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I’ve found no shortage of fired cases in my laundry, but never a holster haha


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  1. You must have been thinking of Deadpool. He is the superhero that packs pistols. Usually a pair of Desert Eagles chambered in .50 AE. This is a good choice because he keeps forgetting his satchel. As a result, the bad guys just have to share bullets.

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  2. I washed my car keys, a flip phone (still worked after), two or three pocket knives, 7 loose rounds of .45 ACP, but never a holster.

    • I’ve had a few USB flash drives go through the washing machine. All worked fine afterwards. The work iPhone, did not.

    • …you’re supposed to run the Combat Tupperware™ through the dishwasher, not the laundry machine. 😀

      • Yes, dishwasher. But, a holster clunking around in the dryer will soften your jeans. Wouldn’t recommend laundering the flash-bang kit with its associated garments, though.

  3. I’ve washed at least two pair of Apple earbuds and some spent brass that ended up in a pocket or the cuff of my jeans. No holsters, though.

    Went through an airport scanner once with one 9mm casing in my pant cuff. They didn’t stop me for that, but they DID once get me for having a multi-tool in my carry-on instead of where it usually would go, which was in my firearm case, declared and stowed in my carry-on. I had to bin the multi-tool. I just know one of those b@st@rd TSA goofs went through the garbage later and retrieved it. A replacement cost me $40-50 at Bass Pro.

    • fleabay has endless “lots” of claimed (both meanings) tsa knives.
      i had a ttpocketools forged 154cm skull in my carry on (it’s essentially a two inch screwdriver with a bit driver hex) that was gone on the other side of the check point.

    • We were going through airport security in some Latin American country several years ago, I think it may have been Lima, Peru, and they had a clear plastic barrel right in the middle of the checkpoint. Roughly the size of a 55 gallon drum, and it was 2/3 full of all kinds of pocketknives, scissors, nail files, etc., and an armed guard was standing next to it. Anyone caught with something like a pocketknife was escorted over to it, and they had to show it to the guard and drop it into the drum. Was some nice pieces in there, but mostly nickel/dime stuff. Being a banana republic, they likely did a photo op whenever it was full to show how tough they were about security, and then doled it out later in a back room.

  4. My holster stays on the gun when both are removed from the beltline as a unit. Together they move from pants to nightstand and the reverse. Rarely does the firearm get drawn from the holster -every few weeks to be inspected for rust, de-linted, wiped down, or sometimes used at the range or unloaded and used for draw/dryfire practice.

    I can’t imagine a situation where a holster would be left on the pants, especially since it is clipped around the Kore Essentials belt which would be taken off as well as the pockets emptied and everything transferred to the clean pants or shorts before being tossed into the dirty laundry. The gun belt holds any pants or shorts open like a hula hoop at the waistline and would be hard to miss when the garment went into the dirty laundry.

  5. Feed the Monster—>TTAG.
    I am the responsible gun owner.
    I accidentally washed my holster.🥰

  6. 3rd stabbing in a week near UC Davis leaves campus on edge as officials lift overnight shelter-in-place order >


    note: Knife attacks rarely make the news without some type of ‘political’ or ‘sensation’ angle to it. Across California to date (6/16/2023) there have been 7,637 criminal knife attacks (reported to law enforcement), that’s 42 per day across the state. Due to these attacks, to date (6/16/2023), about 122 deaths were caused directly on scene, the rest were injury ranging from serious (as in life threatening) to minor, with about 37 dying later due to complications from the knife attack injuries.

    • Yesterday – woman kills boyfriend with a knife -Joplin Mo
      And I’ve been watching some utube street sht, seems more and more knife play lately. Perhaps the price and availability of emu has an effect?
      Well maybe that however it seems in the last two years everyone is running pressure cooker attitudes. I just dont see the smiling faces that often anymore.
      Could it be all the drugs, homeless, inflation. I dunno?
      President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have.
      That’s all I need to know.

    • Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.

      • JB blurrbered that one to. It was “Hispanics and African-Americans dont know how to get in line.”

  7. actually it was the chiron beneath a split screen live feed of sbpp and orngman on fox.
    “wanna be dictator addresses white house after having political rival arrested.”
    lasted 30sec. responsible party has been sacked.

  8. 1972, Haneda Airport, while fumbling with the baggage tag from LAX to Haneda (Narita was just a politician’s dream then) the baggage cop asked me if I had a knife. I thought he wanted to cut off the Lax-Haneda tag as we were going on to Fukuoka. “Sure” I said as I pulled the sterling silver gift knife my wife had given me. The cutting blade was 1 1/4″ long x 1/4″ wide. Certainly not the instrument I would choose for hijacking a plane. The stewardess (that’s what they were called way back then) might give me a karate chop and break my arm. The cop pulled out is pocket tape and held the blade against the ruler. I could see that the tip of the blade extended past a large red mark on the tape. He hollered and two other cops came running over, a supervisor and a shooter with a large .357 magnum on his hip and his hand firmly grasping the grip. “Just break the blade off” I stammered. There was a rapid three way conversation with the obvious honcho doing most of the talking. Finally the honcho ruled. I could keep the knife with the deadly blade but it had to be in my carry on luggage. I hastily agreed and went on my way.
    I later found out it is verboten for foreigners to carry a knife with a blade longer than two centimeters. As there are 2.5(roughly)cm in an inch it is illegal for a foreigner to carry a knife with a blade longer than slightly less than one inch. Several years later I read an account of a U.S. citizen asking directions of a cop in downtown Tokyo while wearing a Buck knife in its sheath on his hip. He wound up in the pokey while the U.S. Consulate tried to get him sprung. Not an especially fun way to spend your vacation in Japan.

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