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Of all the news networks, MSNBC probably ranks further left than even Trump-deranged CNN. Yet a recent segment on MSNBC didn’t go as planned as gun owners they interviewed panned the Democrat candidates for their gun control proposals on live television.

In fact, host Ali Velshi suffered the indignity of gun owners openly laughing at Robert Francis O’Rourke’s and others’ plans to buy back or confiscate their guns.

Image via YouTube by Boch.

One African-American gun owner on the panel, pictured above, put it as succinctly as possible:

“Don’t mess with my rights to protect my family by trying to take away my firearms.”

The Daily Caller has the story:

A panel of gun owners laughed in the face of MSNBC host Ali Velshi when he asked what they thought of gun buyback proposals from Democratic politicians.

“Let me ask you about a proposal floated out there by a presidential candidate, or more, about gun buybacks. Who thinks that is a good idea?” Velshi asked. Several panelists immediately burst into laughter, while another mocked the question, joking: “I want mine for a million bucks, so if they’re willing to pay me that.”

As for socially “woke” companies throwing good guy gun owners (AKA customers) under the bus because of the acts of criminals, the individuals MSNBC assembled pointed out the obvious:

The panelists were also skeptical of some companies’ decisions to limit sales of firearms and ammunition to their customers. “People that want to get them and will get them, they’re still going to get them,” said one woman.

“So now this is their way out, to say, they can be the hero, we’re gonna get rid of all this stuff. Well, they were probably looking for a way to get rid of it anyway,” another panelist added.

Here’s a video clip of the best moments of the show:


Contrary to claims of big-city anti-gun bigots, gun owners don’t drag their knuckles on the ground.  But they do have functioning brains. More significantly, gun owners have jobs — good jobs — and families. They spend money and they vote.  Not only that, but they have friends who vote, too.

Many of the panelists indicated that the gun issue ranked number one or in the top three issues they’ll consider when voting in the coming presidential election. And they all strongly supported gun rights and the right to self-defense.

As we’ve seen with the failures of the Swalwell and O’Rourke campaigns, gun control isn’t playing in Peoria, either literally or figuratively.  Most of America recognizes the proven benefits of firearm ownership for self-defense, much to the chagrin of this election cycle’s crop of wild-eyed Democrat presidential hopefuls.

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  1. Well darn and here I was hoping they would have been hilariously tone deaf in the future debates instead of mundanely insincere (read lying through their teeth)

    • And broadcast live. If this had been a taped & edited segment, we would have seen a much different presentation of the event, I’m sure.

      • Correction. I just watched the full 7-min version, and this WAS a taped & edited version after all.

        • Must’ve been an absolutely brutal interview session if the final edit came out still smelling like gunpowder and freedom.

        • Remember when TTAG had Ronan Farrow down to Texas with a camera crew to do a story on guns with Nick Leghorn? The TTAG folks had a bit of “interview prep”, as to not fall into typical reporter “traps” they set to get the results they wanted.

          Those folks seemed a bit (justifiably) cautious on how they answered the questions.

          So, perhaps they had a bit of the same “assistance”…

        • It’s way more then that now, when I cut the cord it was pushing near 200$ a month, and satellite is now the same. So now I do air for free and stream everything else I feel like.

    • Yes. And the audience had a pretty clear understanding of what is at stake. If progressives are successful in nullifying the 3nd Amendment and/or the 1st Amendment this means that the idea of constitutionally guaranteed rights will have changed. And when that happens the fundamental ideas of freedom and liberty that our country’s history represents will cease to exist. That is what is really at stake. The kind of state progressives envision cannot exist alongside the kind freedom and liberty historically enjoyed by Americans.

  2. “MSNBC Discovers How Dem Gun Control Proposals Drive Voters to Trump”

    Well Duh,it also drives the demand for all things firearms.
    It took the brain dead Leftards at least since the Failed so called assault weapons ban for this to soak in,there really isn’t much hope in educating a tard with a 25 year learning curve.

  3. They were very polite about it. Probably far more so than I would have been. I would have asked where were the prosecutions of people who actually commit crimes with guns and why are they getting hardly any jail time?

  4. Ali Velshi asked them how many guns they had. I would have told him, “That’s none of your business.”

    But laughing at him when he floated the idea of gun owner support for gun buybacks ON LIVE TV. That was precious. And priceless.

    • I would have been more amused for one of them to ask how they were going to buy back my guns with my own money. It’s not like they were going to tax non gun owners only for the “buy backs.”

    • Zit isn’t just the media, it is the entire academic world as well. what do you think all those academics are doing with the now scores of per year peer reviewed papers and studies on ‘gun safety” by epidemiologists, sociologists and statisticians are doing all the time??

      And saying those papers don’t matter is wrong, they are used in arguments and often quoted in decisions in federal cases involving the 2A.

      From “gun owning homes are less safe,” to “more guns in a jurisdiction equals more gun violence” those papers all rely on counting illegal, often active criminal, “gun owners’ in the gun owner data set. Even all the papers out recently in minors and toddlers shooting or being shot you get about 90% of the incidents among the 10% of gun owners with criminal backgrounds that illegally possess the gun

  5. they can have mine as the man said for 1 million dollars per gun for the ones I am willing to let them have because some have been in the family for decades and it’s not the kind they want

  6. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that MSNBC will start to wake up. The ratings have been plummeting due to their relentless pursuit of total gun confiscation. Their political agenda is worth more than good ratings.

    • Especially when the infobabe acts baffled why gun owners don’t see registration as a “common sense” priority. Listen to what she says: “It’s not like they [the Gov’t] are going to come for them tomorrow…”

      And there it is. Don’t worry, sheeple. If we come for them, it will be down the road. Enjoy your toys of destruction now to your hearts’ content, and worry about this later.

      • It’s not like they’re going to come for the guns tomorrow… True. They have to wait until January 2020 at least. But they WILL be coming. They’ve made that abundantly clear.

  7. At least they didn’t have the lighting and editing that is sometimes done that causes people to look and come off like evil buffoons.

  8. The fear of losing my guns will not persuade me to vote for a Commander in Chief, who was a draft dodger. End; of story, end of day.

    • So the rest of us will carry the load for the slackers like you. How would one describe your behavior? How about draft dodging?

    • @ Sam Hill
      You lie! Either you’re not worried about losing a BB gun or you don’t have a gun in the first place. Either way, you’re full of it and a liar.

    • I don’t recall ever reading a story about President Trump burning his draft card or hiding in Canada.

    • Draft dodgers went to Canada. Trump played by the rules made by your career politicians. I stress your career politicians. Trump could not exempt himself, he was not a politician. Wake up and quit being stupid

    • There is no evidence that Trump “dodged” the draft. Many people with his foot problem tried to enlist and were 4F’ed for his foot condition. in fact people with that condition were rejected at about 95% rate. it is one of the reasons, in the shitstorm of criticism and double standard coverage Trump has gotten in the mainstream press, they never really went after the draft dodge slander. The data doesn’t support the claim he dodged since the data on rejections is public, and the military was aggressively diagnosing and rejecting people with any foot condition.

      Moreover in the big picture people in the top half of US included, half of the country, had a massively lower draft risk than than the bottom half of the country. Just being in college exempted half of draft eligible men. It went even further, you do know we have evidence from WWII, Korea and Vietnam that based on studies from WWI they US military systematically put higher IQ cohorts in less dangerous military assignments. See wikipedia “project 10,000.” In WWII the US pulled high IQ paratrooper applicants and put them in regiments intentionally kept in the states to keep the long term genetic pool smarter. Countries have been putting the better off, better educated and smarter potential inductees outside of danger for a very long time.

    • Chuck Schumer approves this message.

      Amazingly enough, I’m voting for the best leader for America NOW, not the best candidate for Second Lieutenant in 1971`.
      Sorry, Comrade; tell Vlad no can do.

  9. The media certainly seems to understand that gun control doesn’t fly in states outside the Northeast, West Coast, and Chicago. Why else do you think Joy Behar is basically telling Democrats not to say you’re going to take people’s guns during their campaigns?

    We’ll see how long it takes the Democrat candidates to realize that playcating your base at campaign events is a false indicator of what the election results will be.

    • Bingo. Now ALL the democrats are going to say “I’m for the 2ndA, just like you.” They all lie, but this will be a universal lie for all of them for this campaign season. The gun-owning democrats in Wisc, Illinois & Ind. will believe them.

      • ” Now ALL the democrats are going to say “I’m for the 2ndA, just like you.” ”

        Oh, they’re already on to that one. I got a letter from Sen. Coons (D-Delaware) thanking me for my input on the gun control issue.

        The second paragraph started off with “I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment” and the immediately launched in to “we all have to understand that rights are not absolute.” So I’m guessing that this is the new game plan.

        It is true that rights are not absolute. But this is a truth that should never stand on its own. It should always travel with “majority rule is not absolute” and “state power is not absolute”. The Democrats always forget the second and third part of the equation, and that’s how they are completely knocking things out of balance. Restrictions on rights, when they are (rarely) justified, need to always be measured against the restrictions on mob rule and state tyranny.

      • Remember, Obummer “evolved” on the issue of homosexual marriage AND homosexuals serving openly in the military.

      • “Now ALL the democrats are going to say “I’m for the 2ndA, just like you.” ”

        Like UpinArms said, they already do just that.
        “I’m a gun owner, but…” is a common refrain.
        And Behar is openly telling political candidates to lie during their campaigns, in order to get elected. That’s called election fraud, pure and simple.
        But then, we already knew Democrats will lie to get what they want. Even Saint Barack lied to get what he wanted: “If you like your doctor…”, and his people admitted he knew it was a lie, but necessary because we are too stupid to know what we need.
        All of this proves that the American electorate really isn’t as smart as it thinks it is, because they continue to elect the people who act this way. (And they continue to watch the “entertainers” who openly encourage this behavior.)

  10. The anti-gunners are anti-Constitutional and that should be emphasized because if they are closely questioned many are anti-electoral college and proactivist Law” making judges. And some are anti- first amendment, too. The far left is like Islam, anti-freedom.

  11. If you had to choose between being Ali Velshi or a porta potty at an NRA convention, which brad of porta potty would you choose to be?

  12. The 2nd Amend is a RESTRICTIVE admendment. It states such in the Preamble to Bill of Rights. the 2A does not grant nor convey any right, but RESTRICTS and PROHIBITS the government from infringing upon this enumerated, pre-existing, God given right.
    Our rights, written BEFORE the Constitution, are unalienable and are endowed from our CREATOR – not our legislators, not our government and certainly not from the United Nations and their attempt at gaining control.

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