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Pity the foolish Democrat pols who got in the 2020 presidential race too early. Most of them worked so hard, too, at attempting to maintain some semblance of relevance in a world in which they had only fleeting bits thereof.

To our amusement as gun owners, they staked out all manner of radical positions.  Everything from “Hell yes!  We’re going to take your AR-15” to talk of sending police door-to-door to confiscate America’s favorite rifle.

Meanwhile, the candidates, including crazy ol’ Bernie (again?), thought they had a fair chance at gaining their party’s nomination. Especially after so-called “changes” after the last election cycle when pre-ordained Hillary screwed Bernie out of what many say should have been his nomination.

The Democratic National Committee has gone through all the motions and indulged these doomed candidates and their campaigns. The DNC even gave them a platform at the debates. Well, they did so long as the desperate candidates submitted sufficient campaign donor data to DNC headquarters.

For instance, to participate in the first debate, candidates had to submit at least 65,000 unique donor names, with at least 200 unique donors per state in at least 20 states.

In the third debate, the data requirements doubled. By the sixth, they needed 200,000 donors, including 800 per state in at least 20 states.

But the big wigs at DNC HQ knew none of the deeply flawed, second-tier candidates would get their blessings.

Elizabeth Warren, the sucks-at-math fake native American with the $50 trillion “Medicare for all” plan? Hardly.

Doddering Joe Biden the gaffe monkey? Laugh out loud. He can’t even remember which state he’s campaigning in.

The ineffective boy-wonder part-time mayor of a crime-infested dysfunctional city? An amateur. Even worse, he has that last name which nobody can pronounce, much less spell. Puhlease.

And then there’s crazy old Bernie. Feel the Bern? LOL. Yeah, right. Yes, the DNC masters have screwed him again. Shame on him this time for his gullibility. Imagine what the Chinese trade negotiators and others would have do with that gullible old fart if he becomes president.

As for the bench-warmers including Corey “I am Spartacus” Booker, Kamala “Top Tier” Harris, and Amy “Hot Temper” Klobuchar…nope. Marianne Williamson the New Age author? Their feet didn’t even touch the floor as they sat at the children’s table during the debates.

Then there’s the Asian guy who claims he’s good at math, wants to give everyone $1000, but can’t dress professionally for a debate?  C’mon.

The only purpose these so-called candidates have served – along with the others whose names we can’t even remember without going to Google — is donor data mining for the Dem party. That’s it.

These poor schlubs have served their purpose. Now it’s time for the real candidates to show up to take the reins. The Dems will use all that data the failed campaigns sent to Donkeyland headquarters to raise money, probably for the primaries as well as the general election.

Michael Bloomberg is about to occupy top spot. He’s not a commie or a wild-eyed fake Indian, and he doesn’t grope or sniff women and girls (not that he doesn’t have potential problems in that area). To most Americans who don’t know any better, Bloomberg seems almost…normal.

Despite his longstanding gun control advocacy, don’t expect a lot of talk of gun confiscations or police going door-to-door grabbing guns from Mayor Mike. He would never reveal those crass legislative goals until he thinks he can implement them through legislation. Instead, he will talk about the need for “gun safety” legislation and reducing “gun violence” – which we all know really means, for the most part, gang violence.

You watch the fake news polling data in the coming days and weeks. Somehow Bloomberg will rise to the top.

Unless Michelle Obama jumps in, the nomination is probably Michael Bloomberg’s to lose. Just watch.

Either way, the choice for gun owners remains just as stark as night and day.

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    • well,..I see the rat is finally coming out of its hole…every time I see that face i’m reminded of “Williard”…..

    • And good luck to the guy whose signature political effort today has in its name a violation of the Second Amendment: Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

      Pretty sure that “…shall not be infringed.” means that per the Constitution there should not exist in America anything such as an “illegal gun”.

      He has seen every single gun control and anti-Second Amendment program he has financed heavily come to nothing and so this must be his final “HURRAH!” – buying the presidency and attempting to do it by fiat.

      So yes, tiny asshole, Molon labe.

      • Shall not be infringed. Someday you will get a painful reminder of what these words mean by the American people bloomberg. Again molo labe traitor

      • He has seen every single gun control and anti-Second Amendment program he has financed heavily come to nothing

        Let’s stick with facts. he has seen scores and scores of them pass. Red flag laws that were the centerpiece of his Everytown and Mothers need action as well as bump stock bans in many states. he can literally take credit for 100 gun control laws passed in the last ten years. Certainly he will also be able to take credit for whatever passes in Virginia, and there will be a fair amount more gun control there after January. Have you seen what has passed in NJ, Maryland, Cali etc?

        Bloomberg doesn’t believe in Bill of Rights at all and his made his political career and a huge amount of political capital successfully attacking them.

        His Everytown and “Moms” groups are one step in sophistication above the Clinton Foundation, given they also have a human infrastructure h will be able to use for his campaign.

  1. It must hurt to be a socialist right now. To see an old, rich, racist white guy co-opt their party and consign them to the dust bin of history just as they thought they were finally going to have it all. And the decapitation was so quick and with such precision that they mostly don’t realize just how fucked they are.

    kapo bloomberg is doing nothing but destroying the dems. Trump will still be in the oval office after 2020. And he’s still appointing federal judges.

    • They don’t hurt. They’re living in a bubble, a nice soft bubble, cushioned by the media who will never ask them hard questions.

      • Bloombutt is not just using his money to buy America… But Soros gave Bloombutt over 20Million.. The elite hate Trump because he is opposed to their demonic one world agenda. Many among the elite are referred to as “globalists” because their eventual goal is to unite the whole world under a single planetary system. These globalists truly believe that they know better than all the rest of us, and they want to impose their way of doing things on every man, woman and child on the entire planet.
        So they get really angry when Donald Trump talks of “building a wall” or establishing a travel ban from certain countries because they eventually want a world without any borders at all. Pulling out of the UN is a definite No,No. America is at war, against the I will buy your vote using lies & money signed the Gloabists.

      • In ether case he wins. Certinaly his gun control effort is going to get a huge boost if he gets the nomination or not. Mainly he sees someone is going to get the Biden “center.” It is an insurance policy. Bloomberg is able to take credit for Virginia and the latest Dem talking point — the GOP ‘loss” of the suburban moderates to the Democrats.

  2. Doomberg is smarter than most of the other clowns in this charade, he didnt waste his money campaigning, he uses his to fund anti gun groups all over the country. Paving the way, ya might say!

  3. Unless Clinton decides to get in then Mayor Bloomie might just have an unfortunate “accident”. One can only hope.

  4. If Blomberg doesn’t bring all gun owners to the polls for Trump, then nothing will save the 2A. And, the RINOs will smile and say shucks as he relieves them from their burden!

    • Bloomberg is pretty well known as the Final Boss of gun control in America. This election is pretty much the ultimate showdown of gun control vs gun rights. If they win, they’ll likely win with control of congress and the perfect president to issue the final ultimatum, “turn em ALL in”… if we win, we’ll likely have Congress too, and also have shattered the most aggressive offensive against the constitution in history, with 4 more years of congressional dead lock, but, 4 years of conservative court picks that will be a boon to us for decades.

      • Politics are unreliable. Laws change. Hope instead for a definitive ruling by SCOTUS after oral arguments December 2 in the NYRPC v. NYC case. Supreme Court decisions are rarely reversed. And Bloomie or Hellary may not be in office long enough to change the conservative majority in the Democrats favor.

        • “Supreme Court decisions are rarely reversed.”

          But when they are…

          A ‘progressive’-biased high Court will reverse Heller, McDonald, et.all with the same glee that ‘Dred Scott’ was reversed (And D. Scott *should* have been reversed). And they will tout the reversal as being just as equally correct on moral grounds.

          This fight will never be over, not until this nation has been cleaved into two, or they pack their luggage and emigrate to the ‘progressive’ utopia that they believe Europe is…

        • Supreme Court decisions are rarely reversed.

          By lower courts they are not, but by subsequent supreme courts they are often enough — espcially if 5:4 like Heller.

          Clarence Thomas going while a Dem is in the White House will give the Dems a majority on the court and Heller will be reversed, and the NY case, which will almost certainly be decided narrowly and not strict scrutiny we want, would be reversed if it did somehow decided on the basis of strict scrutiny.

          The Democrats don’t just hate Trumps two Scotus picks, they consider them illegitimate. If thomas doesn’t retire on election of a Dem president, they will add two seats to the supreme court — something they can do with simple majority in Congress

  5. Southern and Flyover state Democrats will vote en masse for a Jewish candidate? Not bloody likely.

  6. Perhaps the plan all along was to let the far leftists set the edge and then allow this guy to creep in as if he isn’t a radical.

    • No, nothing as planned or scheming as that. The movers-and-shakers of the Left are genuinely terrified the current batch of dem candidates doesn’t have the chops to beat Trump.

      In a way, it’s not good news for us. Frightened people don’t think before they act, and can make some really bad choices…

      • Yeah, Republicans wouldn’t know anything about that, now would they?

        “He’s the only one who can beat Hillary; there is no choice here!”

  7. Reasonable? Reasonable is a meaningless term. It means NOTHING. One persons reasonable is another persons HELL FU–ING NO! That’s like a “Boss Is Away Sale. It’s as meaningless as WBYCEIYDBO.
    The truth is, even the biggest dirt bag car lot will buy your car. And no they won’t pay you shit for it. It doesn’t matter what car you have, you’re going to get the low end of trade in.
    “It’s the right thing to do” YEAH FOR THEM!

    So while these candidates or Bloombag talk a lot, a majority of it is nonsensical bull-shit that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and can be construed to mean a thousand different things. I just hope the public is smart enough to see through his gas.

  8. You would think Bloomberg would immediately become the dominant voice among the Dem presidential candidates., HOWEVER, the Dems have been over-run by leftist wing-nuts.

    Schultz (Starbucks CEO) could not get his campaign off the ground because he is a centrist. Bloomberg is a centrist (except on the 2A). If he runs far left to pick up the wing-nuts, he will not be able to unite the party and attract independents. If he stays centrist, he risks losing the socialist, gender-dysphoric froth that is currently driving the other candidates and making the headlines.

    In other words, the Dems are in such a mess that even an adult like Bloomberg may not be able to unite them. The loudest voices in the Democratic party are screaming hatred, and hate does not win elections.

    • BTW, do not interpret that my calling Bloomberg an adult implies that I like him. He made a mess of NYC and would do the same for the rest of the country.

      • I’m looking forward to how he explain’s NYC’s “stop and frisk” to the now woke Democratic voting base. This ought to be a hoot!

    • Completely agree with you. Bernie received a bump in his numbers after one of the squad members endorsed him. Primaries are about igniting the base. The left base is a bunch of entitled socialists that can’t breathe unless they are offended and despise big business and white men. Except on guns Bloomberg is EVERYTHING they hate. Could Bloomberg be their best chance against Trump? Yes. Does he have a chance of igniting the base and winning the primaries? About as much as passing a national soda restriction.

    • Centrist? The guy is a control-freak nanny-stater who wants to ban high-capacity soft drinks.


  9. Honestly, I dunno. I said months back, and still think, that Bloomberg is gonna have a rough ride from the Democratic Party.

    He’s got baggage, planeloads of it, in the form of previous policies. I’m not gonna type out the list again but those policy positions, which he acted on as mayor, will undermine his support with the real base of the modern Democratic Party. Because he acted on the policies the hardcore base will not let him explain it away.

    One of the reasons for the clown show that has been this primary, in fact the major reason for it, is that the portion of the base that really shapes the party LIKES the clowns. They don’t see the positions the candidates have espoused as problematic. If there’s a problem it’s that they haven’t been implemented as of yesterday. That’s the real problem for the Dems, their real base went nuts. The candidates are just a reflection of those nuts’ preferences.

    • Noisy squeaky wheels get attention. I think most older democrats views and beliefs are more towards the middle. The policies the squeakies are pushing might do well in their little bubbles and even among the few people that do not hang up instantly when they realize the person on their phone wants to do some sort of survey. And sadly even in primaries since most folks other than older folks and the really riled up bother to vote. But the older group is aging out so the young riled up sqeakies are starting to influence elections.

      Biden probably would have a chance against Trump, non squeaky Democrats realize the odds are he will have others helping him make decisions so his slowly petrifying brain will not be a problem.
      But put a Bernie or a Warren against Trump and a lot of older and middle aged Democrats will probably hold their noses and vote red.

      Bloomberg though would be interesting. Here you have someone who should ignite the squeakies fury since many of his policies are anti everything they believe in. While he does hate guns he is a rich old white guy (Judaism is a religion not a race) who was a politician in a big city who has pushed many policies that they do not believe in. Plus he would knock out Bernie and Warren as well as Biden so he would have most of their supporters against him.

      And he has the New York stain even worse then Trump. Do moderate democrats in Cincinnati or Peoria want to vote in an unknown big city billionaire with as many skeletons in his closet as Trump or go with known. So he should have both the squeakies and the moderates against him.

  10. Black folks won’t vote the champion of “stop & frisk. Neithef will non New Yawkers. But go ahead & waste yer dough satan. You’re still going to hell!

  11. Bloomberg may not have to worry about getting himself voted into the White House. If he can buy influence and votes for the Demon-Rats in Virginia and elsewhere around the country, who says he cannot buy himself a set in the White House, as well? Money talks, and Bloomberg has a lot of it to throw around. After he is elected, he could enact all the gun control/gun confiscation/shoot gun owner legislation he wants. For does anyone seriously think the Republi-Craps are going to defend anyone from the likes of this snake, especially when Republicans are of the same cloth?

    • think it’s a real mistake to think this guy is popular outside new york…he seems delusional

  12. The problem with Demoncrats is they’re always confusing the words ‘reasonable’ with ‘asinine’.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump uses the words of his organization to show what “reasonable” is. Also, I think that he will point out this guy wants to run your lives from the guns you own to the soda you drink (or don’t.) We saw how this turned out for Deblasio and it wasn’t great.

    He is currently one of the examples if not THE example of big money in politics in the US. I don’t see that sating the woke base at all. My prediction is he goes nowhere in the primary.

  14. There’s no way the Dems will nominate a cis, straight, old, rich, privileged, white, male, capitalist with a history of Wall Street, Republican candidacy, and racist statements. Mayor Pete has issues getting black support, and Bloomie has talked about needing to get guns away from young black men. He won’t be able to build the coalition of Dem special interest groups. His environmental and gun control support doesn’t differentiate him from any of the other Dems. He’s the candidate that no one is asking for. Steyer already has that area covered. Is he going to glad hand the crowds while surrounded by his dozen armed bodyguards? Will people love him for his petty tyranny against salty foods and large sodas?

      • Being Jewish isn’t a non-starter for the Dem nomination. Bernie is Jewish, but his socialism makes up for being an old, white guy. Lieberman’s Jewish, and American Jews tend to skew Dem anyway. Bloomie a non-observant Jew anyway.

  15. I don’t give a warm, steaming dump. I don’t care who’s running the train I’m not getting on
    A.K.A. “I will not comply!”

  16. You are obsessed with Bloomberg. He has no chance to win the nomination. The primary voters want a socialist and Michael Bloomberg is not a Socialist. And he had no appeal to the working class voters who the Democrats need to recapture.

  17. Let’s see, they are releasing criminals in California and letting murders loose in Philly and some jackasses want to take our guns? They are SCREAMING for a demonstration of why the 2nd was articulated. I mean SCREAMING!! They have seriously neglected to have read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence recently . Seriously neglected.

  18. The Presidency always goes to the highest bidder and Bloomberg is now assured to get the nomination because his funds far surpass that of Trumps. He will run super adds showing he is going to ban about every type gun in the U.S. With the NRA now embroiled in scandals and almost dead broke Bloomberg is smiling from ear to ear. Bloomberg is no dummy and he did not get rich from inheriting money from his father like Dumbpf did. Bloomberg reads the polls and he knows that gun control will be a favored topic among the Dems and the Independents during 2020.

    New Zealand will be repeated here in the U.S. In the beginning the New Zealand Commie Government tried to sweet talk its gun owners into giving up their guns and when that did not work they announced this week they will be sending in the men in black to put people in prison 5 years and fine them enormous amounts of money. They know this will bring about the desired mass panic of people who have been refusing to turn in their guns. Look for a repeat of this when Bloomberg succeeds in buying the Presidency.

    Stock up on ammo now as this will soon be restricted to one box of ammo a year and bury thy weapons for nostalgia purposes only ( you will never be able to shoot them again legally).

    Bloomberg thanks all “T” Tag members who helped him win Virginia by cutting off funds to the NRA. With a sly grin Bloomberg made one truthful statement recently and that was “A gun owner is his own worst enemy” so thanks to all the “T”Tag Morons that made Virginia a disaster for the Republicans. Bloomy sends his best regards and he will see you at the smelter in 2020. Bloomy knows that with all his friends at “T” Tag who needs the Democrats to ban guns.

    And Wayne,the impoverished Gun Father, took the last train for the coast “The day the music died”.

    • Iz thinking, might not be the day that music died but the day the trumpets of victory resound,. Iz bad idea to take gunms now. Wait until next generation,all sheep no wolves. A free society needs wolves not sheep

    • This is a realistic scenario. Bloomberg had done INCREDIBLE damage to our 2a and civil rights in America.

      What is T Tag?

      • “What is T Tag?”

        T – The
        T – Truth
        A – About
        G – Guns

        Get it? Got it? Good! 😉

  19. Since he declare his intent to run for the WH, he just screwed everyone that where trying to play with the DNC rules. I can’t wait for him to lose more money.

    • “I look forward to this racist pig explaining how law abiding blacks need to be disarmed.”

      Chris, I will be *shocked* if that gets brought up in a debate.

      I’d *love* to see it, but I doubt it will happen. Leftists protect their own…

  20. Bloomberg is a racist jewish gun grabber. He is the type of white jew who told black civil right workers to give up their guns in order to get any money from the big city white Liberals. Read and get educated on the history they won’t teach you in school.
    This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible
    by Charles E. Cobb Jr.

    Negroes and the Gun, the black tradition of Arms
    by Nicholas Johnson

  21. I sure hope someone else jumps in to this election. There still isn’t any candidate my conscience will allow me to vote for. There isn’t any politician who is worthy of our highest office.

  22. Im to busy working on my nuetrino fusion blomb to get into politics, after reading this article Ive decided to add lawn mower blades to it. JB Weld a bunch of lawnmower blades on the outside soes just before everything is vaporized the lawnmower bladse will wack off some heads.

      • this thread sure brought out a lot of jew haters.
        weird, all these haters should find another site, as this one is owned by (and being profited from by) jews. who love the 2a. weird.

  23. On, all the little assailed are biting at the bit to take away your guns. I get tired of the little Bolshevik shot heads.
    Thought police are after me now. The words were not assailed but star holes and not shot but seat.

  24. Been saying all along, No one running for the DNC Nomination currently, will get the nomination.
    Who will?

    1) Hillary
    2) Micheal
    3) Ophra
    4) ?

    probably not an old white guy me thinks

  25. Well it was nice owning guns in the past and remember not to send any money to the NRA. Instead spend your money on your usual beer and pizza.

    • I keep sending my membership dues. Any extra money will be sent as soon as the NRA gets its shit together and starts to deserve it.

  26. I dont anyone sees him as normal. They guy is a megalomaniacal billionaire. Not very relatable. His biggest problem is ….. him.

  27. …so the argument for him winning the nomination is “the author doesn’t like the other Dem candidates that the author wouldn’t like anyway?”


  28. Any candidate that doesn’t trust citizens with guns, well then, I can’t trust them with my vote.

    I honestly do not understand how the Dems think that gun confiscation can be done. They severely underestimate citizens resolve for freedom. This single issue will cause a civil war.

    • That’s what I always thought – if a candidate/ politician doesn’t trust me with a gun, why should I trust him with political power?
      And since I don’t buy the “public safety” pretext for public disarmament, I have to ask: What does the gun grabber plan to do to us, that he is afraid we will stand up against with our guns?

  29. Almost a little disappointed HRC didn’t throw her hat back in the ring….The election cycle jokes are great!

  30. There is no longer a “center” in American Politics

    Even if Bloomberg is the nominee, Trump will win (unless the Left successfully impeaches him).

    There is no way 25% of the ultra-Left base of the Democratic Party will ever vote for a white, male, billionaire banker.

    The Dems will get the Never Trumpers and the centrist Dems in the suburbs but that won’t make up for the loss of the base and their enthusiasm.

    The ultra-progressive party that just got a seat on Philadelphia’s City Council may run a Presidential candidate, further siphoning votes from Bloomberg.

    Trump will get his base of about 40-45% of the Republican party, small business owners, farmers, and other people that actually work for a living.

    Trump will be the single candidate with the most supporter that actually vote and he will likely win the Electoral College and, just maybe, the popular vote.

  31. “Reasonable Criminal Control” … starts by jailing 80+ % of all politicians.

    DO IT for the children

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