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You may recall that Caracal recalled my once and future everyday carry piece: the most awesome Caracal C 9mm. According to the manufacturer, the Arab-made German designed wunderpistole is not drop safe. It’s been two weeks since I called the company as directed. When I finally got them on the blower the rep told me to PUT THE GUN AWAY and await a box into which I should place the firearm for return, repair and return. When might that be, perchance? “We don’t know.” What exactly’s wrong with the gun? “It’s not drop safe.” Which part’s not up to snuff? “It’s not drop safe.” Given that Caracal maxed-out production of the C (with Quick Sites), I’m not optimistic that the box will be arriving anytime soon. I’ve heard plenty of other horror stories about gunmakers keeping busted guns for months. Mine hasn’t even left yet. I feel your pain.

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  1. I’m in your same boat! I contacted them and got the same rant! But I’m still using mine! As a range toy for now though! I don’t drop my guns! At least try not to anyway! I’m just afraid if I send mine off that sweet trigger is gonna come back to me as as bad as a S&W Sigma!

  2. Anybody else remember the Vektor from South Africa? That recall for drop safety just about ended that company and I don’t think they ever returned to the market.

  3. Id hold on to the pistol personally. Seems like they are trying to get them off the streets for some reason. Maybe im being paranoid.

  4. Hmmm… Bummer… But it could be a good excuse (if you need one) to “research” any other potential carry guns you may have had your eye on, you know, just ’cause…

    If you really do love the gun as-is (and worry about it’s potentially indefinite absence) I would just hang onto it. Maybe wait and see how long their turn-around is, and what the result is like.

    Hell, my 1911A1 from 1943 doesn’t have a firing pin block. Nor does my DEagle Mk I unless the manual safety is on (though it’s waaaay too damn heavy to carry). And after a not-so-amusing debacle led me to remove the pin block from my CZ75, it’s not “drop-safe” either. (All my other guns are.) But then, in 25 years, I thankfully have yet to drop a gun.

    On the other hand: I knew a 16 year old girl in high school who lost her life dropping her BF’s old model Super Blackhawk–you don’t want me to describe the bullet trajectory. (And I’ve seen lots of other gun drops, thankfully without tragedy to flesh and bone.)

    (I’m sure you’ve already considered your daughter’s safety specifically in your decision.)

    Keep us apprised, RF…

    • What was the debacle with your CZ75, if you don’t mind me asking. I have one as my primary home defense gun. Is there something I should be worried about?

  5. Yeah… My Caracal CQS is also in lock down for the time being. I contacted them several weeks ago now, and have yet to receive any response.

    Maybe Caracal should just pack up and leave, if they can not operate any better than this.

  6. Why do people buy Pygmy guns for critical applications like conceal carry? This gun was designed in Europe, built in God knows where and is sold through distribution by a no name company. There isn’t a Sig, S&W, Glock or Ruger that is acceptable?

  7. ^^^ Uhm , the Caracal C is a better shooter then the G19 and has the best factory trigger I’ve ever pulled. They are top of the line guns , and unlike the Glocks of the last 2 years — they don’t take half their anger out on the owners face during firing.

    Didn’t the LCP , Bodyguard , SR9 , Glock 19 and damn near half of the most popular ccw options that exist today get recalled ? So were supposed to ignore that yet trash a new company who has possibly invented the best 9mm polymer CCW ever because they had the balls to acknowledge there could be an issue ?

    Uhm , no.

  8. Agreed, no manufacturer is infallible and most have had issues with one product or another. That is the point. Why buy a gun made and serviced 6000 miles away? Also, a good trigger on a EDC gun barely makes the top 5 in my opinion.

  9. When I reviewed the Caracal for TTAG back in April, I loved the gun but said that I wouldn’t choose it as my EDC. Specifically, I said this: “When I can be sure that the Caracal is as well made as I think it is, you can be damn sure I’ll own one.”

    I took some grief for saying it, but it was true then and it’s truer today. As great as it is, the Caracal is a new gun, and nothing new can be considered “tried and true.” Especially in it’s first year, before all the bugs have been discovered.

  10. Loved Ralph’s review of this gun. If caracal ever gets the bugs worked out I love to see a caracal steyr face off

  11. Now they are offering refunds too.
    A good friend and fellow caracal owner just had his C slide lock open during a range session. I’m keeping one but I’m taking them up on the refund if I can get them to answer the phone.


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