure you identify your special place by noting prominent landmarks and share this information with the fewest people possible, of course. And don’t be like the famous story “Sundown at Coffin Rock” published by Dillon Precision in The Blue Press.

Raymond K. Paden wrote the story about an old man telling his grandson about freedom, patriotism…and the location of his secret gun stash. However, lousy parenting and the schools had brainwashed the boy into becoming a good little informant for the state…and against his own grandfather.

Whats the best way to bury guns?

There are practically college-level courses in how to cache arms and ammunition. Here are some Cliff’s Notes on the topic . . .

Expect to say goodbye to whatever you bury, possibly forever. Consider burying “ghost guns” or guns you’ve built yourself. A centerfire rifle or two, a pistol or revolver or two and a shotgun would be a well-rounded cache for two people.

Oil them heavily. A coating of Cosmoline isn’t a bad idea, either. Add some ammunition and magazines to the package. Don’t wrap anything in plastic. Sealed battle packs of ammo are okay. Don’t forget to add desiccant, either anhydrous calcium sulfate or silica gel. Then seal it up, preferably in something like a length of PVC pipe. You might paint it dark brown while at home so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb as you carry it to its final resting place.

Bury it upright to minimize the package’s signature to metal detectors and ground penetrating radar. Obviously, don’t make your tube longer than it needs to be. That will minimize your digging. You might consider attaching a length of rope or a handle to lift it out of the hole for easier retrieval. Either say, make sure you cover it with at least a foot of soil. Two would probably be better.

Remember, your primary goal is to keep your cache undetected to unauthorized persons. The secondary goal is to keep out water. Moisture and your guns and ammo won’t play well together.

No matter how you do it, it’s always been a good idea to diversify your gun collection. Maybe now more than ever. Just in case.

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  1. But wait a minute, I thought all us gun freaks had each other’s back.
    An injury to one is a injury to all, right?
    You mean we’re not gonna do the Alamo thing & all go down together?
    Well SHIT,,, guess I’d better start digging.

    • Kinda my thoughts.

      But I’m not burying shit. Guess if it’s my time then it’s been a good run.

    • Down together? Good one. No, we were planning on waiting for you commies to kill each other and sweep in to take care of the survivors.

      • commies? You must be new here. How about you quit hiding behind random screen names and pay attention before you run your mouth. And stop talking like “WE” have a plan… you can’t even tell who is pro freedom and who is not and you have the nerve to act like “WE” are on the same side or would discuss any plan of action with someone like you? Get fucked troll. “WE” are not sweeping in to take care of shit. Your utopian video game scenario will never happen.

        • I was responding to the “I thought all us gun freaks had each other’s back.” Not you. Calm down bro. It’s just fun poking at lefties that think all gun owners are paper tigers.

        • I know exactly what your intent was. A left leaning view was not presented for such accusations. Sometimes, the truth hurts, no matter what side of the fence you stand on.

  2. If you don’t follow the narrative and tow the line, you will go to prison. For one reason or another and you will still lose everything, guns or no guns. That is inevitable. Its when, not if.

    So why bury them?

    If you’re afraid of going to prison for possession, then you’re afraid of using the 2A for its intended purpose. ‘We will not comply’ isn’t the same as ‘I lost them in a boating accident’.

  3. Think about the poor soul who actually did lose a few in a tragic boating accident. As many times as this has been said, do you think anybody will ever believe them?

  4. We can’t debate the legitimacy of the election; there’s been 0 evidence brought forward, unless you’re sitting on some magical bombshell. Stop feeding that fire.

    • You didn’t see Michealjlindell’s absolute proof did you. Or are you just a counter info slug spreading the wrong pill

      • no proof provided, just a laundry list of assertions.
        i’m with you, it seems obvious to all but the most willfully ignorant beefaronibeefaghetti types, but proof their ain’t.
        that doesn’t mean that all the violations should not be corrected.

        • Well then…. Good thing HR1 passed today. By your metric we can’t ever contest an election again. California has had a state version of HR1 for decades now and Democrat hegemony ever since. We don’t contest elections here, because there’s no point…. Way to go Republicans *slow clap* … you got on your back and spread your legs for the Democrats, just to get rid of Trump, and handed the country to the America hating Democrats. California governing incompetence and corruption for all, and there is no Idaho/Texas/Tennessee to run to.

    • i’ll debate that shite all day long.
      but if you think that laws and procedures embedded in state constitutions were violated due to chingchongwangerdangerdoodlewuhawoohoofooflu concerns then i shant be debating witchoo.
      feed that fire until states correct these actions and place firm restrictions on voting.
      or we’ll be a nation of busybeefstrokinoffs.

    • There has been plenty of evidence brought forward, from video footage to literal hundreds of signed affidavits as well as demonstrable proof of fraud in Fulton County, GA where thousands of ballots were illegally registered to P.O. Boxes. To say nothing of Time Magazine running an article about the nationwide cabal of elites “fortifying the election” by manipulating information and changing election laws to save America from DJT.

      The judicial system chose to dismiss the cases brought forward on technicalities, saying essentially “if we don’t allow you to present the evidence in court, it doesn’t exist.” What that has done is convinced even more Americans that the election was fixed.

      If you believe the election WASN’T rigged then you’re either a partisan shill who is being paid to lie, or you know in your heart it was… but you’re happy with the result so you’ll deny it to your grave. Either way, your misinformation campaign has failed.

      • true and if you haven’t seen the cyber warfare units tabulation of direct machine manipulation. Review michealjlindell.com absolute proof starting at about 1 hour and 30 minutes into it. That is actual declassified cyber surveillance and guess who is the biggest culprit, CCP. This is an ongoing war Sun Tzu style, don’t use kinetic force unless you have too. And with CCP’s illegitimate co-conspirators that is what is happening. It is called Treason and Misprision of Treason

      • There is more than enough evidence for an honest, extensive FBI investigation, but the FBI has been nothing more than a clean up crew for the Left for years. Wray is a lying sack just like Comey.

    • Sorry, that’s bullshit. Evidence is in short supply. That evidence has not been presented properly, in the correct venues. But, evidence there is. It all boils down to a shouting match. On the one hand, “We saw voting fraud”, and on the other hand “We don’t see evidence of substantial voting fraud”. Note that the naysayers have never attempted to state “There was no voting fraud”, only that “There isn’t evidence of significant voting fraud”.

      Too many never-Trumpers rolled over, and allowed the progressives to steal the election.

      • It’s hard to provide the evidence when the Maoist commies control the election authorities, the city halls, the police chiefs, and the judiciary. Evidence was destroyed. Evidence was concealed.

        There is still more than enough hinky shit that the absolute refusal to actually investigate makes it really look like there was fraud and crime. They can’t or won’t even answer the question of how we had more people vote than there were registered voters and more people vote than the population of a district, or county.

      • Paul,
        At first they said there was NO evidence. Then when they could no longer deny that evidence existed, they said there wasn’t “widespread” fraud. Then some began saying there wasn’t enough fraud to overturn the results. “They” aren’t honest people interested in the truth. As usual, they’re only interested in pushing their narratives. If there is ANY fraud at all, then why wouldn’t the media be all over it? Why wouldn’t legislators want to fix that? Answer: Because they welcome fraud. HR1 would mean even more fraud in every election. These people aren’t problem solvers, they’re tyrants.

    • We have a faux president and that is all we will have until 2023 when he/she/it is impeached, we may as well live with it. That does not make the election anything more than a blatant fraud followed by “Nanee-nanee-boo-boo, we gotcha and you can’t prove shit! Ha-ha!”

      • Lol, well said, Carl B. Busybeef and his annoying cohort Moron69er drag down the comment section of this site with their leftist bullshit.

    • I keep repeating this to election fraud naysayers, and none are willing to take the bet. There are hundreds of people, from all over the country and from all walks of life, who wrote and signed legal affidavits, under penalty of perjury, that they witnessed different kinds of fraud with the election process. Hundreds of people willing to go to jail if they were found in a court of law to be liars. Is there anybody who is willing to sign a legal affidavit stating there was no fraud in those locations, under penalty of perjury, to counteract those affidavits that claim fraud? (crickets) Well, anybody? (crickets) Not even one? (crickets) There is more evidence than this, of course, but to me, this is the most damning. It is a huge jury of our peers, of average citizens, who have reported to the world what they saw and experienced.

    • Get PACER account and read the detials of the lawsuit Texas filed. It’s pretty compelling and they back it up with hard data. The media simply refuses to cover it. 43000 illegal aliens voting in Arizona? Check. Several thousand voters under the age of 18 voting in Arizona? Check. 73000 voters who simply don’t exist but still managed to cast ballots in Georgia? Check. Nearly 50,000 dead people who managed to vote in Georgia? Check. I could go on but you should really read it for yourself.

  5. for long term storage of things that rust or oxidize i have successfully utilized lps3. the can says two years, it’s still tacky, waxy and clingy after thirty.

  6. Interesting article. But isn’t this is a form of surrender. Have I not reiterated many times. There are five things you never do and one you must:
    NEVER think you know it all (we are not omnipotent nor omnipresent:)
    NEVER allow yourself to be disarmed ( spiritually or physically:)
    NEVER get on the Bus (no mask, no jab, no chip, no FEMA camp, no surrender:)
    NEVER stop improving you situation (better is not always enemy of good enough:)
    NEVER quit (endeavor to preserver:)
    ALWAYS seek His face, hear His voice, and obey His will. QED
    PS aim small miss small and shoot then as far away a possible

    • ” But isn’t this is a form of surrender. ”

      I don’t think so. If the cops kick your door down in the middle of the night, imprison you for months or years, confiscate everything they found in your home – you STILL have something to resist with if/when you get out of prison. Having been “convicted” of bad-think, it is far easier to dig up a stash, than to start building your arsenal with your name on a list.

      • My relatives are cops, they are not coming. It is the blue helmets that may have that potential. Are they are not coming either because they know there is a rifle behind ever blade of grass. Who might be coming are the drones. Think about that possibility and how to counter it.

      • Paul, I essentially agree when the door caves in in the middle of the night. But that is not the same thing as when your neighbor 2 streets over has HIS door broken down in the middle of the night. When that becomes common, the war has started and your local cops are the first enemy you have to deal with. I do not believe that will ever happen, much less in my lifetime. I also know that if I had buried my guns decades ago, I would currently be physically unable to dig them up. Therefore I recommend against burial. I think our cops, in TX anyhow, will mostly stand with us against Federal forces should caps start popping, likewise military personnel, all of whom swore an oath to do exactly that. FBI and ATF will disappear overnight in that event, and D.C. hunting season will open the next day.

  7. I’m old and not in the mood.. If you come for my gats bring lots of friends.. We’ll have it out.. You’ll end up getting one of me, I admit that… But I promise I’ll get more than one of you!

    • I agree completely. Old, retired, widower, no kids, no living family, some friends.

      Plenty of fight left in me for the right reasons. Problem is, THEY know when to knock (or not), which means you need a gub with you at all times. Shower, sleeping, on the toilet, etc. 24/7.

      Home carry is a thing, but sometimes, even for minutes, you just don’t have one.

    • Agreed and be sure to make an UGLY example of the first one. One piece of advise is if it truly comes to that point don’t wait for the door kickers. Attack first make lots of examples and remember their are NO Noncombatants in the War for Freedom. Once the door kickers realize this they’ll understand the True cost of their Folly. Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • Yeah, door kickers on their way up the walk might be deterred when boss man’s head vaporizes back at the car. Then it’s time to wipe prints, call media, deny everything and surrender. Demand a lawyer, and a jury trial, make it take 20 years for them to kill you.

        • I was thinking the same thing…. If it comes down to it, don’t let them kill you. When you can’t fight with a gun, fight with their pocket book and make them pay. Sign everything over to a loved one so you are legally broke, and make them pay for your lawyer and trial.

        • If you smoked a cop in such a way there is no point in surrender. It’s time to go balls to the wall at that point.

          Like “What’s the DA’s/Mayor’s/Police Chief’s home address and what school do his/her children attend?”

          Yeah. I said it. Because that’s where that path leads. We get all romantic about the Revolution but it wasn’t actually friendly at all. It was “My neighbor has the wrong opinions so we raped his wife, killed his kids and burnt his farm” type of shit.

          Only crazy people want Shot Heard ‘Round the World 2.0 but if that happens you best get your shit together sharpish because this turns into Algeria ~1959 really fucking quick. No quarter and atrocities all around.

        • And Miner will be heroically motivating the door kickers with tried and true NKVD methods. Those doing the assault will face the risk of being shot in the front by the defenders or in the back by their commissars.

  8. Those poor, poor democRats cannot help it…Jim Crow Gun Control is a democRat Family Tradition they just cannot shake off.

    • Geezus, you are like a broken fucking record with the inane Jim Crow gun control bullshit. Do you think the “democRats” are going after the black gang members in Shitcago killing themselves and other black people on a record basis? No, they are going after WHITE, CONSERVATIVE men and women that don’t usually break the law. They want to make it onerous for WHITE, CONSERVATIVE peopl

      • This stupid site published my comment before I was ready and I cant edit it. Anyway, as I was saying: WHITE CONSERVATIVE people to legally own guns and defend themselves from communist thugs like blm and antifa. Leftists shitheels like Moron69er are all for this and when you make stupid arguments like “muh demoRATS are the ReAL RacISts” they laugh at you.

        • I suppose the question here is; “Why do you care what Leftist shitheels think?”.

          They’re going to laugh at you either way. To think that their opinion matters on this (or any other topic under debate) matters is an error in judgement. You’re picking the wrong ground to fight on.

          What matters isn’t what Leftists think. They’re committed and that’s not going to change. But the debate takes place in front of an audience and what those people sitting in the audience think does matter because there are a shitload more of them than there are of us or the Leftists.

        • Interesting points, strych9. I actually enjoy engaging with someone that isn’t constantly bringing up Jim crow or is a moronic communist like Moron69er.

        • I’m whoever I want to be, bitch. Tom Schwend of Surf Farmer fame or George R. You can kiss both of my pseudonyms’ asses.

  9. Very useful information, thank you for sharing! I’m in the Will Not Comply crowd. Come whatever may, while fervently hoping nothing serious ever does.

      • Why are you and the rest of then insufferable Karens on this site worried about it? You’d think with the steal of the helection and the plandemic there’d be a lot more relevant things to post about.

  10. I’ll be damned if I give up my gats. Worse than an infidel who doesn’t support his family. Defense is part of that support. Deal with it Dims! I don’t have 5000 armed troops to defend me…happy 4th of March patriots😏

  11. Unless your “cache” is a fallback position it serves no purpose. But, let’s be real, this shit’s unenforceable… of course it doesn’t matter since no one’s going to do a damn thing about it, 2020 essentially proved that thesis to be correct.


    Neca omne mittent et ii mitteritis non plus.. Figure it the fuck out because if they do try, then it’s very likely they’re going to give you two choices; to figure it out or die confused.

    • I disagree, fighting them head on like when they have their team of a dozen guys at your door to take your stuff is different than the asymmetric war that could happen. Surrendering your stuff (even not giving it all away at once to live to fight again isn’t a bad deal.) Letting them win the battle so you can still have a part in the war isn’t a horrid idea.

      If things go really south obviously they’re going to just pull people out and shoot them or imprison them Soviet (and others) style but there will be increments even if they start compressing together very quickly time wise after a while.

  12. Cosmoline is some of the nastiest stuff ever invented. The stuff seeps into wood stocks like I don’t know what. It took much effort and about two months to get that vile creation out of my 1903A3 stock.
    That being said, the stuff works like it’s supposed to and probably the best for long term storage (decades)
    Still, I hate that &#$@!$%$ crap.

  13. Lucky for me I didn’t have all my eggs in one basket. Fire sucks. I might also add , ideally the person you stash your gunms with has no nics checks in their history or NRA type memberships.
    I’ myself am reaching the point that it’s a ,fck you, here they are, now take my constitutional right, and see what happens, attitude.
    It’s a one pony show. Just another nut case down the street that had gunms screaming about rights, the Constitution and patriotism.

  14. This article was so poorly written that it could have been penned by Sam Hoober

  15. I know a lot of law enforcement and military types who say there is no way in hell they’d ever comply with an order to confiscate anyone’s weapons. They tell me they will quit or retire 1st. Having said that, we have a lot of brainwashed minions now joining the military and police departments who likely would go along with confiscation orders. I knew of a dealer who recently passed who had all his 4473 forms stored in a location with a lot of flammables and said they would suffer an unfortunate accident if anyone tried confiscation. I could see the confiscation squads starting 1st with the dealers and pulling all the 4473s (a la “Red Dawn”) and of course when dealers close, they (supposedly) send their 4473’s to the ATF AND I’m not naïve enough to believe that the information on all those forms isn’t stored somewhere-even for the ones the ATF doesn’t physically possess.

    I do have two friends I completely trust who have gun safes with room in them so I will consider that, but no way in hell am I burying my weapons.

    • The problem with those records isn’t people showing up to confiscate firearms. That’s a suicide mission outnumbered at least 25-1. It’s extremely unlikely to happen.

      In todays world the more likely course of action is that they have a period of time to “turn them in” maybe for some minor compensation, maybe not, and then they use the records to turn the screws financially. Your credit cards and bank accounts don’t work, liens are placed on what you owe to cover the “non-compliance fines” etc. Your background checks for credit and job-worthiness fall through.

      IOW you can keep the guns but you’re entirely marginalized in society for doing so.

      Now, that goes down a dark and violent road too but the violence is removed from the immediate time frame and government is nothing if not good at procrastination.

      And so comes the question: What would you do about it?

      • strych9,

        I am utterly convinced that what you described — government confiscating ALL of your money, retirement accounts, home, vehicles, land, and making it impossible to bank, work, and conduct business — is absolutely coming.

        The really sad news is that government will eventually do that even for nothing more than espousing “wrong” worldviews/politics. Of course, if you think about it, owning firearms is at the top of the list of “wrong” politics as far as Progressives are concerned and they would happily apply severe sanctions to us for nothing more than refusing to give up our firearms.

        • The thing is that if we keep going down the road we’re on now it will eventually happen to literally everyone.

          At present the government has racked up nearly $30 Trillion in debt but that’s payable and comparatively small potatoes to the $210 Trillion they’ve run up (across all levels) in unfunded liabilities.

          They cannot print their way out of that. So increasingly confiscatory tax policy is basically all they have left in the toolbox.

          Unless (channeling my inner Lorax because Dr. Seuss isn’t fucking racist you goddamn twatwaffles) they choose another confiscatory path combined with hyperinflation. At this point they might be stupid enough to try something like that.

          If you run the arithmetic you find that if gold hit $50,000 an ounce then about 1 year’s world-wide production of Au would cover the amount we’re discussing plus some. That would be something the government could actually confiscate from “stackers”. They’re estimated to have several times that amount.

          Of course, that’s also national suicide because you’re talking something like a 25x increase in inflation fairly rapidly (along with a removal of the current tomfuckery that’s “not manipulation” in the metals and commodities markets), so a loaf of bread is like $50-$100 at that point. Of course, maybe they don’t care since food’s not part of CPI?

          Shit’s deep and wide at this point. The 2A is actually a small part of this unless you’re actually gonna go 1776 on some people. Of course if bread’s $50+ a loaf we probably hit 1776 well before that but… none of this is looking good IMHO. There’s a VERY narrow path out of this which I doubt we walk because people don’t want to admit we’re in a dark wood in the first place.

  16. Make friends that have access to heavy equipment. They are bound to have a tracked vehicle and some ar plate hanging around. Just a thought. If we are indeed “going their” with kid sniffer and hoe.

  17. Ha , Fuckin love it…, reading all these comments.
    A lot of bravado going on here,
    When the shit hits the fan, most of these hard guys will be nowhere to be found… WORD.!

    • Most American gun owners will fall into the following two categories:
      A, Comply
      B, Won’t comply (hide their stuff)
      Very, very few will fight.

  18. THE GUN Industry and the GUN OWNERS FEEL THE SAME ABOUT the Biden administration, there’s NO LOVE LOST HERE.

  19. We are currently in a very dark place, and getting darker. If you are not prepared now, it’s too late for you.

    I am lucky enough to be one of the old ones, so I don’t care as much as you young’uns. At this point I take no crap from anyone on any subject that concerns me.

    If only 1 percent get ticked off enough, you’re talking about 4 1/2 million guns.

    All I can say is good luck to the dickheads who come by to retrieve you of your personal property, you know, the stuff you lost in the boating accident.

    We live in a very small rural town, surrounded by forests, and pretty much know every one, and we all own a lot of shovels. The evil ones would disappear in a heartbeat….The good old days are coming back….God IS on our side,

  20. Nice situation lastoftheoldones. Well I am deployed to a rural mountain area. And the city folks are slowing buying up these little Tiny houses and putting them well spaced along river banks. They are paying $75k for the houses and don’t know how much more for the lots. Let’s develop it is everywhere. If I dig here it is 0 to 8 inches down to solid rock. It is difficult east of the Mississippi to find anywhere that you are more than 100 miles from a big city. Knowing your neighbors is a really good thing and have them with the like mindset is even more limiting. But I would say it is better to be on God’s side.

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