Alec Baldwin Rust Movie Shooting
Alec Baldwin on the set of 'Rust'
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New Mexico prosecutors say they will file new charges against Alec Baldwin if further testing shows that his gun was working at the time of the “Rust” shooting.

The special prosecutors in the case, Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis, dropped manslaughter charges against Baldwin in April.

Baldwin had been accused of negligently pulling the trigger, causing the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. But Baldwin’s lawyers provided analysis that raised doubt that the gun was working properly at the time.

The FBI analyzed the gun last year, and broke it during a test firing. In a recent court filing, Morrissey and Lewis said that the gun has been sent to an independent expert for further testing.

“If it is determined that the gun did not malfunction, charges against Mr. Baldwin will proceed,” the prosecutors wrote.

A decision is expected within 60 days.

— Gene Maddaus in Prosecutors Say They Will Charge Alec Baldwin Again if Gun Was Working During ‘Rust’ Shooting

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    • Pothead and alcoholic.

      Word being she was hungover and ‘stoned to the bone’ the day of the shoot…

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    • Would all those who hate Alec Baldwin please form an orderly line and continue around the block!

    • You pick up a firearm and point it at a person and pull the trigger and kill one and wound one see if the cops worry about who loaded the gun.

      baldwin is responsible for pulling the trigger as are all of us if it happens to us.

      Now if you’re suggesting that all shootings of this type were not to have criminal charges filed, that’s a different discussion.

  1. The FBI just happened to break the gun?

    Since the FBI is now known to be firmly in the pocket of the fascist Marxist leftists, I won’t exactly be holding my breath that will turn out the way it should…

  2. Since actors regularly point “real guns” at other actors in the filming of a movie trying to charge Baldwin with a crime is ridiculous. The fault was with the armorer who is on trial now and evidence proves she had been drinking and smoking pot.

    The only long shot (pun intended) was that Baldwin allowed live ammunition on the set and people were seen engaging in recreational shooting when filming was not going on. Whether or not Balwin was guilty of breaking any State or Local or Federal laws I do not know.

    • If she was not physically present at the set where the rehearsal was happening, and I’ve heard she wasn’t but don’t know for sure, nobody should have been handling any firearms. Whether she was hungover or stoned is irrelevant. If she wasn’t right there to check the weapons they should not have been using them. That was her responsibility and if she wasn’t there she should not be held accountable for others breaking safety rules.

      • If the Set Armorer is not on site, then there is an Assistant Set Armorer.

        In this case, the Assistant Armorer was also the Assistant Producer, who in fact, handed Baldwin the loaded firearm. In this case, he has already entered a plea bargain.

        That does not absolve Baldwin of negligence though. Even if told the item was “safe”, he still has to follow the safety brief and use the equipment in a safe manner. Everyone gets hung up on a firearm being involved, but it’s no different than any other workplace negligent homicide. If I am driving a fork-lift in a dangerous manner, and spear my warehouse manager, I’m liable (doesn’t matter if the mechanic says it’s “safe”)

    • “Since actors regularly point “real guns” at other actors in the filming of a movie trying to charge Baldwin with a crime is ridiculous. The fault was with the armorer who is on trial now and evidence proves she had been drinking and smoking pot.”

      It isn’t ridiculous at all. It’s the exact appropriate charge. There were multiple failings in this incident, not just his, but he did fail to check what he was holding, and subsequently shot a person.

    • No, dacian, it’s you who is ridiculous. If you can make any excuse whatsoever that relieves the person holding the gun of responsibility, you are ridiculous.

      The best part of you ran down Mama’s leg.

    • Do you also know the armorer was also performing “other duties” which left the guns unattended? This wasn’t a shoestring budget production. It was a threadbare budget production.

    • To Dacian,
      Actors point real guns at each other all the time.
      The Screen Actors Guild has addressed that in their contract with the actors when they join.
      The Screen actors Guild requires that all actors personally check firearms.
      Its right there In the signed contract when they join.

      • Well then if that’s the case Baldwin is guilty. I had assumed once the armourer had prepared the weapon no one else could mess with it.

  3. “The FBI analyzed the gun last year, and broke it during a test firing.”

    But, before they broke it during one of multiple test firings they determined the gun was working as intended. It was a real gun, not a prop gun. It was only called a prop gun because the was a real gun being used as a prop.

    They insisted to use the gun for the realism aspect, it was an actual firearm capable of being loaded with live ammo and fired. Baldwin had the gun in a cocked position with his finger on the trigger and applied rearward pressure on the trigger to fire it for the scene, he has admitted and demonstrated that much and that’s been proven (that the gun would fire under those conditions). He had pressure on the trigger and the gun fired just like it was designed to do, the gun operated perfectly. The same gun had previously been used off set by members of the crew with live ammo for ‘target practice fun’, so it was known it was a real gun capable of loading and firing live ammo.

  4. Jeremy got it right, or was that Honest Abe, “Never trust an actor with a gun.”

    Oh and I am absoutly certain the FBI didn’t break it accidently on purpose.

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  5. just spit balling here, is Alec Baldwin a friend of the Clinton’s? could there have been a phone call to the FBI from Hilary?

  6. Was the FBI playing quick draw? When I was a lot younger I broke several Hammers and triggers quick drawing a single action pistol!!

    • Serious question. How? Because I do that still and I do not want to be buying parts.
      I do not fan the revolving.

  7. I knew from the get go he’d get off,
    So I still don’t see him getting any type of punishment.
    After all, he’s already paid off the family with money & job promises.
    It’s nice to have bucks & friends in high places.
    & by the way, Baldwin is STILL one of the BIGGEST a hole’s in the business.

  8. Hmmmm, the FBI broke the gun; destroying evidence to protect a valuable member of the team I guess.

  9. The cops broke my SKS . Seems like Law Enforcement always break other people’s stuff. It’s like they dont care unless its theirs, then they get all pissy.

    Evidently the IRIS found out how much money Baldwin is worth and the sharks aren’t finished eating yet. After he’s about broke they’ll find him not guilty, then the family will sue, and then he is selling his superbowl ring at the pawnshop.

  10. Who from the FBI saw any sort of consequence from breaking this gun and blowing the case?

    I’m betting no one at all.

  11. I guess it happens but Ive never “broken” a gun. As rare as it is it’s kind of strange this one happened to break.

    • I have to admit back in about 1953 I broke a spring in my father’s Harrington & Richardson .32 long revolver, practicing rapid fire with the chambers empty. It can be done but one has to work at it. It’s too long ago to remember just what I did and what spring I broke but it did jam up the works. I don’t know what it cost to fix but it wasn’t much.

  12. First, as Executive Producer, Baldwin is ultimately responsible for anything that happens on the set.
    Second, it has been reported there were allegedly numerous safety violations regarding firearms on this location set.
    Third, It has been reported unauthorized personnel were handling the firearms after hours etc. for target practice and fun.
    Fourth, Baldwin is ultimately responsible for the injuries and death because he neglected basic firearms safety rules. I don’t care if Jesus Christ, Budda, Moses, or Mohamad himself hands you a firearm and says it’s safe. You still check the weapon and verify it is in the condition it is supposed to be in. Loaded with live ammo, blanks, inert, or empty.
    Yes, Baldwin should be charged and hopefully convicted of either negligent homicide, or unintentional manslaughter. Whichever the state statutes read.
    The firearm discharged while in his hand and at the end of the day he cocked the weapon and pulled the trigger.

  13. This is total BS. The FBI reported the gun was in good working order and never indicated they had broken it. That report came as an excuse for letting Baldwin off the hook. Any knowledgeable gun owner could have tested that gun without breaking it and ascertain that it was working just fine. This is just a load of nonsense from the corrupt New Mexico Government. If this had been you or me we would have been arrested, tried and convicted and be serving time at this point. Baldwin used the gun and he should have known whether it was working or broken before he shot it. End of story.

    • I might be exceedingly handsome but I aint no movie star.
      Seems to me movie stars are one the elites, maybe even higher ranking then a president.

  14. Sorry to all the “Four Rules” folks out there, but Actor Alec Baldwin should NOT be charged for pulling the trigger even if the gun was working perfectly.

    On the other hand, Producer Alec Baldwin should have been charged with negligent homicide (or whatever NM calls it) because AS PRODUCER he had direct personal responsibility for hiring the inexperienced armorer, for failure to enforce standard movie rules for the safe handling of movie guns, and for allowing cast and crew to regularly violate standard movie rules for the safe handling of movie guns.

    Unfortunately making that distinction requires a prosecutor and a jury who are competent to understand those procedures – which is hard when the jury will consist of a dozen people chosen for not being smart enough to get out of jury duty.

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