Times Square gun free zone sign gun-free
(AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)
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Another day, another rash of senseless violence in New York City where the city’s Soros-funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg fails to enforce large sections of the criminal code. Remember those “Gun Free Zone” signs Gotham politicians put up to make residents feel safe? They apparently did nothing to discourage a 25-year-old Latino man from riding around the city on Saturday, randomly shooting people from his scooter in broad daylight.

The mobile shooter killed one and seriously wounded three more before the NYPD finally put the bracelets on him.

The videos that were captured are not safe for work.

Those Gun Free Zone placards were supposed to keep New Yorkers safe, weren’t they? Could it be that magic spells and wishful thinking don’t actuyally stop bad people with evil in their hearts?

Robert Barrows of the New York City Police Department holds up a “gun free zone” sign during a City Council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022. (William Alatriste/NYC Council Media Unit)

From NBC News . . .

A man used a motorized scooter to get from victim to victim in a New York City shooting spree on Saturday that ended with one dead, three injured, and a suspect in custody, police said.

The seemingly random attacks in Brooklyn and Queens started at 11:10 a.m., police said, and officially ended exactly two hours later with a suspect arrested in the latter borough, police said.

The man, identified only as a 25-year-old with a prior arrest, had a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun with an extended magazine and an “illegal” scooter without plates, New York Police First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban said at a news conference.

Against all odds, the killer had about as much concern for the city’s scooter licensing laws as he did for its gun control laws.

The victim of the first attack was described as a 21-year-old man shot from behind in Brooklyn and expected to survive, Assistant Chief Joseph Kenny said at the news conference.

Seventeen minutes later an 87-year-old man was shot in the back roughly three miles away, in Queens, police said. He was rushed to a hospital where he died, they said.

Imagine living to 87 years of age and being shot to death death on the streets.

Elections have consequences. New York residents elected the current crop of criminal-coddling miscreants who run their city and state. That includes elected “leaders” like Alvin Bragg, the Soros-funded prosecutor who doesn’t prosecute (unless you successfully defend yourself). They voted for the Governor and the state’s legislative leaders in Albany who ended cash bail, allowing criminals to run free and continue to victimize innocents.

Now these same voters are experiencing the consequences of their choices…good and hard.

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  1. BAN SCOOTER’S!!! Ya know in Vietnam scooter’s were a favorite attack method for Viet Cong.

    • Had a few rigged as IED’s in Afghanistan (probably Iraq as well). Cheap quick ubiquitous and maneuverable.

    • It’s a favorite in South America, as well, as it makes a clean getaway easier, in between cars in traffic… 🙁

  2. Just another day in a Gun Free Zone…They got what they voted for…democRat Remedy? Bigger Gun Free Zone Signs a perp on a scooter can read.

    • Debbie…got something for you…
      RACIST History Of Gun Control Colonies + Early States [Part 1].

        • “I am forwarding the link to many…”

          Who have *zero* interest in anything a dingbat like you has to say… 🙂

        • oldshtforbrainsgeoff…By you slandering POTUS DJT and his voters it makes you a Shill for the democRat Party…you are so low you have to look up to see down.

        • You still don’t get it, do you, little deb?

          By the time I’m finished, the message will be crystal-clear to your menopausal-addled brain… 🙂

  3. Thank you New York City for creating an environment that keeps druggies, illegals, homeless and criminals there. Making it less likely they will spread to the rest of the nation.

    • …………you do realize those get exported as their numbers become unsustainable right? Ask anyone a county or 3 away from San Francisco or Seattle how contained things remained. And yeah seeing more of the homeless defacating in the streets near the various methadone clinics and other “outreach” centers when I have to go in to the office.

        • Have fun with our castoffs then. Might want to find a better outlook in the meantime.

        • @ SAFEupstateFML That’s right YOUR castoffs, because you and yours don’t have the chutzpah to take care of them. Sadly…
          We deal with them as they should be dealt with. Jail or a 6ft hole as appropriate for the situation.

        • Quick to blame but no solution in sight lol what’s next move somewhere else if I want better gun rights? You are welcome to our retards as we have done everything we can with no support or viable resources to keep them towards the cities.

  4. As an afterthought the headline is incorrect in it’s most important wording ‘Lunatic’. This is not a case of someone with a mental illness committing a crime. This is an Evil criminal committing a violent crime. Calling it a mental illness is just an attempt to marginalize the act and give the criminal an excuse and thus a legal out from facing the punishment the act deserves.

      • Not. Evil is Evil and mental illness is mental illness. They are not interchangeable. I know many people who suffer from mental illness, because I’ve volunteered with mentally ill individuals. Including members of my wife’s family. None of them are evil. In fact they are all as far from evil as any human can get. Stop drinking the koolade.

        • Agree with you on that one, plenty of evil to go around with or without mental illness but much like drug addiction it can be a coexisting issue.

        • Times Square is neither in Queens nor Brooklyn. Those places are about as far away and different from Lower Manhattan as one can get and still technically be in the Five Burroughs. New York City is a big and diverse place. Each Burrough is actually a separate county of the state of New York.

          Queens & Brooklyn are actually the tip of the Island that is.”Long Island” although residents there would never say such a thing. Manhattan is a wholly different island on the other side of the East River.

          Do they not teach basic US Geography in schools any more?. I was raised in the Midwest and am now a resident of Florida yet I know these things…

        • Yeah Nikita, they do teach geography, or at least they did when I went to school. NYC was not of much interest to any of us so it’s organizational structure was not much covered.


    • Ban assault scooters now!

      “Mass scooter shooter” triggers scooter control debate.

    • they are trying to avoid saying hes black, Hispanic but black. it doesn’t fit the left wing narrative, like the trans shooter in Nashville didn’t fit their narrative and they kept trying to avoid saying she was trans. theur narrative is that only right wing white cis-gender males do mass shootings whuch has never been true even though some have been. They never counted the black gang in inter-gang warfare shootings as ‘mass shootings’ even when innocent people were gunned down and if those were counted Black’s are the most prolific mass shooters.

      • Just like in Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering the “Race Card” can be played and then modified with other cards they hold in their hand to further tbeir agenda and to tailor it exactly to get to their goals and beat down the other players.

        • This reference to Magic is extremely apt.

          Also extremely esoteric, but nonetheless, extremely apt.

          If only the Thicket Basilisk was real. I’d be more than willing to tap one colorless and two forests to add a Lure to it and send it to D.C..

          Drop some Forgotten Lore casts to force its resurrection and then it can be used against some state capitols.

          Goddamn, did people hate that combination. Especially true of the people running weenie decks or white creature defense decks.

          Adding Lure to Joven’s Ferrets was a nasty little trick too.

      • just had a shooting down the street…apparently it’s open-season on black kids…especially the decent ones…that was the second one in the same day…apparently they thought nobody would rat them out..but this is a white neighborhood and those rules don’t apply…people ran him down and pointed him out to the cops…guess he figured wrong…

  6. Mrs Haz and I briefly spoke about this last night when the story first broke on my feeds. I told her my concern is the growing probability of “pharma influenced”, mentally ill, or outright angry people randomly committing acts like this. Hence the importance of always carrying and being in Condition Yellow at minimum when in public.

    • Pharma-induced, most notably SSRI’s and other anti-depressants and anti-psychitics taken sporadically. There is also lately a recent phenomen of ‘roid rage from trannies on hormone treatments undergoing chemical “gender re-assignment” and perhaps also on the above drugs.

  7. Justice would be duct taping the perp to his scooter and sending him flying off the Empire State Building. Otherwise justice will have to wait for some inmate to use a shiv.

    • beat him to death with Times Square ‘No Guns Zone’ signs to get some use out of the signs.

    • Justice would be someone duct-taping your mouth shut so no one has to hear the nit-wittery that you spew like the ignorant ass that you are, little debs… 🙂

  8. Obviously, NYC hasn’t had time to put up all the signs yet, or there is a supply chain issue somewhere.

    But the Mayor is at fault for not having regulations that require a surgical mask AND GFZ signs every 2ft around the GFZs, printed in all 136 languages recognized by the UN.

  9. If police capture the human trash who did that–and have indisputable evidence of such–the only sentence which would render true justice to the victims is the death penalty.

    It is one thing to attack someone in a fit of passion (which is not okay of course) and that deserves serious prison time. It is another thing entirely to flippantly go around throwing hay-maker punches (a.k.a the “knockout game”), stabbing, and/or shooting people in surprise ambushes. (In other words running around and executing people.) Such utter and total disregard for human life has absolutely no place whatsoever in our society.

    • should hang him from the lampost right above where he shot that old guy…and leave him there awhile…maybe with one of those signs around his neck….

  10. Quite obviously NOT a white man.

    This is just an example of lunatics that do not care about life. It’s so very symbolic of New York. It would never matter what gun was used or even if one is used. Cities under Democrat control go nuts.

    All those gun free zones and gun control laws yet this guy does this. It’s so obvious that NONE of those laws worked.

  11. Good to see all those gun control laws they passed have worked so well.

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  13. dacian the liar-fascist loves gunning down innocent bystanders. Makes it easier to rape their pre-pubescent sons.

  14. I call bull shit. No gun was used because of the gun free zone signs.

    Must be a case of random people all driving
    popping dead of natural causes.

  15. Strange how the media is reticent to give an accurate description of the person doing the shooting, but can give a very detailed description of the weapon used. Seems to be near zero concern about the human and all concern about the implement used.
    With the current anti gun anti carry laws in NYC one would have to believe the so called ghost gun the perp used magically materialized and somehow forced this poor victim to go and commit these random act of violence.
    And then we see the Mayor whining about the hardware while doing everything possible to promote more of this kind of behavior.
    Hope the people in NYC are happy with this kind of thing. Because this is what they voted for.

  16. ok…
    so see how much blood came out of that guy so fast
    from a single 9mm round to the chest
    remember the video that was released by law enforcement of the transgender being taken down at the church school in nashville
    she was hit with 3-4 rifle rounds
    and 3-4 9mm or .40 cal or .45 pistol rounds in rapid succession
    no blood anywhere
    not on her
    not on the floor
    not on the wall behind her
    oh yeah and she somehow managed to change her shoes at some point during her rampage without the cameras catching it
    AND they wont release the manifesto
    were being sold a bill of goods on nashville

    • I’m guessing that the bullet clipped his subclavian.

      Shot placement matters.

      That said, 87 year old people are not known for their resiliency in the face of combat trauma, or any penetrating trauma, really.

      • There’s another name for the subclavian as it gets close to the heart, bracho-something. That could have been the shot too, based on the angle. I don’t know where the name changes.

      • I was very surprised to see how long he remained standing, after being shot. While the much younger guy who survived dropped like someone flipped an ‘off’ switch… 🙁

        • I’ve assumed, based on other sources, that the guy who dropped is the one that other reports said was shot in the face and fighting for his life.

          The angle and the victim’s reaction (or lack thereof) suggested a head-shot.

  17. What, he did not get the no gun zone memo, or read the no firearms signs. That’s hard to believe. Come on now. I don’t believe it. 🤪🤮🤮🤮🙄🙄

  18. “Imagine living to 87 years of age and being shot to death death on the streets.”

    Yeah, death death is definitely worse than regular death. Death by death death sounds horrendous.

    On a serious note though, the video of that guy getting blasted into the hereafter is a bit rough but it’s also someone surprising. For years there has been an alarming decrease in bystanders attempting to render any sort of assistance to people who are injured. This accelerated enormously in 2020 and seems to have continued.

    But someone did stop to try to help that guy. There wasn’t much the bystander could do but he not only got involved, he actively involved others. In NYC, no less. That’s surprising but in a good way.

    • “For years there has been an alarming decrease in bystanders attempting to render any sort of assistance to people who are injured.”

      It seems the bigger the city, the less of a sense of community there is. That’s bad, when bad things happen, like *that*… 🙁

  19. Drip … drip … drip …

    The shooter is 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Thomas Abreu.

    “The Russians are after me,” Thomas Abreu, 25, said after being caught by cops, according to prosecutors. “The Chinese are after me. The Italians are after me. Africa is after me.”

    Abreu, who also complained “you are all wearing earpieces” to cops, claimed the ghost gun used in the Saturday rampage wasn’t his.

    “I was jumped before and someone dropped a bag and when I looked, there was a gun and I took it and I kept it since,” he told police.https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-thomas-abreu-scooter-shooting-spree-suspect-20230710-r2jaq46erffrfjb6dkrvmtmtxy-story.html

    To his roommate and neighbors, 25-year-old Brooklyn man Thomas Abreu was the ideal acquaintance — “quiet,” “unaggressive” and ”normal.”

    Then on Saturday he hopped on his moped, drove two blocks away from his home and allegedly initiated a half-hour of horror that spanned two boroughs, left three wounded and claimed the life of 87-year-old Queens man Hamod Ali Saeidi.

    “I never thought he would do something like that,” Rueben Vargas, Abreu’s 55-year-old roommate, told the Daily News on Sunday. “He seemed like a good boy.” https://www.eagletribune.com/region/nyc-scooter-shooter-charged-with-murder-in-horrifying-cross-borough-spree/article_0e54c1cd-24d4-51f2-b05d-a5245c97fedc.html

  20. I bet JWM is sorry he sold his Cushman Eagle. You never know who might eventually own it.

    • It was just an avatar. A private joke between me and my wife. I never owned a scooter. Motorcycles, yes. Scooters, no.

      But some of the scooters I’m seeing now a days are looking pretty fun. But I’m leaning towards an electric bike.

      • There are some seriously nice full-suspension electric bikes out there. The high-end bike makers have developed drive-trains to exploit this. it does mean, tho, that you need a frame designed for that form-factor. But you’re getting a setup with the bugs mostly ironed out :


        • Are we considering what, from the end user’s point of view, is essentially unexpected spontaneous combustion to be a feature now?

  21. When has a “Gun Free Zone” ever prevented a crime? It hasn’t nor will it ever prevent crime. It was a Moronic Idea, void of all logic whenever the idea was first expressed by some Libtard.
    Gun Free Zones really means Unarmed Targets of Opportunity Zones.

    • “When has a “Gun Free Zone” ever prevented a crime?”

      This is a favorite declaration, but not provable; we should move away from it.

      The declaration emanates from “criminals don’t obey laws”, which is also unprovable.

      The best we can claim is that we have evidence that certain persons have been charged with committing a crime…despite knowing their actions were violations of existing law. There is absolutely no mechanism by which one can discover the number of criminal actions not taken.

      It is also impossible to “prove” the number of DGUs, nationwide; we only know what we have evidence for, not for the number of DGUs that are not reported, or are reported under a different category.

      Extrapolation from the known, and into the unknowable, is risky analysis. Is it honest for us to claim that if there is even one provable incident of ignoring law, that single incident proves zero criminals are deterred by law (or signage)?

  22. should hang him from the lampost right above where he shot that old guy…and leave him there awhile…maybe with one of those signs around his neck….

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