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Walmart’s announced the next logical step on its way to fully eliminating the sales of firearms and ammunition in its stores (and possibly concealed Carr, too). It’s not clear why they’re taking this intermediate step, unless it’s to ease its customer base into the Bentonville retail giant’s inevitable gun-free future.

The Wally Walk may soon be a thing of the past.

By Anee D’Innocenzio AP

Walmart says it will discontinue the sale of handgun ammunition and also publicly request that customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in stores even where state laws allow it.

The announcement comes just days after a mass shooting claimed seven lives in Odessa, Texas and follows two other back-to-back shootings last month, one of them at a Walmart store.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based discounter said Tuesday it will stop selling short-barrel and handgun ammunition after it runs out of its current inventory. It will also discontinue handgun sales in Alaska, marking its complete exit from handguns and allowing it to focus on hunting rifles and related ammunition only.

“We have a long heritage as a company of serving responsible hunters and sportsmen and women, and we’re going to continue doing so,” according to a memo by Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon that will be circulated to employees Tuesday afternoon.

Walmart is further requesting that customers refrain from openly carrying firearms at its stores unless they are law enforcement officers. Last month, a gunman entered a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas and killed 22 people using an AK-style firearm that Walmart already bans the sale of. Texas became an open carry state in 2016, allowing people to openly carry firearms in public.

Walmart’s moves will reduce its market share of ammunition from around 20% to a range of about 6% to 9%, according to Tuesday’s memo. About half of its more than 4,000 U.S. stores sell firearms.

The nation’s largest retailer has been facing increasing pressure to change its gun policies by gun control activists, employees and politicians after the El Paso shooting and a second unrelated shooting in Dayton, Ohio that killed nine people. A few days before that, two Walmart workers were killed by another worker at a store in Southaven, Mississippi.

In the aftermath of the El Paso shooting, Walmart ordered workers to remove video game signs and displays that depict violence from stores nationwide. But that fell well short of demands for the retailer to stop selling firearms entirely. Critics have also wanted Walmart to stop supporting politicians backed by the National Rifle Association.

The retailer has long found itself in an awkward spot with its customers and gun enthusiasts. Many of its stores are located in rural areas where hunters are depend on Walmart to get their equipment. Walmart is trying to walk a fine line by trying to embrace its hunting heritage while being a more responsible retailer.

With its new policy on “open carry,” McMillon noted in his memo that individuals have tried to make a statement by carrying weapons into its stores just to frighten workers and customers. But there are well-intentioned customers acting lawfully who have also inadvertently caused a store to be evacuated and local law enforcement to be called to respond.

He says Walmart will continue to treat “law-abiding customers with respect” and it will have a “non-confrontational approach.”

Walmart says it hopes to use its weight to help other retailers by sharing its best practices like software that it uses for background checks. And the company, which in 2015 stopped selling assault rifles like the AR-rifles used in several mass shootings, urged more debate on the reauthorization of the assault weapons ban. McMillon says Walmart will send letters to the White House and the Congressional leadership that calls for action on these “common sense” measures.

“In a complex situation lacking a simple solution, we are trying to take constructive steps to reduce the risk that events like these will happen again,” McMillon wrote in his memo. “The status quo is unacceptable.”

Over the last 15 years, Walmart had expanded beyond its hunting and fishing roots, carrying items like assault rifles in response to increasing demand. But particularly since 2015, often coinciding with major public mass shootings, the company has made moves to curb the sale of ammunition and guns.

Walmart announced in February 2018 that it would no longer sell firearms and ammunition to people younger than 21 and also removed items resembling assault-style rifles from its website. Those moves were prompted by the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.

In 2015, Walmart stopped selling semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15 style rifle, the type used in the Dayton shooting. The retailer also doesn’t sell large-capacity magazines, handguns (except in Alaska) or bump stocks, nor the AK-style firearm that was used by the El Paso shooter.

In the mid-1990s, Walmart stopped selling handguns with the exception of Alaska.

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        • Wassa matter, Rudy?

          Are you still mad Serge bitch-slapped your punk-ass into next week?

          (The troll quality here has really taken a dive recently…)

        • Geoff,

          Even Pg2 has taken a break, apparently. And Vlad is off his game, depending upon *who* might be the real Vlad.

          I miss Possum. He wasn’t a troll, more like the wild-eyed Quasimodo that would roll into a conversation and talk about something weird, then roll off.

        • @Rudy, both majors UPS and Fedex ship ammunition no problem. So do half a dozen smaller shipping companies.
          It has been getting steadily easier to buy ammo online and have it shipped and this is always cheaper than Walmart or Dicks were. My brother lives in Washington DC and five years ago none of the big online ammo sellers would sell to residents there, and now almost all of the big ones will, you just send them a pic of your registration.
          This move by Walmart will also just help local gun stores and other small businesses that are FFLs. They were never charging much more than Walmart, maybe 10%.

        • The ‘Marsupial One’ commented on the mountain bike EDC from last night.

          Possum is still around… 🙂

        • YEAH SURE Power Serge you have never bought ammo on line and if you did you got ripped off with the outrageous shipping charges that rip of people like ups and fed x charge.

        • I am an expert at ripping people off not on ammo sales but other stuff. The only difference between me and the evil capitalist FedEx and UPS is I always get caught then I get beat up or arrested and sometimes both.

        • Hey Vladdy, where do you think I get 77gr OTM by the case? As for shipping charges… just more incentive to order in bulk and stack it deep. When you’re ordering $3k worth of ammo, an $18 shipping charge is hardly a major issue.

        • pay for shipping?

          you can tell this turd has NEVER bought, ammo let alone held a REAL gun

          all over the net…buy 250$ get free shipping is the norm, sometimes 150 on fac/new

      • This action by Walmart is an expression of bigotry against gun owners. This is a civil liberties issue which puts it out of the reach of compromise.

        I live in suburban Chicago and have plenty of retail options. Its not hardship to boycott Walmart.

        Walmart will never see another cent of mine.

    • I guess I’ll spend it elsewhere but I’ll have to spend more, unfortunately. A whitebox for target shooting at Walmart cost quit a bit less than other places and I have no large sporting goods stores around me.

      Well, except for Dicks.

        • When it was mentioned, during one of the stories on Dick’s, that Walmart really isn’t any different, the TTAG faithful ran to Wally’s defense. Now they have not only matched Dicks (including lobbing for more gun control), but their policies are now MORE draconian.

    • I do not go into a Walmart often. Quick stuff when I do, like a garden hose or fishing license and only because the Walmart near me is closer and I want to save time. Yes I have in the past purchased 9mm ammo from them but it has been a while.

      I now, will never go into a Walmart again, unless it is an emergency and I have no other option.

      • Oh, be nice, Larry! HEB doesn’t sell handguns or ammo, either, but we still shop there. If they want to give away business, I’m sure I don’t care. Mostly I use the internet for ammo, anyway. TV says they are going to stop selling ammo for SBRs, too, and I’m waiting to see an explanation of how or why. Unless I’m mistaken the weapon they are overreacting to was a handgun, not a SBR.

        • HEB never sold them. They didn’t sell them and then stop for political reasons. We aropped shopping at Wal Mart a long time ago. Don’t miss it.

        • As the Pirate said, HEB never sold ammo. It the political choice they are making.

          I highly doubt anyone would stop shopping at Walmart if they kept selling ammo. The vast majority of people that shop at Walmart do not care either way about guns, they are there for the low prices. Most libtards wont even walk into a Walmart so they never had their business in the first place.

          However I do care about guns and my rights and I can and will spend my money in other places. I can and will tell anyone I want to about that. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and if that word of mouth shifts money around all the better and not for Walmart.

        • My understanding from APNews article about the sbr part:

          “The Bentonville, Arkansas-based discounter said Tuesday it will stop handgun ammunition as well as short-barrel rifle ammunition, such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber used in military style weapons, after it runs out of its current inventory.”

          How or why .223 is being called SBR ammo, I haven’t the foggiest.

    • Academy sports still does free shipping on ammo. Their prices vary by item. Some brands (eg: Hornady , Fiocchi) are cheaper than many online sellers, but some brands are more expensive. So you really have to comparison shop. But when they have a sale, (PLUS free shipping) it is hard to beat.

    • To quote a line from an ad from Apple, they’ve decided to stop shooting themselves in the foot and are about to aim higher.

      So only Fudd calibers such .30-06 .270, and .243, and 12 gauge will be sold? According to the sales of reloading dies, .223 Remington is the most popular cartridge for over 25 years. It would be ironic if they sold Remchesterby rifles in .223 but couldn’t sell the ammunition because it could be used in a short barreled rifle.

      Definitely aiming much higher.

    • This doesn’t bother me. There’s plenty of places we can get ammo, and honestly, I’ve got enough ammo at home to last until I die of old age, probably. To buy it at Walmart, I’d have to go to the sporting goods counter, then wait ten or more minutes for an employee to come unlock the case anyway.

      I don’t bear any grudges against them if they don’t want to sell a particular product, otherwise I’d have to be angry at Walgreens for not selling pickup trucks. I’ll still shop at Walmart whenever they have the best value on groceries, etc.

      Will Walmart’s decision make the world any safer? Of course not, but who cares if they do something futile? Not I.

    • So all Walmarts will now join the ranks of ‘target rich environments’. In their ever-tightening race against Amazon for market share, their profit margin is now razor thin and highly vulnerable. This will undoubtedly piss off enough shoppers to affect their bottom line. All it will take is 1% of shoppers to alter their buying habits in the free half of America, and the shareholders will feel the pinch in their bottom line.

      So glad I stocked up when I could over the past few years, though I was hoping to continue buying handgun ammo at lower prices when visiting Nevada (the new ammo registration process here in CA is a joke, and I refuse to register any of my guns since I’m not required to under current law). Now I’ll be stuck paying higher prices at the smaller gun shops.

      • So all Walmarts will now join the ranks of ‘target rich environments’.

        Nope. Let’s be accurate. They are not banning ALL CARRY, they are simply asking that people not OPEN CARRY in the store. Given that in my very pro-gun area, that is accepting of open carry, I have only seen two people carrying in Walmart in the last year, this is not going to reduce the number of armed citizens carrying in their stores around here. For every person open carrying, there are likely over a hundred carrying concealed.

        We certainly can be upset about the policy, but Walmart is not creating a “gun free zone”.

        • …which (outside of Constitutional Carry states) still requires begging permission from your local authority if you may pretty-please conceal carry. You know the drill…fill out some forms, pay some fees, take a class, wait for the little piece of paper that says someone will allow you to exercise your natural right.

          What you say is technically true, but I wholeheartedly disagree with your apparent satisfaction that it’s okay because you still get to conceal carry because you got someone’s permission. You’re neglecting the larger picture.

        • yes they are if all the gun toting folks stop shopping there because they cant get handgun and 5.56 ammo there

        • It is a gun free zone if you are 18-20 and the state only allows cc for 21 and older. Most states with cc allow open carry for 18-20 year olds and they cannot cc.

    • I haven’t bought ammo from a brick and mortar establishment in at least 7 years. I buy most every thing by the case, with the exception being when I’m testing out ammo a box at a time for a new firearm. Bulk purchases tend to come with free shipping too.

  1. Guess I have to find another place to buy jeans. It is the only thing I shop for there anymore. And there’s no way I’m going to walk through a Walmart parking lot unarmed.

    • Said CCW ok.
      I do check out the ammo on occasion.
      Have a good FFL here, and online for ammo. I use up my Cabela points once or twice a year.

    • Walmart’s loss is my LGS’s gain. Too bad Walmart is 12 minutes from my house, and the gun store is almost an hour, but it’s a scenic drive, and I’ll manage.

      The whole pistol ammo ban thing is pathetic. Walmart is virtue signalling about guns while simultaneously pretending to be on the side of Fudd ammo purchasers (that is, purchasers of rifle ammo only). They’d be wise to remember: Get woke, go broke.

    • In the days after the guy carried and the manager pulled the fire alarm, Walmart was on record with the local news that they had no intention of stopping people from carrying; openly or concealed, handgun or long gun. They stated that they respected the rights of their customers to be armed in their stores. This is a complete 180 from that statement.

    • Eric, it’s still first-class virtue signalling. One more reason for me to shift even more of my shopping list to other stores. Now that our CA Walmarts lock everything up behind plexiglass panels (toiletries, knives, flashlights, sandpaper, certain automotive products, etc.) and ask for you to prove your innocence from suspicion of shoplifting by asking for your receipt on the way out the door, there’s no longer any reason for me to shop there anymore.

      No more ammo, no more MRE buckets, no more of many things I used to buy there years ago. They’re going the way of Dick’s.

      • “Virtue Signaling” is not quite an accurate description. What Walmart and others (including our beloved government overlords) are doing is called Social Engineering.

        “Social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence particular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups in order to produce desired characteristics in a target population. Social engineering can also be understood philosophically as a deterministic phenomenon where the intentions and goals of the architects of the new social construct are realized.”

      • 57 years old and won’t be able to purchase 1 box of hand gun ammo , but can walk over to the camping isle and purchase a very large knife, axe, hatchet, machetes, arrows, and bows ( in which were all used long before guns were even invented) and don’t have to show any type of proper ID for proof of age !!

        Seems like we are heading back to the Stone Age when it comes to being able to protect yourself and your family !! Hope people know how to use a big stick for protection in the future !!
        Now I guess I don’t have to drive past kohl’s, target, dicks sporting goods, stop and shop, and a whole slew of other stores to get to Walmart ! I’m sure the other stores would be happy to get my cash !

  2. So Walmart has capitulated to the angry leftist mob that despises it and it’s customer base. Like Dick’s, they will soon regret this decision.

    • Walmart management is probably tired of the danger and threats posed by the right wing supremacists.

      Far too many bigots are willing to act out their fantasies with lethal consequences, and we can’t catch them all before they act.

      “A Florida white supremacist has been arrested for threatening a shooting at a Walmart just days after 22 people were killed at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in one of the worst mass shootings in the country’s modern history.

      Richard Clayton, 26, was arrested by Florida Department of Law Enforcement authorities on Friday in Winter Park after making an online threat last week, according to police.”

      • your not very smart are you, 99 percent of the mass shootings are carried out by a leftists with and agenda to push fear. look it up its right out there in the open for you to read and see.

      • Walmart management is probably tired of the danger and threats posed by the right wing supremacists.

        political mass shootings are about 75% left wing or minority perpetrated.

        General gun murder is 54% committed by the 6.7% of the population that is African american male

        Mass shootings are 74% committed by the 65% of the population that is African american male.
        “Over all, though, nearly three-fourths of [mass shooting]victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black. ”

        so please, people here know here numbers. Seven BLM supporters have committed major mass shootings in the US. Lots of Antif supporters have. Muslim Americans have. And the male cohort of African Americans are less than 7% of the population and committed 74% of all of them.

  3. I wasn’t aware Walmart sold handguns to begin with. I know I’ve never noticed one in their fudd-gun display…

    And they aren’t asking us to not carry in their stores, they’re asking us not to open carry in their stores, which is stupid anyways.

    • Forrest,

      For many of us Californians who cannot carry under any circumstances due to our overlords’ decrees, open carry in an out-of-state locale is our only chance to carry at all. I personally liked having my gun at my hip whenever visiting a certain NV Walmart near my twice-per-year destination.

        • Literally went into that store, filled up at a gas station, ate dinner at a restaurant, etc…and nobody even cared. The people in your town seem to understand when something’s worse fretting about, and when it’s not.

    • ” they’re asking us not to open carry in their stores, which is stupid anyways.”

      The good old divide and conquer worked so easily on you, didn’t it genius? If you disregard your cohorts who open carry then you were no friend of the RKBA to begin with. Enjoy your chains. With more people like you around, you will feel the burden in your own lifetime.

      Here’s your goat.

    • I doubt they’ll be on clearance. They just said they’ll not restock. I don’t think they’re in a hurry. I’m going shopping before the rush. I’ve never bought on-line.

      • Their American Eagle 150g.300 BLK was on clearance at my local Walmart the week before the July 1 ammo law took effect. They knocked them down from $12.95 to only $5.00 per box to clear the shelf, so I took all they had. They’re clearance them if they don’t plan on stocking it any more. Walmart policy.

        • Awesome deal. I heard they plan on selling at full price. They made the public announcement so people would rush in and buy them out. They also wanted to signal to the little sheep that they’re getting rid of that scary stuff and it’s safe to come back and shop.

    • Of course you would be.

      I wouldn’t take their ammo if they were giving it away. But, go right ahead Major General Arnold; that will mean more for you.

      Perhaps one day we will read a TTAG article by you titled, “To the Inhabitants of America.”

  4. Local gun shops nationwide rejoice.

    The local gun shops around me tell me that Walmart ammo prices are cheaper than the wholesale prices they can buy ammo for sale.

    Stupid move in Walmarts part.

  5. Now maybe some mom & pop stores they put out of business can start up selling ammo & guns,,, huh?
    Wally World = lost job’s

    • Wallyworld got into everything half assed. Cameras, guns, lawn& garden, hardware. They suck at everything. They only good thing they are good at is purveying China crap.

  6. Boiling the frog into their “Gun Free Future”.

    Looking at this and how NASCAR is caving, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bloomberg and other Scumbag Democrat Party Billionaire Donors are threatening the Box-Stores with Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP Suits).

    It’s a form of Lawfare that can be used to evade the PLCAA. Sue retailers for ‘inciting public endangerment’.

    Find a Maoist POS Judge to bring up the lawsuit and bankrupt the Defendants.

  7. Its time for all people that love the 2nd Amendment to boycott Walmart.. I will no longer even by their gas!! Boycott them!! Shut the down!!

    • I won’t set foot in their stores anymore. I won’t purchase any product from them online either. For those that don’t know, the Bluebird prepaid card is a Walmart product too.

      Walmart is a complete no-go zone for me now.

    • If there are Kroger stores in you area, add them. They have announced that they will be following Walmart’s lead. Impoverished folks in the Buckeye State who aren’t quite able to budget for CHL and training would be felons if they concealed in Walmart or Kroger. They have effectively shut poorer citizens out of the exercise of their right to bear arms. Many of them walk to the stores. They have no where to put their sidearms and because they cannot conceal without a license, they can’t go armed when they grocery shop at either store.

    • They are probably thrilled. They and other online retailers won’t have to compete one of the few brick and mortar retailers that could compete with them on an economics of scale basis.

  8. This is the most disturbing part “And the company, which in 2015 stopped selling assault rifles like the AR-rifles used in several mass shootings, urged more debate on the reauthorization of the assault weapons ban. McMillon says Walmart will send letters to the White House and the Congressional leadership that calls for action on these “common sense” measures.” It’s their choice to not sell whatever, but the fact WalMart is willing to compromise on the Second Amendment is very disturbing.

  9. No doubt this was helped along by that geared up attention whore that strolled through the store. I’m all for supporting locally owned businesses. I just have a hard time justifying the expense when it’s 50% more.

    • Dude,

      I’m all for supporting locally owned businesses. I just have a hard time justifying the expense when it’s 50% more.

      I will not support a 50% markup, especially when I have to drive 35 minutes (in perfect traffic and considerably longer in anything remotely resembling “rush hour” traffic) to a “local” gun store. When you add the mileage expense to the 50% markup, it makes ZERO sense to purchase locally. Even without the 50% markup, the round-trip mileage expense (of roughly $35) would pay for a fair amount of shipping.

      Even worse, it seems to me lately that local gun stores have a pi$$-poor selection of self-defense ammunition for handguns. And even their selection of hunting ammunition is lacking.

      • As a child of a ‘mom & pop’ business, we don’t get the super cheap wholesale prices that the big corporate stores do, (Walmart, Costco, Sears). Our family income pays the property taxes etc. We don’t have a bivy of lawyers to fight lawsuits when someone slips on the floor or gets a little sliver or bruise climbing the shelves. Walmart has done a great job destroying small family businesses across middle America. I shop there for some things, too. That’s life.

        • Victoria,

          I empathize on all counts. I operate a small business myself and am happy to spend 10% to 20% extra at local businesses. Unfortunately, I cannot justify an extra 50% plus mileage expense for a “local” business that is 35+ miles away.

        • Uncommon Sense: Whatever, but do not call it a “50% markup.” Those small mom and pop local gun stores probably pay a lot more for their ammo at wholesale than walmart sells it for. Estimates are that walmart was selling up to 22% of the entire US consumer ammo market. That means they set their own prices they buy at.

          Walmart is famous for “grinding” manufacturers — bringing them down to Arkansas HQ and shaving every penny off of wholesale price. You can bet they are buying canned chicken of the sea tuna for half of what a small retailer has to pay for it.

          My grandfather had a small grocery store. Not only did we pay twice as much for milk as the large chain pathmark did, the milk company also did not take back expired milk. We bought our milk for $1, sold it for $0.90, and still got complaints from customers who had seen the same size milk at pathmark for $0.60 when pathmark was paying $0.50.

    • I almost exclusively shop at locally-owned stores. I comparison shop, then, show the shop owner the prices I’ve found. I don’t ask them to match the price, just make it possible for me to purchase from Mom and Pop. Sometimes, they cannot, but most of the time they are happy to do so. They know I care about their business and our community and they make sure I get excellent service. It is a friendship with a basis in commerce.

      Yes, sometimes I have to order online. Yes, sometimes I end up at The Home Depot. That is just the way it is.

    • “No doubt this was helped along by that geared up attention whore that strolled through the store.”

      Walmart’s answer to local media right after that incident was that they supported the rights of their customers and were not going to ban open or concealed carry of handguns or long guns where legal.

      Something else changed high up in Walmart.

      • Yes. Doug McMillon is a leftest piece of neo-Bolshevik loving crap pandering to Beta Bob ORourk Nd Alyssa Milano and her ilk.

  10. So Walmart cowers down to the anti-gun groups! As if that policy had it been in effect before that shooting would have deterred that sick piece of shit from carrying out his actions! How stupid can people be!

    So by taking away the ability for law abiding citizens to carry their firearm in their stores all they will accomplish is make themselves an even more inviting target by another killer that statistics show could care less about their feel good gun free zone. In fact they prefer it! Unbelievable ignorance at its best!

    • They have already surrendered multiple times. They stopped carrying ‘scary’ guns, they stopped carrying handguns in all but Alaska (apparently), they require you to show them a license in some states to buy handgun ammo… the more I think about it the less I care about the cheaper ammo.

  11. OK, I’m going to consider these issues one at a time:

    “Request” not to open carry – I understand this one. Although people do not become alarmed in my area at open carry, there are areas where it is legal and where it would still cause alarm. Evacuating a store is in itself dangerous. As long as they are simply requesting that I carry concealed, I’m not too upset.

    Not selling handguns in Alaska – I’m less tolerant of this one. Handguns are more of a target for theft and should, IMHO, be well secured by FFLs

    Not selling handgun ammo – Pure politics. Also, what the heck is “short barreled rifle ammo”?

    Sadly, we have seen major retailers get out of the firearms business due to political pressure, but also due to increasing regulation and complexity. Walmart is trying to walk a fine line here. If they were to pull everything gun related, we would likely stop buying from them, and that would be a major hit. They also ***THINK*** that if they do nothing, they could face a boycott that would cost them business.

    I will be watching them.

    • Vincent, you need to read the entire story this time. Walmart is lobbing Congress for more gun control.

      And it looks like SBR ammo is .223/5.56.

  12. Doesn’t seem like there’s really any such thing as “handgun ammunition” anymore nor “rifle ammunition” for that matter. Only ammunition.

    • Exactly. What if you only have a Ruger 10/22 rifle (.22LR) and an AR-9 carbine (9mm)? Those aren’t even close to being handguns, but does this mean they won’t sell that ammo anymore?

      Bunch of ignorant, self-congratulating, virtue signalling board members out there in Bentonville.

  13. The Second Amendment and state carry laws trump Walmart.

    By asking that customers leave their guns out, They’re creating a gun free zone. Thus putting lives in danger from the next mass shooter nut job. I plan to double down on carrying for the safety of my family and myself.

    Sure Walmart has the right as a private, but publicly traded company to stop selling guns & ammo, and creating their own gun free zone. Makes me not want to shop there and not invest in their stock.

    • “The Second Amendment and state carry laws trump Walmart.”

      So you want the government to step in and tell Walmart what they canning can’t do on their own property? Isn’t that the very definition of big government controlling our lives?

      So you don’t care about anyone’s private property rights, and you want to dictate what they canning can’t do on their own land.

      It seems all that private property rights from the right wing is a load of crap, they just want to be able to tell us what to do on our own private property.

      That is not America.

  14. The story is wrong, they are eliminating sales of handguns in Alaska (only place they sell hand guns) and ceasing sales of ammunition for all but shotguns.

    Stopping sales of handgun ammo just eliminated the very last reason I ever go into a Walmart.

    Sorry Walmart, now you don’t get any money from me at all.

  15. Asking and telling are completely different…except in the mush brains of liberals and leftists.

    The unsettling thing is all the virtue-signalling companies are not losing significant money while insulting a good portion of their customer base.

  16. Wal mart put waves of local gun shops out of business by undercutting them on the major source of repeat business. I guess sales go online or back to the LGS

    • This is why libertarianism is not the answer. Because Libertarians are quite comfortable with Mom and Pop stores going out of business. They say that’s the market at work. And everybody going to a Walmart. Will now guess what. You won’t have ammunition at Walmart soon or guns. So now you have to drive to the next town over to get your guns and ammo?

      Libertarians have never understood the concept of shopping local. Because they do not understand supplying the demands and needs to customers who can’t travel very far.

      Libertarians have never understood the concept or the need for brand loyalty or store loyalty.

      • Just because some businesses shut down doesn’t mean others can’t open. If some businesses can’t compete and close, others can open when that competition goes away. You’re free to base your decisions on non-economic factors. If other reports are accurate, there’ll be a hole in 20% of the ammo market. Demand and manufacturing aren’t going away, so existing and new businesses have huge opportunities.

        If Walmart is just selling shotgun shells and limited long guns, I expect them to stop entirely since they’re devoting 20’+ of space to something that maybe generates a couple hundred in sales in a week and isn’t a draw for other sales. Even then, who wants to buy a rifle and not be able to get ammo for it. If I have to go somewhere else for the ammo anyway, I might as well get the gun there if the price is close and the selection is better.

  17. They don’t fear law abiding citizens. They fear the antifa and leftists more. If they upset the good people, we may boycott. If they upset the leftists, they beat-up people, throw rocks, start fires etc…etc… It’s economics. They do what’s best for THEIR company, not for you.

  18. Another post said they will also get rid of .223 and 556 ammo as well…
    so will only sell HIGH powered ammo…and .22 I assume
    their prices are rarely that good any more
    look for a good deal and free shipping online

  19. The decision by Walmart is the best thing that could happen for Amazon. I always buy other stuff from Walmart when I go to buy ammo but now, I will simply order the stuff from Amazon that I would normally get at Walmart. The one checkout clerk will be less busy.

  20. It’s all well and good to say “pfft, don’t care, buying online” until some nutter shoots up a Fedex distribution center and Fedex abruptly bans all ammo shipments.

    The anaconda continues to tighten. Walmart was the last place you could buy ammo over the counter at reasonable prices without paying shipping or maintaining a shipping address that accepts ammo.

    • Ark,

      You bring up a hugely important point: what happens if FedEx and UPS refuse to transport ammunition purchases?

      Not only does that eliminate our ability as consumers to purchase ammunition from online/mail-order distributors, it would also virtually eliminate the ability of local gun stores to sell ammunition because local gun stores would also have no way to receive orders from distributors.

      Caveat: while freight companies would still be happy to ship ammunition orders to local gun stores, freight charges are ginormous no matter how small the shipment. That means local gun stores would often choose not to restock until they could spread the huge cost of freight shipping across a LARGE order.

      • Uncommon sense you do not know how the smart savvy gun store works.

        Here in Ohio we have a guy who sells ammo out of his country store and he has his own tractor trailers that pick up ammo right at the manufacturer and his prices are unbeatable because he cut out the rip of con artists of UPS and Fed X and any middle man jobbers.

        • In the Great Socialist Paradise to come free shipping will finally be recognized as a fundamental human right and we will destroy the evil capitalist shipping companies like FedEx and UPS and the online retailers will hire their own delivery boys and pay them a living wage and they can ride bicycles to deliver our packages.

    • Some of us cant say “Pfft, no problem, buying online.” In Communist CA, we can’t buy online except thru a dealer, who then charges a fee to do it, Granted, the fee isn’t that much (yet), but it is still an increase in cost, not to mention the inconvenience of having to wait for your ammo to arrive, and then having to go stand in line (my dealer is exceedingly busy), fill out paperwork, pass a background check and all the other BS hoops we in CA have to jump through now. I buy most of my ammo at gun shows. Walmart couldn’t get near their price. Alas, gun shows are also becoming a thing of the past in CA with more and more cities passing ordinances against them. We all better learn to reload. They haven’t come after components (Again, YET).

  21. Just what in the hell is “short barreled” ammo? How does the sale associate know my rifle ammo isn’t going to be fired out of a legit form1 SBR? Are they going to cease stocking .22lr since many a handgun is chambered in that fierce round? Never liked Walmart and carrying in the store is a requirement thanks to the sketchy ass people they let live in their parking lots. I don’t understand this corporate activism. Walmart needs to stay in it’s lane of selling shoddy cheap shit and drop the virtue signaling.

  22. As I said before TTAG and I’ll say it again. It is best to spend your money at a mom-and-pop gun store not a Walmart. Because your mom and pop gun store will be loyal to you. Not some multibillion-dollar Corporation. Which quite frankly is not affected as much by economic downturns as a mom-and-pop stories.

    But a multibillion-dollar corporation will do what is necessary to keep the government happy.

    That’s why I buy ammo every month at my local gun stores. Cuz I know I can rely on them. I hope Walmart stops selling anything and everything related to guns.

    They can go back to being a general merchandise store like a Payless. Or Target. And if you want Sporting Goods then go to an Academy sporting goods store. Or some other Big Box store to get your guns and ammo. And pay more money in the long run.

    The people who screw this up for everyone else aren’t really these killers. But these stupid dumbass gun owners who think they have a right to walk into a Walmart in camo, armor plated, with a long gun as if it’s their right to do that.

    No idiot it’s not your right to walk onto someone’s private property with your firearm stupid.

    • Not sure how you do things out there in KY, but here in CA if you open up your “property” for the purpose of commerce to the general public, then the default position is that all personal rights are retained by customers unless you specifically post your desire that visitors not bring their guns onto your premises. But then, the legal trade-off is that once you invite someone onto your property, but tell them to leave their ability to defend themselves outside, you assume all responsibility for their safety and can be sued for criminal negligence if they’re attacked and you fail to protect them.

      So, while I agree that it’s not prudent to act in certain ways nowadays that may have not batted an eye thirty years ago, I disagree with your presumption that anyone who dresses in camo or related gear and walks in to a store with a fully legal gun that’s secured – and your hands are even on it – is automatically an idiot.

      I did that very thing in a Nevadan Walmart two months ago, and nobody batted an eye. It all depends upon the situation.

    • Wake up Chris get out of your fantasy world.

      quote————–It is best to spend your money at a mom-and-pop gun store not a Walmart. ————quote

      Yeah and see what rip off prices gun stores charge as compared to Walmart you sure as hell will not be paying $1.40 a box for Remington Thunder bolt at any brick and motor gun store. The dollar signs are already propping up in the brink and mortar gun stores eyes as they gleefully double the price of what they have in stock now and triple that with the next shipment.

      • Fall into a permanent coma Fake Vlad Tepes you will never escape your fantasy world.

        President Hairy Kameltow will force the evil corrupt capitalists to sell things to me for whatever I choose to pay and they will not dare to call the police on me if I decide something in their stupid 7-11 should be free like what happened yesterday when they put the cuffs on way too tight and it left a red mark on my wrist.

  23. While Walmart sells ammo by the box at the wholesale price, they always make it difficult to get the person with the keys to get it out of the cabinet.
    It was easy stop off on the way to the range and pick up a few boxes.

    I guess I will now have to buy ammo online

      • And do not forget the evil capitalist credit card companies who declined my card the last time I tried to buy ammo online just because I have not made any payments on the card in the last 6 months then they would not let me use the card I “borrowed” or the one I “found” in the alley.

    • I thought all you right wingers said that Walmart was using their empty stores for FEMA concentration camps because of jade helm?

      Can’t you guys get your story straight, is Walmart part of the globalists or not?

      Does anybody actually know someone who was put in one of the FEMA concentration camps? Shouldn’t you guys be arming up to go break them all out? Or are you scared of tangling with the feds?

      • Are you saying left-wing statist don’t want to use the instrument of government to systematically restrict the rights of everyone that is to the right of anti first amendment (antifa)?


  24. Another article said they will have new signage going up. How I react to buying anything from the convenient local Walmart will depend on that. I do see some folks open carrying there, maybe half a dozen in the last year or so. Open carry should always be an option, otherwise you have the issue where a breeze blowing your jacket or shirt away from your gun can cause legal problems.

  25. Our Walmart here got away from ALL firearms sales about 3-4 years ago and last time I checked, they had a lame selection of ammo to begin with, so no loss.

    Plus I stopped buying at Walmart anyhow because the morons refused to sell me a can of brake cleaner without me showing my ID (am >50 years old and unfortunately don’t look much younger either), because “it is their store policy”. Told them to shove their policy and the can in whatever order they prefer up their asses and haven’t bought anything from them since. With no intention to change that, they can feel free to go down the demorats left wing path and I could not care less.

    My money goes to companies that support our constitution, my rights to protect myself and last but not least, my personal hobbies and interests – looks like Walmart does not support either.

    • Don’t you know brake fluid can be used as a improvised explosive? Just drop a couple swimming pool chlorine tabs into a can of brake fluid and watch what happens.

  26. ******** Walmart update
    No clearance prices. They will keep selling until their distribution centers run out.

    They will also stop selling 223 / 556 ammo because apparently it doesn’t fit their idea of hunting ammo.

    It’s unknown if .22LR is included, but I doubt it’s scary enough to stop selling it.

    This will probably set off a big surge in people buying ammo, spiking prices. Once Walmart is out of the picture, prices will most likely go up slightly across the board permanently.

  27. First gun I bought was a maverick 88 at 6am in Walmart sporting goods dept. morning after a biker gang ran me out of my home (real 1%ers not SOA wannabes). They can sell or not sell whatever they want I don’t care. But the part about them leaning on lawmakers for “common sense” gun control is an issue for me.

    • They’re okay to go after once they give up their market share. If they can’t make money on it, why would they want anyone else to? Just like a bunch of Dick’s.

    • If you notice Walmart also announced it would support new gun control legislation, hinting federal assault rifle ban. So it will be dropping money into the gun control lobby which it can do into that lobby’s plethora of 501(c)3 charities. This means Walmart gets a big tax deduction and gets to virtue signal.
      The NRA would be the only group that could have stopped it and with their weakness in members and numbers Walmart has made a calculation that the upside for them is bigger than downside.
      The question is whether enough people who bought (low profit/loss leader) ammo AND other things at Walmart will stop buying other things. They don’t care about customers who only bought ammo there since their prices were at wholesale of what LGSs were buying at. They do probably care about customers who buy ammo and $5k worth of groceries and other product a year AND who will boycott, but think those people are less than the gun control lobby has been able to threaten with.
      The people here celebrating the problems at the NRA ought to realize that they were the only game in town to counteract this type of thing. GOA own tax filing numbers show it has about 1/10th the members it claims and so they are not going to threaten anyone.

  28. Last time I checked I wasn’t shooting 400 rds of 30-06 in a competitive shooting match. They ever heard of 2 or 3 gun matches? Guess people will be buying their 9mm and 5.56 elsewhere.

  29. And yet one more reason to patronize your local gun related businesses! Always thought Wally world was just a clearing house for cheap Chinese junk anyway. Lot of the customers are entertaining, but I can see that on youtube.

  30. They just declared themselves the official shooting gallery for all psychos. Come on over and cull the herd at your local Walmart, we strongly discourage carrying weapons by our customers and have stopped sale of any firearms which could pose a counter meausre to your assault, so feel free to roam and mown. Signed, the sheep.

  31. I’m not surprised.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if this becomes a policy that they merely pay lip service to. A few local places here do that. They say they don’t want OC because it keeps the boycotts and bad press away but in reality they don’t care.

    Gotta keep the wolf away from the door and this, at least for the time being, has the potential to be a shitstorm WalMart doesn’t need.

    The antis attacks on private business for not openly and forcefully taking an anti-gun position (just not being pro-gun isn’t good enough, it has to he an antigun position) is becoming problematic and they have the numbers on their side to get away with it.

    I’m not sure how to counter it. Walmart knows damb right well that they’re going to take a hit for this but they calculate it to be the lesser of two evils. Very likely they’re right.

  32. what are they going to do when somebody shoots up a place with a shotgun
    stop selling that ammo too
    we should make them choke on all that ammo
    *ALL* OF IT

  33. I’ll still carry concealed, even if they ban it in their shabby stores. Also, to those defending the NRA- they are experiencing what a betrayal of your core mission and members does to membership and money. It’s an organization that’s been co-opted by liberals. The NRA will become extinct and the GOA will rise to the top.

    I must say, the democrats and crack fiend Mitch are pushing us inexorably down the rabbit hole towards civil war. The minute they start mass confiscation of guns, it’s on. Civil disobedience is going to become standard, and justified.

    • The trouble with GOA is the compete with pro 2A groups. The 2nd problem is the gun ban lobby doesn’t even know who they are.

  34. We stopped shopping at Target because of their anti gun “no open carry” BS. Now WallyWorld goes and drinks fromt he same jug of stupid juice.

    This is going to suck. Never buy ammo there anyway, but a lot of staple items are cheaper there than anywhere else.

    • The Targets here don’t have a sign for No Guns. Maybe it’s on their website, but if you just go to the store, I’d assume you’re ok carrying.
      Also, all the fuss about gender bender bathrooms? I just went to one that was a one-person-only room. Maybe that’s how they got around that issue.

      • Target doesn’t have “No Guns” signs any more than Wal-mart.

        They announced an official “No open carry” policy a couple years back. Same as Wallyworld is doing.

        • I think in Illinois you have to have a legal/compliant sign at the door. Not sure about that. (Anyone?) What if you’re a recent immigrant who can’t read print on the internet and needs pictures to understand?

  35. Vote with ur wallet! I will just online order more and shop somewhere else!

    Walmart Grocery Prices are really high compared to other stores in my area so we never used them!

    This will come back to bite them in the butt like a SUPER huge grizzly bear!

    Someone quick open a #GUNS & EVERYTHING MART!!

    Since Walmart’s are in the country where the guns are… this makes smart business sense if they want to go out of business!

    I know crap tons of peeps who just go to walmart for ammo were u have to walk to the farthest corner of the store and back were they lay land mines of gotcha items right in front of u and all around u so u go in for ammo but, end up with 2 cart loads of crap!

    No More!

  36. In 2019… anyone who is still buying guns/ammo at Walmart is either A) ignorant B) stupid C) both

    Walmart had to have been hemorrhaging money from gun and ammo sales since the market recovered from the post Newtown surge back in 2014 or so. This is the perfect opportunity to cut bait on a losing division and gain some public brownie points in the process.

    They have an army of financial analysts who have already run analysis on how much they might lose from any boycott that might happen. So you can sit and scream “reeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” all you want to, I doubt they care any more than they actually care about preventing another shooting. They are just using public image to dump a losing product line.

  37. Hmmm…I just bought 100rounds of American Eagle 223 at my LGS(Blythes,Griffith,IN). At 5.59@box…I’ve NEVER bought ammo/guns at WallyWorld. Sorry but I bought my gorgeous wife a computer at WW yesterday(you know Labor Day sales?!?).Oh well😏 Down the road at the Schereraville WW they still sell a wide array of fudd guns,cheap optics and some ammo. I rarely shop at Walmart unless my wife drags me there..

    • Like the neighbors say, “She’s a saint to stay with you”. (Of course, my husband is a saint to stay with me, lol.)

  38. With the type of clientele that Walmart is notorious for there is no way I go in unarmed.
    This new policy is Walmart’s way of virtue signaling and about money, nothing more. Look suburbanite what we did for you. Also good luck even finding anyone or at the least anyone at Walmart that has a key to the ammo cabinet.

  39. I almost never go to Wally World anyway or Target. No CCing is a joke. Without force of law, like in a bar or someplace that law applies, stores like Costco, Albertsons or whoever can just SMD. I happily ignore no gun policies including movie theaters, which also is an extremely rare occasion that I go to one.

    • They can plaster signs all over their store if they want to. A sign asking you NOT to carry is just that…an ASK. They cant do anything but ask you to leave the store if they happen to see your gun, which they shouldn’t see anyway if you are a responsible CCW holder. You can refuse to leave, but then you are just asking for more trouble, and it isn’t worth it.
      As far as open carry, the same applies. The sign has no force of law behind it, if it is otherwise legal for you to be carrying it. Honestly, I see no reason for anyone to open carry. That just makes you Target Number One in the shooter’s eyes. But if that’s your thing, Carry On!

  40. It’s Not like Walmart sold ammo in the first place. Sure, they had a case full of ammo, but the person with the key is never around. The other people in the store just stare at you like a deer in the headlights when you ask for assistance. Wander around aimlessly looking for the person with the key, only to find they went home early. It’s no loss.

  41. I buy an occasional grocery item there, but 90 of my purchases are for pet food and water for the pets.

    Hate their macaroni salad. Runny as all get-out.

  42. Saddened to see this development. Wal-Mart is (as libs would say) “Having a Conversation with the Firearms Community”, and so my money will have to “converse” elsewhere. Interesting how they’ll continue to go “Full Fudd” on shotguns and hunting rifles (for now). “We have a long heritage as a company of serving responsible hunters and sportsmen and women…” So serving a responsible handgun owner is irresponsible?

    • Exactly! Their virtue signaling is about as “common sense” as “common sense gun laws (control). The people who committed the recent mass shootings DID NOT USE HANDGUNS, yet Walmart is now terminating the sales of handgun ammunition. And, do they not think people can also be killed with hunting rifles and shotguns? News Flash! The Odessa shooter used a RIFLE, but that really doesn’t matter. It was just an excuse that WalMart used to do what it has wanted to do for a long time…stop selling guns and ammo.
      I hope it works out about as well for them as it did for the other Dick’s. Ammunition makers should just cut out ALL of the middlemen and start selling direct to their customers.

  43. I thought Dems wanted to crush Walmart? I don’t think throwing away the only people who don’t want to see the government crush you is a good idea.

  44. No more $1.40 a box Remington Thunderbolt ammo since it will fit in a handgun or any other .22 rimfire ammo.

    The brick and motor gun stores are cheering now because they all will be raising prices through the roof to rape you as you walk into the gun store to buy ammo. 20 per cent less ammo is a big chunk of the market now gone for Walmart.

      • I like fantasizing about gun store owners planning to rape me with higher ammo prices or any other way they might want me.

        • Prices probably wont go up net net more than 5% to 10% when the dust settles. Walmart was driving down profit for ammo makers and forcing them to sell at much higher prices to local gun stores. the local gun stores will now be buying ammunition for less from makers and wholesalers.

          LGS prices are limited by competition from ever growing internet sales. They will be able to buy ammo for lower prices now that a holder of 20% of the market with the power to insist it get ammo at cost gone.

          Walmart was not supporting NRA or other pro-2a groups, whereas the other retailers, local and internet, as well as some chains like Cabelas do and this will mean more of ammo spending will result in support of 2A than ever

  45. Don’t really care about open carry, not allowed in FL… no need to panic the dumb and clueless. Glad they allow licensed CWP holders to still carry concealed.

    Regarding ammo, they definitely weren’t the cheapest, though was convenient if needed a few extra boxes without ordering a case online. Better for my local gun shop anyway.

  46. So far as the law is concerned, if Walmart opts to quit the sale of handguns and the ammunition therefore, that’s their decision to make. Customer reaction will likely be a good indicator of the wisdom or lack thereof of said decision. For myself, I was never much of a Walmart customer. I most certainly will not become one now.

  47. Walmart motivated me to write my US Senators:
    Democrats are pushing gun control, screaming that we have to do something! Like the insanity of the Salem Witch Trials, these people cannot process logic to understand that nothing proposed will fix this problem. No gun control can fix the damaged and disaffected young men who seek infamy by harming others. None of these young men were raised in normal, stable, loving homes.

    I am a single issue voter. If gun control is the Republican response to these demands, then for the first time over four decades I will simply stay home, or go on a fishing trip come November 3rd, 2020.

    Nothing the Democrats have proposed will fix this. Red flag laws are already being horribly abused with some states not even following the rules of evidence in the kangaroo courts they have set up for this purpose. The so called Universal Background Checks can not work without developing a permanent gun registration, and place pointless restraints on loaning or giving a firearm to a friend or relative. The ridiculous Assault Weapons Ban would do nothing to impact either narcotics dealers shooting each other, nor impact the nuts who get a weapon to inflict death and injury on the innocent as a way to achieve fame. The last Assault Weapons Ban achieved exactly nothing which is exactly what the new version would do.

    If you feel you must “do something” then you should push for national concealed carry and remove gun free zones, since both simply disarm those who could and would end these mass shooting incidents, and limit the loss of life.

    • I am a single issue voter. If gun control is the Republican response to these demands, then for the first time over four decades I will simply stay home, or go on a fishing trip come November 3rd, 2020.

      Plenty of us don’; support red flag, but are not stupid enough to stay home on November 3. do you really think the issue is red flag laws? If we get a Democrat in the Whitehouse, by the midterms of that presidency the Democrats will have the Senate (the GOP had advantages in who was up in 2018 and 2020, but severe disadvantage in 2022) and there will be an assault rifle ban 10 round mag ban, and a mass of Democrat appointments to the federal judiciary with 12 to 16 years of Democrat appointments compared to 4 years of GOP ones. this will mean a ruling against shall issue, and up to dozen more states going from shall to may issue.
      Every day that goes by it is more likely a Democrat will be replacing RGB AND clarence Thomas and/or another GOP slot on SCOTUS.

      Red flag laws blow, but it does give GOP elected officials in purple states protection that will be important to fending off the real shit storm that is coming.

      What state are you in?

  48. Just another reason not to go to Wally World. I have not been in one to purchase anything from them in over 33 years. When they came in town they chased all the Mom and Pop stores out of business. Those that did stay open had to change their retail market to concentrate on a few things. Example is one of the drug stores was a place wear you could get your prescription and pickup some toiletries at the same time. When they came here they had to go to sell only prescriptions and the pharmacist still lost a lot of business for a while. Most of his customers gradually migrated back because of the services he provided. Home deliver to the elderly and prescriptions filled in the middle of the night when it was an emergency or just a couple of reasons.

    So no lost for me. I buy my ammo online and my guns from a FFL dealer that has plenty of selection and not only a couple of choices.

  49. THAT IS THE LAST STRAW!!! I will never again shop at Walmart!! Oh, wait….I never have shopped at Walmart. Darn, I cannot even boycott them!!

  50. There hasn’t been a Wally World in my area that sold anything firearm related in over 20 years.
    But I might just say screw WW anyway in general. 99% Chinese made goods in their stores as is.
    Sam Walton would not approve of any of this.

    • Nobody said you “cannot be armed”, but what they have said is that they would prefer that you don’t OC…so feel free to go in there, armed to the hilt and fuck it up for the rest of us with your fake rage…

      • Your true colors show. I open carry. Concealed licensing is optional in Ohio. Not everyone opts for a permission slip.

        Don’t get your manties in a wad. I respect that if they don’t want me there, I won’t go. You can bow down and still enter while ignoring other POTG. Just don’t be shocked when the boot of tyranny steps on your neck soon.

        Here’s your goat.

        • Thats bad ass and all, but out here in the real world of soccer moms with kids and an epidemic of mass shootings, open carrying an assault rifle to the IHOP just pushes normal people into the antigunner camp. Demographically, gun owners are losing ground. These open carry stunts are going to cost us rights. If you really felt you NEEDED rifle capabilities and weren’t just an attention seeking whore, you’d carry a braced AR or AK pistol concealed in a backpack. But then you wouldn’t get to feel like a tough guy by scaring the soccer moms with your piece, would you? Pathetic.

        • Karl, the US gun murder is half of what it was a generation ago. Most mass shootings are urban minority, in fact in all but 9% of US Zip codes they mass murder rate is lower than European average.

          I agree that most of the open carriers I have seen have no idea how damaging it is. The optics matter and anyone denying it is an ass. But you have made several statements here that are objectively incorrect.

  51. I picked up ammo from time to time if I was in the store and wanted to top off or needed something, but compared to other locations within the same distance Walmart ammo prices were fair but rarely beat other shopping options. I have purchased online occasionally but unless it was a great deal it is still generally cheaper to buy in person. I recently got a decent deal on 45 Colt from Buds so I stocked up on several boxes…even with shipping it was cheaper per box than every gun shop w/in 40 miles.

  52. I know in my area the other stores will be happy to have new customers. Aldi – then Publix – Winn Dixie. I even quit buying fuel, 20% bio anyway. If I cant wait for it online and must have it then I will go there. I know they lost 4k a year and I live alone. If we spread the word and get others to boycott the shareholders will change their tune real fast.

  53. I may go to Wally World to look at the freaks, but I won’t spend a dime…..

    Major disappointment. Alienating a significant portion of their customer base….

  54. The only place I’ve gotten worse customer service than Walmart is DICK’S.

    It’s a rare day when Walmart has something that the local Target that’s ten miles closer doesn’t. In fact, I’ve been to Walmarts that didn’t have POLO SHIRTS… NONE.

    I have to drive past TWO Target stores to get to a Walmart.

  55. It will be hard to stop or boycott Wally World for these anti-firearm policies since, they are everywhere. A lot of rural areas rely on Wally World more than urban areas since, they might be the only big store in the area for a hundred miles. I stopped buying things from them after 2015, but they are still making money. The only way is to buy stock in the company and change it from within using shareholder powers.

  56. I’m sure I’m echoing a lot of folks here but I’d rather buy from my FLGS (friendly local gun store) than give more money to the Waltons.

  57. An open carry ban is a completely rational and expected outcome of the open carry morons thinking its perfectly normal to bring an assault weapon into Walmart or Starbucks. I love guns and own enough assault rifles to arm several squads, so I’m no snowflake anti-gunner. But there is a world of difference between open carrying a rifle during deer season and LARPing like you’re a member of seal team six while buying cheese doodles at the piggly wiggly. In a world of mass shootings, it would be negligent if people DIDNT call the cops on some dipshit open carrying an assault rifle. I ccw most days, and if I saw someone open carrying a rifle in an inappropriate location (like Walmart), my first thought would be “mass shooter” not “upstanding citizen”. A perusal of the open carry youtube videos shows these guys to be attention seeking losers.

    Every time some jackass scares the bejesus out of a Taco Bell full of normal people by walking in with his Civil War kit, it pushes all those people into the anti-gun camp. I want to keep the right to open carry so that if the NEED to open carry arises (civil unrest, looters, etc.) happens or if I want to transport my guns around, I don’t have to worry about getting hassled by the cops. Mark my words, these clowns are going to continue to ruin it for all of us. The grown ups in the “gun community” need to tell these guys to knock it off.

    As to ammo, why the hell are you buying it by the box at Walmart? I buy ammo by the 1000 round case and have it shipped to my house.

  58. Let me condense the story and cut through the crap:

    WalMart, under pressure from institutional shareholders to “take a stand against firearm violence” (Whatever that means since I’m pretty sure they won’t stop selling hammers to take a stand against blunt-force trauma violence.), ran the numbers and figured out they really weren’t making jack squat on guns and ammo sales anyway. They decided to get the shareholders off their ass for another quarter and to allocate the shelf space to merchandise with better profit margins.

  59. Walmart would do well to remember what happened to K-Mart (anyone remember THEM???) when they caved to Fatso Rosie O’Dognuts when she oped her trap about them selliing ammo…BEFORE she did I couldn’t find a parking space…AFTERWARDS the lots were so empty they couldda held a fireman’s fair the the lot…gunowners everywhere boycotted them…I reload my own handgun ammo. live in a free (so far) State – FL – and can buy in bulk on line (.22 LR)…Walmart can go and ‘know themselves’ in the biblical sense of the verb ‘to know’…they can consume defecate and expire – for all I (and my wife – who stated simply – “We will no longer shop at Walmart”) care

  60. Just a couple of things:

    1. “Texas became an open carry state in 2016, allowing people to openly carry firearms in public.” Just to be clear, you can only open carry in Texas if you have a concealed carry permit.

    2. I can count on one hand the number of times I have bought ammo at Wal Mart and I have never bought a gun there. So no biggie to me.

    • On your number “2”, it is bad because it is a trend that weakens gun rights. Little steps, a bit here and a nibble there.

  61. Pardon me, but open carry is asinine in this day and age and even without the current shootings it makes the average civilian nervous. Making people nervous is dumb. Get a permit and carry concealed. Walk in on a crime in progress with a gun on your waist and you may be the first one shot. Constitutional carry or otherwise, don’t deliberately make people nervous!!

  62. I used to buy the cheap stuff at Walmart. Have not done so since the initial onslaught of Obama Derangement Syndrome ran prices thru the roof and emptied store shelves. Since that time I found some of the best deals on ammo were sales at Cabela’s. Especially as they honored prices on stuff no matter how long it was back-ordered. I’d never buy there at regular prices, but some sales were very good.

    But also finding deals with various online sellers, I have more ammo on hand now than at anytime in the last fifty years.

    So while this Walmart decision will not get in my way immediately, it is still a bad thing. Every time some retailer caves in to this nonsense that the gun and the bullet did it, not the person, our side loses ground.

    I do think it just one more small defeat in what one day will be the end of the road on gun rights. The pro-gun leadership cannot see the forest for the trees. They fight this political fight on the anti-gun side’s terms, right down to the terminology they use.

  63. At least now there is no reason to go into a Walmart again. Haven’t bought ammo there in years because of the hassle trying to find an employee with a key to the storage case. It will just drive people to online sellers which are cheaper any way. Instead of buying 1 or 2 boxes, people will be buying 10 or more to get free shipping.

  64. Establishments are generally within their rights to put up “no guns” placards, but if they do (and not just “no open carry”), they should be required to add the words “DANGER” or “CAUTION” above them. The only exception should be if they have a detailed and adequate plan in place to protect innocent people in those areas. Statistically, the gun-free zones tend to be where most of the incidents happen. Thanks, government, for requiring product labelling on tobacco and other products that can cause cancer 10 years down the road. How about warning people of dangerous zones where they have an increased chance that they could die TODAY?

  65. Will this policy enable managers to assume that anyone not complying with the store policy is a mass shooter and Swat them? If yes would it be ironic if they accidently Swatted cops and/or their own armed security members? Would managers and/or Walmart itself face any legal consequences for Swatting cops and/or armed security by mistake especially if it happens regularly?

  66. I Detest Walmart and never shopped there to begin with. The few times I went in they never had what I wanted, the stores were a mess and the people working there never knew where anything was. This just reinforces why I refuse to shop there. Filled with Chinese made crap.

  67. Walmart would have a large selection of firegunms if they were stamped Made In China By Norinco .

  68. I stopped doing business with Walmart when they decided to raise the age limit to 21 for buying ammo and discontinued the sale of certain rifles. I also cancelled my membership to Sam’s Club since Walmart is their parent company. Clearly denying individuals their constitutional rights. I’ll shop elsewhere.

  69. Never bought ammo at walmart, and now I guess I never will.

    I’d rather support the LGS with my dollars. Always have, always will.

  70. A suggested strategy:

    Load up a cart with items from various aisles…proceed to the sporting goods section and ask for some 9mm/5.56 ammo…upon refusal, leave your cart right there and walk out.

    They think they are prepared to accept the loss of revenue from ammo sales in order to play this moronic PC game? Fine. They can also accept the loss from having to reshelve/restock cartloads of merchandise.

  71. I didn’t see anything in this article mentioning concealed carry. I read in their official statement that concealed carry (with a permit where applicable) is allowed. This website conveniently omitted that statement out of the story here. One can only assume that it is to get folks upset and possibly boycott? As a concealed carry permit holder, I sure wish they would report the true facts completely.


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