Idea: Maybe Biden’s Next ATF Appointee Shouldn’t Be a Paid Gun Control Lobbyist

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David Chipman meme
Courtesy Firearms Policy Coalition

Senate Democratic centrists are calling on President Joe Biden to nominate another director for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms a week after lukewarm support from those same lawmakers prompted Biden to pull his initial pick.

The White House withdrew David Chipman’s nomination amid hesitation from members of the Senate Democratic caucus, including Angus King of Maine, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana.

King, who privately told the White House and Democratic colleagues that he opposed Chipman’s nomination, said Monday that he “unequivocally” wants to see a permanent head lead the agency.

“I hope it will be an ATF professional,” King said. “And I would be delighted and I am very much [for it]. And I have a couple names.”

Meanwhile, Tester, who was noncommittal about Chipman’s nomination, said there “absolutely” needs to be an ATF director.

— Marianne Levine and Burgess Everett in Democratic centrists want Biden to nominate a new ATF director

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  1. They are referred to as:

    “Senate Democratic centrists”

    Lol, there is no such thing. This does not exist.

    • They’re only moderated by their constituents. Place those same senators in another state, and they would be much better team players.

  2. This wasn’t much of a ‘win’ for us.

    The next one will be able to hide their fascist intentions better than he did…

    • It was a push back against the mask off, loud and proud gun control that the progressives thought they were entitled to now. They thought they could say “we’re taking your f’ing AR” and get away with it. We will see if the next pick is equally in your face, or if they go for the sinister plotting from the shadows approach, but I agree, I think they have the same intentions either way and won’t just give up.

      They certainly didn’t wake up and decide “actually, maybe we should respect gun rights!”

    • With the “hail Mary” attempt with an extremist over, the next potential disarmament appointee will seem “reasonable”.

  3. Consider the Chipman nomination to be a ranging shot. They’d have been happy if it went through; as it is, they now have a better idea of what will and won’t work for the next candidate.

  4. The word centrist is used like the word democraTIC is used to sneak past the Rat part of democRat. Obviously Centrist democRats or democRat Centrists would not work as well on useful idiots so it’s democratic centrists.

    No matter how they slice and dice it at the end of the day history confirms it is the democRat Party. If anything ever was once good about the democRat Party it is long gone. When it comes to The Constitution of The United States joe biden and the democRat Party are along the lines of the taliban and bevis and butthead.

    Impeach and remove Jim Crow Gun Control joe.

  5. Ehhh…the leftards may just do an “acting” AFT(the real abbreviation)jerk. Someone with a less punchable face instead of abolishing this acronym agency. Now the dims are fencing off the capital again. Weenies…

  6. His sign should read…….’Will Subvert the Constitution and Bill of Rights for Soros and Bloomberg bucks. I Have NO Respect for Myself, my Country, OR its Citizens’.

  7. Trump missed an opportunity. He should’ve nominated Wayne LaPierre. Could’ve improved the NRA and the ATF in one fell swoop. Oh well, maybe the next Republican president can do it (if one is ever allowed to be elected again).

  8. To illustrate the point we should demand s/he be the president of the current version of the Temperance Society.

    • ‘OK, how about Vincent A. Cefalu?’

      We would all start receive weekly email from the ATF. Offering us $300 to saw barrels off shotguns. Just make sure they’re below the legal limit or no payment. 😄

  9. I have an idea. How about shutting down the BATFE in favor of having the FBI do actual investigations and have the Federal Marshals office do the arresting. Cut down on federal waste of overlapping jurisdictions.

  10. LOL Chipman sitting there with a will work for food sign .
    I’d hire the guy except I dont have any weman, kids , dogs, or American rights I need killed off.
    I’m kinda soft hearted and I guess if he’s real hungry he’s welcome to open the lid on the septic tank and sift for corn kernels.

    • Do you have any copies of the Federalist Papers that you want used as toilet paper?
      If so, he’s your guy. 👍

  11. Sad thing is he has apparently been a guaranteed some high level placement in the Administration (role and title undefined) to continue to pursue his disarmament campaign.

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