Lauren Boebert twitter threats
Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)
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by Lee Williams 

A 39-year-old South Florida man who is an ardent anti-gunner was sentenced last week to 15 months in federal prison and one year of probation for threatening U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, in a series of social media posts that targeted the Congresswoman for her strong Second Amendment support. 

In 2021, Matthew Lee Comiskey sent five threatening tweets to Boebert that mentioned firearms and encouraged readers to do her harm. Comiskey originally faced five counts of making an interstate threat but pleaded guilty last year to one count. 

There wasn’t much doubt about the threatening nature of Comiskey’s tweets  . . .

Matthew Lee Comiskey
Courtesy Twitter

Boebert’s pro-gun credentials are well known. 

Before the 36-year-old conservative was elected to Congress in 2020, she owned Shooter’s Grill, a Western-themed restaurant in her hometown of Rifle, Colorado, where staff openly carried firearms. 

Boebert has earned A-ratings from Gun Owners of America, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association. In Congress, she is a member of the Freedom Caucus and the Second Amendment Caucus. 

jail bars hands prison

During his sentencing last week at the Paul G. Rogers federal courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, Comiskey told the court he let his “personal emotions get in the way of my common sense.” 

His mother told the court that her son’s actions were “out of character.” 

U.S. District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg rejected Comiskey’s requests for a shorter prison sentence or home confinement. 


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        • jr…When you and the giggling old sht receive as many threats as I have then you might learn to read between the lines…Until that happens sit down and stfu.

  1. “His mother told the court that her son’s actions were “out of character.””

    Like hell.

    He’ll be a fascist hero when he gets out…

    • “He’ll be a fascist hero when he gets out…”

      either dacian or Miner49er will want to marry him. dacian is probably composing a ‘pen pal’ letter right now.

      • I can picture dacian and Miner49er showing up at the same time to visit Comiskey in prison:

        dacian: “I was here first. He’s mine, leave!”

        Miner49er: “No, I was here first. He’s mine, leave!”

        Miner49er and dacian: (slap fight ensues) dacian screaming “a study says that Capitalvania and naked apes…” and Miner49er screaming “TRUMPPPPPP!!! RELIGION!”

    • That makes them easier to manipulate. It isn’t about right or wrong. It’s about tribal warfare.

    • Some of us manage our emotions better than others. Those of the former group tend to be gun owners. Those of the latter group need not aspire.

    • I often hear how the department of justice has a liberal bias against Republicans so I was quite surprised to see this outcome.

      That same DOJ prosecuted this individual for his threats against a right wing Republican politician, and then an Obama appointed judge sent him to federal prison.

      “U.S. District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg imposed the sentence on Matthew Lee Comiskey, 39, during a hearing Thursday at the Paul G. Rogers federal courthouse in West Palm Beach.“

      • minor49iq…With no way around the evidence the judge is neither here nor there; just another going nowhere sneaky spin on your part.

        • to Deb

          Minor49er reported the court case facts. That is not spin. Look up the facts of the case as he did.

        • Hey Man with no fking brains

          When you point the finger at someone you have 3 of fingers pointed right back at yourself so shove them up your ass.

        • dacian asshole, that’s a cute saying that has nothing to do with my comment. So go fuck yourself hard and long.

      • COOL STORY, BRO!!

        Now do Hunter’s laptop, his lying on his 4473, Lying Joe’s blatant violations of the EXACT LAW he is attempting to prosecute Trump for (worse, in fact, since Biden as a Senator and as VP had NO power to declassify the documents he illegally possessed), Adam Schiff’s BLATANT lies, Eric Swallowswell banging a Chinese spy WHILE on the Intelligence Committee, Shrillary’s BLATANT violation of both they Federal Records Act AND the same Espionage Act with her home-brew server (oh, and destroying records under subpoena), and Lyin’ Joe lying about receiving bribes from Burisma, you f**king liar of a punk-@$$ little lying b**ch!!

        • Your sad laundry list of half-baked accusations, rumors and disinformation mean nothing in a court of law.

        • “Your sad laundry list of half-baked accusations, rumors and disinformation mean nothing in a court of law.

          “This long list means nothing in a kangaroo court.”


        • “We run out of breath giving facts and sources“

          Really? So where are the facts and sources to support all of lamprey’s claims above?

          He posted no facts or sources or citations support his claims, that’s how we know it’s all bullshit.

          As an example:

          “Lyin’ Joe lying about receiving bribes from Burisma“

          That’s quite a claim, yet he posts no source or citation to support his extraordinary claim, therefore it’s just more empty speech from the conservatives.

          I always post sources and citations quoting the actual text to support my position.

        • “I always post sources and citations quoting the actual text to support my position.”

          Liar69er, lying again. Even your “sources” lie.

        • MINOR Miner49er, Seems you have things just a tad twisted. Each of those accusations are factual. Don’t you hate it when that happens?
          FACT: Hunter Biden and his father, Sleepy Joe are the real criminals. Bribery, etc.

        • MajorLiar,

          What a JOKE you are!!! And Joe Bribem’s DoJ is making DAMN sure they’ll never see the inside of a court of law, isn’t he, you lying liar who lies. Tell me all about how Hunter’s laptop, that he and HIS LAWYERS have admitted in court is INDEED his laptop, is a “baseless acusation”, you pathetic, lying @$$clown of a Leftist/fascist propagandist LIAR.

          If it wasn’t for dual standards, MajorLiar, you’d have no standards at all, you pathetic lying liar.

        • To Jethro the depraved stalking janitor

          The only blind hog is you because you admitted you are overweight like one. Two can play at this stalking game you asshole.

        • Come on. They’re minors. They can’t even enter into the most basic of contractual agreements. And maybe not even US Citizens. Which means they know not Freedom, nor the sacrifice in blood and treasure to obtain and hold it.

          Neither of them will ever admit to being wrong in anything. They’re trained to never hold their own side accountable for anything, and they follow their training to the Nth degree.

          The conversation is always one-sided with either or both of them. The conversation is also only fruitful for THEM. When was the last time any of the regulars here, or the 2A community has benefited from arguing with them?

          They poke the hornet’s nest and everybody here swarms. And they win; like the drive-by media, laughing and yukking it up as their “car” drives off to the next scene. Everybody here is left to pick up the pieces and reset for the next skirmish.

          But nothing beneficial or good happens from these arguments. We’ll never win. They will never lose, and it’s all because they fight unfairly and we don’t.

          We run out of breath giving facts and sources, but they never show up to say, “oh my bad, thank you for educating me.” So then we resort to name-calling. Not a winning move on our part, people.

          No, we all just go back to our corners, and we end up doing it all over again in the next article.

          They’re both trolls. They win EVERY TIME we feed them, and it’s not because they’re right; they aren’t. It’s not because we are wrong. We’re not, and the Founding Fathers knew they were on the correct side of the argument.

          So why do we keep feeding our trolls?

        • Really? It’s fun? Or do we just have not enough useful 2A stuff we could be doing to make a real difference in the national conversation?

          No, I don’t know what that acronym means; sorry.

        • “So why do we keep feeding our trolls?”

          One simple reason :

          If we don’t refute them, they can say :

          “See? They don’t deny it.”

          Clear enough?

        • dacian. Being insulted by you is a badge of honor. You’re everything that is wrong with the US.

          Having you as an enemy is a sign that I’m living right.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Tsk, tsk. Seems the only thing “fat” around here is your head full of a lot of hot air.

    • Yes he should have. 15-20 with 15 years +1 day REQUIRED MINIMUM. And he pays for all of his food and laundry supplies upon release, or he stays the full damned 20.

      The trial was in Florida, but this was a Federal court. Weak on crime.

      • Yeah. Too bad it wasn’t state time… he’d be guaranteed to walk out a very changed man.

  2. and other congresscritters are allowed to foment violence against their fellow legislators.

      • “In the past week …”

        Article is from November 12, 2021.

        “Yes, the Republicans do that quite often …”

        That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

        • “congresscritters are allowed to foment violence against their fellow legislator“

          I posted the text and citation that shows a republican congressman tweeted a video showing himself killing a Democratic representative.

          The violent Republican politicians even post threats of violence against their fellow Republicans:

          “Eric Greitens, a scandal-ridden Republican running for Senate in Missouri, released an ad on Monday advocating for “hunting” RINOs, or Republicans In Name Only, a term for conservatives who haven’t veered far enough to the right.

          The ad is not subtle. It isn’t even metaphorical. It features Greitens and an armed military team breaking into a house to execute Republicans who don’t sufficiently support former President Trump. “Join the MAGA crew,” Greitens says. “Get a RINO-hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.”

        • “I posted the text and citation that shows a republican congressman tweeted a video showing himself killing a Democratic representative.”

          Liar69er, you stated that “Republicans do that (foment violence) often.” Posting a cartoon didn’t foment (incite, arouse) any violence against anyone, and one or two examples from years ago doesn’t support “often.” That’s the lie.

 — not a reliable source. Which brings us back to

          “That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

          You’re dismissed.

  3. Good. Some people just need a prison to be in. And it doesn’t matter if he thinks he doesn’t belong there. Punishment is punishment.There are plenty of people who got punished. Who Believe they deserve it.
    Even though they murdered people or threatened to murder people.

    The congresswoman and her family should be able to kill people like him. Outright. Which is the way it used to be, In this country a long time ago. Back when we were a much freer society.

  4. Totally stable individual there. I hope he has a collection of prison films on an endless loop before he hits the federal penitentiary, especially the shower scenes.

    • No goddamned films! Not even pixar films! Not even religious films! No books, no television, and no weight-lifting, either. No “Turkey in a Ziploc” by Spam or “Ham in a Can” by Dinty Moore at Thanksgiving and Christmas, either! Water, white rice, and a few tablespoons of plain spam is all he should get. 2 times per day, no more.

      He shouldn’t even have a calendar to know when it’s Christmas or his mama’s birthday, either. Prison should be like going into a deep dark crypt where he works and counts the days with scratches in the paint of his walls and in-cell toilet seat. And where it’s so dark, he has to count his scratches by feel rather than by sight.

      In order for this to be a deterrent, he should wake up EVERY DAY knowing how many more days he’s going to have to survive the darkness, boredom, and his own BO until his release. That a-hole should be made to do nothing more than eat, sh!t, and sleep when he’s not working making license plates. For showers, he should be tossed into the prison yard gutter during thunderstorms.

      What, me? Harsh? No way, harsh would be calling for the death penalty. After being tied down over a fire-ant mound.

  5. This guy is 36 years old and his mother was in the courtroom pleading for him? That explains everything.

    • Mom should look on the bright side that she’ll now be able to rent out the basement to someone that pays.

      • hate, it’s a rare house in Florida that has a basement. Water table. He was probably in the spare bedroom.

        • Hey, Gadsden,

          Just arrived back home in PA from a 2-day customer call in Miami. First time in the southern part of the state. No time for sight- seeing, but seems pleasant enough, if you like urban life.

        • That’s true, Central and South Florida don’t have basements. And I thought single-wides didn’t come with “spare” bedrooms. He probably crashes on the couch, drooling on the armrest while his body odor soaks into the upholstery. That’s why his daddy won’t sit there.

    • Laurens 36.
      He is 39.
      6 years shy of colon cancer screenings.

      Making inane threats on Twitter and having mommy plea for leniency in the courtroom.

  6. Gee, “his emotions” got in the way of his “common sense” – but when it comes to gun laws, their “common sense” is entirely about emotions. In what way is this any different?

    • Emotions can’t get in the way of common sense when you have no common sense.

      Why is it so many of these anti-gun idiots always want to threaten others with guns?

    • 10 years of squeaky clean and he can have that charge expunged.
      The only crime you can commit and have zero chance in hell of having your gunm rights restored is a misdemeanor Domestic Battery, and that ain’t fair. To many variables to lose a constitutional right over. Wait a minute, I’ve gotta get that constitutional right crap out of my head because there ain’t no such thing.
      Well well well Illa be a snack bar look who just got appointed a federal judge.
      President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have.

      • Possum is correct here.

        I don’t know about the domestic battery part, but the other way he could lose his 2A rights for life is if we put him in prison for life. AND HE DIES THERE.

        I feel like I had to write that last part because there are a lot of liberals who don’t know the meaning of “life in prison”. The most violent always keep coming up for parole, only to be “seriously considered” by liberal (and weak republican) parole boards, judges, etc.

  7. “Comiskey told the court he let his ‘personal emotions get in the way of my common sense.’

    His mother told the court that her son’s actions were ‘out of character.’ ”

    Two falsehoods right there. I know, I’ve encountered anti-gun idiots like this.

    What he threatened is ‘common sense’ to these anti-gun idiots. They would like pro-2A people to die and they would relish the chance to kill them or see them killed. Sure, some may not say it ‘out loud’ like this guy did with blatant threats but they are thinking it and its ‘common sense’ to them. They view pro-2A people as a ‘cancer to be cut out’ of society, they are mentally ill.

    I hate to disappoint mom, but what Comiskey did is his character.

  8. This is a direct result of the Democrat left fomenting insurrection. It’s that simple.

  9. “personal emotions get in the way of my common sense.”
    That pretty much sums up the entire Left-Wing and Democratic Party.

  10. I’m actually surprised anything was done to him at all. A lot of militant leftist antifa thugs have gotten away with much, much worse threats without so much as a raised eyebrow from the justice department.

    • Yeah I’m a mite surprised too. What with “mostly peaceful protests” & blm riot’s that go unpunished. Occasionally a wingnut gets a little justice🙄

    • “I’m actually surprised anything was done to him at all. A lot of militant leftist antifa thugs have gotten away“

      Yep, it was an Obama-appointed federal judge that sent him to prison.

      • “A lot of militant leftist antifa thugs have gotten away“

        Magic 8-ball says “True.”

      • MINER Miner49er, It’s about time one of your Obuma the Phony appointed judges finally did something right. I guess there is a first time for everything.

  11. Paraphrase but: “Guns are not the answer. We must get rid of them. But just this once we need to use them to silence our opposition.”

    Cant they see the irony?

    • the left wing: “Guns are not the answer, except ours especially after we disarm you.”

  12. Momma can now rent out the camper out back to someone who pays.
    Do these disarmament/anti 2nd folks not see the irony of their threats of violence towards pro second/pro gun people? Their very words and threats and actions are why so many of us are unwilling to disarm.

  13. He is some yahoo transplant from up north. Real Floridians are red all the way….TRUMP 2024!

  14. Let me see…. “Anti Gunner” is going to use a “gun” to shoot someone? He should have gotten 15 years.

    • “Anti Gunner”

      The thing is, they’re really only anti-right wing. They’re “against” things their opponents support. There’s no real logic to it. It isn’t a matter of concluding what is right and what is wrong. This is about tribal warfare. They aren’t for the newest “thing” because it aligns with morality or logic. When they’re told to jump, they jump. They’re nothing more than regime drones controlled by propaganda.

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