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By Lee Williams

For American gun owners, one of the major problems with the legacy media controlling the national narrative is that their fellow leftists are never held accountable for what they say, regardless of how libelous, insulting and flat-out wrong their comments are.

If a falsehood — even a whopper of a lie — fits their personal political views, the media will never question what is said. They’ll even promulgate the lie by repeating it in news stories and social media, which results in the statement being regurgitated so often it becomes accepted as fact by the uninformed.

Case in point, a tweet from Gabby Gifford’s anti-gun group, Giffords, which was sent Sept. 10:

“The insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol are the same ones pushing an extremist guns-everywhere agenda,” the tweet states. “For the safety and future of our country, lawmakers need to protect public safety and democracy from extremism and violence.”

To be clear, insurrection is a federal crime punishable by a hefty fine and up to 10 years in prison, although none of the Jan. 6 defendants Gabby references have been charged with that.

What’s worse is that Gabby clearly says that gun owners and anyone else who supports our God-given constitutional rights are criminals capable of extremism and violence, who need to be specifically targeted and suppressed by new laws for the sake of our public safety and democracy.

On what planet does this make sense?

Gabby’s statement is so over-the-top I half hoped someone would hold her accountable, but of course no one did. She’s seen as an anti-gun icon by the left, and can get away with saying whatever she wants, even marginalizing American gun owners and insisting we’re all revolutionaries-in-waiting.

Take a look in the mirror if you want to see who Gabby is defaming. We are the fringe, she wants the public to believe, rather than the majority we truly are. We are the real mainstream, not violent extremists. We don’t need to be targeted by new laws, especially since we are the law enforcement officers who would enforce these laws.

Besides, the true violent extremists — the real threats to our democracy — were recently gifted billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry by the Biden-Harris regime.

Gabby and her ilk usually dismiss comments they disagree with as hate speech, which they then try to censor through their allies in the legacy media, but her comments are the real hate speech. I understand she is angry and lashing out, since we stopped her employee, David Chipman, from becoming ATF director, but there is no excuse for comments like this.

We will continue to call out hateful speech like this, regardless of who says it.


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    • SHe needs to shut her pie hole. I enjoy deer meat to no end and it is much better for me than beef will ever be. If I can’t get out to shoot a deer somebody in my family can. God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

      • God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

        Now shut up and eat your veggie burger and all your other genetically modified vegetables then get in your solar powered car that (oops it’s been raining for four days due to the constant cloud seeding by the camel jockeys in Dubai, sorry no electricity)… Anyway you can walk or ride your bike down to the clinic to get your 23rd unapproved covid “booster” shot… Then you can put on your triple mask and go stand on the street corner waving your government provided sign as the Shaw of America passes by in a 100 vehicle motorcade before you head to the local mosque to practice your chosen religion…

  1. Hey bytch, who said these words “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”?

    • If I am ever shot dead or left in a vegetable state by a lucky criminal or lucky sick democRat who would love to shut me up I have made it clear to relatives to carrying my message that Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based agenda. As long as my message lives I live.

      On the other hand Gabby Giffords is clearly being used and abused. The perp who shot her is a product of progressive, marxist BS. Jared Loughner was part of a school curriculum closely associated with the communist terrorist bill ayers et al. Loughner was clearly a leftist nut case even though the whitewash media is trying to cover that by drawing a line down the political middle.

      You won’t hear a word from the Giffords about the 13 US Military and over a 100 Afghanistan citizens murdered all because of the incompetence of Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden. Or will you hear a word from the Giffords about the US Munitions left behind for terrorists. You won’t ever here a word from the Giffords on the behalf of the millions who were imprisoned for slave labor and tortured and murdered directly or indirectly on the behalf of Gun Control.

      America is not so stupid as to sit there unarmed and allow the next Jared Loughner to do as they damned well please. Anyone attempting to disarm America will be dealt with like a Jared Loughner should have been dealt with.

      Try to understand Gabby…You and your slandering Gun Control ilk Are What You Claim To Disdain.

      • Ah, ole Gabby Giffords. Pimped out by her Hubby as the Village Idiot of Gun Control.

        Guessing Ole Joey personally signed the ITAR paperwork transferring those REAL weapons of war to REAL terrorists. Putting those real weapons of war on streets in your village via Slow Joe and KamelHo OPEN Southern border. Ragheads were too busy, elated celebrating defeating American Infidels to do anything spectacular on 20th Anniversary of 9/11. But, watch out for the 25th Anniversary . No longer will the Taliban be distracted on their home soil by Infidels. Now, they can focus on terror on the Infidel’s home soil. Coming to a street near you via open borders……funded by the pallet loads of billions sent in the dead of night to Iran courtesy of the Head Jihidst OBummer and his Lackey Slow Joe. Look closely to see OBummer’s arm up Slow Joey’s ass working his mouth….Charlie MacCarthy lives again.

        • “The insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol are the same ones pushing an extremist guns-everywhere agenda.” Hmm, deep thought, how many guns were recovered from these insurrectionist? 200? No? 100? 50? No? How many low information politician? How about zero. Not one gun was recovered because it wasn’t an insurrection and because they followed the law.

      • The guy who shot Giffords is an adult onset schizophrenic who was following the voices in his head. You really cannot take it further than that to try to blame “the system.”

        • Loughner was banned from his community college after causing disturbances while high. A condition for his reinstatement was a clean bill of health from a psychiatrist. The college’s position amounted to, “We don’t care what he does as long as it stays off our campus.” James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado theater mass murderer, is another example.

        • Also, have you ever heard her or her husband say a single word about the innocent people who actually died the day she was shot? (One of them was a 9 year old girl.) Have the families of those who died received even a single penny from the Giffords moneymaking machine?

          Their anti-gun crusade is about only one thing: power and money for Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords.

    • Dam right!
      That’s why its a REPUBLIC!
      I do not think that word means what you think it does Ms. Giffords

    • “Hey bytch, who said these words “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”?“

      Probably not who you think said it.

      “Earliest known appearance in print: 1914

      Earliest known appearance in print, attributed to Thomas Jefferson: 1994

      Other attributions: Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine

      Status: We have not found any evidence that Thomas Jefferson said or wrote, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny,” nor any evidence that he wrote its listed variations.“

      • Really “interesting” reply, MinorIQ,

        Now, deal with the substance of the quote. What’s that, you have exactly ZERO argument to dispute the substance of the quote??? Quelle surprise!!!

  2. Trying to uphold the Constitution = insurrectionist
    Calling a Chinese general and telling him you’ll let them know before we attack = American hero

    • “Trying to uphold the Constitution = insurrectionist”

      And that is why they’re pushing gun bans. She finally openly admitted that their goal is remove the ability to resist their encroachments against the Constitution.

      • The “true violent extremists — the real threats to our democracy,” as the article says, aren’t currently in Afghanistan. They’re right here in America, in corporate boardrooms, city and state governments, and NGOs like Giffords, and have been for some time.

    • Did you see that Lt. Col Vindman., star of the Trump impeachment hearings, said that if Milley did what the book says he did, he usurped civilian authority over the military, breached the chain of command and should resign.In my view, if he really did warn the Chinese that if Trump was going to attack, he would warn them in advance is an act of treason. Resign? He should be hanged or sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in a Marine brig.

      • He should be hanged or sentenced to life without the possibility of parole

        OR BOTH… But a “RED LINE” brig, staffed with Afghanistan Veterans that lost a friend or relative in that shithole…

        • That works but I’m thinking some Korean war vets that actually fought the chicoms, there are still some left that would surely be willing.

        • That “special” kind of torture that you can only learn from the Asians… Got my diploma from the ROK Marines (ruthless bastards) in Vietnam…

  3. I like their play on words. It is like if they say something first it is true. AntiFa is the world’s biggest fascist organization. Gabby’s group is the one that is trying to kill democracy and they are the real domestic terrorists in America.

    • Rand, Antifa is also a very old organization. I saw photos from the late 1930’s of the Antifa flag hanging outside a building with the communist flag . This was in Germany during the unrest in which the Nazi’s and Communists were trying to overthrow the existing Weimar government.

      • Yep. The original antifa were the communists in Germany’s communist vs. fascist struggle, and America’s antifa fancy themselves as a reincarnation.

        Back then, the commies lost out to Hitler in the “overthrow the government and start a totalitarian dystopia” sweepstakes, and now they’re trying to replay the same stupid contest here in America…

      • The modern antifa (deliberately left in lower case) is an insult to those who actually did fight real Fascists in the 30s and 40s. They are wannabes and pretenders.

  4. Well, I do believe that she was shot in the head, right ?
    Not a good place for a ounce of lead , makes people say stupid stuff.

    • Her brain was removed to make a bigger resonance cavity. Empty vessels do make the most sound. You have to wonder who was really speaking. The space cadet or the chipmunk.

    • When Brady was shot and after he recovered as good as possible, his wife paraded him around to use as a show and tell freak show to make a fortune on gun control. now the same thing is being done with gabby. Some have no shame. These wounded people and their families should be insisting on the death penalty for what was done instead of going after law abiding citizens rights. discusting, misguided idiots.

  5. i don’t think you need to own a gun to be either.
    four out of five dominion voting machines regret changing their vote to biden.

  6. take her, for instance. just that statement shows that she’s capable of extremism. and violence, well, would she defend herself to prevent another round to the brain pan? maybe not. kelly is probably pacifier shaped so… pacifist.

  7. Nazi party media in action. Sic semper tyrannis.
    The United States is experiencing a hostile takeover by domestic terrorists posing as government elected officials. These traitors are destroying all we stand for across the globe. Its time our military took control and arrest all involved. Starting with Garland, Wray, Mayorkas, Sullivan, Milley, Blinken, Austin, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Fauci, Harris and Biden.

    • The Obamas, the Bushs, the Clintons, Susan Rice, Psaki, Clinton News Network, MSDNC, CBS, ABC, NY Times, Bezos, PBS, “Planned non-Parenthood”, NFL, NBA, BLM, Antifa, Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, the McCain family, (ET AL)…. Just not enough time OR space to get them ALL….

      • Speaking of Bush, I’d bet the democrats have some dirt on him to keep him in line. Probably something about 911 and the Saudis. Hopefully Slojo will accidently release anything they have.

        I plan to vote democrat if ANY Bush ever appears on my ballot.

    • No, we don’t need the military to take control. That’s the last damn thing we need.

      We need *ourselves* to take control. We, the people.

      Which is why traitors and demented puppets like Giffords keep calling us insurrectionists, in the hope that the American people will turn on each other — or at least, that we, the patriots, will fail to organize and make the mistake of relying on an institution *they* control to swoop in and save us.

    • Slipstrm111, the following summarizes the current scenario…
      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
      An excerpt from “A Pillar of Iron” by Taylor Caldwell depicting the spirit of ancient Rome in its last days of glory. The hero of the story, the man called “a pillar of iron” is Marcus Tullius Cicero, the lawyer-statesman who tried vainly to save the republic he loved from the forces of tyranny.
      History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it….or die by it.

  8. So Gabby Giffords, “The Bullet Catcher” didn’t write anything, as she is pretty much an empty vessel, who struggles to speak, On a human level, her condition deserves some pity. Like Jim Brady (another bullet catcher), she has decided to use what happened to her to blame large groups of people who did not harm her. I don’t understand the psychology behind blaming third parties for “Bad” in the world, but it does remind me of the way the Nazis blamed the Jews for just about everything wrong with Germany and the world.

    Dehumanizing and assigning blame to groups, is the first step toward oppression and leads to camps for those “Bad” people who are ruining society.

    As a side note, her (cheating) husband, Marc Kelly has no problem with having an AR15 and other guns for himself. After all, he is special and worked for NASA and is now a US Senator, so his life is much more valuable that those of the “Great Unwashed” masses who don’t need guns or armed security details. These peasants just need to shut-up, obey and stay in line or else.

    • I do not believe people like Brady or Giffords have the slightest input into their published “opinions”, they are being criminally abused by their theoretical “protectors” as sock puppets, trotted out to drool and mumble on command, and when they speak at all, they are told what to say and rehearsed until they can get it right. I could be wrong, but it would seem as though someone would have proven it by now, if that were the case. Sit them down for a taped interview with multiple questioners. Let them manage their own finances. Didn’t think so.

  9. She was offered police protection the day she was shot.
    Her lack of responsibility is not my problem
    I feel comfortable taking responsibility for my own safety for myself and my Family.
    I have Colt 380 Pistol within reach at all time

  10. Only thing I’m guilty of is being an American and not a peasant
    Careful what ya wish for making me a criminal

  11. “… lawmakers need to protect public safety and democracy from extremism and violence.”

    A seemingly wonderful statement at first blush.

    Not so obvious: once you understand how the Far Left specifically intends to define “extremism” and “violence”, you will see the ginormous danger in that objective.

    Also not so obvious: pure “democracy”, which means that 50% + 1 can dictate quite literally anything to the remaining 49%, is another ginormous danger.

    History demonstrates with actual examples that 50% + 1 can literally and publicly request and support government policy to systematically decimate a minority population. How is it “bad” when minority populations demand to retain the ability to resist their own demise?

    • Is the plan to Balkanize the country?

      Should be interesting when the resources are on one side and a lot of hungry mouths on the other side. Long pig will be on the menu before long. If the Chinese don’t start supplying their version of foreign aid.

      Chinese aid will have more strings attached than a puppet show.

      • Southern Cross,

        Is the plan to Balkanize the country?

        Assuming that you are referring to Far Left political entities, I believe that they have two overarching priorities:
        1) Amass as much wealth and control as possible.
        2) Cause as much chaos and suffering as possible.

        Even more disgusting: in their minds everything (literally) is permissible in the process of realizing those two overarching priorities. And when I say everything, I mean everything–deceit, manipulation, coercion, criminal fraud, stealing, physical assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, negligent homicide, and flat-out murder.

        And before anyone dismisses my last paragraph, you have to remember that the Far Left rejects traditional orthodox faith in an Almighty Creator–instead operating on “values” founded on passions and whimsical notions. If you eliminate the timeless/unchangeable standards of traditional orthodox faith, that eliminates restraints on actions which are bad/destructive for society.

        Case in point: the notorious “casting couch” in the executive offices of the Hollywood television/movie industry. Traditional orthodox faith does not allow television/movie executives to demand sex acts on their casting couches from prospective actors/actresses as a condition of casting them in television and movies. That type of thing is just the itty-bitty tiny tip of the depravity “iceberg” which exists in our nation.

  12. Idiot….We do not have a Democracy……We have a constitutional republic….Thank God, otherwise Cali and NY would rule the country.

    • The United States is (suppose to be) both a representative democracy and republic.

      The United States is suppose to be a representative democracy because the people hold the ultimate political power in the form of voting representatives (e.g. congress, president. other public offices, etc…) in and out of office.

      The United States is suppose to be a republic because our elected representatives exercise political power (which is suppose to be derived from the citizens desires for policies the citizens want).

      In practice fashion the term “republic” has the same meaning as the term “representative democracy”. In proper formal fashion the correct term is “Democratic Constitutional Republic” and not just “constitutional republic”

      More correctly, today, the United States is what is called a “flawed democracy” and not “republic”. This is because citizens are no longer able to freely elect leaders who will represent their interests because the policies that representatives enact are not dictated by citizens but rather more by special interest influence on representatives and representative personal desires. This self-satisfying activity by special interest and representatives divorces us from the “constitutional republic” concept because constitutionally representatives are suppose to enact policies the citizens want but our representatives no longer act in the constitutional interest of what the citizens want but rather attempt to sway citizens to the representatives self-satisfying view and opinion, thus formally and more correctly the United States is a “Flawed Democratic Republic” (note – no “constitutional”). An example of something that has made us a “flawed democracy” is the current drive for gun control by infringement of second amendment rights.

    • We do not have a Democracy……We have a constitutional republic

      Yet here we are with A Communist leaning POTUS AND VP, a Leftist House of Representatives passing THEIR agenda with a FIVE seat majority (out of 435) AND a 50 1 Senate that CAN pass anything they want (so, basically 6 individuals control the fate of EVERY bill that comes up for a vote)… We have a braindead POTUS that is being manipulated by a group of power crazed Communists led by the 44th POTUS and his/her/it’s “wife”(?), we have a corrupt judicial system, lawmakers more interested in how much power, fame and fortune they can accumulate, military leaders that are more interested in “wokeness” than in training fiighting forces AND a racial division (segregated proms, graduations, student housing) that we haven’t seen since the last “blacks use the back door” sign came down in the 70s… We are a victim of our own success and OUR Constitution (in the hands of previous “Liberal” SCOTUS) is the root of our downfall… As long as the House can pass anything they want with a simple majority and the Senate is basically just one session away from doing away with the filibuster (which makes 50 1 a reality on EVERY vote) this Constitutional Republic is just a clever disquise for that despicable Democracy…

      • Well, let me phrase it another way – we have a representative democracy in a republic with a constitution, or it could be called a Democratic Constitutional Republic but that’s not entirely correct either. But we are not a “constitutional republic” and you don’t want to be either.

        When elected representatives govern a country (creating their own self will political power by doing so) then its called a republic. A republic which is based upon a constitution is called a constitutional republic. But in the U.S. the representatives do not actually govern with self will but rather serve at the will of the people who give them the mandate to govern and that is where their political power is derived from. If the representative political power is derived from the people its called “representative democracy”.

        In a republic, laws are made by representatives chosen by the people and those laws must comply with a constitution that specifically protects the rights of the minority from the will of the majority, but not specifically from the will of government. A “constitutional republic” constitution does not protect the rights of the people from the government, you do not want to be a “constitutional republic”

        James Madison, the father of the U.S. Constitution and primary author of the Bill of Rights, repeatedly emphasized that the United States is a “republic” and not a “democracy.”, but he never said that the country was a “constitutional republic”, he knew the dangers of calling it a “constitutional republic”. But then he drafted and authored the Bill of Rights in such a way to protect rights from government infringement and not those of the minority from the majority and in doing so ensured we were not a “constitutional republic”.

        What Joe Biden is doing now is trying to govern by creating his own self will political power. In other words Biden is trying to treat the country as a “constitutional republic”, and this is what the government did back in the early days before the Bill Of Rights came along. When James Madison authored the Bill Of Rights he put a stop to that “constitutional republic” non-sense from government because now the constitution clearly said it protected individual rights from government infringement and the ambiguity that government was using for “constitutional republic” government was no longer able to be used as the stopping point would always be “but the bill of rights says…”.

        • To also clarify a point in your post….

          “Communist leaning POTUS AND VP, a Leftist House of Representatives passing THEIR agenda”

          Your “Communist leaning POTUS AND VP” and “Leftist House” aren’t being those, they are acting just like representatives do in a “constitutional republic”. In other words if you want the country to be a “constitutional republic” they are trying to give it to you.

        • they are acting just like representatives do in a “constitutional republic”

          If you call mask and vaccine mandates, travel restrictions, gun control, requiring banks to report on citizens financial activities, spending TRILLIONS of dollars on UN-Constitutional programs, undermining the people by stifling opportunities, making decisions based on Race, bribing citizens to snitch on their neighbors and On and on with unconstitutional, illegal, ellicit and morally reprehensible actions… This government is as far from a Constitutional Republic (with perhaps the Republics of China, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, N. Korea or Vietnam being the exceptions) as one can get.. These people only view of OUR Constitution is that it should be done away with as it stands in their way of total domination over the American People…

        • Constitutional Republic Law and Legal Definition

          A constitutional republic refers to a form of government, where the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people and which governs in accordance with existing constitutional law. It is a government of laws not of men. Since the governing body is elected and their decisions are subject to judicial review the state is named as republican.

        • “If you call mask and vaccine mandates… “

          Every school district in America has required a list of mandatory vaccinations for decades, the horrors!

          Yes, end all vaccine mandates so the ‘poorly educated’ may once again suffer epidemics of smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, typhus and the ever popular ‘crippler of young adults’, King Polio the Lame.

          Enjoy watching your children die as the evangelical charlatans attempt to cast out the demons.

          Brilliant plan.

  13. Wasn’t it Marx in the wayback who opined that democracy can only exist until the masses learn to vote themselves largesse from the public treasury? Can we see where we are today?

    • Socialist votes were one person and one vote. Once only, or until the voters got it right. Then the elections were managed further up the chain.

  14. Gabby Giffords and her Anti Gun Communists Are Insurrectionists and a Threat to Democracy.

    There I fixed that previously incorrect statement.

  15. “The insurrectionists who attacked US Cities are the same ones pushing extremist propaganda-everywhere agenda,” the tweet states. “For the safety and future of our country, lawmakers need to protect public safety and democracy from extremism and violence by placing understandable restraints on the freedom of speech.”

    Fixed it…playing with fire you are.

  16. “Insurrection” is tossed about as if it were a bad thing. Our Founding Fathers would take exception to that take……and , would already have been finished shooting a second time. Today’s We The Little Peeps are a bunch of wussies…..hence the predicament America finds it’s self in today.

  17. I have great sympathy for her terrible suffering.

    On the other hand, the poor woman is severely brain injured.

    On the other, other hand, among the idiots who busted into the Capitol on January 6, yes, there were some ultra far right nut cases who involve themselves in gun rights (legit concern) while also being anti-American treasonous insurrectionist criminals.

    That’s the problem, there’s truth in all the above.

    • “among the idiots who busted into the Capitol on January 6”

      Ok doors and corners,

      Kindly answer this question; If elections are no longer legit, rather they are rigged and fixed (happened again last night in California*), and the people no longer retain the ability to “throw the bums out” what course should be taken to address their grievances?


      • Utter nonsense. American elections are “legit”. To win, you have to appeal to more than your base no matter the party you are in. Newsome won because the worst possible opposing candidate was run against him. Voters who would have kicked Newsome out took one look at Elder and saw another Trump.

        In simple terms, they stuck with their gun-hating liberal governor rather than elect a crackpot wannabe traitor to the Republic.

        • I call BS and almost think that you are Dacian or Miner49er who posts on here. The last election for POTUS was far from “legit”, it was compromised even if it took billions to do it. I also noticed that you and those two trolls never post together on the same thread. Coincidence?

          As for what happened in California I don’t care but the one thing I’m sure of is the last POTUS election was fixed so a senile puppet could be put in place.

          “among the idiots who busted into the Capitol on January 6”

          Let the American public see the thousands of hours of recordings and see if it was indeed an “insurrection”. Since the Capitol Police were letting people in through other doors I doubt it.
          My prom was more rowdy then the 1/6 “insurrection”.

        • Welcome to clown world, where belief in equality under the law and a desire to adhere to the Constitution make a black man both a white supremacist and a “crackpot wannabe traitor.”

      • “If elections are no longer legit, rather they are rigged and fixed (happened again last night in California*)“

        False premise, no evidence presented to support claims of election fraud.

        Rudy, is that you?

      • You and your gateway pundit citation do not understand the difference between news organization and official results as published by election officials.

        CNN totals shown on screen are just amalgamations from reporters collecting numbers, there are often errors because the news organization is not an official agency with access to the actual numbers.

        Perhaps you would be well served to take the time to study the election process and how these vote totals are accumulated, compiled and reported. It might prevent you from embarrassing yourself further.

        “The data used in the broadcast was provided to CNN and other major networks for an election projection from Edison Research, as seen here .

        Rob Farbman, executive vice president at Edison Research, confirmed to Reuters via email that the large number change was due to an error.

        Edison receives information from state and county feeds as well as reporters collecting the votes in-person at a county office, according to Farbman.

        “One vote count called in from a reporter stationed at the Santa Clara county office at 11:19 ET accidentally had the “total vote” for the recall race in the “Yes” column giving “Yes” an extra 350,000 votes,” Farbman said. “This error was entered at 11:19pm ET and corrected 2 minutes later at 11:21pm ET when we deleted the “total vote” in for “Yes” and entered the correct “Yes” vote.”

        “The “vote drop” for “Yes” was a correction,” he added.“

        • Good sweet Baby Jeebus on a Nuclear-Powere Pogo Stick!!!

          MinorIQ, are you ACTUALLY suggesting that, because a supposed fact was “officially” announced by a representative of “the government”, that automatically makes it an ACTUAL fact????

          Sorry, not even you are that stupid. The list of government lies, prevarications, failures-to-state, out-of-context statements, unsupported assumptions and flat out doctored statistics spouted by so-called “reliable” and “expert” government-employed liars is so lengthy as to be incapable of easy repetition – I refer you to the Angry Covid Gnome, Dr. Anthony Fauxi as Exhibit A. Grow the f*** up, or shut the f*** up, you adolescent cretin.

  18. I’m so sick of the “insurrection” dialog. Maybe there was some (very) small core of people involved who were insurrectionists. Maybe. So, I have an idea. We offer up those (very few) people who broke out windows, and otherwise vandalized the Capitol. Maybe the liberals will execute a couple of them. The rest go to prison for a long time. I guess I would be cool with that. It’s all on video, we know who actually broke laws, we know who actually broke in.

    Then, the entire narrative needs to die. The vast majority of people who entered the Capitol buidling on the 6th of January, who filed into the building, between Capitol Police who were courteously holding the doors open for them.

    That will never happen though, because the narrative keeps the idiots wound up. The Dem party needs that. Without the useful idiots, identity politics and all the rest will fall on it’s face.

  19. we are not insurrectionists and a threat to democracy
    but theyre pushing us there
    so that when we get there they can say “look…insurrectionists”
    and use that as a pretense to cancel the 2022 midterms

  20. Paul…..any one for the concept that there were “plants” of the Antifa/BLM sort within that mass of peaceful people, dressed as Trumpers, who were trained in crowd incitement, manipulation? Possibly they incited the crowd into riotous actions not intended at the outset. Some indications the Capitol Police invited first ones through the doors. Still want to see ALL video of Jan. 6 released for public viewing, identification of the real “inciters.”

  21. So I’m a threat to democracy, am I? Well, I can only hope that the G treats me like that other threat to democracy, the Taliban.

    I can sure use an MRAP, a Blackhawk, a whole boatload of shoulder-fired missiles, some full auto M4s, a few M240s and — wait, what else did the G give to the Taliban? Oh, yes, pallets full of cold hard cash.

    Biden is the Greatest!

  22. Did anyone else notice that Gabby was wearing pantyhose but not panties when she was shot? No wonder the shooter had such a fixation on her.

  23. She got shot in the head, her brain is scrambled. Nobody cares what her inconsequential babble consists of. The opinions she changes is insignificant if even that.

  24. “America’s Gun Owners Are Insurrectionists” and Have Been So Since 1775!

    There, I fixed the headline, you’re welcome Gabby.

  25. If we (America’s gun owners – all 100m+ of us) were actually insurrectionists, let’s just say that you’d no longer be free to spout your libel(s) and treason(s) regarding us.

  26. She’s 100% right. We own firearms to insurrectionally overthrow tyranny in the event it raises its ugly.

    I hope I’m considered a threat to democracy. I hate democracy. When mob rule (aka democracy) empowers the majority to snuff out minorities and strip individual rights (and they always do), it’s not really any different if it’s being perpetuated by 1 tyrant or 1 million.

    If she said that to me personally, my response would be, “You’re right, and I’m f*@$ing proud of it.”

  27. Don’t she and her husband both own guns?
    Didn’t he violate federal firearms laws buying an AR-15 for someone else?
    Hypocrite does not begin to describe these people.

  28. I don’t know what/when the tipping point will be but once we pass the point of no return and maybe half a million feel they have nothing left to lose. Even without any central command it will be ugly. Count on it. It’s coming.

    • I’ve said here for years that major tipping points are something you see in the rear-view mirror. They’re almost never obvious as they happen but only in retrospect (though sometimes quickly in retrospect).

      In all likelihood, we’ve already passed it. Quite a number of metrics are in “off the charts” territory and only going farther off the map.

      Salvageable? Maybe in the shortest of terms but only if the public decides to go Irish Democracy. Of course, that won’t actually fix anything it will just make government more impotent and the people who run the government more angry at the rest of us.

  29. The Giffords and any other anti-2A organization is a domestic terrorist group attempting to over any amendment of the Constitution should be arrested and dealt with

  30. Gabby Gifford

    “The insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol are the same ones pushing an extremist guns-everywhere agenda,” the tweet states. “For the safety and future of our country, lawmakers need to protect public safety and democracy from extremism and violence.”

    Quote from disengenous
    rant by nonsensical T Tag Contributor————

    quote——————What’s worse is that Gabby clearly says that gun owners and anyone else who supports our God-given constitutional rights are criminals capable of extremism and violence, who need to be specifically targeted and suppressed by new laws for the sake of our public safety and democracy.————–quote

    Gifford clearly said no such thing. The whole nonsensical rant was one big falsehood. Gifford clearly was speaking about the nut cases that stormed the Capitol and those people do not represent the average gun owner any more than a bird of paradise represents a crow.

    Gifford is correct when she says the insrrectionalists do not want “any gun control’ and the nut cases absolutely tried to destroy democracy by trying to overthrow the government and establish a Trump dictatorship for life, but this is not true of your average American gun owner at all. The majority of them in more than one poll taken want Universal Background checks and may others also support safe storage laws as well. Even the majority of Congressmen including the Republicans support Universal Background Checks and have stated such more than once.

    The average American also turned in the insurrectionists as Nazi’s that tried to overthrow the government and the insurrectionists in no way represent American mainstream society or the average sane gun owner.

    • I’m personally really pissed off about the jerk water parading with the Confederate battle flag through the halls of the United States capital.

      Robert E Lee tried for four years to fly that flag over that building and thousands of good Americans died to prevent his agenda of slavery and oppression from taking over the entire country.

      You bet your ass those people are insurrectionists, attempting to stop by violence the certification of a duly elected United States president is the very definition of insurrection.

      And the idea that it’s not an insurrection unless there were firearms involved is a childish attempt to evade responsibility.

      Book ‘em, Dano!

      • You bet your ass those people are insurrectionists.

        You should take your superior intellect and knowledge of the law to the DOJ and the FBI because for some strange reason no one there can seem to come up with any evidence to charge anyone with “insurrection”. Looks like they could definitely use YOUR vast expertise of the Constitution and Criminal Law…

    • Actually Gabby was pro gun before she was gunned down by a lunatic that should never have been permitted to have a gun.

      And if you had been in her place today you would be saying exactly what she is saying but you are too ignorant to know it or admit it.

      And I might add your post was really sick, seek counseling you are not right in the head. You are a poster boy for people who should not be permitted to own deadly weapons. I am glad you do not live on my block. Hopefully law enforcement is reading your post. You need to be put under surveillance.

  31. Everything they’re doing at this point is designed to create conflation and then use it as a justification to go after the people they don’t like.

    From guns to jab mandates to injection passports they’re looking at the polling. Polls show that this stuff is very popular with self-identified Democrats but virtually no one else.

    The plan is to use these sorts of broad-brush attacks to browbeat the independents into shutting the fuck up and pigeonholing the Republicans and [actual] Libertarians as a bunch of extremist insurrectionists and walking biowarfare labs as a tactic to rev up the Democrat base to really go after everyone the D’s disagree with.

    And they know most of it will lose in court which provides a justification for going after the SCOTUS and packing the court due to a trail of “dangerous and ideological ‘right wing’ decisions”. Which makes this tactic a win-win from the Democrats perspective.

    It’s a neat trick. In some regards to the Nasis use of the “The Jews spread typhus” campaign.

    And really, it doesn’t much matter if they’re successful. This tactic will distract from a dozen or so major issues for which the Democrats don’t have answers. Standard divide and conquer tactic for running a large empire.

    I recommend The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing (1961) by Joost Meerloo for an exploration of how we got here. Might as well learn something while the country goes to pieces.

    Enjoy “The Fall”. Living history, it’s a hoot.

    • The Democrats idea of carrot and stick is to beat you with the carrot and shaft you with the stick, for your own good of course.

      • I believe this is referred to, in technical speak, as the “Berlin Police Approach”.

        The oft cited example being the beating grandma in the street for the purpose of preserving her health.

        • Famously enacted by the Sturmabteilung, Storm troopers or more colloquially KNOWN as the. “Brown Shirts”, Better known today as BLM or ANTIFA,

        • The are little-a antifa.

          The factions will fight each other if they weren’t fighting “fascists”.

  32. I think it is safe to say that most of us are tired of all the nonsense and quite frankly when these folks come into our communities or think they are going to send others into our communities to do their dirty work they are in for a big surprise. Most of them are going to go out horizontal and not the way they came in vertical. The more people I talk to of all persuasions the more angry they seem to be and are just waiting for these fools to try and intimidate us. We are going to wipe the ground with them.

    • That’s not at all what Gabby Gifford said, but if it gives you comfort in your burrow to feel persecuted, enjoy your sweet victimhood.

      • Well, yeah, it kind of is what she said. You don’t even have to read between the lines, just read the lines:
        The insurrectionists who attacked the US Capitol are the same ones pushing an extremist guns-everywhere agenda,” the tweet states. “For the safety and future of our country, lawmakers need to protect public safety and democracy from extremism and violence.

  33. Gabby and any of her Liberal ilk friends are more then welcome to come and try to take my guns. They’ll get them barrel first blazing away as I watch bodies dropping on my front porch. Then they can body bag them and bury them !!When will these cretins realize that America will not stand for illegal gun grabs from people who hire body guards and ignore the Second Amendment

  34. “…even marginalizing American gun owners and insisting we’re all revolutionaries-in-waiting.”

    Actually, as far as protecting The US Constitution is concerned, I see nothing wrong with that statement, except that we are actually counter-revolutionaries…

  35. The only threat to democracy is the left. Their entire platform is the end of democracy and the installation of whichever “ism” (socialism, communism, fascism, Marxism…) they finally decide on.

    Why aren’t they demanding blood for Joe Talibiden arming our enemy with American weapons? Because they don’t actually care about America. They only care about their feelings.

  36. you know you see this a lot people that want to take our guns have people with GUNS protecting them that shows how STUPID these people are this is my opinion her mother and father must have been brother and sister ! and also they them selves will not be the one,s to come and try an take your Weapons .they just run there bucket mouths and to people like her all I can say is F.O. !

  37. That would tell all!!! Go ahead I double dare you!!!%

  38. I guess she must personally know a lot of gun owning insurrectionists. LOL. What a dumb ass. She should be sued by everyone that owns a firearm.

  39. I just want to add , Yes she and her husband , Mark Kelly are both gun owners . It is okay for them to have guns and protection . They are elites , it is only us regular people that can’t be trusted with weapons .

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