Chicago: Where Guns – Not Gangs – Are Our Common Enemy

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“We have a common enemy: it’s guns & the violence they bring.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot at Twitter

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  1. No bi**h , the real enemy is identity politics!! Of which you could be the poster girl!

    • That’s a girl?!?😎🤓🤡 Seriously I see this chit every day. No solution’s.

      • Actually, no, that isn’t a girl. It’s a queer freak of nature. We all know what a girl looks like, from birth to extreme old age. The mayor of Chitcago is not a girl.

    • Right on! “identity politics” be d*mned! That will be the death of our country and “R democracy” as the lib/dem/proggies/leftists like to call our country. Long live R Republic!

  2. That’s because guns don’t get people elected in Chicago, nor do they run certain wards.

  3. This is the reason why they have so many problems. Chicago leadership will demand everyone be defenseless against unchecked aggression from lunatics. Getting rid of guns will never make this better. It will likely make things worse.

  4. We have a common enemy: it’s cars & the violence they bring.
    We have a common enemy: it’s screwdrivers & the violence they bring.
    We have a common enemy: it’s baseball bats & the violence they bring.
    We have a common enemy: it’s fists & the violence they bring.
    We have a common enemy: it’s spoons & the obesity they bring.
    We have a common enemy: it’s forks & the obesity they bring.
    etc., etc., etc.,

  5. The question is, how do people get so stupid? There is a theory that leaded gasoline made a lot of children retarded, especially in the big cities. Then, there was the leaded paint. Did Lori eat a lot of paint as a child? Asbestos is another candidate for a lot of inner city retardation. Or, perhaps, she attended too many riots (aka “mostly peaceful protests”) and was clubbed into submission one too many times. I suppose that being a lesbo might have something to do with it. Diving too deep for too long at a time without coming up for air can be brain damaging.

    Lori needs professional help. Instead, her progressive handlers encourage her.

  6. Ms Lori Lightfoot – it is not the guns – they are mere tools such as a hammer or a motor vehicle, or a baseball bat or a knife. Mere tools.

    The PROBLEM is clear – violent criminals, illegal aliens, gang bangers, BLM, Antifa, Socialists, Communists, Left wing radical democrats – all using legal tools to commit crimes and murder.

    So instead of worrying about the guns, let’s just deport 100% of the violent criminals, illegal aliens, gang bangers, BLM, Antifa, Socialists, Communists, Left wing radical democrats! That would clearly Make America Great Again – and remember to Join the NRA!

  7. I’m about to drive a couple of hours one way to meet a friend. It going to be in the 70s today and sunny. It should be a nice drive. We’re going to have a fresh seafood lunch next to the Suwannee River. I’m going to drop off a couple handguns, pick one up as well as a Randall knife carving set. I’ll also have a couple loaded weapons on or about my person. Could someone please ask the mayor what level of violent crime I can expect these firearms to cause during my day trip?

  8. In the UK they “solved” gun crime by making the criminal penalties far more severe than actual crime. You will serve more time for having a pistol than raping someone. Gang members use low status flunkies to carry for them, hand them the gun when they want to bang, then hand back the gun.
    The obvious interpretation is that sanctions work but the UK government doesn’t care about the peasants, but doesn’t trust the peasants.

    • They also have a severe knife problem now. In a crowd, a knife is deadlier than a gun….stick and run before anyone even knows what is happening. Movies of the last 15 years have trained ignorant folks in how to best use a knife. Plastic long-pig sticker cannot be detected either.

  9. Lightfeet is stringing chicago along, pointing fingers here and there everywhere but towards herself and her Jim Crow Gun Control demoCrap. All she can do is feed the imbeciles who voted for her more concocted “gun violence” catchy buzzword rhetoric. It’s “violence” period. It’s the criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. period. An inanimate object first must be in the hands of a criminal to do harm.

    When sneaky Gun Control democRats like mayor lightbulb mention the word “gun” make no mistake about it they mean, “Your Gun.”

  10. The woman is an example of how our society which tries to do a good thing of treating all people equally regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or sexual preference and then blinded by that elects a lesbian, black, woman who is completely incompetent and dumb as a rock. I am certain there are far better people who fit that description and more qualified than Lori Lightfoot. I have never seen a gun do any damage until someone picks it up and misuses it and if there is anyone out there who has please let me know who, when and where and how the gun did that. Thanks

  11. It’s not exactly a slow news week, so why are we getting recycled ramblings from last August ?

    • to remind the ‘general viewing public’ who may happen by and read and gotta fill space to keep things fresh on search engines to remind people …. I guess, either that or a slow news day or needed something to plug into some empty space.


  12. I am still trying to figure out how and inanimate object can be an “enemy”? Lightfoot must be rather light in the head.

  13. When an armed robber sticks a gun in the face of a convenience store clerk, that’s gun violence. When the clerk pulls out his own gun and shoots the robber, that’s self defense and not gun violence. The problem is that the anti-gunners value the life and health of the robber as much or more than the life and health of the clerk. They can’t accept that the clerk’s welfare should take precedence over the robber’s.

  14. Yep…. We The People have a common enemy ALRIGHT….THE COMMON ENEMY IS THE DEMOCOMMIE POLITICIANS.

  15. I’ve always had a problem with the term “gun violence”. The reason is that it places the good guy, bad guy, suicide, and accident in the same category and they aren’t.

    A bad guy with a gun who is going to shoot you is aggressive active violence.

    A good guy with a gun using it for self defense and therefore is defensive with no other choice.

    True, both are acts of violence, but the bad guy is deliberate aggression intending to cause harm with violence, and the good guy is trying to stop that violent act. I know this is a basic simplistic definition thing and there can be a lot of ‘what if’ and expansion but at the basics this is it. So both those are not the same type of ‘violence’ even if guns were involved.

    And suicide… its a choice driven by mental health issues. If someone uses the hanging method we don’t say ‘hanging violence’ or what ever the method, we say it was ‘suicide’ by what ever the method. But if a gun is used its lumped in under ‘gun violence and it isn’t.

    Accidents are just that, accidents. If some has a car accident we don’t call it ‘car violence’, But an accident with a gun gets lumped under ‘gun violence’ and it isn’t.

  16. I must have owned a number of defective firearms over the last 50 plus years. Never have any of my guns crawled out of the safe, down off the rack, or opened the lock box, and loaded itself, then went out and committed or threatened to commit an act of violence.
    Could it be it isn’t the hardware, but the criminals using it? Naw, must be the magical power and evil spells of the guns that cause crime. Next thing will be the actual witch hunts to find the evil sorceress putting spells on the guns and ammunition. Just can’t be the culture of gangs’ drugs, and violence that has developed over years of failed Democrat policies and rule.

    • Right on! “identity politics” be d*mned! That will be the death of our country and “R democracy” as the lib/dem/proggies/leftists like to call our country. Long live R Republic!

  17. Reminder: Gee, why do so many big city politicians / city councilmembers tend to vote and push for legislation for whatever organized crime could possibly want?
    Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance
    LAWBREAKERS, LAWMAKERS: In some parts of Chicago, violent street gangs and pols quietly trade money and favors for mutual gain. The thugs flourish, the elected officials thrive—and you lose. A special report.
    DECEMBER 13, 2011, 5:48 PM
    – – – –
    Oh, so THAT’S why… that is who they work for!

    • Mexico is the end game where the political leadership, paramilitary, and criminals are in an unholy alliance against the people.

  18. “We have a common enemy: it’s guns & the violence they bring.”

    it’s simple. by “we” he means him and his. his “we” does not include anyone outside of that.

  19. In the U.S. any nut case can buy a second hand weapon of mass destruction. No other civilized nation on earth permits such madness.

    Of course the lunatics on the Far Right yell for hangings and torture but that does not help the dead victims of gun violence. It is about as stupid as locking the barn door after the horse already escaped. But paranoia and pure stupidity have always been the hallmark of the Far Right.

    • Look, asshole, weapons of mass destruction are defined as nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

      Not even Texas lets civilians buy one of those.

    • “hand weapon of mass destruction”

      Do you even listen to yourself?

      Oh, did I parse that incorrectly? “second hand” “weapon of mass destruction”. Yeah, right. When some crazy nut case sets off a nerve agent bomb, he always sells his second hand bomb on the internets.

      Do you ever read the stupid crap you post after you post it? Unless your name is Lori Lightfoot, you simply can’t be that stupid.

    • Herr Dacian speaks the truth especially if you have white guilt. I will comply by not cleaning any of my guns for a week. Is that not justice, Herr Dacian? Heil Biden and Frau Harris!!!

    • “…But paranoia and pure stupidity have always been the hallmark of the dem/lib/proggie/commucrat/FarLeft…”
      There, FIFY

  20. Just like ending crime, ending the violence guns bring is simple.

    No laws, no crime; no guns, no “violence they bring”.

    Can it be true that I am the only one who has come up with a real solution to Chicago crime? And in only two steps?

    I should be on “America’s Got Talent”, or something.

  21. The violence will continue until the situation of the traditional family improves. Until then we will have to continue to put bullets in the heads, of an increasing number of criminal children.

    Whose fathers love and discipline was replaced by the government’s welfare checks. And the father’s guns replaced by the Guns of a big city police department.

    “Armed teens on scooters have Atlanta residents shaking in their boots & leaders confused.”
    video 20 min long

  22. Facts: gangs and criminals use guns to get what they want! Good thing cotton swabs aren’t capable of being used in their place! It’s not the inanimate objects that contain malice, it’s those who use such! Hello dimwit democrats that feed on chaos! Then they offer to step in and shred your rights to protect the people that need to be allowed to protect themselves! Get armed, it’s your right! Use it like your free speech before they try and regulate it too!

  23. Your honor, your police department and security detail are full of guns. In your city, probably more guns there in the hands of law enforcement than citizens and gangs combined.

    So the “violence they bring” can be laid at your feet for having so many guns at your disposal?

  24. No point in arguing facts with her, she knows the truth.

    She is the overseer of a large plantation in Illinois. The only “crop” on that plantation is ballots.

    Until those ballots are harvested, her job is to keep the slaves occupied, with drugs, gangs, violence, and sex. As long as they are focused, they will continue to serve. Oh, a secondary element is to ensure that the population does not grow so large that conditions pass “terrible” and go to “unbearable.” If unbearable, they would revolt, so population control is vital.

    Population control is two fold. Ensure only only those who might cull the population have guns (gangs), and make sure that women have ready access to birth control, so that neither responsibility nor over population cause them to look at their situations as untenable.

    Sorry, no one can dispute any of this, because it is the only logical explanation for democrat rule and rhetoric.

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