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The gun control movement died in this weekend’s riots. Its grave is always shallow, but it will take years to claw itself out. Too many people understand exactly why the 2nd Amendment is crucial now. It will take a while for them to forget again.

John Hayward on Twitter

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    • Perhaps, but at least the overused phrase “it’s for the children” won’t be heard for a while in such conversations. Current events have had nothing to do with children. They’ve been all about overreaching government officials, abusive police tactics, scofflaw rioters, self defense, and reassertion of our God-given rights.

      • Like any failed “essential” business it can always become a government operation and be ‘community’ funded. I can only hope all the recently alerted neighbors connect who made it hard for them to get anything beyond basic rifles and shotguns. Still find the others floating around the community hilarious given how the SAFE act somehow missed them entirely.

    • Nope. Now it’s “white privilege” and people firing on peaceful protesters. They will NEVER understand. They believe people are arming themselves because they support police brutality. There is no shortage of a push for gun control, and Biden is utilising Trump’s incompetent totalitarian style march to a church for his benefit now. Fucking idiots on all sides.

  1. I recently had a conversation about how you can’t just rely on the police to rescue you with a yellow dog democrat relative of mine. This was early in the pandemic. She literally could not grasp the concept that the police might not get to her house in time, and even if they did, they still might not rescue her from a home intruder. Maybe it’s time to revisit that conversation? It’s probably hopeless.

    • The reality is most people are afflicted with a particular stripe of delusional, that being cognitive dissonance. It’s easily seen in nearly any occurrence, or story about violent action. People involved, or related to the victim, in some manner oft say “that never happens here”. Except when it does, and it is frequent. Perhaps just not in your neighborhood, but somewhere it is. Only the location of “here” & the specific detail varies, the overarching circumstance largely does not…

      Wic. Wac. Jack. That’s a fact.

      To the proclamation of R.I.P., hardly. Humans have this terrible trait of actively trying to obfuscate the memory of that which truly frightened them to the core. Most won’t carry on past the first year anniversary, and fewer still by the second. Then calls for “public safety” & “for the children” will begin anew in earnest once again.

  2. The anti 2A crowd may be licking their wounds for awhile, but they’re not going away.

    • Agreed. They are not going to take any laws off the books. They will just bide their time and come back another year.
      Maybe the NRA will have new leadership by that time but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. This declaration is wildly premature. If Biden wind and Democrats regain control of the Senate, gun control will come back with a vengeance.

  4. Note the most egresious act take place where guns are either banned outright or their use is so restricted as to be useless. If they think they will operate uncontested everywhere they are mistaken. Going to be quite a few bodies without a way to determine who dispatched them or why.

    • We are already noticing the counties with stricter permitting processes are the worst hit. Funny how that works.

  5. Unless armed citizens rise up and take care of the looters when the authorities can’t or won’t the anti-2nd Amendment crowd will have won the day. If one of the most important reasons for owning a firearm is protection of lives and property during civil unrest then gun ownership is pointless if you don’t exercise the right A right unused is right eventually lost.

    Most gun owners are trapped in a normal world self defense paradigm, that is, someone must be an immediate lethal threat specifically directed at you. A mob whose objective is to loot burn constitutes an imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm just by their mere existence Take a lesson from the looters. If one store owner shoots a looter the police will arrest him. If a hundred store owners do it not only will the police be impotent, but looters will run away and probably go home.

    • Take a few minutes and do some searching on the interweb. You’ll begin to see a trend of Civi’s taking up arms and doing the job the police can’t. Let me explain that comment with some background. Before all the Chinese Flu shit hit. I was participating in an Citizens Law Enforcement Academy. Learning the things cops do in training. During the force on force training we were instructed in what can and can’t be utilized. From hands on to deadly force. During a room clearing exercise. It was our job to clear a room which may or may not have an armed suspect. If a suspect(paper) is encountered. We were to act as based on what was observed. Gun no gun. Knife, Club etc. If the suspect was armed we were to attempt to defuse the situation if possible. As I entered a room I encountered a suspect holding a firearm at his side. I immediately put to rounds thru his face. When asked after the exercise why I didn’t attempt to defuse the situation. I explained I was threatened. That I wasn’t a cop and I don’t have to play by their rules. The training officer was a bit put back. Yet couldn’t argue the fact that police have a different rule set to follow. Compared with a civilian under similar circumstances. Arm Up Carry On Maintain Op Sec and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • I am well aware about what is going on. The people defending their property are few and far between and it isn’t going beyond “loot some other store.” At this point there needs to be bodies laying in the street and there are enough white ANTIFA thugs running about so you don’t have to look like a racist.

    • tdiinva,

      I personally agree with your sentiment, your standard if you will.

      I also see three real-world dangers for righteous citizen defenders who would operate according to your sentiment/standard:

      1) When a raucous mob comes around the corner and approaches your home or business, you have no way of knowing for certain that their objective is to loot or burn. Since you do not know their objective, there is no credible and imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm.

      2) Even if that raucous mob just vandalized the home or business right next door to you, they could be finished for the day/night and literally heading home which takes them passed your home/business. The fact that they are walking in your direction does not justify deadly force.

      3) Current law most likely rejects the notion that the mere existence of a mob is a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm which justifies use of deadly force.

      We need a significant change to our laws which empowers righteous defenders of homes and businesses the necessary latitude to discourage raucous mobs and defend their lives and property.

      • There is a different standard when you are in a near or compete WROL situation. The mere existence of mob is sufficient to warrant the use of deadly force. Many localities are WROL at the moment.

        • Depends on the definition of a mob.

          I just saw a video of something that happened yesterday:
          About 100 protesters, some carrying signs, spill into an intersection and suddenly impede traffic. A car pulling up to the intersection slams on the brakes and starts hammering the horn as it comes to almost a complete stop since protesters are in the way. The protesters start aggressively positioning themselves in front of the car and begin to surround it. The car slowly but surely starts moving forward — ever so slowly increasing in speed to about 1.5 m.p.h. (I am not kidding, either) — in spite of the protesters in front of it. The protesters “blink first” and move out of the way as the car is gaining speed and drives away. Somehow, the car contacted somebody in the process (and did not cause any injuries) and now the local prosecutor is prosecuting them for felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon (the car).

          In general, and especially In this environment, I would think that a large mass of people who suddenly spill out into an intersection to block traffic and then begin to surround a specific car constitutes an imminent and credible threat of death or great bodily harm. At the very least, that action constitutes unlawful imprisonment. And yet the local prosecutor just expects the car to stay their and the vehicle occupants to accept whatever comes next.

          Sadly, I do not believe that this is the exception rather than the rule. That is why I say that we need reform in our laws to empower the victims of these events to escape and defend themselves.

      • If you believe the mob is an eminent threat to you life, and other reasonable people in your situation would believe the same thing……

        A lot depends on the legal situation in your particular jurisdiction. What flies in Texas isn’t going to fly in New Yorkistan. So far, it appears that the mere presence of an armed defender in a mob situation is enough to dissuade trouble makers. Whether or not that changes remains to be seen.

  6. AFAIK, legal gun owners across the world are far in the minority, and people with a legal right to self defense are in an even smaller minority.

  7. Dimwit. One year from now the NFA will be completely intact, no national reciprocity, no interstate sale of handguns, and we’ll be fighting to keep standard mags in freer states.

  8. Unfortunately, there will always be stupid people. The same people decrying police brutality think that only the police should be armed. As Ron White likes to say, ‘You can’t fix stupid.’

  9. Reports have surfaced from several States about Armed Citizens deterring looters last night. One report says a Bar Owner in Omaha, Nebraska fatally shot a looter and will NOT be charged per the local DA (this may have been a day or so earlier). There is even a report from Santa Monica, California (!) of an Armed business owner and friends deterring looters in front of their shop armed with AR-15s yesterday.

    It’s probably too much to hope America is turning a corner much more favorable to gun rights, but there is at least solid evidence armed ordinary Citizens can deter crime on their own and other reports demonstrate the unarmed ordinary Citizen is at serious peril, as in Dallas, Texas.

    Note: Tried to provide some links, but the sites won’t let me get the URL without paying a subscription fee because I use an Ad Blocker.

  10. We still have a lot of liberty to regain since 9/11, let alone coronavirus. This is not the time for end-zone dances.

  11. Yeah, right.
    I’ve already heard more than one Karen claim guns are the reason people are beating other people to death with bricks and sticks and I’d bet good money those same Karens have guns at home because what’s good for you and me is never what’s good for Karen.

  12. The problem with this notion is that the National Media will black-out these stories soon. After about a week or so, no one will hear much more about the store owners or their allies preventing stores from being looted and burned. The Anti-2A’s will use that silence as “evidence” that guns are not needed, even though many smaller media groups will continue to cover the incidents. The Main Stream Media giants will suppress these stories, Social Media will filter or restrict them and the stories will go down the Memory Hole. And in a few months, all of the Anti-2A nuts will be right back at it with the next tragedy.

    • Disagree. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et al…people are uploading and sharing/forwarding/copying vids all over the place. Social media is a two-edged sword…grungy in the hands of narcissistic selfie queens, and informative in the hands of everyday witnesses. The MSM knows they lost control of both the narrative and viewership years ago.

      • It works for awhile, then they either delete the content, or Google will alter their algorithm so you aren’t likely to find it.

        • Everyone downloads copies of everything for re-uploading. I often grab content for the very reason you mention, and I see others do the same when YouTube (as one example) deletes a video and copies of it pop up everywhere under new accounts.

          Hard to stop the signal.

        • I think the problem in the future will be people not being presented with an alternate viewpoint unless you already know where to specifically search for it. It will be tough to reach people that have been indoctrinated into the world view of the information gate keepers. I’ve noticed a drastic change in YouTube over the last four years.

        • I Haz a Question,

          Everyone downloads copies of everything for re-uploading.

          I disagree. I would be surprised if one out of every one thousand people actually downloads and uploads photographs/videos — the other 999 people simple copy and past links to the social-media sites that have those photographs and videos. Thus, if those social media sites delete those photos/videos, 999 out of 1,000 people will not be able to see them.

  13. Can I defeature my sporting rifle? So when is the Cali roster dissolved? I’m missing a CCW in LA county.

    They are winning.

    • Disarmament dead in Cali? Not a chance. One of the bills wending its way through the Legislature will require that all “precursor gun parts” only be purchased through a licensed precursor parts dealer (i.e,. the same rules as for ammo, and with the instant background check that is already not working). The bill calls for implementation by 2024. Meanwhile, there is a budget trailer bill also on file that advances the date to 2022. Unlike regular bills, trailer bills are tacked onto the budget and are not subject to the vetting process of the committee system, they are merely voted on at the same time as the budget bill. The sneaky bastards are sliding this by with nary a peep out of anyone.
      Another bill will raise the fee charged for the background check needed to buy ammo, currently $1. We kind of knew that this fee would shoot up quickly; the fee was low to pass the bill, and now it will be jut another money bag. Fees on CCWs have shot up, and they want to raise them further, allowing each county to set its own fees. In some counties, the ones that do extensive background investigations before denying your application, the fees will likely be massive. The obvious purpose is to make it so that people don’t even try. And the beat (down) goes on.

      • Just in case that bill isn’t defeated in time, I’ll be buying more spare triggers and springs for my Glocks & ARs.

  14. It’ll dig itself out like a mother fkn’ zombie when the next mass school shooting happens.

    • “It’ll dig itself out like a mother fkn’ zombie when they orchestrate the next mass school shooting”

  15. A hopeful sentiment. I’d like to believe it, but the tyrants will be back, and soon. They’ll argue the rioting and looting is a reason for gun control, even though it was the tyrants that stoked the fire. The oldest trick in the book.

    Remember Prohibition?? The National Firearms Act of 1934 was a DIRECT result of Prohibition. If alcohol hadn’t been illegal, this country wouldn’t have seen the rise in violence.

    The Left knows this. Now, instead of the evils of alcohol, it’s “racism.”

  16. It ain’t DOA…how naive can one be? Meanwhile The Yankee Marshall thinks 95-98% of so-called “protestor’s are non-violent. And he thinks cop’s are the problem right now. Pretty effed up for a former cop. I wish the cop’s WE pay would grow a spine! Eff him…

    • Yankee Marshall is a lisping little whiner. He’s jealous of other youtube firearms commenters for being more successful than him, calling them shills.

      • TYM is good for guns and gear stuff but when he strays off into other topics he often sounds like a moron. He would do better if stayed away from politics. He is an archetype for a particular type of gun guy. He can’t decide if we should shoot looters or cops.

  17. Some of these fools are still calling 911 in the middle of a riot. The logical disconnect I’ve seen leads me to believe that they’ll double down on gun control with a platform of it was guns what somehow caused all this.

    • Actually, calling 911 in the middle of a riot to report an attack on your home or business is a sound strategy. At least you called it in before bodies started hitting the ground. If your response from dispatch was “You’re on your own.” so much the better in your defense.

      • I get it from the covering your ass viewpoint. I’m talking about the people who’ve made themselves personally defenseless but still expect the police to somehow save them during mass chaos. There’s some golden just indignant tweets about people being told they’re on their own by people that have no concept of handling shit themselves.

  18. After the Riots of 1967; Congress passed the Gun Control of 1968 to further reign in gun ownership. The Rioting will be used as a further example as to why guns need to be controlled and further regulated.

  19. Not really. Idiots will keep voting for democrats, Democrats will still be anti-gun openly call for banning guns, and the far left far left that runs the democrat party, the media and the courts still are of the opinion that all guns and private gun ownership should be banned, confiscated by force (I wonder how since they want to abolish all police) and all gun owners systematically exterminated.

    Always remember: the left and Democrats and most judges hate guns, hate gun owners and they want you dead. They want to ban guns, confiscate guns by force, and exterminate every single gun owner.

  20. Gun control is not dead nor is it going to die. This is just as misleading as most of what the media puts out. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where this thought came from.

    Social media is not a solution to anything. Those things are owned and controlled by anti-gun liberals. You can download/upload whatever you like but they can wholesale block whatever they like. You fool yourself if you think you can get around what’s not even yours.

    Gun ownership might be growing but there are too many high profile, rich, and powerful people in too many of all the right places. The events of the first half of 2020 is but a minor blip on the radar.

    With that said…the simple truth is that there are so many firearms out there already that they are never going to sway. The technology of making them is simple enough with enough desire to possess them all over the planet. People like O’Rourke will always be around but even if he managed to get rid of AR15’s, something else would just take its place. This will be subject of debate for the rest of our lives.

  21. We’ll if the the great oracle John Hayward said it, this thing is over. I am going to buy a P-90 as soon as they are are generally available, which should be any day now. Yay!

    • By the time NY catches up with the rest of the country in terms of gun rights PSA will have all the bugs worked out of the mp5 I would like to put together. Fun to dream but still more work to be done with the neighborhood.

  22. Hayward is overly optimistic. It’s not going to put an end to two notions. One is the Bloomberg idea that decisions about life and death should be reserved to the government and its agents. The other is that protecting the life and health of a rioter or looter matters more than an entire burnt out city.

  23. I’ve been reading a book by William L. Shirer, entitled BERLIN DIARY”, he was a correspondent in Berlin from Jan 11, 1934 to Dec 13, 1940. He also wrote “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
    It’s close to being a daily diary.
    It’s eerie in that it is similar to what’s happening today. Not perfectly but we are heading for more trouble.
    In the 1930’s the Nazis had everyone turn in their firearms, for the children. German Jews who had fought in WWI and earned the Iron Cross for heroism thought they were exempt from arrest. They too were sent to the concentration camps.

    Antifa are really fascists.

    Some of us are going to have to decide, are you going to be like Joseph Warren, who died at Bunker Hill or not?

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