BREAKING: Dick’s Sporting Goods Stops Sales of “Assault Rifles,” “High-Capacity” Magazines and Firearms to Under 21’s

Dicks Sporting Goods

“Dick’s Sporting Goods is banning sales of assault weapons after the Parkland, Fla. school shooting,” reports. “The nation’s largest sporting goods retailer announced the move in an open letter and an appearance Wednesday by CEO Ed Stack on Good Morning America.” Wait. Didn’t Dick’s already pull the plug on AR sales? Yes but . . .

Assault weapon sales ended at Dick’s stores after the Newtown, Conn. school shooting in 2012, but the company was still selling them at its Field & Stream locations, which specialize in hunting and outdoors products.

“As we looked at what happened down in Parkland, we were so disturbed and saddened by what happened, we felt we really needed to do something,” Stack told GMA’s George Stephanopoulos.

The retailer will also end sales of high-capacity magazines and sales of guns to people under 21 years old.

Well that’s new, and certainly qualifies as “doing something.” Something effective at stopping spree killers, criminals and crazies? No. But something.

Stack acknowledged that the Parkland school shooter had purchased a shotgun at one of the company’s stores in November. Though the killer did not use the gun in the shooting, the realization served as a catalyst for action.

Just as Dick’s decision to side with gun control activists will serve as a catalyst for a consumer boycott. Watch this space.


  1. avatar Shire-man says:

    Oh man. That one guy under the age of 21 who was planning to buy a rifle from that particular chain store will be bummed I’m sure.

    1. avatar Mike Dexter's A GOD says:

      Wonder if their sales numbers for guns are even that great.

      The CEO was probably looking for an excuse to trim down this department anyway, and if he could do it and also gain some SJW cred then it was probably a no brainer.

      I for one never run to ANY big box retailers for a gun purchase, let alone Dick’s.

      1. avatar Ollie says:

        I wonder if they can return those newly unsalable firearms and accessories to the distributors. If not, will they turn them over to the local police for immediate destruction or be hypocrites and sell them to an asset recovery firm to list on Gun Broker.

        Most of these big business sanctimonious liberals have fraudulent morals — Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook claim to support liberal-style tax increases but stash billions of dollars overseas to avoid paying taxes here. Facebook has paid only 4% income tax on their profits over the last 10 years. The other three paid about 16%. Evil, stinky Exxon-Mobile paid 37% over the same time period.

        When you use Facebook, chant “Tax Cheats” to yourself.

        1. avatar Erik Weisz says:

          And Amazon has paid no federal taxes whatsoever. None. Ever.

      2. avatar CC says:

        Dicks hasn’t sold AR-15 in their 650 stores since Sandy Hook. They are though the top supplier of shotguns used in large shotgun mass shootings since (Navy yard, Maryland mall) so maybe they need to stop selling shotguns.
        The only stores affected are the two dozen “field and stream stores” (ie 5% of their outlets), which wil still sell mini-14 ranch — the gun sued in the largest mass shooting of students, in norway, larger than any mass shooting of student in the USA

    2. avatar CarlWinslo says:

      Actually I would love to be that person. Get rejected then sue for age discrimination just like the cake shop that would not make the cake for the homosexual couple.

      1. avatar euronam says:

        If any bar pulled this by saying you had to be 25 people would riot. But our rights reaffirmed by the constitution are not so important in their eyes.

      2. avatar Hannibal says:

        And age IS a protected category…

        1. avatar Frank in VA says:

          I believe that’s only for employment, and only over age 40, under Federal law.

          Now, what would be interesting is the reaction from the left if we see the emergence of a new class of ‘oppressed minority’ known as Trans-Age persons. Like an 18-year-old who ‘self-identifies’ as as 27-year-old, for example. Would the SJW crowd support their right to buy guns and alcohol? Hmmm…

    3. avatar Arc says:

      Dick’s sporting goods just got added to my shitlist with a little note next to it.

      So far I got 18 companies on it but its a fairly new list. Gun grabbers aren’t likely to shop at their stores while gun owners are… also not likely to shop at their stores. Brilliant strategy!

      1. avatar billy-bob says:

        Hmmm, maybe there’s a reason it’s named “Dicks”.

        1. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

          My wife usually calls them “Stupid Dick’s”. Now she won’t be calling them at all…and neither will I.

          When the conversation was about rental car companies and banks I mentioned that I don’t use any of their services so it’s pretty hard to boycott them. This is actually one of the stores I (used to) shop at but they rarely had what I’ve gone there for.

    4. avatar Tom Shaw says:

      Damage Control having done nothing wrong, public perception worries. Loss of business/ profits, PR so anti gunners, especially wives/ girl friends will shop at Dicks for gifts.

    5. avatar ChipRacistLiarPunkBennett says:

      ProfessorManque says:
      March 1, 2018 at 12:47
      Chip I gave you a documented correction regarding police disproportionately shooting unarmed black folks…

      … and I am shocked that you havent acknowledged this reality…

      … so many geniuses on this site endlessly posting racist proclamations and NEVER acknowledging that the pile of peer reviewed studies do NOT support their racist delusions nor does the proper handling of stats nor do the tenets of logic…

      The only “evidence” yall racist possess is via repetition, endlessly posting racist lies and taking turns propping each other up in these delusions, and dismissing educated reality-based folks like me as “trolls/commies/terrorists/monkeys/” and ignoring the evidence we favor you with : D

      Very sad stuff Chipper, I feel embarrassed for yall

      avatarChip Bennett says:
      March 1, 2018 at 14:02
      I have no clue what you’re talking about. Whatever it is, it appears to have no relevance to the OP. So, I can only conclude that yours is nothing more than a drive-by attempt at ad hominem. Thanks for playing. Buh-bye, now.

      1. avatar Rob says:

        I’m confused. Obviously, Chip seems to be a racist. — Is he a black racist, or a white racist. [or brown, red, or yellow?]
        The only thing I am sure of is that the NRA is definitely NOT racist. From the day they formed in 1871, ALL were welcome no matter their color or sex.
        In fact, they actually taught former black slaves to defend themselves against the “white-sheets,” and they even were instrumental in training MLK’s security people.

  2. avatar KenW says:

    The only thing I have found Dicks good for is asking someone if they like Dicks as we drive by one of the stores.

    1. avatar SplurtSplurt says:

      Speaking of which, for a while there, they apparently didn’t own the rights to “dicks[dot]com.” If you weren’t looking for the ~other~ type of generally-cylindrical instrument, you needed to type out the full “dickssportinggoods[dot]com” to get to their website. The shorter version offered significantly gooier projectiles.

      1. avatar Rob says:

        I remember a few years ago we were told to use white house [dot] gov, and not white house [dot] com for similar reasons ,,,,, chuckle, chuckle……….

    2. avatar MeRp says:

      Eat a bag of Dick’s has a totally different meaning in Washington State than the rest of the nation.

      As for the sporting goods store, I guess they decided they wanted to be retro hipster Fudd or something? I have no idea. Fortunately our local Dick’s sporting goods went out of business and the store was replaced with a Sportsman’s Warehouse. They don’t seem to have the same desire to cater exclusively to the SJW hipster hunters, whomever those may be.

      1. avatar Prudiikal says:

        Sportsmans seems to be a good store (i’ve only shopped there three times), but they always had what i needed for reloading. i think they are better than cabelas/bass pro. their gun prices are on the higher end, but not by much

        1. avatar Mark N. says:

          My Sportsman’s has very good prices, especially compared to my local gun stores, all of which hover very near MSRP on all guns. Plus reasonable prices on the other items I shop for.
          The Dick’s. on the other hand, has a very small corner devoted to long guns, knives, and a small selection of optics. I suspect it may get even smaller. About the only thing I have purchased there was a Kershaw, two 500 round boxes of .22s, and pink tennis balls for my wife’s walker (Dick’s being the only store to sell the latter).

        2. avatar Slicer87 says:

          Last time I tried shopping at Dicks, they tried to charge me sales tax on a item that isn’t taxed by my state. Theg refused to drop the incorrect tax charge so I didn’t buy the item.

  3. avatar James Earl Hopper says:

    They just opened a Dick’s Sporting Goods right near my house here in St Pete. I believe it might be the only Dick’s Sporting Goods in Florida but I’m not sure that. Guess I won’t be going there along with every other gun owner in the area. They hadn’t even built a stable base for selling camping tents yet. When are people going to realize that gun control is ridiculous it doesn’t cure crazy.

    1. avatar Jack says:

      There’s one in Pensacola and one opening up in Pace. There all of about 25 minutes apart. Never needed the one in Pensacola. Most likely won’t need the be one either.

    2. avatar Dan the Man says:

      Dick’s headquarters is outside of Pittsburgh and they also own the Field & Stream store chain which is like a Gander Mountain – lots of modern sporting rifles and “hi-cap” magazines there. I wonder of this CEO is going to bam them there? If so, they will be out of business in a year.

      1. avatar NateInPA says:

        It looks like, at least on their website, MSRs are gone at Field & Stream. They still say they carry a full line, but when you try to go to the “Tactical Rifle” page, you get a 404 Error message.

      2. avatar Erik Weisz says:

        Yes, same bans at F&S.

    3. avatar JD says:

      There are a few around St. Pete, Tampa, area. The only reason I ever went to one was to look at something before ordering from someplace online for 50% less. Screw Dicks.

    4. avatar Sean in Tampa says:

      There is also on in the Brandon mall

    5. avatar Martin says:

      Its not. There is one in Coral Springs and one in Boca Raton. As well as one in Plantation bit that is a bit further from Parkland. Not sure about any more in Broward/Palm Beach without looking at a google map or driving around.

    6. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Lakeland has a Dick’s.

      The 2000 election famous “I-4 corridor”…

  4. avatar TxRabbit47 says:

    Another retailer which we will no longer will support (I decided to “do something”, too).

    1. avatar Thomas says:

      I renewed my NRA membership using my NRA/Firstbank card just to rub it in! First Bank said it will no longer issue NRA cards.

  5. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    Never even considered stepping into one. I have wondered what sort of igit does shop there though.

  6. avatar TrueBornSonofLiberty says:

    Dick’s has been dead to me since Sandy Hook. I’d rather pay more or go without than give them a dime of my money. And there’s one within 3 miles of my house

  7. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

    There stock is UP in pre-morning trading after this/because of this announcement. Go figure.

    1. avatar maxwell97 says:

      They already took their hit the last time they screwed over their customers. Maybe the market figures they’ll now replace the gun customers they permanently lost with hipster outdoorsy anti customers.

      1. avatar anonymoose says:

        People who where nothing but North Face stuff and drive a Jeep Cherokee but can’t survive a day without frappuccino and wifi?

    2. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

      * their

  8. avatar john says:

    I believe they have the right to make this business decision but I also have the right to boycott them for their decision. Now if they have right to refuse service based on age and a personal belief, then that baker has right to refuse service based on his personal beliefs. You can’t have it both ways! Dick’s should be sued for age discrimination.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      If the alt-left can force someone to bake a cake, we can force Dicks to sell whatever rifles we want to buy.

      1. avatar anonymoose says:

        It’s not the Alt-Left. There is no Alt-Left. They’re all crazy closeted (or open) commies.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          Meh… there are non-commie leftists… Sargon of Akkad is a good example… Sure, there are very few in the US, but they do exist. There are a tiny handful of leftists who I can disagree with without feeling the need to throw them out of a helicopter.

      2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

        Yes considering Federal law says you can purchase a long gun at 18 and it’s your specifically-enumerated, Constitutionally-protected right to do so, I’m having a hard time envisioning how a store can simply choose *not* to sell to someone who’s perfectly qualified (and protected) under the law to buy.

        1. avatar Occam's Laser says:

          I thought FFLs could refuse to sell a firearm to anyone if they had some suspicion that they were a prohibited person, or even if they just “had a bad feeling” about someone.
          That being said, it seems to me that a blanket policy would be legally suspect.

        2. avatar Kurt says:

          In an ostensibly free country, free people can choose whether they want to interact with one another economically or otherwise.

        3. avatar pwrserge says:

          What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s about time we forced the alt-left to live up to their own standards.

        4. avatar atavistic says:

          What if a retailer decided it didn’t want to sell to someone because of their race? Or nationality? etc.?

        5. avatar Geoff PR says:

          “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s about time we forced the alt-left to live up to their own standards.”

          That’s a tactic straight from ‘Rules for Radicals’.

          *Force* your opponent to live by their own rules…

  9. avatar Zeke says:

    Dick’s hasn’t had anything worth buying in a decade or so anyway, as far as I’m concerned. The last time I was in there looking at a pistol, the gun counter’s so-called “manager” – ostensibly the resident expert of the store – couldn’t even “manage” proper firearm handling. He got the thing out of the case, and handed it to me MUZZLE-FIRST.

    That wound up being a very brief interaction. I went and bought a gun elsewhere, and haven’t bothered with them since.

  10. avatar Drewc21 says:

    I’m disgusted by this act. As an employee of this company, I almost quit after sandy hook. Now with this severe intrusion on rights and spineless capitulation, I can’t see how I’ll be employed there much longer

  11. avatar don says:

    No semi-auto rifles. Next it will be semi-auto pistols. Only guns left will be shotguns for the FUDD’s and wheel guns. Sales will go south and so will the inventory of all guns from their stores. Animal rights groups will then go after the fishing equipment.

    1. avatar MouseGun says:

      There’s a Dick’s here in Tulsa, and even before Sandy Hook, I remember them not having anything other than bolt actions and shotguns, no pistols or MSRs. That and they sold at MSRP. I always figured it was a store for yuppies and FUDDs.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        No handguns at my store in northern California either.

  12. avatar Al says:

    Their prices were so high, no one with any brains bought from them anyway.

    1. avatar don says:

      That’s right. I went to the new Field & Stream store for ammo and it was priced high. Went down the road to Cabela’s and bought it.

      1. avatar ACP_arms says:

        Wow, that’s bad when Cabela’s as cheaper ammo.

  13. avatar BDM-Brat says:

    What’s up? I just heard an NPR package with soundbite indicating Dick’s will no longer sale assault rifles at all? Found same here:

  14. avatar dwb says:

    Big box retail is dead and has been for some time. There is nothing at Dicks which you wont find on Amazon, cheaper. Or Midway. I can most get stuff from Amazon next day delivery for free, too. Midway still takes a few days.

    1. avatar RidgeRunner says:

      Ammo is something you can’t get at Amazon. Not that you’d want to buy it at DICK’S. In the past I bought arrows online from DICK’S and took them to get cut at the brick/mortar. Good bow pro shops are hard to find in these parts, not that the kids at DICK’S have any knowledge about bows. They can cut the arrows, though. Just not for me any more.

    2. avatar radicalray says:

      No single point slings on amazon, too tactical, lol

  15. avatar johnny108 says:

    Never shopping at Dicks’ again.

  16. avatar Ed says:

    Looks like someone didn’t learn the 9/11 Kmart lesson.

  17. avatar Tile Floor says:

    I bought one gun from them, a single shot H&R 12 gauge back in 2007.

    Other than that I just buy from my LGS. Wal mart Ammo and I did buy a Mossberg from Wally World.

    I don’t really buy from dicks in general, even for non gun purchases, too expensive.

  18. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    I haven’t been in one of their stores in over 30 years. Guess I’m not about to be anytime soon. Or ever. I’m boycotting all businesses that don’t want my cash.

  19. avatar Carl B. says:

    Palmetto State, Primary Arms, Midway, Brownell’s, Natchezz, GunBroker, and my LGS for most of my firearm stuff, Amazon for the rest. Dick can go eff himself.

  20. avatar DCJ says:

    Dick’s was a terrible excuse for a gun or outdoor gear store. They’re dead to me now.

    We should all take a moment to send a written note to him and the other capitulating companies.

  21. avatar Ironhead says:

    Think i have been in one of their stores recently. I needed a cheap rifle case…. boy was i suprise when a generic plastic case with almost no foam in it was $60. Now i remember why i dont shop there. And now i will never grace that place with my presence again.

  22. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    “If we participate in these pointless acts and even one life is lost, it doesn’t matter ’cause we’re virtue signaling.” Fixed it for them.

  23. avatar TroutsBane says:

    It appears Dicks is giving the middle finger to their customers, who they still hope will buy from them. It’s a bold marketing strategy; let’s see how it plays out.

    1. avatar Green Mtn.Boy says:


      They did that first time after Newtown,completely wrote them off of places to do business with.
      Dicks Never,Never Dicks

  24. avatar Joe R. says:

    But they’ll keep our trade imbalance maxxed out with China.


    They’re aptly named.

  25. avatar pwrserge says:

    I haven’t been to Dick’s since I bought my house. Even then, they were useless parasites who overcharged for everything that I could get for a fraction of the price online.

  26. avatar Some dude says:

    I didn’t even know there were Dick’s Sporting Goods in my closest big city San Antonio, Texas so I won’t be missing them… Being rural, I get most things shipped, eBay, Amazon, SGammo, GunBroker to my local FFL. I’m sure they’ll be hitting on those soon, too.

  27. avatar Nam62 says:

    Dick’s pulled this same thing a few years ago! Only been in their store once to see what the sold. High prices left with out buying anything.
    They can rot in hell! I will never shop there!!!!

  28. avatar Ben B says:

    If they’re in Broward County, I can see why they’d want to do this… since sheriff israel will not arrest and report teens for violent crimes. But as far as I know (of course, what other law enforcement is doing this garbage), Broward and Miami-Dade are the ones actively ignoring crimes.

    But these Dicks going all in on gun control… that’s not what they’re doing. They’re not trying to be effective at anything except pandering to the left, and I doubt they’re selling guns to anyone but the left. At least from here on…

  29. avatar TroutsBane says:

    Here is the CEO’s email for anyone interested : [email protected]

    1. avatar Mark says:

      Thanks! Just sent him an email. Never shopped there to begin with, but always worth reminding traitors that they are traitors.

  30. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I always figured that Dick’s opened Field & Stream as a work around after losing sales due to all their previous virtue signalling but I see they are still at it. What do they plan to do next, open yet another front to sell guns later on?

    I haven’t been in a Dick’s since 2012 or a Field & Stream ever, and have no plans to start now. The stuff they carried back then was crap anyway.

    1. avatar Martin says:

      Its not. There is one in Coral Springs and one in Boca Raton. As well as one in Plantation bit that is a bit further from Parkland. Not sure about any more in Broward/Palm Beach without looking at a google map or driving around.

  31. avatar Patrick says:

    “Though the killer did not use the gun in the shooting, the realization served as a catalyst for action.”

    That sounds like: “This is self-explanatory, so let me explain.”

  32. avatar former water walker says:

    Went to Dick’s because it was next to BestBuy. My biggest problem was the incredibly poor service. Like Walmart.They had almost NOTHING I wanted. Dick’s SUX…

  33. avatar Abu Amiri says:

    TTAG, have any firearms industry companies come out yet and say they will not allow their products to be sold at Dick’s? I realize Dick’s can source some of those products from distributors, etc., but I’d like to see such a stance from the industry wherever possible.

  34. avatar Jeff says:

    Dick’s did the same thing after Sandy Hook. The Dick’s in the Orlando area haven’t carried an AR pattern rifle in years. I haven’t found a compelling reason to shop there for shooting related products. I use our local Mom and Pop gun stores and Academy Sports.

    1. avatar TrueRedhat says:

      I went to Academy in IL a few weeks ago to try the trigger on the M&P 2.0. After being ignored for several minutes a bored employee asks me what I wanted. I told him what I was there for and asked to see the pistol. He hands it to me with the trigger lock on. I asked if he would remove and he said no. I handed it back and left. I won’t be back.

      There was also a Dick’s that opened nearby. Walked through once. Won’t be back there either.

  35. avatar Xythlord says:

    Wait – I thought Dicks stopped selling AR-15’s and other MSR’s after the last big go around in Newtown?

    1. avatar olivehead says:

      I was just about to post the same thing. I haven’t been in the local Dick’s in 3 or 4 years (and only a couple times prior to that) but I didn’t realized they’d gone back to selling “assault weapons.” Has anyone checked to see if they ever did, but are just saying now that they’re going to stop figuring most people don’t know one way or the other?

  36. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    I’ve bought some .22lr from them in the past, but that’s it and they are not my primary supplier. I’ve never even been to their new store here since they entered the Houston market. They’ll get my scorn, but they weren’t getting my business, anyway.

  37. avatar Model66 says:

    Will they still be selling standard capacity magazines? 😉

  38. avatar Docduracoat says:

    As others have said, Dicks sells at full msrp
    There is one in the Boynton Mall
    I’ve gone there when I needed a piece of sporting equipment for the kids and could not wait even one day to get it from Amazon
    Everything they sell can be bought cheaper on the net even counting the shipping cost
    Walmart is the place to go to buy plinking ammo
    Southern Yankee guns will beat anyone’s price on guns
    No reason to buy from Dicks

  39. avatar Huntmaster says:

    When are these companies going to realize that the socialists are not on the same side as capitalists and that all this virtue signaling is not going to save them. They are your sworn enemies and all the sucking up in the world is not going to change that.

  40. avatar Ralph says:

    Dick’s has no balls.

    And if it continues to change its product mix from actual sporting goods to overpriced apparel, there won’t be any difference between Dick’s and Kohl’s.

  41. avatar Ben says:

    No need to shop there again. Not that they had much anyway, guess they ought to just go full sports apparel now. Good thing we have local guns stores that actually support freedom and online stores with huge selections to fill in the gap.


  42. avatar TP says:

    No more Dick’s for me.

  43. avatar GS650G says:

    Since cabelas has a better selection and 5 percent off for vets this decision makes it easier than ever to avoid Penises.

  44. avatar CalGunsMD says:

    If they can sue and win over a cake, we can sue and win over a Constitutionally enumerated right.

  45. avatar Bill in Texas says:

    Isn’t this just verse 2 of the same old song from Dick’s:

    August 20, 2013

    “We are extremely saddened by the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last week,” said the statement, “and our hearts go out to victims and their families and to the entire community. Out of respect for the victims and their families, during this time of national mourning we have removed all guns from sale and from display in our store nearest to Newtown and suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all of our stores chainwide.”

    But then again later, with a new “store chain” they started selling them again

  46. avatar Sal Chichon says:

    Dick’s can get the shaft as far as I’m concerned.

  47. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Negative ghostrider. If the NRA or more likely, GOoA wanted to assist an 18 year old with a lawsuit, they would have a certain win.
    Age is a “protected class” and one of the enumerated characteristics protected from discrimination. Although this was originally written up in the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, those definitions have proven to carry through to any form of discrimination. There is a mountain of case law behind it.
    IF, and that’s a big IF, the NRA had any balls, they’d be out contacting that victim of discrimination right now.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      The NRA already lost a suit hoping to enable 18-20 year olds to buy handguns. If they fight an 18-20 year old ban on purchasing rifles, the NRA will lose again.

      But a long gun purchase ban has no effect on teenagers owning and using long guns (and handguns) for legal activities. It only affects purchases from an FFL.

      OBTW, in gun-retarded MA, a teenager is eligible for an FID at the age of fifteen with parental consent.

      Yes, fifteen.

  48. avatar Hannibal says:

    What, again?

    I guess I’ll have to stop buying from them… again… although I haven’t walked into one since they decided to back the anti-gun narrative in 2012.

  49. avatar Lugnut says:

    Dick’s is a non-entity when it comes to guns. I would ne3ver go to a big box store to buy a gun or anything gun related. Pricing is just out of control, and if I am going to pay more, I will pay more to the local gun store.

    The language the head of Dick’s used indicates a non-understanding of guns and gun customers. It is just as well that they get out of the gun business altogether.

  50. avatar Phydeaux says:

    Dick’s is dead to me.

  51. avatar Matt o says:

    Bought my first gun from dick’s, a 10/22. Learned my lesson real fast about their prices and haven’t been back in years. Hopefully they’ll be out of business soon.

  52. avatar Arandom Dude says:

    I have bought a fair amount of clay, target loads and cleaning supplies at Dick’s because there’s one right between my house and the range, and I don’t like Walmart. Guess I’ll be going to Walmart now.
    I called Dick’s to tell them this, and the machine said that due to unusually high call volume, they’re having long wait times. I’ll call again. Keep up the good work!

  53. avatar raptor jesus says:

    Dick’s is still in business?

  54. avatar tiger says:

    Support you local gun stores & gun shows. No more More chain big box retailers.

  55. avatar tiger says:

    Well Remington will really go Bankrupt now. Nobody at that counter above.

  56. avatar Lucas D. says:

    Went there back in 2004 to buy some .22LR and was asked whether it was for a rifle or handgun, because they refused to sell handgun ammo. Smiled, said “rifle”, paid for the ammo, went home to load it into my Walther P22, and never darkened Dick’s doorstep again.

    They can suck ’em, and I’m pretty sure they do.

  57. avatar JR says:

    About the only time I’d into the place was when they had 22LR on sale.

  58. avatar Sian says:

    Nobody should be surprised by this. Dick’s has fucked the industry before. In 2013 immediately after Newtown they breached contract with a massive order of MSRs, making the manufacturer eat the costs. Zero remorse. I’ve considered them highly unreliable and boycott material ever since.

  59. avatar John Archibald says:

    Am I the only that misses the innuendo on this? Wonder which news intern will lose his job over it?

  60. avatar Ret1SG says:

    There’s a DICKS about 15 miles from me and have never set foot in the store. Friends have told me this particular one has an overabundance of golfers supplies, and was over-priced to begin with. Hope they suffer for their ‘Stand”. Just another “virtue signaling” bunch of idiots.

    1. avatar John Archibald says:

      Same here. We now have Cabelas in Huntsville and it gets a ton of business. Our DICKS just down the road looks almost empty when we drive by it. I figure this was their “look at me” moment to generate publicity.

  61. avatar Sam in Ohio says:

    Most Dick’s carry a very limited amount of firearms anyway and they’re generally overpriced. Ditto for The Field and Stream stores, but they have an extensive inventory and are really overpriced. Don’t forget that Dick’s owns Golf Galaxy should you golf and want to boycott.

  62. avatar tfunk says:

    Not only did they announce that their field and stream stores would no longer sell, but they called on Congress to ban “assault rifles”, bump stocks, and raise age for any purchase to 18

  63. avatar Frank in VA says:

    “Didn’t Dick’s already pull the plug on AR sales?”

    I’m pretty sure I saw a Ruger SR-762 at the Dick’s sporting goods at Fair Lakes in Fairfax a couple days ago.

  64. avatar Matty 9 says:

    Well this boycott will be easy, the only reason I’d go there is for high capacity mags or an AR. I guess I’ll have to build an AR15 like last time….and save $$$$, screw Dicks

  65. avatar ATTAGReader says:

    Last time I was in Dick’s was during the post Newtown ammo shortage, scrounging for ammo. The prices on everything are just too high. Not only gun-related. The now defunct Sports Authority was much better for athletic items, clothing, etc. Academy Sports and Sportsman’s Warehouse are opening in more and more places. For example, I have a Dick’s, a Field and Stream, and an Academy within a short walk of each other (if you are not run over by the cars.) I don’t see how Dick’s/Field and Stream will stay in business, and don’t really care.

  66. avatar Mike says:

    What a Dick move.

  67. avatar SparkyInWI says:

    All theater. Dick’s never sold “assault weapons” no store does. I agree it is Dick’s choice to say they will refuse to sell to anyone under 21 even though the law does not state that. But if we go with that argument which liberals make then someone please tell me why that baker from CO is in the courts. It then is his choice to not make a custom cake for folks whose views he does not agree with… mind you he was willing to sell them a cake, just not make a custom one. Dicks is going further, they will not sell you any rifle under 21 not just an AR. Now the theater part. If Dicks was serious about this then why are they even still selling any firearms at all? All rifles combined kill less people than blunt object, knives, or even feet/fists. So why did they not stop selling firearms period? All just theater, nothing more.

  68. avatar Robert says:

    I get regular promotional emails from them.
    Last night I sent them an answer [link at the bottom of their pages].
    I told them that since they have caved to an un-thinking emotional knee-jerk reaction due to the actions of a single nut case, I chose to stop doing any business with them.

    I suggest all of you do the same.

  69. avatar Lynn says:

    Dick’s could as easily have simply removed these from their stores without all the free publicity but they didn’t and it makes me think they are no better than those who sold merchandise after the 9/11 attack. This is all self-serving promotion on their part. That alone should make people reconsider where they shop.

    The problem isn’t guns and never has been, it’s a mental health issue which is too difficult to address and deal with immediately. This is the only way to shut up knee-jerk soccer mom masses faster. It’s going to change nothing. The thing they did right is raise the age limit which I support. Children only need be 18 to buy cigarettes, but 21 to buy alcohol so this is in line with that. Cigarettes aren’t as deadly as guns in that it takes a lot longer to kill, but alcohol can in an instant with a set of keys and an automobile. Age 21 is a fair age limit for a gun and if kids want them for hunting food they can get a parent to take responsibility.

    My father taught me never touch a gun without supervision as a young girl and my aunt & uncle (who owned a sporting goods/liquor) taught gun safety before I went hunting with our family. I still have the card he issued me all those years ago. Adults need to instill this same respect for weaponry we received, today. It is ironic someone sold alcohol and guns in the same store (separately) but where they were located in Herlong California and this was one of the only places to buy either in the entire area.

  70. avatar borg says:

    Dick’s is violating Oregon state law by doing this since unlike federal age 40 and up being a protected class 18 and up is a proteced class. Dick’s discriminating against those ages 18-20 are therefore violating Oregon state law and probably numerous other state and local law that bar discrimination.

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