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Pity poor California Gov. Gavin Newsom. He’s trying so hard to remain relevant while tapping his foot, waiting for something unfortunate to happen to President Joe Biden.  Newsom really wants to run for president, but until he doesn’t want to be seen as being in the same company with people like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

So he’s trying to say in the public eye and look presidential without actually campaigning. His latest pathetically transparent stunt proposing a 28th Amendment to the Constitution which would gut many of the rights protected by the terribly inconvenient Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, serious people aren’t taking Gov. HairGel, well, seriously. In fact, some like noted legal scholar and attorney Mark Smith believe that Newsom’s doomed proposal is a profound tactical error, galvanizing support for the Second Amendment among those who may have previously believed — laughably — the “we’re not coming for your guns” malarkey the Gun Control Industry™ has been trying to sell for decades.

On his government website, Newsom trumpets all of the support his effort has gotten to. There’s obviously no shortage of those willing to relieve Americans of any number of their enumerated civil rights. He also predictably categorizes those who are opposed to his brain fart as “Merchants of Death.”

From Governor Gavin’s office . . .

ENDING GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA: What They Are Saying About Governor Newsom’s Historic 28th Amendment Proposal


SACRAMENTO – Survivors of gun violence, gun safety advocates, and faith, family, health, local, and state leaders are expressing early and enthusiastic support for Governor Gavin Newsom’s historic proposal to end America’s gun violence crisis through his proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Announced late last week, California seeks to become the first state in the nation to call for a Constitutional Convention on this subject with a joint resolution being introduced by California State Senator Aisha Wahab and Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer. Following passage in California, the Governor will work with grassroots supporters, elected and civic leaders, and broad and diverse coalitions across the nation to fight for the passage of similar resolutions in other state legislatures.


A cross-section of support and commentary on the 28th Amendment:


National Rifle Association:
“Unhinged. . .”

Firearms Policy Coalition
California’s leading pro-gun group:
“F**k you. No.”

For those who want to read the deep thoughts of some of the power-hungry, would-be despots in the California Assembly, you can follow this link. Of course, they think the Governor’s proposal is the bee’s knees. Those pols, however, are protected by people carrying the very same guns they want to strip away from the little people, not only in their own state, but all across America.

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  1. All his buddies at the french bathroom or whatever it is are surely clucking with disapproval at the unworldy attitude of the chattel.

    • RE: Gavin Newsom: “Only ‘Merchants of Death’ Oppose His 28th Amendment Gun Control Proposal.”

      Actually History Confirms nazis were Genuine merchants of death and Gun Control was there to help them…Therefore you can go pound sand nazi newsob.

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  2. This is the same hypocrite who walks around with armed body guards (he is special, after all), and keeps the southern border wide open into his state for anyone with anything to waltz in to. I wonder what kind of weapons flow into California that are not found at any gun store?

    • Lol, Governor Nuisance would be totally perplexed by all the guns pouring over the open boarder after he’s disarmed America. Or he knows and has other plans.

  3. Deep thoughts of Gavin Newsome? I can onto the parched ground in the desert, and leave a puddle deeper than Newsome’s thoughts.

  4. I can URINATE onto the parched ground in the desert, and leave a puddle deeper than Newsome’s thoughts.

    • Paul you could do the same thing if you pissed on glass.

      Newscum quickly becoming Oldscum.

  5. can I add ” Death Merchant ” to my resume?
    figure it’ll help me stand out for the right employers and let the Progressitards know in advance that I don’t chug the rainbow colored koolade

      • “I thought the DuPont’s were death merchants or is that Monsanto?”

        The DuPont’s were heavy into mass-production of black powder in early America, and double-base propellants later on. Yeah, they were among the earliest ‘Merchants of Death’ in this country, seeing how their explosives were also used in mining, and that was one of the deadliest jobs back then.

        I’d argue chemical companies of all types are the real killers, who made the cyanide compound ‘Zyklon’ that killed millions in fascist Germany’s concentration ‘camps’? AG Bayer, the baby aspirin folks? 🙁

  6. Hey Newsollini! Before you spew your drivel nationwide, perhaps you should address the many issues in your own backyard. Gavin Newsom, failing at everything he’s been appointed to since 1996.

    • He will definitely welcome his new Chinese overlords when they claim his state based on “an ancient map”.

      He will continue to profess his loyalty as he is dragged to western China for “re-education”.

      • You folks ‘down ‘under’ are well aware of the dangers China poses. I recently heard, along with buying a few of our older Los Angeles fast-attack boats in that AKUS deal, Oz will be buying some brand-new ones as well. You’re taking the threat seriously…

        • Gee, if only Canada was… oh wait, they border a superpower that’ll defend the “melting” ice cap.
          Never mind

  7. Anybody proposing gun control is attempting to create victims for the criminal element.

    Makes newsome a ‘merchant of death’, doesn’t it?

    • Newsome’s stance on abortions in California has killed millions more humans than firearms ever will.

  8. This was the Governor’s proposal (below) and it can be accomplished without a 28th Amendment. As a matter of fact the American people are so fed up and so terrorized by the out of control gun violence in Capitalvania that even the crooked Republican Prostitutes of the NRA are on notice that if they want to stay in office in the near future they had better do something or get voted out permanently and lose their cash cow revenue from the corporate Lobbyists.

    Raising the federal minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21;
    Mandating universal background checks to prevent truly dangerous people from purchasing a gun that could be used in a crime;
    Instituting a reasonable waiting period for all gun purchases; and
    Barring civilian purchase of assault weapons that serve no other purpose than to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time – weapons of war our nation’s founders never foresaw

    • You insisted you own a scoped AK.

      You are a danger according to your own screeds.

      • 4th attempt to post

        Looks like Storm Trooper is the t tag sacred cow. He is allowed to throw out insults and then is protected by boch from any rebuttals.

        • To Jack Booted Storm Trooper

          Your reading comprehension is at the 5th grade level. I have consistently recommended the following:

          Universal Background Checks.

          More in depth vetting which would include waiting periods.

          Red flag laws and safe storage laws.

          Putting assault rifles under the NFA act.

          Even a 5th grader would understand none of this takes anyone’s guns away from them or bans them from purchasing them.

          Your advanced case of extreme paranoia is indicative of the Far Right which makes it impossible for you to think clearly or logically or accept any science on the matter. Again all typical of the far right paranoids.

          Try again with the insults, as usual you only succeeded in making a complete fool of yourself and documenting your advanced paranoia.

    • Keep us posted on the Amendment’s progress I am sure you will have much success to speak of.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Well, you have done it again. Just as Newsome has endorsed proposals already declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL, you have done the same.
      a number of Federal and State Courts have already said that:
      1) The minimum age for a gun purchase is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
      2) Here we go again with the “universal background checks. Do you really think a criminal goes to a gun store to purchase a gun? (LOL)
      3) Reasonable waiting periods to purchase a gun? Arbitrary and Capricious at best.
      4) Civilian versions of the AR and AK are NOT “assault weapons”. They are SEMI-AUTOMATIC firearms incapable to selective (three round burst or full auto fire). Your and the Leftist media’s interpretation of what an “assault weapon” is is ludicrious as NO MILITARY IN THE WORLD ISSUES SUCH civilianized firearms
      5) At one time a flintlock rifle and pistol was a weapon of war. So are shotguns.
      6) Some courts have already declared that the so called “red flag laws” are UNCONSTITUTIONAL as they deprive the defendant/respondent due process in violation of the Constitution. You see the government can’t seize property of a person without first going to court.

      • You should never try to teach a pig (dacian) to sing…It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

        • Yeah, but while it is so much fun, there are people here to “listen” to the DUNDERHEAD and think is is preaching Gospel.

    • Ah, no.
      What American people are fed up with are soft on crime DAs, no cash bail, the defund the police movement, all of which are predominate in Democrat ran, leftist cities.
      Those are the reasons why record numbers of first time gun buyers are buying guns. Most notably are women and minorities. These are the people who are feeling terrorized by Democrat policies.
      Our founders knew there would be advances in technology in firearms as they were seeing it with smooth bore muskets to rifled muskets. Could they have foresaw real assault rifles like the M16 (not a AR15)? Maybe Benjamin Franklin. Other things the founders could not of foresaw, nuclear weapons. Other things that likely have cause more death than your so-called “assault weapons,” fast food. Cigarettes. Smartphones. The automobile. Social media. Biden’s proxy war with Russia.

    • More stupid coming out of Democrat ran cities:
      NYC now has a “vending” machine that gives out free crack pipes that can be used to smoke both crack and crystal meth.
      For free.
      They had to restock the machine in 24 hours as it was empty.
      LA is doing something similar program with distributing harm reduction supply kits containing glass pipes, needles, fentanyl test strips and naloxone, a drug used to counteract an overdose.
      And here is a new one, CA Senate Bill 553. It will prevent retail employees from stopping thieves from stealing in their stores.
      In short, come on in and steal!
      And they wonder why people are fleeing these so-called civilized cities.

  9. Gavolino Newsolini.

    If this narcissistic egomaniac ever becomes President, Civil War II is guaranteed.

        • By no means a warrior, but not a coward. I got your back. Back surgery that saved my life, neck surgery and two new hips one for Christmas and one for my birthday in March. The last two years my Lord pushed me to my edge. I love him all the more for it.

    • “If this narcissistic egomaniac ever becomes President, Civil War II is guaranteed.”

      They had better not start one, listen what retired Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf has to say on that subject, and who’s side he will be on :

      • When you have guys like Stumpf saying that if it starts, he and more than a few of his buddies will “come off the bench” to deal with it, I gotta say that just warms the cockles of my cold, black heart… 🙂

        • Off the top of my head I can think of half a dozen vets that would be an absolute nightmare to deal with if pissed off enough to take action for various reasons. The lineman would be the biggest one not to fuck with.

  10. Wait, I thought the left doesn’t really mind Merchants of Death, since Biden didn’t lose any sleep swapping MoD Viktor Bout to Russia for druggie basketballer Brittney Griner.

    Also, I oppose his amendment. And I have never trafficked arms to third world war zones. One could say Biden has trafficked far more arms to conflict zones than Viktor ever could.

  11. Gruesome implies I can make money opposing his “28th puppy turd”.

    Outstanding! Probably pays in BLM vouchers, but what the hell…

    Although given the Leftist habit of accusing their intended victim of what they are planning, we should be even more afraid than before.

  12. The way he says “Merchants of Death”, like there was something wrong with that compared to the Merchants of Climate Fraud, the Merchants of Sex Mutilation Surgery, and the Merchants of False Covid Science.

    • Hello excess deaths. Remember when the Puppet promised he would save lives with his super secret plan that he kept to himself while people were dying in 2020? It turns out it was just to wear a useless mask and get the experimental injections. Oh and lock down, not work, etc. What an absolute failure. Why aren’t we talking about the excess deaths? They’ve already tried to move on from that.

  13. Only a traitor trying to further their personal agenda would propose such an amendment and they should be executed for it.

    Hows that for being a merchant of death Gavin?!

  14. Well this could really help gun sales.

    Dangit just thought… Right when primers are comin back too

  15. Two can play that game. Only pedophiles, spawn of incestuous relationships, and those with severe intellectual disabilities support the 28th Amendment.

  16. Only traitors of the Bill of Rights want to destroy the Second Amendment. Better we take those miserable creatures to McNeil Island WA and leave them there to starve and rot. They are dangerous, diseased individuals and need to be separated from American society.

  17. Only Communists, dictators, and tyrants fear an armed populace and the second amendment .

  18. Merchants of death can’t be anything to worry about, or we wouldn’t have traded THE “merchant of death” to free that dude from the WNBA in Russia.

  19. Gov. William J Le Petomane; Merchant of Death

    I like it. Has a nice ring to it.

  20. Didn’t the POTUS release the true “Merchant of Death” in a virtue signalling trade with Russia for some crappy basketball player?

    How’s that working out for humanity?

    Nobody reads. Nobody cares. Media pushes narrative. Hook, line, bait, set, reel them in.

  21. If the liberatards really want to start Civil War 2, this is the way. Newsome is a Nazi. And I’ll keep all my guns.

  22. Merchants of Death has an ironically patriotic ring to it. 2A really is all about ensuring that regular Americans can access the tools of lethality, should it be necessary. Merchants are a sign that it’s still true.

    What they won’t tell you is that the alternative isn’t ‘life’ or some hippie BS. It’s just trading ‘Merchants’ for ‘Oligarchs’, where lethal force is entirely monopolized by a state that actively undermines broad sections of its own public.

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