Attorney General Josh Shapiro
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Philadelphia had more murders in the first half of 2021 than the entire year from 2013 to 2017, denoting the grim reality that neither elected nor appointed leaders have a plan to stop the rise of violent crime in the city. Meanwhile, the media have universally labeled the seemingly uncontrolled crime uptick as a “gun violence” epidemic. By using the term “gun violence” instead of the legal definitions of murder, attempted murder, and assault, the accountability for the criminal who committed these violent crimes is semantically shifted to the mere tool they illegally used to victimize others.

Furthermore, by labeling a preventable surge in violent crime as “gun violence,” we are failing to hold our state and municipal leaders accountable for refusing to enforce the law and address the criminality that is slated to cost between 500 and 600 Philadelphians their lives by the end of 2021. This is not a new phenomenon. For over a century, politicians have been trying to obfuscate their responsibilities to keep their constituents safe by trying to shift the blame to gun control laws.

Economist and native Philadelphian Walter E. Williams is famously quoted by saying, “Most of the great problems we face are caused by politicians creating solutions to problems they created in the first place.” Williams’ quote applies when reviewing our official response to the alarming rise in murders impacting Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable population.

— A. Benjamin Mannes in Call a Murder a Murder

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  1. Yep, that’s intentional. Imagine if they called it “gang violence” (where truly appropriate). Then what’s the fix? Crack down on the gangs. So gun violence, what’s the fix for all that gun violence? Gotta take away those guns, any and all.

    • Not only that, it also allows them to mischaracterize legitimate self-defense and law enforcement (not to mention suicide) use of guns as somehow bad.

  2. An article in a big city pub that makes a sensible point unencumbered by hysterics. And written by a subject matter expert who is not on FoxNews. Weird.

  3. I’m sure one of the pro gun groups like the NRA or GOA has kept a database of how many times the media and anti gun groups have changed who or what they blame as the reason for shootings and everything else they’re against. This information alone should be sufficient to prove their lunacy and fraud therefore ruining permanently their credibility and justification for being rid of their foolishness.

  4. Whenever I’m in a conversation with someone (I work with a lot of Democrats at my job) and the term “gun violence” is brought up, I counter with a simple “baby violence”.

    No matter what side of the aisle a person is on, there is absolutely no way anyone can deny that ripping apart a defenseless human being and ending its life is not violence. From there, it’s a quick step to the main point that if saving lives is such a priority, there’s a way right now to stop the deaths of our young ones. For the children.

    • Oiy…(insert face palm here)…meant to write “no way anyone can deny that it’s violence.”

      Because it absolutely is.

    • It’s not baby violence- it’s vacuum violence.

      Want to end abortion? BAN VACUUMS!

      If we simply ban vacuum aspiration machines, forceps, and curettes, it will make it impossible for doctors to perform abortions- which means all abortions will immediately cease… like magic.

      It’s just commonsense abortion control. Do it for the children…

  5. Their frustration is so high Gun Control slimeballs get carried away and expose their dreams about jack booted thugs storming your home to take your guns. Gun Control slimeballs are like pedophiles always dreaming about abducting kids to sooth an itch.

    The roots of Gun Control are not only in racism and genocide. The roots of Gun Control are clearly alive and well in the heads of busy body garbage like shannon watts, m. bloomberg, Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden et al. Make no mistake about it the aforementioned are the types who would be right at home being in charge of plantations, concentration camps and the like.

  6. The term ‘Gun Violence’ is soo much BS. It implies the firearm causes a person to do X (x=criminal act).

    At this point I’m not sure, with out a major cultural shift toward personal responsibility, that this can be fixed.

  7. Good.
    That means I can kill as many of them sons a beaches I don’t like and get away with it because it was the gunms fault.
    Who needs a badge.

  8. Absorbing any media at this point is essentially thought rape.
    Between the tactical omissions of data and the outright lying you’d be treating your brain better to just watch cartoons and read comics. You’ll probably be left better informed too.

  9. “Media Calling Shootings ‘Gun Violence’ Shifts Blame From the Criminal to the Tool”

    It is the mind trap of desiring a simple, “easy” solution to a complex problem. People yearn for that simple solution so strongly that their ability to reason is overcome, defeated in fact, by the burning emotional need.

    Happens to liberals and conservatives both, just on different problems.

    In any case, correct, there is no such thing as “Gun Violence”. There are people and there are animals. Only living, thinking creatures can commit actions. Be they violent, peaceful, wild, civilized, sentient, non-sentient or otherwise.

    There is only “Human Violence” and “Animal Violence”.

    Objects do not act, they are acted upon.

  10. Punishing law abiding firearm owners for the actions of criminals makes as much sense as a farmer beating his dog because a fox got into the henhouse.

  11. It should be referred to as what it correctly is: Criminal Misuse of Firearms (CMF). Correctly using CMF would also be appropriate because anyone committing a CMF is a criminal mother fu(ker.

  12. I have said this for years,
    When you blame the object instead of the person who has misused the object,  you now ignore the person for the object.
    Its called transference and is mostly done with firearms.
    The anti-gun democraps have a huge thing about not accepting personal responsibility for their actions and it holds true in this .

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