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Walmart’s status as a charter member in good standing of Everytown for Gun Safety’s Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership program almost went unnoticed. Except an eagle-eyed member of the Tennessee Firearms Association caught it in recent days on the Walmart Corporate Policies and Guidelines page.

Funny, Walmart didn’t mention that association in their public announcement earlier this week ending sales of handgun and black rifle ammo. Nor did they mention it in the ham-handed follow-up “clarification” issued they yesterday.

But there it is near the bottom of their Firearms section of the Corporate Policies and Guidelines page:

Firearms and Ammunition Guidelines

Walmart has a long heritage as a company of serving hunters and sportsmen and women. Our focus has always been to do so responsibly, including taking many measures that go beyond what’s required by law.

Where We Sell Firearms and Ammunition
Walmart sells firearms in approximately half of our U.S. supercenter stores. While we are not the largest volume firearms seller in the United States, we do serve many areas of the country where there is a concentration of hunters and sportsmen/women.

Items We Sell
Walmart sells long guns for hunting and sport shooting, including shotguns, single-shot hunting rifles and light sporting rifles, as well as BB and pellet guns.

Items We Don’t Sell
Walmart does not sell military-style rifles, such as the AR-15, or any type of AR-15 accessory, including bump stocks and high-capacity magazines. These items are also listed on our prohibited items list for online marketplace sellers. We have a process to monitor our eCommerce marketplace and help ensure our policies are applied.

As of September 2019, we have discontinued the sale of:

  • handguns, which were previously sold only in our Alaska stores
  • ammunition for handguns
  • ammunition for short-barrel rifles such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber that, while commonly used in some hunting rifles, can also be used in large-capacity clips on military-style weapons
  • ammunition like the .300 Blackout, 7.62x.39 and .224 Valkyrie

Who Can Buy Firearms and Ammunition at Walmart
In February 2018, we announced our decision to sell firearms and ammunition only to individuals who are 21 and older.

Walmart only sells a firearm after receiving a “green light” on a background check. This goes beyond federal law, which only requires the absence of a “red light” after a three-business day waiting period. We require a “green light,” regardless of the time period.

Selling Firearms Responsibly
Walmart takes steps above and beyond what is required by law to sell firearms in a responsible way, including:

  • videotaping the point of sale for firearms;
  • allowing only select associates who have passed a criminal background check to sell firearms;
  • conducting regular associate training;
  • performing inventory audits; and
  • securing firearms in a locking case, among other important measures.

Walmart associates who are authorized to sell firearms are specifically trained on all firearm policies and procedures. Associates who fail to follow the policies and procedures are subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

Walmart is a charter member of the Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership, organized by Walmart and Everytown for Gun Safety.

So there you have it. Walmart has partnered with Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown anti-gun operation in an effort to strip law-abiding Americans of their right to purchase, keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and their families.

The good news is that America’s gun owners can help familiarize Walmart with the “get woke, go broke” principle. Just as Dick’s has learned. One hundred fifty million times.

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  1. Walmart? Oh, Walmart. Yeah, I used to shop there but some items I bought often are no longer available there so I go elsewhere.

    • I’m actually so disgusted with walshart I’m seriously ready to BURN THEIR LOCAL STORE TO THE GROUND!!! Not only have they started their “strip our customers of their 2A rights slowly but surely” program, but in the last couple months they have stopped carrying THREE OUT OF FIVE OF THE FOOD ITEMS I NORMALLY BUY REGULARLY!!!!! Just overnight NOPE WE DON’T CARRY THOSE ANYMORE!!!!


    • I’ve cut my Walmart shopping dollars in half over the past year, as I’ve gradually found preferable alternatives to portions of my shopping needs and migrated my buying to them.

      I’ll be chopping my Walmart dollars in half again, effective immediately. I still buy some things from them, but their increasingly unsavory policies are pushing me to change my buying habits and give my dollars to others who don’t follow those same policies. It’s not always easy to stop cold turkey in some areas. For example, I don’t want to shift all of my lawn and garden needs over to Home Depot if HD announces the same nonsense. I need to find a smaller (preferably family owned) store I can support. Takes a little time.

      But the end result is the same…Walmart operates on a razor thin profit margin due to their battle against Amazon, and they need every dollar they can get from us. They now get less and less from me, until it’ll eventually be nothing.

      • Any purchases are and remain support for/of Walmart policies and practices. Strikes me that that is an inescapable fact. It remains, “your penny”, to spend wherever YOU choose.

        • I see, so if someone tells you they’re coming out of the pool, but will be swimming over to the steps to do it, your response is to say “not fast enough for me”?

          Geesh. I’ll change my buying habits at my own schedule, not to suit yours.

      • Why don’t you reverse that method. Shop the mom and pop first. Then go to home depot to fill in what you cannot get at the small biz. After all it is the little guy that hurts the most when a big box rolls in to town.

  2. Virtue signaling while being the largest purveyor of Chinese junque…and cutting a vast % of their workforce to part-time so they don’t have to benefits. Swell WallyWorld…and Everytwink for Gunsafethink is yer buddy. I hope Trump’s tariffs destroys your business as you have wrecked small business America😎

    • Virtue signalling from a low wage,anti union anti competitive corporation. Now a darling of the left. I recall a time that the Democratic Party was a party of working Americans. Yes I am that old. #AndrewJacksonin2020

  3. Well Wally World just lost all of my business. Including food shopping.
    I was willing to overlook all this ammo BS until it was just pointed out. They are in cahoots with Blumbaby.
    That’s the last straw for me.
    I hope millions more join me in telling Wally World………………..shove it.

      • I think some were because a business has a right to sell or not sell whatever they want.

        It is a very different thing for them to actively contribute to the gun control lobby and spend money they make from customers to add more gun control laws working with groups that wish to erect bans and use that money to threaten other retailers that sell firearms or ammo.

  4. Talk about rubbing noses in feces.

    There is gonna be blowback for broadcasting their association with the ‘mommies’.

    And they will have earned it…

  5. I haven’t shopped there in over 10 years, but this seals the deal. Every gun owner needs to boycott them permanently.

  6. The complaint I emailed them re their support for the anti-gun groups they seemed to want to help out. Got this response:

    We know these decisions will inconvenience some of our customers, and we hope they will understand. We have been working to understand the many important issues that arose from the horrific events in El Paso and Southaven, as well as those that have been raised in the national discussion around gun violence.

    We often adjust our assortments for business needs and due to recent events, we are making necessary changes. We will continue to serve our customers with an assortment that reflects the wants and needs they come to us for every day.

    Thank you for contacting Walmart where we are always happy to help!

    So I reminded them that I have lots of other choices for vendors for absolutely everything they sell. Your basic FOAD.

    • “We have been working to understand the many important issues that arose from the horrific events in El Paso and Southaven, as well as those that have been raised in the national discussion around gun violence.

      We often adjust our assortments for business needs and due to recent events, we are making necessary changes.”

      Then maybe they can understand how they have helped to export American jobs and depress wages and small business prospects. Maybe Walmart should understand they’re part of the problem.

  7. hopefully they never stop ammo/guns by mail/UPS/FedEx to free states…
    imagine if UPS and FedEx decided they don’t want to transport guns and/or ammo?

    • FedEx, DHL , and UPS did it to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products being shipped to individuals first (2006?) and then Obummer signed the PACT ACT banning the USPS from shipping tobacco products in 2011(if memory serve me correct ). They continued to ship between licensed distributors for a few more years. But after being sued a few times they all stopped the practice all together. So don’t think it cant happen to gun and ammo too.

  8. Bloomberg’s Dick’s. That’s hilarious.

    I hate boycotts but it’s time for ALL freedom lovers (even if you don’t own a gun) to stop shopping at Walmart. We’ll continue to be pushed around until we push back. Put the word out.

  9. Walmart has bitter enemies on the political left with regards to their Labor Policies, enemy on both the Right and Left for being part of The China Lobby, and has made even more enemies on the Right by siding with Michael Bloomberg…………

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Bloomberg is also a big-time name for The China Lobby, so it’s only fitting that Walmart got in bed with him.

  10. “Funny, Walmart didn’t mention that association in their public announcement …”

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

  11. We’ll never hear it, but I’d love to see their numbers after 6-12 months now. Virtue signaling only pays if you’re a politician!

  12. You all act surprised. Have to tried to access any gun/knife retailers or blogs from inside Walmart in the last two years? Tried to access articles? Walmart not only doesn’t support your 2nd amendments rights, they don’t respect your 1st Amendment rights, either. Your smartphone searches have been censored within their walls for quite some time. Walmart doesn’t get taken by surprise, folks, they’ve mapped their responses to date and into the future. Don’t think so? Watch.

    • Chaplain J

      I found TTAG was blocked at Phoenix W mart in April 2017 and emailed Dan Z about it.

      He replied they had no idea TTAG was blocked and would follow up with W mart. I guess someone in W mart IT dept is the “progressive” type and now the management is. As others put it W mart can foad.

      • They’re probably running all their traffic through a net nanny box. You probably can’t surf porn, “hate,” drugs, “violence,” video, maybe social networks, or other things they don’t want their employees using their network for. If so, Walmart isn’t picking the restricted sites — they subscribe to a service that makes a list of sites that fit into whatever category. If you have issues with this at other places, using a VPN may get you around it, unless they also block VPNs. This is just speculation since I’m not going near one voluntarily. Since they stopped 24 hrs, there’s little draw. Strange that Target is now the saner big box department store. They’ve had the “we prefer no open carry” policy since the last time it was a topic the left was pushing.

  13. If they really cared about the customer:

    Close the pharmacy. Stop selling to addicts who OD and die.
    Quit selling alcohol. Why contribute to death and destruction on our roads?
    Eliminate tobacco products. Not too healthy.

    I guess the revenues aces potential death. I’ll bet Sam Walton is turning over in his grave!

  14. The Walmart ceo is also talking to the president and members of congress trying to get them to debate and consider a new assault weapons ban, why no one is covering that is beyond me.

    • Since they got out of the business of selling the ammo for these rifles, they don’t want anyone else to make money selling it. Just like when Dick’s quit selling AR’s, they immediately start pushing for a ban so their competitors can’t make a profit off of it.

  15. I WILL stop into Wally World from time to time when I am OPEN CARRYING one of my custom 1911’s.

    Just like I do in Austin.

  16. I cut up my Wal Mart card and closed the account long ago and don’t shop there even thou they are the only gig in town. They came out opposing a topic I agreed with but old age has taken over and I can’t remember what the topic was.

  17. I quit shopping at Walmart in th 90s when they loudly announced that the would no longer be selling handguns.

    What products a retailer sells is a marketing decision, but when they announce it with fanfare, it is a political statement.

    I haven’t needed them in over 20 years. Anything they sell, I can find somewhere else.

  18. In a just world, every manufacturer of firearms and ammunition Walmart intends to carry from this point forward, would decline to sell their products to Walmart (a supplier’s boycott). It won’t happen, but it’s sure nice to think about and wish for.

  19. That settles it, I’m done with Walmart… I’ve never bought a gun there, and ammunition only twice, groceries only as single items because I was there, but I am largely clothed by Walmart, though by brands available elsewhere, and elsewhere is where I will go! I’ll hit AutoZone for my fluids, henceforth…

  20. Dear Walmart (& Walmart CEO),

    It came to my attention recently regarding the CEO’s stance on the greater politics surrounding the Second Amendment in America. When I heard the announcement that you will suspend practically all firearm sales and drastically curtail ammunition sales, I thought, well that’s your decision as a business. Even when you announced to law abiding firearm owners not to open carry (which I have rarely done in your stores) I said, ok, I don’t agree, but that’s your choice as a business. But when I heard the CEO publicly announce to Congress “We believe it is time for action on these common sense measures, [ie gun control]” I lost my patience. You are now politicizing a tragedy and taking political sides of anti-2a groups that want to restrict or erode our God given rights enumerated in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. That is unacceptable to me since you have decided to alienate millions of law abiding citizens in this country. Therefore, I will cease shopping at your stores and will write to my Congressmen and Senators that perhaps it is time to look into the issue of mandatory $20/hr wages for the largest American corporations with revenues exceeding certain billions of dollars. Maybe even say that “Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance” due to your low wages. After further identification, I think it’s wrong that such a wealthy company profits so much off SNAP and other public assistance programs. Perhaps Congress should start restricting use of these programs to smaller, more local businesses. I am sure the CEO did an analysis to determine that politically siding against a certain segment of the population was acceptable, but you can count me out as a ex shopper. Too bad too, I need a new Vacuum cleaner and TV. Guess I’ll have to go somewhere else.


    Former U.S. Army Veteran and ex Walmart Patron.

  21. I wouldn’t even know where the nearest Walmart is located. I did stop by a Walmart Marketplace a few times to pick up something for lunch. Each time I was a victim of identity theft and each time my credit card was being used all over the state. I would rather starve than shop any Walmart by any other name.

  22. if they’re trying to get rid of ar ammo ,and it appears they are.. they better stop selling ammo altogether cause ar’s come in every caliber from 17 hmr to 12 ga… they want to stop selling “short barreled rifle” ammo… guess they never heard of an ar-10 pistol !!

  23. “We do not sell military-style rifles, and we believe the reauthorization of the Assault Weapons ban should be debated to determine its effectiveness.” – Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

    Walmart is 100% dead to me. I will never shop there again.

  24. Here is a link every decent American can use to send a message so easy with a few clicks and a prewritten letter(if needed) to all GOP Senators & Trump to stop this illegal gun control! This week the threat is real and the anti-gun house will likely pass several gun control bills and scream the sky is falling! They will call Trump and the Senate all kinds of names if they don’t pass their commie like gun control!

  25. Explain to me the difference between Walmart saying, “We are going to stop selling handgun ammunition because of the public perception that we are fueling the gun homicide crisis” and a guy on a gun site who says, “We need you to stop openly carrying rifles because of the public perception that we are fueling the gun homicide crisis.”

  26. Walmart has 3 large container ships that sail here from China each week and off-load cargo, they sail back empty. Over 90% of what they sell comes from China and is made by slave labor, low wage labor (about 1 dollar a day).
    Walmart has no stellar reputation for how they treat employees, all part-time and most rely on government programs to make ends meet, you know, the taxpayers take care of Walmart employees. The taxpayers that Walmart despises obviously.
    Walmart makes more money in one minute than all their employees make in a year combined. But every shopper is subject to receipt check when leaving.
    I have seen Walmart security people drive around the lot but I have never seen one get out of their vehicle. Walmart does not discourage panhandlers from loitering around their entrances.
    I made my last trip into Walmart 2 days ago and went back to sporting goods and asked the man (a very elderly man) for 7.65×39 ammo. He looked for 5 or more minutes then said he did n’t see any. His age caused me to be courteous not the 2 gorillas that appeared and had been standing behind me pretending to be chatting. My last visit to that scourge of a retail chain. I sure hope many join us in spending somewhere else and get vocal. We haven’t much time left to keep our Rights protected.

  27. Thanks for the reference and appreciate the help is distributing the information

    John Harris
    Executive Director
    Tennessee Firearms Association

  28. Only thing I’ve ever bought from Walmart was ammunition during the Obama administration when it was hard to find. They’re globalist, anti-american, pro-slave labor and more culpable than most for global warming. Good to see others going for a moratorium.

  29. No place is perfect. They sell food, that calls for health inspections. They sell flamables that’s the Fire Marshall’s purview. They sell corrosive chemicals that might be epa? They of course store all that stuff on the premises. Something just thought of, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, co2 sensors, lots of violations just waiting to be reported, if not to the appropriate authorities, certainly the local media always need material. Play nice now.

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