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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the NRA are raising warning flags over impending gun control legislation in the House of Representatives. They’re hearing that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will attempt ram a bill through the House Cuomo-style, sidestepping the House Judiciary Committee and bringing the legislation directly to the floor for a vote.

What will the bill(s) look like? That isn’t clear, but it’s a good bet that a version of House Majority Whip James Clyburn’s “Charleston Loophole” legislation will be part of it. That’s not a universal background check bill. Instead, it would give the FBI the ability to delay any gun sale for as much as 30 days.

If you don’t think that power would ever be abused and twisted into a de facto national waiting period, I have some beautiful oceanfront property in Saskatchewan I’d like to talk to you about.

Clyburn first introduced that bill in the last Congress where it died a merciful death.

The NSSF’s Larry Keane had this to say about Clyburn’s bill . . .

“If the bill is the same as what was introduced in the last Congress, we will be opposed to it now as we were then. This bill increases the burden on small business firearm retailer owners and flips the burden of proof on its head. This would make it incumbent upon the law-abiding citizen to prove his or her innocence to the government to exercise their Second Amendment right to purchase a firearm instead of the government being responsible for proving an individual is prohibited. This could potentially deny a law-abiding citizen their rights for up to a month, while they are saddled with the burden of proving their innocence. That’s un-American.

“Rather than placing further burdens on retailers and law-abiding gun owners, Congress should focus on adequately resourcing NICS. NSSF is the only organization that has successfully advocated for NICS to have the necessary resources to perform its mission in a timely manner.”

Clyburn’s original language isn’t the only possibility, of course. He could introduce a new bill incorporating the “Charleston Loophole” language into a larger bill mandating universal background check which would outlaw private sales of all firearms without a background check. A background check that could then be delayed by up to 30 days by the Charleston language.

See how that works?

There are, of course, other bills pending in the House such as Sheila Jackson Lee’s infamous HR 127 with its “assault weapons” and hi-cap magazine bans, retroactive registration of all guns, federal purchase permits, mandatory insurance requirement, psychological evaluations for gun owners and more. But that’s probably a bridge too far, even for Pelosi who won’t want to eliminate her chances of retaining the Speaker’s gavel after the 2022 midterms so early in 2021.

Still, any gun control bill that Pelosi manages to ram through the lower chamber will have to clear the Senate’s filibuster hurdle and get 60 votes for passage. That doesn’t seem likely if it’s presented as a clean gun control bill.

The question then becomes whether Democrats are anxious enough to pass a gun control measure to attach it to another “must-pass” bill like, say, a debt ceiling extension bill. That would make voting against it much more politically difficult for gun rights supporters. Would the GOP be willing to risk a government shutdown to oppose more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. We may be about to find out.

UPDATE: Clyburn has reintroduced his bill this morning with language that would increase the time the FBI has to complete a background check from three to ten days. And California Rep. Mike Thompson introduced a universal background check bill that would outlaw private firearm sales.

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  1. “Would the GOP be willing to risk a government shutdown to oppose more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. We may be about to find out”.

    You’re wasting your breath with the cowardly pontificating. The answer is “NO”, and has been on every issue that the GOP surrenders on with that Government Shutdown B***S***!!!

    • Oh, please, please shut the damn government down. I long for a message from my representatives such as…. “Good News. Your Public Servants actually did you right today. We shut down the Capitol. No politicians were allowed on site. No money hungry, citizen control, free-shit-for-votes bills were passed. We did not increase your or your grandchildren’s government indebtedness. We did not skim, scam, squander, or buy votes with your money or freedoms today. For one day, we did not screw you.” Sadly, tomorrow they will return.
      Politicians see the Little Peeps money as their’s to skim, scam, squander, impose controls, and with which to buy votes. All that free shit they pay for with Little Peeps’s money keeps the subjects on the Government Plantation.

      There should be “paper and ink” background checks, waiting periods, and Constitution training and tests for politicians and their laws. They do more collective harm to America through their laws than all the bad guys with guns combined. I’ll deal with a bad guy with a gun threat rather than a politician with a law.

      A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
      He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.

      A bad guy with a gun can be stopped decisively by a good guy with a gun.
      Sadly, politicians not as much…..yet.

      Our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting a second time.
      They are ashamed of what we have relinquished of the Republic which they put all on the line to give us.

    • If altering the 3-day period is in play, why not push for 3 hours? 30 minutes seems excessively restrictive, but we could discuss it. The question should be, is the NICS check necessary/helpful or is it not? If it is, then staff it so that a “yes” or a “no” would be forthcoming within 3 hours, and set the limit to 3 days. Presto! No “loophole”! If you extend it to indefinitely, the department will be closed permanently within the day, and a Constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT erased without anyone to point at as guilty.

      • I’ve often wondered what kind of person makes the very serious decision to actually kill someone but then changes their mind about it because of the three day waiting period. Like I’m actually going to kill a person but three days? Nah it’s not worth it. Ha ha

    • That’s right they all are lifers and will do anything to keep their job. PP baby needs to think how the USA was formed could happen the Republic will per vale

  2. Should be enough Red State Moderate Dems to flush this turd in the House…. If they hope to remain in the house…

    • Therein lies the rub. Dems are perfectly happy to torpedo reelection chances if it means moving their long term goal forward.

      Lets say whatever this is it does pass and let’s say every “moderate” dem is out next cycle.

      You really think the republicans would undo any of it?

      • I believe the preponderance of evidence for the last 50 years says “no”.

        Part of it is that the Democrats take care of their own. If you lose your seat because you voted along the party line, I’m sure you’re taken care of. There have been more than enough high profile Democrats who have been compensated after leaving office that I’m certain that happens for any who take a hit for the team.

        • You mean payola like this?

          “Just days after the House passed its version of the federal tax law slashing corporate tax rates, House Speaker Paul Ryan collected nearly $500,000 in campaign contributions from billionaire energy mogul Charles Koch and his wife, according to a recent campaign donor report.

          Koch and his brother David spent millions of dollars to get the tax law passed and are spending millions more in a public relations campaign in an attempt to boost support for the law, The Wall Street Journal reported.

          Koch Industries, one of the largest private corporations in the nation, operates refineries and manufactures a variety of products. The new tax law — which slices corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 21 percent, slashes estate taxes and includes a special deduction for oil and gas investors — is expected to save the Koch brothers and their businesses billions of dollars in taxes.

          Just 13 days after the tax law was passed, Charles Koch and his wife, Elizabeth, donated nearly $500,000 to Ryan’s joint fundraising committee, according to a campaign finance report filed Thursday.“

        • Hey, Minor Annoyance,

          I’m sure you think you made a really great point, there. Great work! $500,000!?!?!?! Wow!

          No do:

          Bloomberg, LLP (over $152 million)
          Carpenters and Joiners Union (over $35 million)
          SEIU (over $29 million)
          Laborer’s Union ($25 million)
          AFT (over $20 million)
          AFSCME (over $19 million)
          IBEW (almost $15 million)
          NEA (almost $14.5 million)
          Operating Engineer’s Union (just a hair under $13 million)

          Or, perhaps, just go spout your idiocy somewhere that people might listen to your insanity and not laugh their asses off? Which would NOT be on this site, so just toddle off down the road, why don’t you??

  3. Attaching countervailing riders to “must pass” legislation is a time-honored tradition. The Dims love to force Republicrats to vote to shut down the government.

    • Actually, I think that would probably be the best scenario right now…. shut it down. No spending bills, the checkbook is already deep in the red. No back door manuvering on passing quickie bills. No more carve-outs for politicions, you’ll get to live under the same constraints that your constituents are subjected to. No more pissing on the Constitution. Just shut it the fuck down. Then clean up the ashes of what’s left and hold a fair election in the midterms… I think that they’ve done enough damage already to last at least a couple of years.

  4. Perhaps those who trash the NRA over management and trash POTUS DJT for taking hold of the Vegas tragedy instead of letting little nancy and congress have it all and those whose trip over themselves to wager on whether or not the next perp in the news is Black should guide us through this democRat Party Gun Control muck. What should we do oh wise ones?

    Rest assured 99% of the above knuckleheads could not define “Gun Control” if their lives depended on it. If you cannot define Gun Control how can you fight “Gun Control?” Gun Control zealots applaud those stupid enough to throw the baby out with the bath water so all you NRA, POTUS trashers and Bigots stand up and take a bow.

  5. I don’t belong to any political party so I can say this about the two major party’s,
    The DONKEYS just plain SUCK & the G O P don’t seem to have a spine…
    So I have to be shown evidence that the G O P can actually stick together, until they jettison the RINO’s I wouldn’t bet any money on the them to stick up for what the conservative’s want.

    • Since I am a registered voting Republican I can say this about those who stand on the sidelines and criticize….Get off your behind. Whether you have to hold your nose or not Go Register Republican. It is a numbers game. Likewise for those who remain registered democRats that may no longer vote democRat but still contribute to democRat numbers.
      If you want to help rid the Republican Party of RINOS like romney, mcconnell et al then simply join the party and make your voice heard.

      • No.

        Republicans won’t get my vote until they represent me, just like the democrats. I don’t care if it screws up your numbers game, because your game sucks and I want no part of it.

        If a republican wants my vote, he or she can come to me, listen to my concerns about the platform, and tell me how they’re going to work in my interests. Same for democrats.

        But this browbeating and shaming thing you’re trying to do? All that does is make me want for YOU to lose. You’re just lucky that the democrats are better at it than your side is, or you’d have even fewer friends.

        The reason more than 50% of people now say they’re independent is not because there’s some central independent movement wooing them in – it’s because the Dems and Reps are PUSHING US OUT BY MAKING EVERYTHING A CRISIS OF CIVILIZATION THAT CAN SOMEHOW ONLY BE SOLVED BY US GIVING UP RIGHTS.

        Screw that. I love the America I was born into. You do what you want, but in my country, we don’t compromise on rights because the crown says its best for us.

        • That was excellently worded. That is how I feel about all this as well. Thanks for putting that into words.

      • As an Independent, my voice has been heard well enough that I get 3-5 requests for money every single day, while there is not even an election on the horizon. I have no interest in the Republican Party believing I can be taken for granted, until the party has been thoroughly purged of “never Trumpers” as well as RINOs.

      • No. You think your vote matters? How’d that work out for you?

        Both parties are trash. You are not better or smarter or doing anything more than the rest of us by being a republican, in fact, you are probably part of the problem.

      • No, thanks. How I register doesn’t elect anyone, and I intend to vote for who I want elected, not who has an “R” after his name. I would just as soon vote for Romney’s (D) opponent as Romney, for example. So I am registered as Independent, because that is what I am. The most independent I’ve been was ’92 and ’96 when I voted for Perot, although I will also say that I’m convinced that Clinton did a better job than either of his GOP opponents would have, I would not be ashamed of having voted for them.

  6. Moron69er and the rest of the idiot leftists who cheered and voted for Joe kid sniffer Biden are gleefully laughing and rubbing their grubby hands together at the thought of white, conservative males and females being made defacto felons overnight for refusing to abide by the tide of unlawful and unconstitutional gun legislation headed our way. Orange man bad, though, amirite?

    • “made defacto felons overnight“

      Are you speaking of Republican Donald Trump making hundreds of thousands of Americans felons by banning the bump stocks they already own?

      That worked out great!

      And we are talking about the bump stocks that Obama’s ATF authorized, along with pistol braces, right?

      I wouldn’t be in any hurry for another Trump administration, who knows what rights we’d lose just because the orange man was feeling especially petulant.

  7. I’m running an inventory on ammo, magazines, etc. and listing serial numbers (the ones that have one) of all my firearms… Figure if they pass that $200 tax per gun and magazine I have two options (1) Comply and take out a second mortgage to cover costs OR (B) Tell them to fuk off and become one of those “immediate felons” (which would also make me ineligible to own a firearm which would make me a felon illegally in possession of a firearm ,multiple counts, which would…..) Screw it, you bitches want em, come and get em (guess I’ll take B)…. Oooops, hope I didn’t hurt somebody’s feelz with my lack of “Diplomacy”…

  8. I’m not sure what everyone is so concerned about. If this stuff passes, you can just move to a free state.

    • I agree, although I detect you were only being snide. Move to a free state, and be prepared to not only vote and donate, but to fight and kill and die to keep it free.

  9. “Rather than placing further burdens on retailers and law-abiding gun owners, Congress should focus on adequately resourcing NICS. NSSF is the only organization that has successfully advocated for NICS to have the necessary resources to perform its mission in a timely manner.”

    Once again, we see that the National Shooting Sports Foundation scores a proverbial “goal into their own net” with their support of the National Instant Criminal Check system.

    Perhaps the most popular reason that people oppose our National Instant Criminal Check system is because it is absolutely RIPE for misuse and abuse, such as oh, I don’t know, purposely refusing to staff that system with adequate resources, defining an ever greater list of “offenses” which disqualify a person, or pushing the allowable time delay out to 30 days (or longer, why not 60 days or 6 months?).

    Thus, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has a split personality since they simultaneously support and condemn our National Instant Criminal Check system.

  10. I’m too the point of saying “Go Ahead and Try It.” It’s time for another Lexington & Concorde event. Voting is a joke, because we have Selections not Elections, which is why these A-Holes are in office, and digging them out is all but impossible.
    We’re heading towards Civil War, and just like 160 years ago, the Democrats don’t care. It’s time to put an end to the Democrat Party once and for all time.
    I’ve had enough.

    • “Concorde event“

      That was pretty terrible, just ran over a piece of metal on the runway, flipped it up into the trailing edge of the wing and ruptured the fuel storage cells, leading to a catastrophic fuel leak and ignition.

  11. One has to ask why is it that Democrats are so big on destroying the right to keep and bear arms. In that regard all you have to do is look at all their legislative desires to make this country a 1 party ruled oligarchy!! They Constitution stands in their way of dictatorially ruling this country so they think it too must be eliminated. In order to do that and destroy all opposition to their plans they must confiscated and remove all guns from everyone so that no one can stand effectively in opposition! Take the guns and no one can revolt against them. This has nothing to do with protecting anyone! it has everything to do with their wanting absolute control over every aspect of our lives regardless of what we individuals think or do! Tyranny is the only reason for removing guns. Tyranny is the reason Democrats think the Bill of Rights are mere suggestions to be removed as soon as they get the power to do so. It amazes me at how stupid half the population is to think we would be better off under the thumb of these tyrants!!!

  12. Come and take it! X the 49 million gun owners last year, and the 175 million previous!

  13. Outlaw Private Sales, Outlaw Josie Wells, Outlaw Ned Christie.
    Some of their gunm laws I believe are going to make a lot more outlaws.
    Can you be labeled an outlaw though if the law is unconstitutional. I suppose so.

  14. “like I’m actually going to kill a person but three days? Nah it’s not worth it. Ha ha”

    If talking about NICS, the three-day “wait” is a limit, not a “cooling off” period. The limit was designed to prevent dragging the BGC into the next century.

      • “3 days gives the person your after time to have a restraining order served”

        If I’m buying a gun to attempt a murder I am not going to be too concerned about an inconsequential under charge of “violating a restraining order”… and It would have to be printed on one bad ass piece of paper to stop a bullet…

  15. “3 days gives the person your after time to have a restraining order served”

    Yep, there’s that.

  16. Sadly the GOP has not put any prioritization on protecting our gun rights. They only seem to care when an election is at stake and their “Anti-Gun Grabbing” rhetoric potential sways votes or they can use the Left’s antigun agenda as scare tactics. When they hold the power, they do nothing to support the Second Amendment.

  17. Have the members of Congress simply forgotten oath of office they all took? It appears that a significant number of them have. Sad isn’t it?

  18. The crooked corrupt DemonRats must move fast. The 2024 elections are coming soon, they think they will not be able to steal enough votes to keep the GOP out of the White House. Bills they want passed are the big push today.

  19. Joey you didn’t read this right, this was last updated in 2021. That is real old news, the bitxh now sits in the back row playing with her phone. She has no more power!!!
    All of these Posts are from 2021, I’m out of here. Nobody runs this page anymore!!!

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