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“Mayor Bloomberg (left) has snubbed Borough President Marty Markowitz’s (right) impassioned plea to bring the National Guard to Hurricane Sandy-scarred Brooklyn,” reported on Thursday, “arguing that approving the Beep’s request would be a waste of federal manpower and turn the borough into a police state. ‘We don’t need it,’ Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update on the city’s ongoing Hurricane Sandy cleanup. ‘The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.'” Is they really? As TTAG reported earlier today—and “common sense” dictates—that’s not how it’s going down on the sharp end. The people are taking care of their own security needs. Bloomberg vs. The National Guard on the day he endorsed Barack Obama. Who’d a thunk it? [h/t Kelly in GA]

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  1. Herr Bloomberg’s ego doesn’t want any armed troops in his kingdom unless they are fully under his command. Can you imagine the type of arrogant tyrant MB would be if he ever becomes POTUS?

    • Bloomberg has finally become Bellevue material. Hey Bloomie…. been to Penn Station over the last “few” years? See all those guys in camo with pistols and sometimes M4’s? That’s the friggin National Guard in YOUR city with…. oooooh GUNS!!! What a damned moron.

    • He’s going to run sooner or later. Whether Obama or Romney wins, loony Bloomy here is probably going to run in the election after this one.

  2. Also amusing that the National Guard is not actually “federal manpower”. It’s under the state governor’s command if I recall correctly.

    • I’m no expert on the legal dynamic of how the president and governor have (shared?) powers over the guard. I believe the president can order the guard into combat and keep them there even overriding a governor. The officers might be under a different call-up than the troops. I do know that over the decades the feds have gained increased powers over the guard from the states and governors.

    • it isnt! its title 32 orders unless they are activated by the federal government (which is title 10). Bloombergs “federal manpower” made me facepalm so hard, i gave myself a migrane.

    • Since the Militia Act of 1903 ANG units have had dual status. As National Guard under the authority of their Governor, and if activated by the Pres, as a reserve unit of the US Army.

      IE, Currently the Pres says “you’re activated” and you are now part of the national command chain per Goldwater-Nichols 1986.

  3. Queens Residents arming themselves against hoods in the Rockaways

    When night falls in the Rockaways, the hoods come out.

    Ever since Sandy strafed the Queens peninsula and
    tore up the boardwalk, it’s become an often
    lawless place where cops are even scarcer than
    electrical power and food. Locals say they are
    arming themselves with guns, baseball bats, booby
    traps — even a bow and arrow — to defend against looters.

    Thugs have been masquerading as Long Island Power
    Authority (LIPA) workers, knocking on doors in
    the dead of night. But locals say the real
    workers have been nowhere in sight, causing at
    least one elected official — who fears a descent
    into anarchy if help doesn’t arrive soon — to
    call for the city to investigate the utility.


    • “If you are heeding into the Rockaway beach to assist, there is a request for firearms, hot food, and cold beer. These next 24 hours are critical for these folks, the government has really let them down,” Meyer posted on Facebook Thursday.

  4. Mr Bloomberg, will never learn. If people arm them selves, laws be damned and the NYPD looks the other way, that will pretty much make the point needed. I am not harping on NYPD, there is plenty of other posts which do that.
    They are spread thin as it is right now. But you know Bloomberg live sin utopia, so he doesn’t need to get any outside help. That kind of thinking will turn around and bite him eventually.

    • Even towards the end, Hitler too kept (however briefly) finding ways to rationalize an ultimate Nazi victory and deny the military facts on the ground. The bigger and more insane the ego the more creatively the human mind finds ways to justify its perceptions and actions. Bloomberg has an ego as overblown as any mad politician.

    • I would offer that he has learned quite well. As a billionaire you can do mostly as you wish, and directly influence rules as you see fit.

      As you have a personal army protecting you, wacky notions about the proles deserving the right to self-protection are easily dismissed in favor of pretending to “doing something about gun violence” as a political expedient.

  5. It’s obvious that King Bloomberg feels it’s more important to control us than to protect us. I’d rather he did neither. Let us protect ourselves… and by the way… drink whatever sized soda as we freakin want.

  6. maybe people will finally get a bellyful of bloomie and vote his ass out next time. His poor showing in a crunch like this can doom any future hope he has in politics. And all it will have costs us is a hurricane.

    • Let’s be realistic here. NYC could be hit my a meteor shower tomorrow morning and I guarantee you when the smoke clears, he’d still win the election as “Savior of Manhattan”. Besides, anyone with a pro-gun viewpoint there will be immediately drowned out by the loonies who worship every syllable printed in “The Times” as religious scripture.

  7. Unless it is near time for Bloomies reelection the people, for the most part, may forget how Blooming Idiot acted during this crisis.
    The only way to remind them is to keep it out in the open from now till time for his demise by popular vote.
    I wish the people of NYC and the Five Burroughs, and all of the places devastated by Hurricane Sandy God Speed and Good Luck!!!
    Especially if they have people like Bloomie I’m charge.
    Active Duty and the Reserves are federal, National Guard are state controlled.

  8. New Orleans was happy when the NG showed up. Most “strong arm” tactics came from law enforcement following city officials orders even if they violated the 2 amendment. The parallels of the reactions for these storms should be a warning to the USA.

  9. I think the biggest thing here is that he doesn’t want any guns outside his control in NYC. And to think, the NG could help clean the streets, in more way than one.

    Of course, this tyrant didn’t cancel the marathon until his own subjects were kicked out of the hotels they were staying in. [Insert flame here].

    I can’t wait for my sister to graduate college, leave Bloomy’s Kingdom, and come back home.

  10. Thank Heaven we have Mayor Bloomberg to fully exemplify the role of elected petty tyrant, and he never disappoints in his excesses and despotism. We might hope his handling of the NYC catastrophe caused by Superstorm Sandy will bring about his downfall, but he’ll probably come out of it as popular as ever in that City.
    If he ever became POTUS it would be time to leave this country or rebel.

    • He wouldn’t seriously want the presidency. He’s used to his small fiefdom of subjects in NYC which is far and away different than trying to tame states like Arizona, Texas, Alaska and many others. If he tried to pull his usual shit in those states there’s no amount of secret service that could keep his ass alive.

  11. Well, with all the media in NYC, Bloomie will come out smelling like a rose. Now, ex mayor of NYC running for Pres?????? I shudder at the thought. I asked two of my shooting buddies, who are Democrats, what they thought of Bloomberg……..both immediately started loading their Zombie killers. Well, they would have, but we were in a restaurant having dinner.

  12. Someone should remind Bloomberg that NYC is the home of the mob. I think they carry guns which is against the law. If Bloomberg would really look, I bet the mob is selling soft drinks over 16oz illegally.

  13. Just an example of one tyrant not wanting to share the same space with other tyrants who have better funding, more guns, and if push comes to shove: nukes.

  14. Do you really want to piss off the NYPD Union? Really? They are gettin’ paid from this. Beeeeg time.

    This is just another OT bonanza for these guys, and will help fatten their already brutally obscene retirement pay. If you think for a second that isn’t a core driver, you need to learn more about the NYPD…

  15. There are some that will damm the PPL of Staten Island for being sheep, while claiming the mantle of being sheep dogs. I do not see those brave souls walking those streets at night, defending the helpless. If one is not standing against evil then one is standing for it, put-up or shut-up, your fellow Americans are suffering “The Boot On Neck” Social Justice meme that Obama promised 4 years ago.

    “The Boot On Neck”

  16. Mayor Blamebag will never run for President because he doesn’t have to. He controls a media empire that has the ability to propagandize effectively, so he’s his own Joseph Goebbels. He’s a smart guy and clearly learned from the tactics used by the Joyce Foundation to exercise enormous power from behind the curtain, so he started and funds MAIG.

    I don’t view MAIG and the Joyce Foundation as allies. I view them as two mob families who are competing for the same power. Look for MAIG’s power to grow and grow as they cut into the Joyce family’s turf.

    Bloomberg has the money and media power to be a key influencer in American politics for the rest of his life. So why be the President when you can own the President?

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