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By Cliff M.

Data over the last several months showing record breaking increases in gun sales has built a false sense of security for many 2nd Amendment supporters. Folks are looking at these numbers believing the writing is on the wall for gun control advocates, and that public opinion is favorably shifting.

I believe that couldn’t be further from the truth. While the gun rights movement may see a net gain in support, we are still currently on the losing side of this fight.

The reason for my pessimism is that despite recent gun sale trends, Joe Biden is also shattering historical records with unprecedented support in public polls. Divisiveness during the pandemic, civil unrest from police brutality, and an economic downturn all work favorably for Biden’s campaign.

Piling onto to these detractors for Trump are the countless former officials from his own administration, such as popular military figureheads like John Kelly and James Mattis, that have been criticizing Trump publicly. There’s also the fact that many 2nd Amendment advocates are not fans of Trump either. His “take the guns first, go through due process later” comment and bump stock ban have rightfully cost him some support among gun rights supporters.

As a result, the probability of having a President who has campaigned on taking our guns is increasing as time goes on. In addition, these same issues appear to be taking a toll on the Republican majority in the Senate. As it stands right now, Democrats are poised to take four seats (Colorado, Maine, Arizona and North Carolina), flipping the only chance we have at stopping bad legislation.

Pro Gun Rally Virginia
Demonstrators are seen during a pro-gun rally, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Sarah Rankin)

My point here is that now is not the time to relax, but rather a time to get involved. If we use Virginia as a recent example of what happens when Democrats control every step of the legislative process, it means gun control won’t just be an issue – it will be the issue. They’ll waste no time passing every piece of legislation they’ve been wanting, regardless of how many constituents write, call, or show up to protest.

We need to re-double our efforts in helping Republicans maintain control of the Senate and win seats in the House. This will only happen if everyone stops doing victory laps over gun sales, and acknowledges the very real risk we’re up against. Learn from past defeats and mobilize at the ballot box. For those of you who live in the four states at risk of being flipped, everyone is counting on you.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what actually happens. Public polls may be saying the Biden is doing well, but they also said Hillary was a 90% favorite to win in 2016. There’s also a recent Rasmussen poll saying that Trump’s approval among black voters has climbed to 40%.

    What is real and what is the Matrix? Will we even really know on election day or will cheating be so rampant that we won’t know what the public really thinks?

    • Cheating is not easy. The reality it’s mostly sore losers complaining.

      You have to see what the poll questions ask, who they asked and what is the margin of error. What is more important is to go up to random people and ask them. Trump’s political machine used Facebook data to determine popular thoughts and beliefs before producing his scripts and propaganda.

      It does appear most Americans are not in favor of another four years of Trump. Trump barely won the first time.

      I thought Biden would lose because he touches children inappropriately, says racists things and is losing his mind — then the pandemic and rebellion happened back to back. Trump’s response to two major challenges appears to have turned the majority against him. There is no booming economy for over 40 millions Americans for Trump to campaign on and the economy is only going to get worse for the average person who now needs universal basic income now.

      The youth vote is heavily against Trump. Most of the people in the streets are the two younger generations. The millennials now outnumber the boomers. They are very politically active now. They spent two weeks in the streets. They are motivated to be the change, which is why you see the politicians (literally) getting on their knees for them.

      I don’t see how Trump is better than Bush.

      • “I don’t see how Trump is better than Bush.”


        The real political power shifted long ago from legislators to jurists.

        If we cannot depend on courts to defend the constitution, the only sure bet is that evil never rests, and is more popular than Santa clause.

      • “Cheating is not easy.”

        Chief has chosen to disregard CA’s recent and highly contentious Ballot Harvesting law, in which canvassers are legally permitted to seek and submit votes up to three weeks after an election day. Upon its inaugural implementation in the 2018 elections, multiple district results suddenly swung Democrat after the fact. The now-disgraced-and-replaced Katie Hill was one of them.

        • Watch Nevada and Michigan. In Nevada ballots have been sent to addresses that have been removed from the rolls because the previous residents had moved and no longer live there. Homes are being ‘flooded’ with ballots.

          Michigan, the home of Gov. Witless, has mailed ballots to all voters claiming Covid concerns, whether they requested a ballot or not.

          Virgina, under the gun control smoke screen, drastically changed their voting rules, including eliminating voter ID. The same ID you would need to buy liquor, open a bank account, board a plane, or attend the Democratic National Convention.

        • Your claim:

          “Michigan, the home of Gov. Witless, has mailed ballots to all voters claiming Covid concerns, whether they requested a ballot or not.”

          Don’t feel bad, President Trump got it wrong as well. But he knows better, it was all part of his propaganda disinformation attempts.

          “The president inaccurately accused Michigan of sending mail ballots to its residents, as his aides later acknowledged, and he offered no basis for his claims of illegal actions by either Michigan or Nevada. The Michigan secretary of state has sent ballot applications — not the ballots themselves — to registered voters, a growing practice among election officials, including in states led by Republicans. In Nevada, where the Republican secretary of state declared the primary a nearly all-mail election, ballots are being sent to registered voters.
          As most states largely abandon in-person voting because of health concerns over the coronavirus, Mr. Trump and many of his Republican allies have launched a series of false attacks to demonize mail voting as fraught with fraud and delivering an inherent advantage to Democratic candidates — despite there being scant evidence for either claim.”

          Trump eventually admitted he was wrong, will you?

      • “I don’t see how Trump is better than Bush.” Well there’s your problem right there. There are quite a lot of people around who, despite everything that’s go on, prefer to believe that there isn’t much difference between politicians and parties. I think you should remain comfortable in your beliefs. You’ll be a lot happier in the long-run.

      • “The reality it’s mostly sore losers complaining.”

        I agree with you. The people saying “not my president” are sore losers. Hypocrite Hillary was the sorest of all, pretending like she was the real winner after she said Trump would do that if he lost.

      • “I don’t see how Trump is better than Bush.”

        He isn’t a warmonger. He isn’t out toppling dictators so we can $pend the next two decades cleaning it up. Mad Dog Mattis resigned because he didn’t get his wish of a war in Syria. Of course this makes Mattis a Left Wing hero since he’s at odds with Trump, because power is all that matters to them, not policy. Why didn’t they make Mattis a hero when he was at odds with Obama? Hmm. John Bolton left because Trump wouldn’t let him start wars. I’m sure when Bolton’s tell all book comes out, he’ll be a Left Wing hero too, because it isn’t about good policy, it’s all about power for them.

        Did W. try to bring American jobs back? The ones his daddy had a hand in sending away? They are completely different, but you can’t see that, because you’re just like Miner: Trump’s bad just because he’s a republican. You hypocrites would rather have a Real Puppet in the White House after spending three years [falsely] claiming Trump was one.

    • Some numbers are already very different from 2016. Shrillery never achieved 50% approval. Biden already has that. There are other numbers that are cause for concern.

      Still months to go on this Presidential Silly Season.

      Anything could happen.

      • Biden didn’t achieve that. They did that by creating mayhem, and blaming it on Trump. Their weak-minded followers that don’t know how to think for themselves can’t see that the dems have leaped from one manufactured crisis to the next for this sole purpose. The hate America gang is perfectly fine with tearing America to shreds as long as they can get rid of big rude meanie. Biden will eventually have to come out of hiding and do some live interviews without a teleprompter or earpiece. Let’s see him maintain this lead when the slow left realizes he can barely string together a coherent argument. And what are Biden’s brilliant ideas anyway?

        • Grown ups are responsible for what they do. Whatever Trump’s number’s, he did that. He’s the one in the big chair, in the enviable position of being the incumbent for a second four years. If he screws this up he has no one to blame but himself.

          Of course as we have all seen, Trump accepts none of his own faults. If he loses he will lie, obfuscate, expound on conspiracy theories, claim a stolen election and massive fraud and be able to produce absolutely no evidence for any of it.

          I do not want either man to win. Sadly, “None of the Above” is not on the ballot in my state.

  2. Now it makes sense to TTAG these people aren’t switching sides. Smh… 2 weeks ago the gun control issue was dead lol.

    Be real: At this point, civil war is inevitable. Playing by their rules only digs us deeper into their rabbit hole. Peace is manipulation.

  3. An unstable (is there seriously any other kind?) Leftist buying their first gun and doing something stupid with it is something that will happen, sooner or later.

    We just have to make sure they don’t drag us down with their insanity…

    • Well… once upon a time, I would have said they’re afraid of us.

      But now, with various highly publicized riots, I would say that there’s a good chance that a lot of them are now afraid of the leftist monsters they created to do their dirty work.

  4. That’s what this site has been promoting for the last 2 months that all these lefties will swing right for gun rights……Me, I’ll believe a leftist liberal when they are no longer breathing.

    • That’s not a productive argument. I don’t think you can win hearts and minds by telling people you want them dead.

      • I didn’t say I wanted them dead (reread my statement) I just said I do not believe any of them Period!

        • That’s not what it looks like. You did say they are not on your side, thus the enemy. Then you said you would believe a lefty when they are dead. So the implication is you want your enemies dead. No one wants their friends or allies dead.

          If you ever shoot a person with lefty politics your post will be in the court room to prove your motivation was terrorism against a particular political party.

        • You sound as though your working for CNN or you can’t comprehend the English language. I said I don’t believe a leftest when they talk, when they stop breathing no words are coming out……Stop trying to redefine the language.

  5. Anyone who votes Biden is really voting for his VP for President. Because Senile Joe can’t do the job.

    • Or won’t survive is more likely.

      At this point, let’s just get it over with. Elect whoever. Nobody does a good job. Nobody represents the people. Both parties are corrupt.

      • “At this point, let’s just get it over with. Elect whoever. Nobody does a good job. Nobody represents the people. Both parties are corrupt.”

        A great argument for avoiding political involvement at all. If corruption is the only possible outcome, honest people should distance themselves from the process (or admit to being part of the problem).

        Right after I find a new bottle of Stoli, I will begin searching for a comfortable cave, in a remote region of the planet, to live out my corruption-free life.

        • Or just vote against them?

          I mean… Isn’t that what everybody wants, people to vote more? So vote like it matters?

          I dunno. honestly don’t even know where I stand when it comes to that stuff and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But I refuse to vote for both parties.

        • “But I refuse to vote for both parties.”

          Understand. You are cancelled out. Voting for minor parties is just as effective as not voting at all. Symbolic voting is no different from virtue signaling. Said long ago, “Taking no decision, is a decision.”

        • The reality is (as you probably know) that unless you’re in a swing state, your presidential vote isn’t needed.

          Here in WA state, the electoral votes always go Democrat; have done for decades. The eastern 2/3 (by land area) votes 60% Republican while the western 3/4 votes 75% Democrat, and the D wins with a surplus of well over 300,000 votes. My vote, in reality, is *always* symbolic at best.

          It’s a little different with congresscritters, but not much. Republican representatives win easily in my district, while the urban progbot surplus ensures Senators are always Democrats. State representatives are where my vote might make a difference, but overall, my representatives can’t do much (see aforementioned progbot surplus).

          So…whatever. Might as well make the symbolic statement that seems best to you.

        • “So…whatever. Might as well make the symbolic statement that seems best to you.”

          Which is why non-Dims need to move to the center of the nation, bulk up the voting populations there. The move to the center will enable a gain in Representatives, and a loss of same for the Dims. And, a migration should also end up ensuring there are no Dim Senators from the Red States.

        • Sam I Am, voting for the DNC or GOP is also virtue signaling. With millions of voters involved your vote makes no difference whatsoever. I won’t vote in November, I am fed up and I no longer believe in what we call democracy. I voted against Hillary more than I voted for Trump, but I am still disappointed. Trump is disrespectful and whines every time someone criticizes him, he cannot communicate professionally, he keeps firing people, hasn’t even tried to “drain the swamp,” and as with most if not all other politicians he thinks we are a bunch of retards. Biden vs Trump, now that’s scary, at least the debates might be funny.

        • When all you got are rocks and mud to fight with, you fight with rocks and mud.

          We are still a free country; vote or not. It’s the “not” vote that can do in a republic.

        • Joes teeth fall out and Trumps hair comes unglued. Will be great. I didn’t vote last time, and I won’t this time. I’ll vote from the rooftops.

        • Ing,

          What if all of the voters who agree with Trump’s policies show up to vote? Wouldn’t it at least be competitive, especially when you consider that plenty of dem voters will stay home because they feel like it’s an easy win? I personally feel like every person that can, should vote, but I was brought up around politics. There’s a picture of me when I’m two wearing a shirt that says vote, if that tells you anything.

        • What if *all* the voters who agree with Trump’s policies come out to vote? That would be a miracle. And they still wouldn’t need me, because the progbots outnumber everyone else in this state, and they sure do turn out to vote.

          I used to be in the “everyone must always vote because it’s our responsibility” camp, but reality bites. We’re told it makes a difference, but it doesn’t. We’re told it makes us good citizens and virtuous people, but it doesn’t — or maybe it does, but our voting virtue doesn’t seem to have any effect on who gets sent to the Swamp in DC.

          That said, I voted in the last election and I’ll vote in this one, too. I’ll probably vote for Trump, too, just so I can feel like I’m poking the progtards in the eye.

        • ING:

          Right there with ya. But I usually just write random shit on the ballot. Maybe this time I’ll rant about a random conspiracy – probably gay frogs.

      • I will only cast a vote for someone I actually want in office. For me, a vote is an acknowledgement of support, trust, respect, and understanding… in effect- a vow. I do not take vows lightly. Anyone I would vote for has to have enough integrity that I would have no issue having them physically take my place anywhere to represent me personally. If there is not a candidate that I would actually want in office, I certainly would not vote for someone based on them being less unacceptable than the other candidates. If there is no acceptable candidate for me to vote for- I don’t vote.

        Thankfully, the 2020 Presidential ballot gives me more choices than a Democrat I wouldn’t for and a Republican I wouldn’t vote for.

    • Although Biden has wanted for a long time, and has tried twice, to be president, his obvious shallowness and inconstancy has gotten in his way. Still, I assume he wants the job, but either by design or by the passage of time and his increased obvious mental decline, the 25th amendment will ultimately be involved or he’ll simply choose to resign, in either event in favor of the vice president. I think that’s part of the deal with the Democrats, and so that’s why there will be a minority woman VP candidate, who obviously will not ever have been able to achieve the presidency directly on their own. If elected, on inauguration Biden will be older than Reagan was when he left office after eight years, think about that. So I don’t expect he’ll last very long, And then Stacey Abrams, or Liz warren, or Kamala Harris, or Val Deming will, like “that damn cowboy” Teddy Roosevelt (upon McKinley’s unexpected assassination), become the president. Biden’s demonstrated spinelessness in the face of the leftward pulls now means that his administration, even if he stays the full first term, will be day-to-day political combat to preserve what rights we have today, but the above scenario of his replacement is mind-bogglingly bad. But that’s what I think is going on.

  6. My overall analysis of this hasn’t changed.

    I don’t think that Trump wins because he’s so good, I think Trump wins because Biden is so bad.

    Generally speaking the is the time that political junkies and wonks pay attention. The general population doesn’t pay much attention until August or September. (Hence the “October Surprise” as opposed to a “July Surprise”.) When the general election is in full swing the Democrats have a problem, namely that as people engage with the process they’re going to discover that Joe appears to be sliding into senility in a way that cannot be hidden.

    On top of that look at what has happened in Democratic Primaries for Senate seats. Progressives have taken a beating. They may manage to replace a few current Democrats, like Engle (D-NY) but that’s not a pickup. The result is that 1) progressives pick up few seats and 2) if, and I stress IF, Democrats take the Senate at best they have a slim majority.

    These things don’t portend well for taking the White House. They’re no reason to reat on our laurels but they’re also no reason to run around with our hair on fire, at least not yet.

    The real question is what, if any, recovery we have economically. If that happens Democrats have a very hard row to hoe. If the country doesn’t “turn that corner” then we have a race on our hands.

    • ” I don’t think that Trump wins because he’s so good, I think Trump wins because Biden is so bad. ”

      That, friends, is pretty much all you need to know about this election cycle. I think we can all agree that voting for the “lesser of two evils” is a pretty shitty way to run a gubmint, but it seems to be the way it’s all worked out. That said, this time around, Trump is by far the lesser of two evils. Biden’s senate record has put him on the wrong side of every major issue, he’s a New Cold War war-monger, he’s a rapist and a pervert, and he’s pretty much lost his mind. What’s to like? And as the campaign progresses, eventually his handlers will have to let him out of the basement to meet the public. The more he opens his mouth, the less secure his supposed lead becomes. November is still a long way away.

  7. I imagine that there are just as many if not more guns now on the left in the hands of Antifa and BLM. They will need them once they become the enforcers. Also, anyone heard anything of Louis Farrakhan lately? I can imagine his boys, once touted a million man army of black panthers, providing armed security at the polls this November. On a positive note, the cops are probably more prone to lean right, give more support to the 2A as it applies to civilians and side with the right against anarchists.
    The military is still an unknown, especially lately, sine all the generals, admirals and Secretary of Defense has come out against Trump.
    Just because gun sales are up does not mean the owner is a NRA card carrying 2A patriot.

    If you find ammo, pick up 2 of what you want to use, put one on hold and leave some for the next gal/guy.

  8. The only change this creates is that we might, *maybe*, have a tiny sliver of an opening that didn’t exist before.

    Unless we mount the most effective coordinated messaging campaign in history, 99 percent of these new gun owners will continue to vote for the exact same people they’ve always voted for.

    Some of them will be like my wife and deplore the Democrats’ gun control shenanigans when made aware of them by somebody who follows Second Amendment issues, but continue voting D because Republicans are a bunch of racist meanies who want black and brown people to die and want to subject gays to electroshock treatments. (Never mind that they may live with Republicans and non-Democrats of other stripes who are none of those things; propaganda is real, and it works.)

    Many, many more of them — the vast majority — will continue to be blissfully unaware of how deeply the party they vote for hates their Second Amendment rights and will just keep pulling the same lever they’ve always pulled.

    Many others will hop right on board with any gun-control scheme that comes along, because they believe the government is always right and everyone needs to be controlled and told what to do, and they will signal their virtue by announcing that THEY are gun owners and THEY are perfectly happy with whatever new restrictions are being imposed, so you should be, too. Look for a *lot* more of that in the next few years.

    TL;DR: The spike in gun sales changes nothing — the stakes are still high and the road ahead is still as difficult as it ever was.

  9. If Trump just continues to gratuitously insult everyone who baits him, I don’t think it will work out well. His shtick is wearing thin with millions of people who might otherwise vote for him.

    The polls may have been wrong in 2016 and they may be wrong now but they’re not likely ro be off by double digits. He’s in deep shit.

    • The polls are not as bad as they seem if you actually know how to read them.

      MoE are as follows for the three “double digit polls”.

      Monmouth: 3.6 (+11 for Biden)
      The Hill: 1.84 (+10 for Biden)
      CNN: 3.4 (+14 for Biden)

      What does that mean? Realistically Monmouth is projecting a current lead for Biden of 3.8%, CNN is positing 7.2% and The Hill is suggesting 6.32%.

      First off all of those are well within “striking distance”.

      Secondly, the Monmouth poll isnt’ great. Your max for a good poll is 3.5% with 95% confidence and they’re outside that. Also, the Hill going two past the decimal is questionable at best. I haven’t had time to tear the internals apart but I automatically question that and do so for good reasons (There’s no way they’re that precise in measurement in this area of statistics, the fact that they put that there tells me that they either don’t know what they’re doing or, more likely, are trying to sell something. There’s no way they’re that precise and professional pollsters know it.)

      Third, let’s look at the polls that are historically the most accurate and what they say in comparison to these three, two of which are historically some of the worst. Rasmussen, essentially the gold standard has Biden at +7 with a MoE of 3.0. IBD/TIPP has Joe +3 with an MoE of 2.9. YouGov has Joe at +7 with an MoE of 3.2.

      So these polls are all essentially dead heats except for Rasmussen which gives Biden a 1% edge. That’s essentially nothing, well within “striking distance”.

      On top of this Biden is running solely on name recognition at this point and Trump has taken a battering due to his actions and recent events. However, the main thing going forward will be economic and Trump is trusted by, even with MoE, double digits to deal with economics better than Joe. Also, Joe’s essentially senile and that’s not something that can be hidden forever.

      For all the talk about VP slots that happens every cycle they actually mean quite little. They help at the margins but ultimately the top of the ticket is what people vote for. So people who don’t like Trump will be faced with a choice: Senility vs. Unlikablility. Senility very, very likely loses that one and “we can just replace him with the VP” isn’t a game the public is likely to play.

      The truth is, from a PoliSci perspective, this is Trump’s race to lose not Joe’s race to win and the Democrats have no one to replace Joe with at this point.

      You always have to read the poll internals, check the margins and also ask yourself what the source is talking about the poll. Honest pollsters will hedge everything they say and talk details about methodology and statistical certainty. Hacks and partisan operators focus solely on the “big numbers” and try to convince you do to the same.

      How many people are out there talking about how that Monmouth poll is more of an embarrassment for Monmouth than anything else? That’s what it is, no doubt of that to those of us trained in this, yet no one’s on TV asking why they even bothered to put it out rather than STFU and try again.

      • While I do understand polling, poll taking, poll structuring, the primary truth about political polling today is that polls are designed (as in created) to mold, not reflect, public sentiment.

        Polls/customer satisfaction reviews/employee satisfaction reviews/telephone sampling, all those reflect, in all cases, only what the responders recorded, not what they think (for incalculable reasons).

        One of my favorite hobbies at election time is to go to the major supermarket, and watch people being quizzed. In our case, the customer base is not tens of thousands, so you get used to seeing the same faces. It is not uncommon to find the same people being quizzed, and writing down preferences on a survey sheet. Another of the curiosities is that familiar faces never seem to be the ones conducting the surveys.


        Polls? Bah, humbug.

        • “…polling today is that polls are designed (as in created) to mold, not reflect, public sentiment.”

          Nah. Some were in 2016, I wrote about that fairly extensively here.

          The truth is that this is somewhat similar to bad science that’s bought and paid for. Pollsters have a pressure on them to provide the customer with what the customer desires. If they provide something the customer doesn’t like and do it often enough the customer finds a vendor who will provide them what they want.

          The customer in many cases is not the public, it’s a media corporation. For example with my post here, CNN doesn’t have an internal polling outfit. That’s a “CNN Poll” conducted by an outside vendor, in this case SRSS.

          Now, that puts pressure on SSRS to provide a product that CNN wants. That’s probably why it has nearly twice the number of cell phone surveys as it does landlines and why it’s 19.86% (rounded) black when black people are only 12.1-12.4% of the population.

          CNN on the other hand is selling something too. So really, you can look at SRSS as the wholesaler sending CNN what CNN knows is wanted by CNN’s client base.

          This is why Rasmussen is the gold standard. They don’t do contracts like this.

      • Yeah, that’s not how confidence intervals work.

        Let’s assume they provide a 95% confidence interval of +/- 3.6% and a mean value of 11%.

        That means a 95% chance that the actual value being estimated is between 11-3.6=7.4% and 11+3.6=14.6%.

        You don’t get to subtract twice the confidence interval from the mean and call it the real value.

  10. The traditional anti-gun mob is buying guns to protect themselves from POTG, conservatives, Republicrats, and Deplorables.

  11. The people who previously took gun control as a mantra are suddenly quiet on gun control at the exact moment they are calling for the police to be…disarmed.

    I suspect someone is gambling that they will be able to disarm the police and muster a sufficient militia to fill the vacuum.

    The war of all on all begins this way.

    Are you ready for it?

  12. Trump is going to lose because his core supporters have never been close to conservative. They are populists like the old British National Party and the French National Front were populist. Both parties were assigned to the right but both advocated socialist policies. As I said back on 2016, they were the party of socialism for white people. Trump’s core support atr just like other populists. They wanted him to use government power to take from people they don’t like and give it to them. That wasn’t Trump and those voters will pick a reason to vote for Biden or stay home.

    • What you completely miss is that I never voted for Trump thinking he was conservative. I don’t need him to be conservative. I went with him because he isn’t Clinton and the fact that no one else seems remotely interested in doing something good for America. Even now.

      • Private bone spurs doesn’t care about America. He doesn’t care about me or you or how many people die from the virus. All he cares about is his bank account and getting reelected so he doesn’t end up in prison.

        • I say that about just about all politicians.

          I don’t see any of this building up his bank accounts. His presidency has cost him money.

          It’s interesting in how you think he doesn’t care. Clinton would have never shut down international travel. Certainly not that fast. No one would have but him. He was in fact criticized for it. No one else would have mobilized so many resources to get help to everyone.

        • Yes Horace only the Dems care, as they divide the country with Identity Politics so they can gain complete power and control.

          That way they can open the borders, give free health care and public benefits to illegals (so they vote Dem), repeal the 1st and 2nd Amendments (Silencing and disarming you), all while raising taxes (more control over you) and continuing selling the U.S. to China (so they get wealthier and China can bring its death camps, mass surveillance, and social score to the rest of the world).

          Time to drop the hatred Horace, there are evils out there, it’s time to grow-up.

        • People with hatred for America, its laws, and it’s people do not get my vote. People like the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, Pelosi, Etc.

        • I did not. I would not.

          Bill Clinton was a playboy politician that was less interested in making America great and more interested in making himself great. I’m actually more inclined to believe anything official he did was more likely from Hillary with a little bs here and there sprinkled in from himself to make it look good.

          His party’s crime bill become law. Smith&Wesson hillary hole. Many things changed with that law. Things that ultimately lead to bad things and other stuff that meant nothing. Like a ban on AR15’s.

        • “I don’t think Bill hated America.”

          Presidential Documents Federal RegisterVol. 58, No. 103 Tuesday, June 1, 1993
          Title 3—The President Executive Order 12850 of May 28, 1993
          Conditions for Renewal of Most-Favored-Nation Status for the People’s Republic of China in 1994

          Ring a bell? Congress was the one that voted to renew the MFN status. Bill seized that power and handed it to the Secretary of State. China wasn’t to be trusted back then either. It was very inconvenient to fight with Congress over this for every renewal. China continued behaving poorly, and in return, we sent tens of millions of jobs their way.

          NAFTA was also signed into law during Bill’s very first year. The ball was already rolling thanks to “real” republican Bush I. Yet another bad deal for the American worker, but it was great for the wealthy.

          Obama actually spoke about reversing these policies when he ran for his first term. Then he got into power and promptly forgot about the American worker. By his second term he actually said those jobs won’t be coming back. Then Trump came along and said we’ll be bringing back jobs, getting better trade deals, and holding China accountable, and the Dems are pissed about it. They can’t allow people to realize how much they and the establishment “real” republicans have been screwing over America.

        • I don’t think Bill Clinton hated America.

          What kind of man celebrates the transformation of his country’s majority population into a minority? A man who hates his country.

        • In dude we have the populist I described. If Sl9w Joe reverses his stand on guns he would probably vote for him.

          Dude, President renegotiated NAFTA he didn’t end it and until C19 his trade war with China was aimed at better better trade terms not ending trade with China.

          For all Obama’s blathering about immigration reform he was deporting illegals. Remember the kids in cages? Obama started that.

          President Trump is not who the populists think he is. He was never going to wall off country to trade and immigration. He goal was smart immigration and better terms trade.

        • “He goal was smart immigration and better terms trade.”

          Puzzled; that’s a bad thing?

        • “He was never going to wall off country to trade and immigration.”

          That would be suicide. No one wants that. We just needed some leverage to keep bad actors, like China in check. Our previous leaders left us no leverage.

          “Dude, President renegotiated NAFTA he didn’t end it and until C19 his trade war with China was aimed at better better trade terms not ending trade with China.”

          You don’t say?

          “He goal was smart immigration and better terms trade.”

          Why wouldn’t anyone want that?

          “For all Obama’s blathering about immigration reform he was deporting illegals. Remember the kids in cages? Obama started that.”

          You don’t say, again? Obama thought he could prod the Latino community into voting for the dems and gaining control of Congress. He kept saying he couldn’t do anything without Congress. In 2012, Obama’s (and the democrats) deportation strategy completely changed. Go back and watch Loretta Lynch’s Senate confirmation. The cat was well out of the bag by that point.

          “In dude we have the populist I described. If Sl9w Joe reverses his stand on guns he would probably vote for him.”

          You think I’m that shallow, huh, or do you just think you’re that smart? So Joe has some great ideas in store for America? Does Joe have any original ideas at all? At this point, I think democrats have lost their minds, but I have nothing against them just because they’re democrats. Maybe I haven’t articulated that clearly enough? Or maybe you aren’t paying attention? I’m not a partisan, I’m for good ideas.

  13. There have always been gun owning anti-gun people. In their eyes, it is the guns you own that are the problem. I have no reason to doubt that many of the new gun owners will fall in to the guns for me but not for thee camp.
    “I’m a gun owner, but..” has long been a preamble to ignorant gun control rants. The only thing here is there is an opportunity to open some eyes of people that didn’t give any of this much thought up until now.

    • No joke, I actually knew a guy like that. He was a good little progressive who had all the right opinions. He wanted Bernie, he wanted free college and free health care, he wanted gun control. Then one day, he told me he was interested in buying a gun, and he asked me where he could get one without a background check. I looked him in eye and called him out on his bold faced hypocrisy. He responded with “well i know that I’M a good person. I don’t see why I have to get a background check”.
      Fast forward a few years, he’s now doing time for selling coke.

  14. It doesn’t mean less either. If only 5% of these new gun owners come to our side it will be more people to re-elect Trump and, hopefully, keep the Senate and retake the House.

  15. Some of these new gun buyers are real and many are not. I have no faith that they will vote republican. Voting democrat means not being pro-constitution. This is the only part of any of this that means anything.

    A side effect of the wuhan virus gun rush is that so many of the people that need this stuff are not going to have it. Because it has become so difficult to find anything in stock, places to practice, or ammo to practice with.

    The issues here and coming from the left.

  16. I have no faith in newbies buying guns. I met a boatload of black democrats years ago who ignorantly stated “Obama won’t take my guns”. They’d rather stay on that gravy train plantation. Beyond cognitive dissonance…duh. If S L O W Joe wins look for the death of America!

    • And so the NRA decided you should vote for a guy who signed an assault weapons ban instead of the guy who expanded carry in national parks.

      For those unclear on the facts, Romney signed an AWB when he was governor. The only significant gun legislation Obama signed in his first term was eliminating laws against carry in national parks.

      Aren’t we the people who say you should operate not on what a politician says but what they do?

    • And isn’t that the irony…For if those 18 people never voted before today, they will be voting in the future, it’s the Chicago way.

      • They send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue, and then they send him to the polls. That’s the Chicago way.

        I learned that from Sean Connery.

        • Sean Connery could play any nationality. Scotsman, Englishman, Irishman, Swede, Egyptian, Japanese, Russian (actually, Lithuanian), a Dragon, a Spaniard, another Russian (but not a Lithuanian), Norwegian, a Brutal, Greek and a Moroccan.

          There are probably others.

          And everyone one of them was himself!


  17. I’m outnumbered in a blue state with no chance of an upset. I watch other states and somed at I’ll move.

  18. I disagree with your pessimism, but agree that people need to continue to be involved and get more involved. Polls are utterly worthless–look at the 2016 election. Hillary was going to win by a landslide, right up until the results came in.

    Unrest doesn’t help the sitting president, but look at the alternative. The problems are in Democratic controlled cities (NYC, Minneapolis, Philly, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Dallas) where the police have been hamstrung by stupid policies. Peaceful protesting is a fundamental right as citizens–rioting and looting is not. As history has shown, bullies need to be met with strength. Taking a knee in front of protestors removes all power, as does limiting police response and letting agitators burn buildings. Minneapolis abandoned a precinct building and let it burn. None of the insurrectionists will respect them, and that was before they said they will disband the police force.

    The Democratic party is now the party of outright socialism, open borders, more taxes, more spending and no police. Democratic majorities at the federal level will do irreparable damage in less than four years. I believe that enough people are seeing the insanity going on now and the “silent majority” will show up in force.

    This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to push the truth out there and illustrate the perils (Lord knows the media isn’t), but there are still enough people smart enough to know that Trump isn’t responsible for bad policies in Democratic led cities.

    • “Hillary was going to win by a landslide, right up until the results came in.”

      Hilary did win, by 2,000,000+ votes. The polls were based on election results, not electoral college results. None of the pollsters took the EC into account. The majority of the polls weren’t wrong (Hilary win) regarding the popular vote. I suspect the popular vote was extrapolated to the EC vote, not an actual elector count. So, Trump could actually win the popular vote in November, and be crushed by the EC vote.

      The fact that the voting population favored Hilary is something that is lost on us, and shouldn’t be. With the winner-take-all movement in 21 states (winner of national popular vote wins all the EC delegates/votes), both the popular and EC vote are important. The move to a bi-costal national government seems inexorable. Trump may prevail in 2020, but there is more than an outside chance the Republicrats will lose ever after. Republicrats have no back bench of knife-fighters to put up for president.

      • That winner take all movement was put in place by democrats and can so easily backfire on them. It’s part of why the electoral college needs to be left alone.

      • “None of the pollsters took the EC into account.”
        Then the polsters are not very smart. People don’t vote for president in this country, electors do. The rules are clear and they are there to prevent exactly what Clinton did – campaign only to get the large population centers. She lost badly. Trump creamed her in the only way which matters – in elector votes.

        If a hockey team claimed they won because they held the puck most of the time, they would look just as funny. That’s not how the game is played. Pushing to tweak the rules by getting rid of the electoral college after such a defeat only confirms that Democrats are not willing to play fair.

      • You are assuming that is how the polls work, but that is wrong. The election is decided off of the electoral college, which is determined by the outcome in the states. Predictions that Hillary was going to win were based off polling in states used to determine the electoral count, which is what all the major organizations do to form their prediction. Hillary was supposed to win in an electoral landslide, and lost. Also, 2 million votes in a country of over 300 million people is not a landslide…that equates to about six tenths of one percent of the entire population (0.6%).

        The polls and the media completely and totally flubbed and lost. They had no idea what was coming, and trusting what they say now is foolish. The last election cycle shows that they lost all credibility.

        • Yes, I understand how the polling worked. Among the flawed assumptions was the idea that EC electors would all vote according to the popular vote; they didn’t. Projecting ones characteristics onto another is one of the shinning hallmarks of the deranged left.

          The political amateur figured out the EC, but the professionals didn’t. Which is the impetus behind the move to force the EC electors to vote according to who wins the national popular vote; avoiding the nuisance of trying to ratify a constitutional amendment.

          BTW, Jefferson was wrong in his opinion that the populace did not need a strong, intrusive central committee to manage daily affairs. Proof? Just look at the MSM the last four years. Wrong, wrong, wrong, dishonest, dishonest, dishonest. Yet, the majority of the populace still seems to believe everything the MSM puts out. Talk about mental derangement.

  19. The real value of increased first time gun buyers is that it might open their eyes as to how much they have been lied to. When they discover there is no gunshow loophole, internet sales, or easier than buying a book.

      • “Yep. Then they might begin to wonder what other lies they’ve been told.”

        The people for whom you hold out hope are the same who depend solely on feelings to guide their lives. These people do not think, they react. For them, buying a gun is not a rational, considered decision, but an emotional response to all the alt-right, white supremacists, KKK, militia bois, normal gun owners threatening the lives of leftists, statists, liberals, Dimwits. You may want a gun to protect you from rioters, antifannie, looters, gangs, burglars, home invaders; the brain-dead who are buying guns now do not fear these elements. They fear you.

      • This definitely happened with me. I slipped out of liberalism on guns early, and once I became aware of how much lying gun-bigots do, it really alienated me from the Democratic party. Now I’ve slid back towards them on a few specific things here and there, but I will never blindly assume they’re right ever again.

  20. See here’s the thing, a gun is a tool. Some of you trumpkins are enthusiasts, some of you were in to guns before me. That doesn’t make you charismatic, or smart, sorry.

    I know you like attention and are used to having things handed to you, but I’m not your parents. Blow your disgusting values out your asses, I don’t need your permission to pick up a tool. Me using a glock is just me using a glock. You should be grateful for that alone but you’re not, because you’re selfish and entitled. It’s not an offer to vote your way and salute your ideology. Dream on, that‘s one freebie you‘re not getting.

    • Don’t be mislead. You can vote how ever you wish. That’s just it though. With the right, you have that freedom. With the left it’s their way or the highway. If you cherish that freedom, the left will take it from you.

    • You completely misunderstood. It’s not us whose permission to pick up a firearm you need. We don’t care about you, your shitty values or your little plastic pistol and we just generally want to be left alone. It’s the people you vote for who will take that Glock from you, given half a chance.
      What should we be grateful for again?

      “You like attention and are used to having things handed to you..” “…you’re selfish and entitled.” That doesn’t sound like a description of conservatives. Projecting much, leftist?

      • “You like attention and are used to having things handed to you..”

        The perfect description of Donald Trump.

        After all, he is a self-made man who started out poor, with only a $1 million, no collateral loan from his father that he never had to pay back.

        He went on to bankrupt casinos, he must’ve attended business school at trump university’s fraud and grifter degree program.

        • TDS strikes again. Why drag Trump into it? He is not a conservative by any stretch of imagination. But he is still better than any of the two dozen plus presidential hopefuls Dems presented. Or all of them combined.

  21. There are some sneaky gun talkers on this forum who do their best to slander and libel the POTUS…Only thing they are good for is putting a sht grin on a democRat’s face.

  22. Gun ownership does not equal Republican votes.
    Some areas of California and Wisconsin are heavily unionized and would never vote for Trump despite being socially conservative. One union did skeet shooting for Customer Appreciation Day but you could not find more than 1 or 2 who vote Republican because they are afraid that Republicans will take their food off the table.
    Union influence must be crushed before many conservatives will actually vote for conservatives!

    • “Gun ownership does not equal Republican votes.”
      True. But gun ownership should equal to no votes for the party which runs on gun control.

      • “But gun ownership should equal to no votes for the party which runs on gun control.”

        You may be grossly underestimating the amount of brain damage liberalism causes. Who are all these rioters protesting? Democrat leadership, in Dimwitocrat run cities and states. Why? Why, after 50yrs of enlightened, caring, compassionate, fixing of all the complaints of liberals, are the same people still complaining about the same things? Why do liberal/leftist Dimwitocrat cities have racess police departments? Why are there still “inner cities”?

        These “liberal” gun owners do not want guns to protect themselves from the mob, they want guns to protect themselves from anyone who is not loyal to the party line (whichever and whenever it is proclaimed); they want guns to protect themselves from the gun owners who should not be allowed guns….you.

        Does anybody really think that when the gun confiscation laws are installed, these “new” gun owners will hoist “Molon Labe” flags, and defy the government? Once the guns are confiscated from law abiding citizens, these “new” gun owners will see no need to have guns for protection.

        • Question: Defunding police is growing and revolutionaries historically used this method to replace police with “people’s police” aka neighborhood “militias” (see Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran Republican Guard) who push their agenda. How many of these 2 million new gun owners are hoping to be part of the new leftist “militia”?

        • ” How many of these 2 million new gun owners are hoping to be part of the new leftist “militia”?”

          Actually….liberals/leftists/statists/Dims all believe they will be part of the elite class after the revolution.

  23. I also believe that Trump will not win in November due the protests and the virus tanking the economy. Biden is far ahead in the polls and in the general public. I will still vote and campaign for Trump but I am preparing for the worst. It is not Biden I fear, he has dementia and is just stupid. What I fear greatly is Barak the Muslim who will be manipulating the strings behind him. Remember Barack the Muslim nearly turned this country into a Socialist bastion. Had he stayed a third term he who have completed it. With Biden as his puppet he will complete the cycle. I say we cut our losses and play dead – that is lay low, real low until we can gather our strength and our numbers for a brutal counterattack. There is going to be a civil war but it will come after we suffer tremendous losses to our freedom and those we love and honor.

    • The evolution of demographics clearly do not favor the GOP nationwide, it’s just a matter of time. Add the tricks the democrats pull in states like CA and we’ll have democrat presidents for the next 300 years or until a civil war explodes.

    • “What I fear greatly is Barak the Muslim who will be manipulating the strings behind him.”

      Very good, the FOX TV programming has taken hold. How sad that so many cannot think for themselves.

  24. More than the COVID19 hoax (but real, disastrous consequences) and the riots, I think what will put Biden in the WH is years of MSM brainwashing. All leftists will support Biden, including Warren or Bernie’s supporter, you’re nuts if you think Bernie’s marxists will vote for Trump! On the other hand, Trump is only popular within specific segments of the population. The good news is crazy Joe will probably spend more time searching for his wallet or keys than he will spend at work.

  25. How do you think all those other commies killed over 100 Million people?
    They did not starve or stab or strangle them all

  26. If you believe the polls you believe in the Easter Bunny. They are notoriously biased. On the eve of the 2016 election the polls had Hillary winning by 95%. That might not have been accurate.

  27. When all the hysteria is over, most of those 2 million that bought guns will say “I don’t it anymore now that everything is back to normal”. They were mostly Democrats and Liberals in panic mode. The used gun market will be something in another 6 months. IMO.

  28. If Trump can’t figure out how to campaign against Joe “Crime Bill” Biden during a time when the Democrats are fractured and by angry socialists and anarchists and normal liberals are so afraid of their own party’s nonsense they are buying guns… well god bless his soul. Remember, for all the liberals’ supposed fear of Trump they kept pushing gun control until their own fringe started lighting their cities on fire.

  29. Let me reiterate dum dums. Trump is going to lose and he is going to lose big. All the major corporations and most of the media will push for Biden, Barack the Muslim’s puppet. Barack will then complete his master plan which is to recreate a new America in his image. That of complete and unrelenting control of the white populace a la the UK. If we aren’t prepared for this take over we will be sitting on a couch in November with our thumbs up our asses and a big grin on our faces bemoaning the fact that we weren’t prepared for this shit. We need to think beyond the 100 million plus guns in our possession. It will be a matter of numbers, not guns. And if we don’t recognize the absolute value in making alliances with the ethnic community we will lose the war. Cut your losses and lose the battle in November or suffer the brutality of a socialist regime.

    • Barack Obama circa 2009 and 2012 is too moderate for the Democratic party of 2020. Clone him and use the same platform, he wouldn’t win the 2020 primary.

  30. Why is the assumption that the people out buying guns now are rabid, anti-gun Karen’s? Does anyone have data to back that up? I’d sooner assume that the majority of first time purchasers now have been on the fence or were ambivalent before. If you are rabidly anti-gun or a loony toon leftist (who are now going to take Elmer Fudd’s double barrel away from him) I doubt you’d buy a gun under any circumstance.

    Moderates and social liberals on the other hand, I can see. It doesn’t equal votes and it doesn’t mean gun control is dead (unfortunately), because people have short memories, but this will certainly translate into an awakening for some. Our job is to reach out to anyone we can who is taking the step and further solidify a conversion to supporting our natural RKBA.

  31. Most Americans live in cities, most cities are Democrat. 2 of 3 most populous sates are Deep Blue. Less hunters and public shooting ranges every single year for decades. Many state fish&game departments are so light on fee proceeds they are in the red.
    And the NRA has not had any real membership increase since the 90’s. And most new GOA ships are just NRA double dipping like I am.
    As long as the nation’s entire education system, mainstream media, entertainment, now the finance industries are leftist controlled, the true numbers of gun owners is only going down.

  32. No matter what anyone says, Trump won 2016 because of firearm owners voting and to hillary and the dems push to ban almost every firearm, the single biggest reason Trump won . His statement, take the guns now and due process later, I believe was reactionary and he sees how wrong he was to say it . The bump stock EO, well atleast it was not legislated into law . So, everyone out there, remember this, if Trump loses and the house and senate are controlled by democrats, every thing, and I mean everything, save single shot muzzleloaders will be banned . Think “more extream than Australia ” for firearms . I can live with a misstatement and EO, however, life under a democratically controlled WH, house of representatives and senate, UNBEARABLE . I believe in my heart of harts, more Americans than not feel the same as I do . Vote a straight republican ticket .


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