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“We don’t want situations when people can pull out weapons at their local grocery store, sports stadium or shopping mall.” – Brooke Anderson, spokesperson for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, quoted in 9 Illinois counties to consider concealed carry [via]

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  1. “We don’t want situations when people can pull out weapons at their local grocery store, sports stadium or shopping mall.” – Brooke Anderson,

    Yeah, let’s make sure ONLY criminals will carry………..hard to wrap my head around the logic here

  2. I think they believe those who wish to carry a gun are criminals that have not committed a crime yet because common sense gun laws prevents them.

  3. A Third THEORETICAL explanation is the mindset that if you give a criminal whatever they want, they won’t hurt you. Unfortunately, what they sometimes want you to forfeit, besides your wallet or purse, is for you to forfeit your LIFE!

  4. “We don’t want situations when people can pull out weapons at their local grocery store, sports stadium or shopping mall.”


    You don’t. We do. You’re servants of the people and not the masters of the people. You and many other gun-grabbers have forgotten or never been aware of that once widely known truth. Obama might be correct, in one aspect, when he has claimed that America has never addressed the issue of slavery since many modern Americans imagine themselves slaves of the government and ruling class.

  5. There is one question I would love to ask the Illinois legislature if this issue goes to public forum:

    “Dear Representative, I have concealed carry permits issued to me by the states of Florida, Utah, and Arizona. I have gone through three firearms training courses, and three FBI fingerprint background checks in order to obtain those permits. Furthermore, I had CCW permits from Indiana and South Dakota when I lived in those states before moving to Illinois. After moving to Illinois, the ISP ran a background check on me before issuing me a FOID. There are 38 states in the union, including every state that shares a border with Illinois, that trusts me to carry a concealed firearm in public. Why doesn’t the state of Illinois give me the same trust?”

  6. We don’t state paid bodyguards like the “elite” elected officials have. Take theirs away & see what happens!

  7. I think we’re missing the point here… read again what she said: “We don’t want situations when people can pull out weapons at their local grocery store, sports stadium or shopping mall.” I hear variations of this all the time from gun-fearing acquaintances, the sense that each of us is just a few inches away from becoming a raving, irrational, bullet-firing beast. And it’s really about herself. Implicit in her statement is a basic distrust of herself and her possible actions, projected upon the outside world – that if she had a gun, and faced a common, every day frustration, she might use that gun. And because she does not trust herself, she does not trust anyone else. I am amazed by the number of people who think that an adult with a gun is only one “somebody-just-took-my-parking-spot-at-the-mall” situation away from perpetrating armed assault. I mean, they call gun owning people paranoid?!

    • AMEN! Couldn’t have said it better.

      In the 1970s I was a police officer in a city in Illinois where I was REQUIRED to carry 24/7; including not only shopping, but church and mother’s club meetings at my children’s grade school, etc. The minute I resigned my police commission, I was considered untrustworthy to carry a firearm. This type of thinking would confuse even a schizophrenic mind. The state of IL has deprived its citizens of their rights under the Bill of Rights of the U. S. Constitution for far too long.

  8. Brooke and the elitist Illinois politicians do not trust (or respect) the common people or citizens. I don’t know if they don’t trust themselves with guns as many dedicated gun-grabbing activists don’t. I trust myself and most gun owners with guns since 99%+ of gun owners never commit a crime with their gun or use their guns in an irresponsible way with someone getting hurt or killed. Sure, there are some immature idiots that need to practice better safer handling and storage.

    With gun grabbing activists I think they are projecting their own inner fears about themselves and their lack of faith in the average citizen who has passed a criminal background check. With the government I think their anti-gun actions are about looking down upon the masses of citizens as low-lifers and children that the ruling class needs to and has some elitist universal right to control.

    The government ruling class is not much different with its attitudes of ownership over the people as ranchers are with their herds of cattle. No offense to ranchers.

  9. So Brooke, the next time a bad guy kills an unarmed victim in a public place you get to share in the blame for that killing. Either you’re part of the solution, or as you have chosen, you’re part of the problem.

      • Don’t give her any breaks for her looks. She has a choice and she has chosen to support the “political elite” who forget they are our servants, not our masters.

        • Sorry Susan, but her looks are the only aspect of this story I care about. The people of Illinois have democratically elected these collectivist gun grabbers. The people are simply reaping that which they have sown.

      • I wonder what she would say at 2 am when she comes home drunk from a bar and 3 guys decide to pull her into an alley and play I got firsts . . . . .

  10. Chicago citizens will never have gun rights because the politicians are bought and paid for by the Joyce Foundation who owns them all, lock, stock and barrel. So to speak.

  11. My take is, the government must not consider the criminals as people, therefore, they must be considered animals.

  12. No because then criminals might not stand a fighting chance. Politicians just looking out for their fellow thieves.

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