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And when will he get a dialogue coach to fix that phony baloney Russian accent? I’d pay to watch that.

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  1. I wish I had the time, money and connections to get all those cool toys! 🙁
    Oh well….
    I kind of look at it as some sort of comedy. Sure the fake Russian accent and bad gun handling might upset some, but since I don’t look at it as something serious it has it’s lets blow some stuff up, and look at this cool toy appeal.

  2. His Russki accent was better in the beginning. It got progressively worse. That’s bad because it was kinda… likeable. He should work on that a bit more.

  3. i found out yesterday he is the 10th most subscribed youtube channel with over 2.7million followers.

    • That’s where he gets all those cool toys. Companies are probably lined up at his door to give him this stuff for the advertisement value of his youtube channel.

      He has a winning, money making formula. Short and sweet and we get to watch shit get blown up. I’ll bet even non gun people like his stuff. who doesn’t get a grin on when craps being shot to pieces. Very purging.

      • Word. Blowing things up with guns is 1000 times more interesting than watching Bubba’s pontificate over his latest purchase and un-boxing.

    • At this point I can only assume that his bad Russkie accent is a brilliant marketing ploy. As the saying goes, there’s no deodorant like success.

    • Yeah I saw it too and I was furious because this guy is an idiot. I bet his camera men feel the same way.

  4. Ok, this video pissed me off. It’s not enough that he gets to play with full-auto weapons unavailable to mere mortals, NOOOO, he has to fake it with explosive charges in pumpkins. What a jackhole.

      • Oh, I’m the last one to claim that blowing stuff up is bad. It’s when video producers do a “Sons Of Guns” and rig explosive charges so the weapon of the day apparently fires mini-RPG rounds that I get outraged.

        With the number of viewers he attracts, I guarantee there are a bunch of non-gun folks who come away thinking that full-auto rifles == explody target destruction. That bugs me, if only because its unrealistic depiction heightens fear and apprehension about firearms.

  5. I’m torn on the subject of FPS. The fake accent and piss poor safety is really lame but then again if it gets you millions of youtube views and access to all the great toys then power to ya.

  6. I’ve never missed an episode
    never watched one, never missed one
    He’s like, PInk Lady, a complete Humanculas

  7. Agree about the accent – he no longer seems to be paying much attention to it, but at this point he probably can’t get rid of it (it’s part of his schtick), and has realized that he can ease back on it and no one really cares, so why should he? Wonder if he ever wishes that he had started the channel without it. Is his “Russian background” really all that essential to his character?

    By the way, if he has 2.7 million followers, what does that translate to, as a potential income? I have no idea what kind of money an audience of that size could generate from advertisers.

    • He makes at least ~100K a year on YT. And that would be on the low end of the payout scale, which he is probably on the high end since he has so many subscribers. There is a website that I can personally attest to its accuracy, since I used to manage a relatively popular YT page. Their stats on that page were spot on with what Adsense was paying out. Here is FPS Russia’s page:

  8. The guy needs to be seen for what he is, and not demeaned for what he is not, or worse yet-what others would have him be. The “Professional Russian” CHARACTER is meant for entertainment. A visceral hatred for pumpkins and watermelons adds “charm” to the shtick. That he sees the potential for monetary gain and takes advantage-what of it, taking one’s game to the bank has always been the American way. People, do not be haters……besides if hating is absolutely necessary-well we got politicians for that, just saying……….

    • He makes somewhere upwards of ~100K for sure, and that is taking into account his views/year on the low end of the AdSense scale, which he is definitely not on the low end of that scale due to the number of subscribers he has. He makes between 100K-900K. Probably somewhere in the middle of that. A quarter of a mil would be a good guess.

  9. By the time he’s my age (69) he will be completely deaf if he doesn’t start using ear protection. In the one video he makes a comment about his ears ringing. I have news for him; at some point the ringing doesn’t go away and eventually gets louder. It is called tinitus and there is no cure.

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