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My head would snap clean off if I flip-flopped as hard as the ATF does when they approve, rescind, pass, refine, rescind, clarify…then change their mind all over again on their extra-judicial determinations of gun product legality.


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    • The aft would probably do just that. Them and the nazi f@gs that the Kidsniffer was talking about might be in it together… Yeah he actually said Nazi f@gs and aft and tremanamumnapreasure or whatever. Most popular guy in human history! Most legitimate election in history! War is peace comrade.

  1. Personally I feel if you have purchased a firearm that was at the time you bought it legal at a minimum you should be grandfathered. You should be allowed to continue owning it with no other encumbrances. If, however, those items suddenly become illegal I think there are a number of things you might consider. First, resist and don’t comply. Don’t answer any mail, don’t volunteer any information, don’t pay any fees or taxes, and don’t communicate with them in any manner shape or form. Now if they decide to come to your home and try to force their way in, I would suggest you invoke your rights if your State has a Castle Domain or Make my Day Law. There are more of us than them and if they are going to change the rules in the middle of the game as an excuse to disarm us and violate our Constitutional rights it is time to stop talking and doing things in the normal way. Its time to remember that when you are in a street fight there are no rules and you do whatever to win. They are creating the street fight and there are far more of us than them, so its time to throw down and fight back by whatever means is necessary. Molon Labe (Come and get it)

      • What do you mean it doesn’t work? It’s working exactly as planned. It’s just the people doing it are inept.

        • Ineptitude or done with malicious intent? How many flubs can be considered a pattern? Unless the whole AFT is compiled of every person alive with the cognitive abilities of the Kidsniffer in chief.

        • What do I mean, ” It just dont work.”
          When I buy something and own it for ten years, then some bureau, and I dont care which one it is, decides that my toaster oven is now against the law.
          We’ve got a problem . ,,,the outcome will definitely be in “their ” favour, however when they get the toaster oven a lot of sht is gonna get broke.
          One possum, big deal. 5 minutes local news.
          It Wont Work.

    • You first. I will write to you in prison. Or put flowers on your grave. As the Grateful Dead put it, “If you’ve got a warrant, I guess you’re gonna come in.” Most jurors have little sympathy for people who shoot cops. Concerted action is one thing, but if we don’t hang together as a group. surely we will hang separately. Act alone, die alone

    • “Personally I feel if you have purchased a firearm that was at the time you bought it legal at a minimum you should be grandfathered. You should be allowed to continue owning it with no other encumbrances.”

      That’s why it is critically important that you *now* have guns that don’t exist on a roster.

      If you’re parenting kids, prepare them while young the *critical* importance of why the 2A exists, and why it’s important that they understand this reasoning.

      We’re at a critical junction in this nation, and its survival depends on them passing that wisdom forward to the next generations.

      The fate of this great nation lies in the near future, prepare your family for what’s most likely coming in their lifetime…

    • dprato, if you have purchased a firearm, your right to keep and bear it shall not be infringed by any legitimate American government.

  2. The ATF flip-flopping is kinda small potatoes in a way.

    As compared to, if true, the TREASON of Gen. Miley and Nancy Pelosi.

    The ATF doesn’t have enough agents to really bother POTG if we so choose, but the above is a real problem when our supposed military leadership undermines civilian control of the Gov’t.

    One of the many reasons the founders were afraid of a standing army and one of the top reasons for the 2nd Amendment.

    Don’t bother Biden Trolls, remember you wanted this.

    • They all wanted this. Remember orange man was so bad and hurt us with his meany man tweets. Orange man also didn’t destroy the economy and surrender to cavemen in the sandbox in his first year either. So the Kidsniffer is quite the overachiever. Bidet also sniffs kids… Embrace it leftards. You support a pedo that needs to be told who to call on and then reads his answers… With a press that would cup his wrinkly raisins after a senior potty moment and consider it a pleasure. When your diaper crew has to softball all your questions. It’s getting bad.

    • “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

      Doesn’t qualify as treason. China isn’t officially an enemy. Maybe for Milley, conspiracy to willfully disobey a superior officer’s orders? Milley’s defense would be that he was trying to stop an illegal, theoretical order. Maybe contempt toward officials if he used derogatory words about Trump.

      • Perhaps so, but there is nothing to stop the process of being relieved, charged, tried, and convicted while the case makes it’s way to SCOTUS. Might take awhile though and maybe overturned….just as long as it completely breaks the general and serves as an example.

      • “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

        Schumer and Pelosi are TWO Witnesses to the same overt Act and can be compelled to testify.

        By communicating with a foreign power about what a POTUS would do falls under breaking the chain of command and possibly starting a military coup. Whether it is treason need to be investigated by congress but at the very least if any of it is proven true, Milley faces a court martial and Milley, Pelosi and Schumer should be tried for sedition.

        This is still the USA is it not?

        • Every time their lips move they lie but this could be a capital crime. Milley should have been reported before the Afghanistan debacle and could be complicit in 13 murders.

          There’s much more to come with Milley, he will have to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee on 9/28. Even Jack Reed who is a Democrat seems ready to throw Milley under the bus.

          They may not get Pelosi or Schumer but Milley is done in the military at the very least.

    • A general discovered to feel he is not obliged to follow the orders of HIS commander will likely discover that no one below him will feel obliged to follow his orders, either. Which leaves him just a mouthy piece of shit drawing too much salary. At this point his ass is cooked, it would not surprise me if the Chiefs have informed him as much. If these reports are true.

  3. I think the constant changes of “opinion” are to create a state of uncertainty over anything that could be considered a bending of the rules and to keep gun owners on the straight and narrow of acceptable guns.

    • In their minds. There are No acceptable citizen owned firearms. They just continue to play the long game in there elimination. Like a snake slowly slithering up on it’s prey. The only thing holding them back now is the number of Pro 2A state laws and some residual help in the courts. Who for the most part still can’t be wholly trusted.

    • Well I noticed cigarettes have gone up in price.
      Frustrated with the BATFE, tip of the iceberg of frustrations.
      I’m frustrated octogenarians are running this once great country called The United States of America.
      52 years in politics? Time to move over , your brain just dont work like it used too. theBiden is a laughing stock to other countries . How could you take someone serious when they poop their pants and drink from a sippy cup?
      Hey at least America got rid of Trump. He was close to developing a cult of people steadfast in making America great again. Cant have that, unity in the United States, almost dependent on no other country but itself. The horror

      • And China is starting to behave how they think superpowers should behave.

        To quote Xi Jinping: “You are little countries. China is a big country.”

  4. If the aligations are true Miley is a traitor and needs to be arrested, tried and executed as such.

  5. They’re no longer armed tax collectors. I see no reason for this agency to exist. The FBI can handle federal firearm violations.

  6. I’m hungry, it started raining awhile ago, the cats probably left the dumpster for awhile.
    That damned theBiden, people just dont throw food away like they used to. Oh I guess you’ve gotta put up with the rain to get the rainbow, at $15 for a gallon of gas the possum vehiclular homicides should plummet.

    • And, as the price of beef rises, we’re going to have to break out our handy Clara Peller “Where’s The Beef?” burger inspection magnifying glass. Possum vehicular homicides may plummet, but Possum Fricassee will start showing up on menus again…after all, “Ya gotta eat!”

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