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Those of you who recall James Yeager’s invitation to his YouTube detractors to come over to his place for a battle to the death know that the Tactical Response gun guru is about as mentally stable as Mai Barnea is unattractive. I’m not saying Yeager doesn’t know his onions. I’m saying he’s one vegetable short of a stew. Maybe music’s a better analogy. Dressing up as Santa with a machine gun for a video greeting card in these post-Sandy Hook slaughter times, when gun grabbers are looking for evidence that gun owners are gun nuts, when our rights are in the gun control industry’s cross-hairs like never before, is about as tone-deaf as you can get. First amendment, of course. And I make no apology for posting the Yeagermeister here; if we don’t police the People of the Gun (e.g., IGOTD) who will? But seriously Jimmy. Try again.

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  1. I’m sorry, but yeager always just seems like a massive toolbox to me. 40s suck and so do you for liking it…. too cocky and in your face. The I’m right and you can suck it attitude. It all just bothers me.

    • +1 I don’t waste any of my time watching his brand of excrement. IMO, he is a complete whack job.

      • Yup. Didnt the state revoke his carry permit? He a stumble away from a jail or padded cell with the duel threats and Good Riddance. I wont even click on his vid to give a view.

    • Yeager has a lot of experience and knowledge in “Tactical Response” he just doesn’t have any “TACT” and is bad for the cause. I sense a Bully here, which in a combat situation might or might not be an asset, but the people trying to disarm the nation LOVE IT when guys like him make public statements. He got “tricked” in to making a ‘veiled threat’ I would call it. He should stick to what he knows how to do, and let others do what THEY know how to do. All of that tattoo ink doesn’t help either. I will never understand that. OOPS, I don’t have any TACT either, BB

    • Me, my dad, my brother, my brothers friend, my uncle, 2 of my cousins, another cousin’s husband, my uncles friend, and one of my dads friends all went out and shot today on Christmas Eve like we’ve done for about the last ten years.

      I really doubt gun control people turn it into a family affair and hang out with friends and family and do gun control-y stuff. That’s why we win.

    • What did Vickers say in response? Comments are disabled, so I can’t find what he said.

  2. You know the difference between the blowhard mall ninja at your local range and James Yeager?

    Yeager has a camera and a bigger mouth.All Obama need do to increase support for strict gun control is play one of Yeager’s “Tactical Response” videos at a press conference.If he’s a reckless blowhard to us gun guys,what will he look like to Democrat Voter Soccer Mom?For that reason he’s a larger danger to our rights then any politician.

    • Hmm… There’s no “fuck you haters!!!” at the end of this video, so I’m not sure if that’s really him.

    • There’s no “fvck you haters!!!” at the end of this video, so I’m not sure if that’s really him 😉

  3. See that shit right there is what I meant the other day when I said everybody should tone down the tactical for a bit. The antis are looking for EVERY little thing to use against us. I didnt even watch the video. Just the still of him standing there is enough for some grabber to try to use as proof we’re all nuts. Think about easy would it be for some anti to take that pic, post it on FB or whatever other social site crap there is, and have a bunch of other people go looking for the video. No freakin common sense.

  4. A prior service Marine infantry with 2 deployments who is now in the Army and is in the Q-Course for 18b and I tried to take Yeager up on his Coward Challenge, but he refused to meet us if we drove to Camden. He started by agreeing, then he went into the duel business, then he said he’d open up on our vehicle with a PKM, then he said he would be unavailable and couldn’t meet us and we’re not worth his time anyway.

    Whether he is a coward for running and hiding in a ditch while the mortally wounded returned fire and the unwounded tried to tend to the wounded or not is not a judgement I want to make, but his behavior since coming back to the states, especially in response to criticism over his actions in Iraq, makes him a bigger coward than hiding from a PKM ever would.

    • Doug-

      It’s interesting you say he said he would basically ambush you. I got into it with some of his supporters on the Indiana Gun Owners site and told them the same thing (since their answer to any disagreement with Yeager is “say it to his face and he will beat you up / kill you”).

      The whole dueling contract he tries to have people sign before even meeting them basically is a way of discouraging people from accepting his challenge. Essentially you admit you are going there to commit a felony and I would not be surprised if he either had his leo buddies arrest you on arrival or if he ambushes you when you drive up.

      Based on your statement it seems I was right.

  5. You really think they need to scour YouTube videos when they can just pick whichever recent shooting is the “most tragic” according to the media (read: the younger and whiter and more numerable the victims, the better) and run with it.

    A YouTube video has nothing on the evening news.

  6. Yes, because pandering to gun-controlly, emotional sensitivities will net us more liberty… riiiight.

    And, appeasement worked in 1930’s Europe too.

  7. Aside from being a poorly thought out, rambling, stupid video…I don’t see anything wrong with it either. So what, he dressed in a santa suit to send a xmas message to his followers/fans, who happen to be tactifool wanna be gun nuts.

    • The problem is that we understand he’s being a tool. A liberal from Chicago would not.Theyd be horrified at the idea that a so called firearm safety instructor would be inviting people to do a no-shit duel at high noon on his youtube page.Talk about not ‘living in the Wild West’ . If the blissninnys discover that anyone can sign up for tactical classes which teach more about shooting than some police academies ,well get to see training added to a ban list right alongside the guns. After all,who NEEDs to shoot 2″ groups at 21 feet except law enforcement and military? We’ve got enough problems with the Feds without then telling us which gun classes we can legally attend too.

  8. He certainly has his loyal followers on his website forum, and from reading the various posts there, I don’t know exactly just how to take him and his minions. I happen to think that he’s one conceited, egomaniacal individual though. I only live about 24 miles from him but don’t think I’ll be signing up anytime soon.

  9. He does have some hard core supporters (some of them even in large forums such as the moderators of the Indiana Gun Owners forum).

    Many of us have been trying to warn about associating with this guy but those warnings fell on deaf ears. It seems like whenever this guy was questioned the response from him or his group always boils down to threats.

  10. All you “men” on this forum remind me of that other word for a cat. Yeager is a hero in gun culture. You may not realize it but what he’s doing is way better than what you clowns are doing to help support our rights. He’s standing up for what he believes in. I wouldn’t blame him at all for killing every one of you dead for being the cowards you are.

    • A “hero”?

      Standing up for what he believes in by challenging people to duels to the death? Then when he has a few people “accept” his challenge he comes up with a “dueling contract” which he demands they sign that states they are intending to commit a felony which means they could be arrested the moment their feet hit the ground? Or ambushed. Not to mention his waffling on the whole “I’ll buy a plane ticket and pay expenses” BS?

      Then there is that little video. While I can’t say for sure why he did what he did with ERSM on route Irish, IMO a man who has a video of him running and “taking cover” in a ditch where he can not engage anyone while his team mates are fighting for their lives, AND stays there for the entire fight, should not be so quick to call other people cowards. “Supporters” like you aren’t doing him any favors either.

  11. Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn invited James Yeager to their 1911 Operator class..

    James Yeager has a lot of credibility.

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