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In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, newspapers in New York state have run off the rails on the crazy train. Case in point is an article published by The Journal News’ site that turned up a few days ago where every single concealed carry permit holder was tagged with their full name, address, and even plotted on a handy Google Maps app so you (and anyone who wants their gun badly enough) can find them. Which begs the question: why? . . .

What could this newspaper possibly hope to gain from publishing this information?

If they were concerned about the safety of the public, do they not realize that they’ve just given criminals in New York a MASSIVE Christmas present by showing them which houses to target if they want to appropriate some firearms? If the safety of the public is really at issue, do those who have proven themselves to be the most upstanding citizens in their community with pristine criminal records not count? Because by publishing this list, they’ve now incentivized criminals to target these specific addresses.

But the real reason is more insidious. If they were simply looking to shock the public into action for increased gun control, they could have published the list without the names. What they’re doing here is trying to scare anyone else away from applying from concealed carry permits. They’re hoping the list will make these law abiding citizens’ lives a living hell, make them pariahs in polite society, simply because they chose to protect themselves and followed the rules to do it.

The Journal News want these people to be attacked.

This comment in the comments section of the article summed it up best:

So should we start wearing yellow stars of david so the general public can be aware of who we are??


Great Job, just post our information and give criminals the exact place they can acquire guns and/or ammo. Now I must check the shadows for someone hoping to get the drop and me and get my weapons. We are not Sex Offenders, we should not have our addresses our there for the whole world to see.

This isn’t journalism. This is propaganda and hate speech.

[h/t reddit]

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  1. I am already stressed today and having minor chest pain, I just cant bring myself to read beyond the title of this post.

    I seriously hope this is a wake up call for people, its time the anti-gun movement be laid to rest.

    • I wonder is they were all connected politicians or billionaires. That’s what you guys used to say. What do you say now? Do you take back all that nonsense about New York being a de facto gun free zone?

      • Well, since the article happens to be all pistol permit holders, not just concealed carriers, nah, I think we’ll (or at least I) will stick with that assertion.

        While it’s likely there are a few concealed carry permit holders in NYC that are not connected/billionaires/both, those few probably have a unequivocal demonstrable need. It’s still effectively impossible for the average “man on the street” to get a permit.

        • Are you saying the title of the post is wrong? It says concealed carry holders.

          You still say effectively impossible? Let me guess, there used to be lots of school shootings in Israel before they stopped it with armed guards, and Australia’s gun control laws have had no good effect? Oh, and gun availability has nothing to do with gun violence.

  2. Amazed that these counties give this out as public records. Wonder how many leftist elites who live in Westchester are on the list?

    • The author of the article was on the list, or at least some guy with the same name.
      Dwight R Worley
      23006 139 Ave
      Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

  3. This is irresponsibility at it’s finest. I seriously hope there is some ground for these people to press charges or sue or something. Anything to create a backlash against this kind of crap.

    • The names of CHL holders should always be protected and the scum that publishes them should be charged with ‘being ate up with the dumbass’ ! Open carry in Texas goes into effect 1-1-16 ! ‘Texas like a whole other country’ ! Nothing is going to fix NY until the voters quit voting in them damn socialists,nothing !

  4. No wonder the officials in NYS seem so happy. All those people had to suck some serious appendages located in the lower abdominal area to get a permit in those counties.

  5. IIRC, last year the Illinois AG tried to publicize the state firearm owner registry and the State Police went to court to stop it. Am I recalling that correctly?

  6. Why would they publish, because they can. I believe it is called the first amendment and it is pretty clear. Unless you want, “common sense controls” put on it.

    • There already are common sense controls on it. Do you really want your medical information made public? Your income?

      Private is private for a reason.

      • Private? We gave up privacy for “security” many years ago!

        I am a NYC school teacher so my name & salary is/has been online for years. This is true at least for NY & NJ state and city workers. Am I happy about that, HELL NO! However, I knew my salary info would be public knowledge, along with everything I access on the NYC DOE network.

        Would be interesting to know who was denied a ccw permit and why?

        • Big difference. CCW is a hot political topic with many on the anti side violently, yes, violently against it. The fact that you are a teacher has been made public does nothing to affect your security.

        • just because our politicians have taken shits on the constitution does not make it acceptable to resort to behavior like this Drus.

          “they’re already doing it” is a invalid excuse.

    • Is it protected speech to publish someone else’s bank account info? Their social security number? We know that the 1st A protects speech that exposes private details about people’s lives, such as mistresses or criminal activities, but does that protection extend to details that provide a means to act against a person for activities that are not illegal?

      We have laws to protect people who expose trade and/or government secrets when crimes are being committed, but whistleblower laws do not cover government employees according the SCOTUS. Do they cover exposing sensitive but not illegal information about private citizens, about people who are not in government or in a significant position in business or the media? I have never heard that they do.

      • The fact that I am a teacher AND my salary is posted does affect my security. However, I knew it would be publicly available information; as all the pistol permit people most assuredly did also.

        By the way, irresponsible Nick, for writing that it was concealed carry, when it was clearly stated in the article that it was not.

        Bob, can you let me know what violence has been caused by the “antis”?

        • dude, stop making excuses for this type of behavior.

          youre not bringing up a valid argument and how could you compare revealing concealed weapons carriers to a teacher’s salary?

        • WLCE, I am not making any excuses, just explaining the facts. Yes, both my salary and Pistol Permit NOT concealed carry permit are both public information. Both a FOIL request away from being published. That is how they are similar, that is what I am stating. As I also said, we all should know that going into the process.

          The better question to ask of your government is why certain FOIL requests are handled so quickly, while others can languish for months.

          Fear rules after tragedies, we have to be the cooler heads.

          By the way, why not turn this into an open carry argument, since everyone knows who has a pistol permit anyway?

  7. It’s true: American gun owners are the new Jews. And Jewish gun control advocates (amongst gun grabbers from other religions and excepting Jewish gun rights supporters such as yours truly) are the new fascists. Funny old world innit?

    • CA is taxing itself into oblivion. High tech is moving away and TX is welcoming them with open arms.

      NY is doing the same thing. Look at financials moving out of NYC and other states welcoming them with open arms.

    • majority of jews, yes, but not all. my bro and i carry, he likes .40 and i like 9mm. trying to talk pro2A BEFORE sandy hook with them was just stoopid, after is beyond stoopid, thankfully i live west of the Mississippi and 95% of my relatives would’t dare soil themselves by coming to oklahoma….

      • Most Jews I know are pro gun-rights and/or gun owners themselves (myself included). I think Jews, like and group, are split between those who get it and those who don’t

    • RF-
      I am a permit holder in Westchester Co. so my neighbors and colleagues can find my name on this map. First, it’s not concealed carry holders – it’s pistol permit holders, which means the basic requirement to own – touch even – a handgun in my county. You could be on this list if your grandfather bequeathed you his Amry-issued Colt M1911. You can’t possess it without a permit. My permit is for target shooting only. I can be arrested if caught with my handgun in ANY other context than traveling to and from a target range. Am I pissed? No. I’m rolling my eyes again at the sh*thead liberal media, but I’m not “pissed”. 2Aers have to be loud and proud and I’m happy to throw it back at the provincials here who want to confront me about it, but it’s just gonna ruin my day some day. I’ll be at a party or with my kids and some jackasaurus anti is gonna get on my case. Would have rather avoided it, but my own fault for living in this tyranny of progressive small-mindedness, I guess.

  8. The prohibition on doing this is one of my favorite parts of Florida concealed carry law. I do think it’d be interesting to see the map, though.

  9. Another example of the media being completely irresponsible. As someone stated, let’s just give the criminals and nice little map of where they can find some firearms. Unbelievable!!

  10. I would suggest that what they actually have done is endanger those with out weapons. The criminals now have a list they can cross check a prospective target against, thus enabling themselves to reduce risk and exposure to armed victims.

    I hope they get sued, but my guess is this has had the opposite effect to that desired.

  11. If I were on that list I would be filing suit against the newspaper and whatever government agencies were involved in releasing this information. This is a serious breach of privacy and confidentiality.

  12. Thanks for the public health information, now, may we see the names and addresses of those infected with the aids virus?

  13. There are plenty of Jewish gun rights activists, too. Alan Gottlieb, Alan Gura, Robert Levy, Aaron Zelman, Eric Cantor, you — there’s a long list. Most of the Jewish wingnuts have one thing in common aside from being Jews — they’re Democrat politicians, and being a gungrabber is an important part of Democrat orthodoxy. It’s even more important than being a decent Jew.

  14. Pistol permits are public records under New York law. Under current law, New Yorkers have a right to know who in their state is licensed to legally possess a pistol, or conversely, who is not licensed. See the statute quoted at the top of this page.
    The state police have maintained these public records since 1936. If you do not think this information should be public, you should contact your state legislators in the assembly or senate. If you disagree with New York’s pistol licensing scheme, you should contact your state legislator. If you believe these records are being mismanaged, you should contact your state legislator or the appropriate officials in state executive. If you find a specific error that you believe should be corrected, contact the state police or your local law enforcement officers.

    • Thanks Glenn. We know what side you’ll be on if they come to take us to the FEMA camp. Or WHEN society/economy collapses and there is out of control violence in urban areas and they try to blame gun gun owners.

  15. Our local paper did the same thing several months back. Several locals were so irritated they created a website with the editors personal information, including some interesting marital affairs he was having. Karma is a beeotch.

  16. Not only are they giving criminals the location of guns, but they’re also giving the criminals all the houses where they will most likely find the least resistance.

    This was stupid to do and hurts both the gun owners and non-gun owners.

  17. The Arkansas Times did this a few years back. Max Brantley, the editor, thought this was such a brilliant way to out us “gun nuts”. There were quite a few divorcees with protective orders who were miffed, to say the least, with this utterly stupid abuse of the press.

  18. Wow just wow.. I would hope that the SAF or somebody would take note of this. That news outlet should be held liable. I mean seriously, that is a dangerous precedent they are setting. Can anyone say class action lawsuit???

  19. Great. And what happens when a criminal breaks into one of these folks’ houses and steals a gun to use in a later crime (murder for instance)? Will The Journal News’ be held liable because they aided a criminal by giving out private information about where guns are stored?

    Clearly it is time for Media Control to put a stop to this kind of irresponsible exercise of one’s First Amendment Rights.

    We need to force all journalists to register with the Federal Government, apply a 5 day waiting period to all articles they publish so that they can be reviewed by a Government Approval Board.

    Dear God…Why are some people not able to think their way around a corner?

  20. Irresponsibly reckless journalism!

    Got to wonder if (when?) one of these CCW’s is robbed and the “perp” is caught and he or she claims that they targeted the house because of this newspaper’s reckless article and disregard for the CCW’s safety, is the newspaper not unnecessarily exposing themselves to litigation or possibly even incarceration?

    • I also decided against getting my concealed carry permit. I live in Houston Texas. I am taking Tactical Gun Training classes to get better handling my handgun in a self defense situation but I am not going to take the concealed class training now get a carry permit. I carry my handgun in my car under the Castle law to protect myself. I am a 60 year old female that lives alone and drives back and forth to work by myself. My Older Brother carried his hand gun for many years. He told me before they every started these concealed carry classes that he would never get a permit because if they ever decided to take away out guns they would not know that he owned any weapons. I have never been a gun owner until about 5 years ago. I recommend taking tactical training and learn the gun laws in your state and never apply for a concealed or any other type of gun permit.

  21. They want to open all gun owners to stigma and protest. Imagine if you as an average joe all of a sudden end up with some nutjob protesters on your dront lawn?

  22. This is a serious privacy violation and could endanger victims of domestic violence. Often they go into to hiding to avoid the perpetrator. (I helped arrange for this as a volunteer for the local county bar association ) This newspaper may have revealed their locations by posting this on the website.

  23. Glad VT has constitutional carry. Our local paper just finished publishing the salary and name of every state employee because they could.

  24. “It’s about time we started talking about common sense PRESS control. After all, the flood-the-zone coverage of these atrocities is the surest proximate cause for the next mad hatter craving his fifteen minutes of fame. So let’s ban reporting of these incidents by any media outlet. And while we’re at it, no media outlet with more than a movable type printing press will be allowed, since that was the type of press available when the Bill of Rights was written.” Not!

    Do I believe the way the media reports these massacres leads to the next one? Absolutely. Do I believe we should trash the First Amendment because of it? Absolutely not. There are ways to deal with the insane short of totalitarian trampling of the fundamental rights of those who are sane.

    But don’t doubt that the media, the greater part of which are committed Leftists, has declared war on your fundamental rights. They’re actually trying to endanger people’s lives and property now, not just their right to bear arms.

  25. Pretty big gamble on their part. The first lawsuit against their company should any one of these dots be assaulted or burglarized will shut them down and then some.

    Hope it was worth it.

      • @ Mr. cant read the rest of the name. Up there forever, like since December 21st, 3 days ago. That is why the gun control people know they have to keep the heat up and get something done no later than January. The public is starting to move on. Or at least to the derpression phase of grief, when more logical ideas push knee jerk reactions out. The fight isn’t over but it isn’t a majority move that they wanted us to believe in the beginning.

  26. This has gone too far. Do these anti gunners know they’re putting families at risk. Children!! They want to talk about safety of our kids and yet this paper has opened the opportunity for potential harm from criminals and the next spree shooter. Whoever publish this I hope they lose their job and realize they will be held accountable if anyone of those people are injured or killed. I can’t believe someone will go this low to push an agenda.

  27. If someone in my family was injured or killed because of this hatefull misuse of the press I would inflict matching injuries on the people responsible for this information being out there.

  28. I would encourage every single person on that map to contact legal representation and make a class action lawsuit. This clearly endangers public safety to push an agenda. Hell I wonder if the SAF would even take this rag to the courts and sue them into oblivion.

  29. Maybe the CCP owners should return the favor and publish the home addresses of all the journalists for th paper. My guess is that the criminals would not mind knowing who is anti-gun, and therefore more likely to be unarmed.

    • Bobby,I respectfully diargsee with your assertions:Firstly, the definition of a “messed up” country seems to be quite subjective, and therefore not a good foundation upon which to build an argument. Your use of the term “normal neighborhood” has similar problems. You really can’t use such subjective and undefined terms while trying to make a statistical argument.Secondly, and more importantly, even if you are correct, your assertions seem to show the futility of gun control. Whether in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, or Russia, criminals who want guns will get them. In the USA, just look at Chicago, where handguns have been banned since before I was born, yet it is a rare day when someone is not shot or killed by a criminal who ignores the handgun ban. Or, consider the various school shootings, which all happened in “gun free zones,” showing that criminals don’t care about breaking gun control laws.Finally, your counter argument ignores the European countries such as Norway and Finland, where guns are much more widely available than the USA, yet gun misuse is much less common than the USA.

  30. They (L&I) pulled crap similar to this in Philly and got a class action suit (?) for their trouble. Talk about irresponsible! I pray nothing happens to the folks listed. They have been endangered for no reason other than to bully them and create more panic.

  31. Hello all, welcome to my neighborhood. I live in Putnam county now but I grew up in Westchester. Anyone want to help me get my family out? I am all for it. The Journal News has been known as a rag for years but this really takes the cake.

  32. I contacted Gannet News Service and complained. Their number is (703) 854-6000.
    I had to leave voice mail but if other folks call and threaten to quit subscribing to ANY Gannet publication, it may make an impression.

  33. I hope those who had their names and addresses publish sue
    this news agency along with home owners without firearms that
    have been set up by these clowns.

    What a bunch of tossers.

  34. This is not only dangerous to concealed carry holders but to those who are not, as the criminals now have a list of where get guns and where they can rob without consequences.

  35. I see some permit holders that live in Connecticut; perhaps our Attorneys General will look into if it violates Connecticut statutes…..

  36. I think this will bite them in the butt. 1. I think the amount of break ins for homes without guns will go through the roof. 2. When break ins go through the roof so does the amount of people who feel they need a gun. 3. The amount of break ins at people who own guns could go up but there is a significant chance that the amount of guns used in legal self defense would too. 4. People who don’t own guns don’t think about criminals stealing guns they think about criminals going after easy targets- the chance just increased they will want their name on that list

    I am not saying that it is right for this place to do this but I would much rather have my name posted on this list then not posted. We will actually be able to see that gun free zones don’t work.

  37. If this were used to assist in a crime and it probably will, I foresee one or two scenarios playing out;

    One, unless the bad guy admits (provided he survives) that he used the list it will be written off as speculative.


    Two, antis will argue that if people didnt have guns the list would not exist and crimes to steal guns would not happen

  38. If I were the badguy, I’d rob the neighbors without guns in the home and avoid the chance of being shot by a permit holder.

  39. “Which begs the question: why? . . .”

    Men’s Rights Activists are more than familiar with this tactic: it is called “Shaming Language”. Its accusatory in tone and used to silence through intimidation and labeling, and to put men (now gun owners and those who want a CC permit) on the defense. It is used to (like mothers do to many children) control and manipulate behavior. Shaming Language is used to keep others from repeating the acts that are not acceptable.

    My advice is to fight fire with fire. The names, addresses, etc of the Newspaper publisher, editors, journalists, owners, and staff need to be published on the Internet along with their spouses information to include the spouse’s place of employment.

  40. Enough!

    It’s time to get mean. Mad dog mean.

    Publish the names and addresses of Journal News personnel. Publish pictures of their homes and automobiles. Publish the names and addresses of their children. See how THEY like THAT.

    Oh yeah, be sure to publish their work hours so thieves know when they can ransack their homes with impunity.

    CCW is very rarely permitted in Orange and Westchester Counties. This map lists all pistol permit holders. To get a pistol permit in these crazy NY counties, you need 4 recommendations letters from friends and neighbors + fingerprints and FBI background check. These people are the most responsible citizens you’ll ever find.
    This maps is wrong on many levels: some addresses are outdated, some people are deceased and some permit holders are definitely missing from the list.
    Since long guns are not registered, there may be 10 times more homes with long guns inside of them not shown on this map (including AR15s). Therefore what’s the point of all this anyway?
    = Boycott Gannet right now: this article is pointless, misinformed, outrageous and highly dangerous.

  42. Does New York have a Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground Law? If so, and I lived there I’d put a sign on my house that explained that New York had that law and as the paper stated, I’m armed. That would end any protestors or robbers I think.

  43. No Castle Doctrine in NY. You have duty to retreat. If a bad guy invades your home, you have to flea and lock yourself in your bedroom. If he breaks your door (think the Shining here) and you have absolutely no other option to retreat, then and only then you may use deadly force. Please note that you may end up in jail anyway to have tried to defend your own life.
    Another funny one is that if a bad guy burglarizes your home while you are away, slips in your kitchen and breaks his neck, he will most likely sue you and you will most likely loose and end up paying for his medical bills for the rest of your life.
    Isn’t NY neat?

  44. Once again, gun owners will moan but offer little concerted action. A few thousand e-mails to advertisers in that rag from gun owners threatening a boycott of the businesses and products concerned, would ensure its demise. I know the media business. And, defeating left wing media is quite simple, if we put the effort in as a group.

    • Someone needs to post a billboard in a rather poor part of town like they did in Little Rock AR a few years ago with the editors personal home info listed as a gun free home, after all, it is public information.

      Bill boards dont cost much if a couple thousand pissed off gun owners pitched in together. As many readers as there on this board $10-$15 each would get a bill board for a month or two, enough to get the point home.

      Who here wants to get together and buy a billboard to do the same to the editor and see how they like getting treated the same?

  45. I’d just like to point out that this list most likely includes all retired NYPD permit holders as well. I just checked a couple of addresses of guys I know, and they were on there as well.

  46. Two things are happening here. I can certify as a CWP holder that I rarely carry my gun. If I was in new york right now I would be carrying said guns even in my sleep due to fear of someone (criminal) trying to take advantage of this new found information.

    All they did was ensure that all this conceal carry permit holder enforce their permit by carrying by force daily.

    Great way to take the guns out of the streets.

  47. Boycott Gannett newspapers, and as you drive down the road look at billboards and see who advertises on the Gannett billboards. Contact them and tell them you will boycott those also. Get their attention and it will hit them where they feel it. In the wallet.

  48. Ok Folks, this “newsrag” has just assumed liability for ALL future violence in the area. They have just informed career criminals where they can obtain firearms. The blood is on their hands. My suggestion ? Collect any and all information for every single employee of this rag all the way down to the paperboy, and post it in every available location that you can, all the way down to the restroom walls. 4th amendment be damned.

  49. Someone needs to post a billboard in a rather poor part of town like they did in Little Rock AR a few years ago with the editors personal home info listed as a gun free home, after all, it is public information.

    Bill boards dont cost much if a couple thousand pissed off gun owners pitched in together. As many readers as there on this board $10-$15 each would get a bill board for a month or two, enough to get the point home.

    Who here wants to get together and buy a billboard to do the same to the editor and see how they like getting treated the same?

    Make sure the billboard is in one of the crime ridden areas of the city.

  50. I think someone should post the Name, Address, Phone Number, and a Street View picture of the author of this article, along with a picture of their car on the internet for all to see. I wonder if they’d have a different opinion of that…

  51. Well, Merry Christmas to the NY residents on the list, you should get out while you can and maybe start a few fires on the way out.

  52. If I were a criminal I think I would start with every home WITHOUT a red dot. Those without them simply scream home invasion and gang rape. Enjoy your Holidays sheeple.

  53. Nick, keep telling the truth!

    Great to see you broke this story here, this was the first thing that came up on
    Google when I went to find data for it.

    As someone who has shot with Nick Leghorn before, you guys need to read pretty much everything he writes. He’s a p. cool guy 😉

  54. “We are not Sex Offenders, we should not have our addresses our there for the whole world to see.”

    Too bad that’s where it starts. You take away the rights and privileges of one group and soon enough the precedent is set to take the rights away from the group you belong to. If you don’t fight tyranny in all it’s forms then you are only stalling the inevitable.

  55. live free or die is our state motto i laugh we have lost so much freedoom by or own doing. now because of many assaults against our persons we say hey our rights are pushed aside and we are violated. we need many george washingtons to arise a people willing to sacrifice to take back our republic. put our second admendment in action against tyranny. we the people are not heard ,socialism is now you are starts in our hearts and mind,freedom what does it mean to you. to led or to be led.we need to seek divine provdence all our lives are at stake.we are the next holocaust

  56. Every one of the NY CCP holders should go to the NY Times bldg and do an occupy Wall Street like movement. Just sit outside and say hi to all the NYT people coming and going.

  57. On the brite side for all ccw permit holders it shows the criminals which house’s are less likely to be protected by a gun. The posting was obivously not thought out very well. And now the journalist who posted this artical has his name,address,phone # posted all over facebook.

  58. “This information being made public can cause all sorts of problems. 1st. criminals now a have a name which they can search and come up with an address in a matter of seconds. Now they have an address and know you have guns to steal and if you went to the bother of getting a CCW permit this probably means you have more than one gun to steal. 2nd. this information is now available to Insurance Company’s that can build a trumped up case that you now need to pay more for health insurance because statistically you are more of a risk to shooting your self, all gun owners have seen the trumped up statistics. 3rd this information my preclude you from getting a job, cause you to be terminated, or put you under undue scrutiny and/or disciplinary action because of all the company’s “no guns on premises” rules. If any the above apply to any affected CCW permit holder post printing of this information then I see a great case for a Class Action law suit against the Register for liable and slander.”

  59. ” I for one am VERY ANGERED about this situation! This information being made public can cause all sorts of problems. 1st. criminals now a have a name which they can search and come up with an address in a matter of seconds. Now they have an address and know you have guns to steal and if you went to the bother of getting a CCW permit this probably means you have more than one gun to steal. 2nd. this information is now available to Insurance Company’s that can build a trumped up case that you now need to pay more for health insurance because statistically you are more of a risk to shooting your self, all gun owners have seen the trumped up statistics. 3rd this information my preclude you from getting a job, cause you to be terminated, or put you under undue scrutiny and/or disciplinary action because of all the company’s “no guns on premises” rules. If any the above apply to any affected CCW permit holder post printing of this information then I see a great case for a Class Action law suit against the Register for liable and slander.”

  60. “WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. military said Monday that Fox News Channel Correspondent Geraldo Rivera was being expelled from Iraq for divulging details of a future military operation, though later in the day a Central Command spokesman said he was not sure whether the newsman would be forced out.

    “My initial report was that he had been asked to leave his unit and subsequently the country, but since then I’ve heard different reports,” Lt. Cmdr. Charles Owens at Central Command said.

    “Frankly, we have bigger and more important things to do.” He urged a reporter to call Fox News to learn Rivera’s fate.

    John Stack, vice president of newsgathering for Fox News Channel, said Rivera “has not been told to leave” and that nobody from the U.S. military had contacted the network to say that Rivera is being removed.

    What sparked the controversy was a Monday report by Rivera that U.S. military officials said violated an important Pentagon rule imposed on its so-called embedded correspondents working inside fighting U.S. military units. Rivera had provided crucial details of a future military operation, officials said.

    In a live broadcast from the Iraqi desert, Rivera instructed his photographer to tilt the camera down to the sand in front of his feet so that he could draw a map. Rivera then outlined a map of Iraq, and showed the relative location of Baghdad and his location with the Army’s 101st Airborne unit. The reporter then continued with his diagram to illustrate where the 101st would be going next.

    “He gave away the big picture stuff,” one stunned senior military official told CNN. “He went down in the sand and drew where the forces are going.”

    Rivera then reportedly provided another live report from Iraq on Fox hours after his expulsion was announced. Rivera said he knew nothing about the ordered expulsion at the time of the second report.

    “In fact, I’m further in Iraq than I’ve ever been,” he said. “It sounds like some rats from my former network, NBC, are trying to stab me in the back.”

    Rivera said he had heard nothing about being expelled until he called network headquarters for a scheduled live report.

    “MSNBC is so pathetic a cable news network that they have to do anything they can to attract attention,” Rivera said. “You can rest assured that whatever they’re saying is a pack of lies.”

    A U.S. Central Command official said, “He is being pulled. He just doesn’t know it yet. He has not gotten the word.”

    CNN Pentagon Correspondent Chris Plante contributed to this report.”

  61. the list of names was published for one reason…to ruin the lives of gun owners. Maybe my kids shouldn’t be going over to play at a house with guns in it. Always thought something was alittle off with Joe…now I know I was right..he is a gun nut. I would feel alot safer living in this community if Joe got rid of his guns. Until his house is gun free, my friends and family will steer clear of his house and family. He is a danger to all of us…after all his gun could go off accidentially and kill one of us. Who would buy a house next to a known gun owner.

    The game here is intimidation and ostracization. Make the gun owners outcasts.

  62. Let’s make it easy on everybody. Pass an open carry law so the “gov”s law of ccw can be trashed. Post my name, see my fame!! No secrets when everybody an see it!

  63. This so called News Paper is a front for Anonymous (the instigator of the Occupy Movement) It is using the exact same tactics that were used against opponents of Occupy but now Occupy’s enemies are the citizens of America. This is all being co-ordinated through the WH and it’s minons. SEIU, Occupy, the Institutional Left will go after these gun owners to terrorise them until they fight back, and then the gun owners will be persecuted by the Leftist legal system

  64. Tom Givens, who teaches in Memphis, has had 56 stuetnds involved in DGUs over the past 5 years. He’s also had 2 stuetnds, who were unarmed when they were attacked, die. There are documented cases of CHL holders in Texas who were killed when they were unarmed as well, including a often-cited one involving a Christian musician who was mugged and killed coming out of a recording studio in Dallas.If your hypothesis (which cannot be called a conclusion , since conclusions require supporting data and not just opinion) is correct, and permit holders are incapable of making appropriate decisions under stress, there would more stories of failed DGUs, with armed citizens dying, going to jail, or shooting the wrong person, than there are DGU success stories. There are over 6 million permit holders nationwide now. If you are right, find the data and back up your claims.You should get on YouTube and pull up the video of Suzanna Hupp’s testimony to the Texas Legislature. She watched a crazed gunman drive through the front of a Luby’s cafeteria and kill a bunch of people, including her parents. She could not fight back because her gun was locked in her truck. Texas had no CHL program until 1996, because people like you, running our state government, believed the same lie you do that regular people are incapable of good judgment when carrying a firearm in public. 16+ years later, the data on Texas CHL holder behavior collected by the state police, to assess that very issue, shows that permit holders are 6-15x LESS likely to commit violent crime than the population as a whole.It’s presumptuous and arrogant of you to assume that your own life experience (a data point of one) is sufficient to allow you to understand what other people can or can’t do, in life threatening situations, and worse yet for that arrogance to lead you to believe that because you’ve never been in a situation where deadly force was truly the only survivable option, that others should be denied that fighting chance.Unlike you, who judges the armed citizen community based on nothing more than your own prejudices, I’ve spent the last 20 years teaching force on force classes where I run armed citizens through scenarios where they have to make those same critical decisions you claim they are incapable of making. Those scenarios are based on real incidents, some in which the victims lost, and some in which the intended victims fought back and lived. For the most part, armed citizens are capable of making good decisions, and the ability of most of them improves dramatically after they’ve participated in and observed multiple scenarios.

  65. Good article and right to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you folks have any thoughts on where to employ some professional writers? Thanks in advance 🙂


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