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It’s not about miles per gallon so much as gallons per mile. But she’ll get ya there safely.


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  1. Yes it is a tank. It is a British Scorpion. Pretty much used in the scout role but, don’t mistake it’s size for lack of lethality. At least up to the current times anyway.

      • @jwm
        I have a 4Runner, lifted, winch, ect. It is mandatory that we eat at Waffle house at least once a quarter. It’s like a law or

        Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches..hmm good!

        • If you ever decide to buy another, stay below 2020 models as Toyota put all kind of nanny equipment in new ones. Radar, asst lane warnings,. Think it was all gov. mandated similar to zero emissions. I have a 2018.

        • Bought my wife, she’s only 5 foot tall, a 19 corolla. It has all the nanny stuff on it. Cruise control with radar, etc.

          On one of our trips to SLC from the bay area, about a 12 hour drive, a voice came out of the dash asking us if it was time for a rest break.

          Creepy shit.

        • We have a 15-yr-old Toyota we bought new, and I will never buy anything past that era. Has all the EFI and electronic controls necessary for comfort and efficiency, without all the newer gobbledegook we don’t want or need. And no OnStar/Siri/SkyNet tracking.

          I told Mrs. Haz I prefer to sink $10K into a full engine/trans rebuild several years from now, plus maybe a little body work and paint to make it look nice, than buy new again. She likes her car and agreed.

          I took a friend to a basic training course recently, and he wanted to try my 1971 mfd 1911 (he’s had only a revolver his whole life). He loved it, but asked why it didn’t have the same look or controls (e.g., grip safety) as new models he’s been considering. I told him I don’t prefer brand new guns, especially those with CA-mandated crap. Nearly my entire collection consists of 1970s or older restorations, or items I’ve built myself with options I’ve chosen for myself.

          Like a classic muscle car, the good ones just become more appreciated as time goes by.

  2. It is not a Scorpion Light Tank.
    It is a Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
    The 30mm automatic cannon verses the 75 mm cannon is the biggest clue.
    Mine actually gets about 2 miles to the gallon.

      • No, most nuclear aircraft carriers need to be refuled every twenty five years or so. However, that’s still better than an oil burner.

        • Since carriers don’t last past 50 years, 1 refuel is enough. The oldest in service is the Nimitz at 47 and due to be retired in 3 years. She was refueled 1998-2001 and won’t be refueled again.

  3. Before, I saw the comments I new there was going to be some debate on if the object in the video is indeed a tank, what kind it is, etc. I was not disappointed.

    If it has tracks, armor, and a gun its close enough sheesh. And yes wine that bubbles is indeed champagne even if it does not come from Champagne France.

    • Yeah,

      Tracks – check
      Pointy bit that probably says “BOOM” – check
      No obvious windows to be smashed out for carjacking – check
      Bigger than Bubba’s Rollin’ Coal pickup – check

      It’s a tank.

      • “It’s a tank.”

        Until you face off against a main battle tank, and your “Pointy bit that says “BOOM”” can not pierce its armor.

        Then you better hope it’s really fast or it’s just a coffin.

        • fifty mph according to its spec sheet is top speed. It has a pretty good range though

  4. A 30mm auto cannon etc. says it is a scout/recon vehicle, or APC/fighting vehicle. Looks like a Warrior type.
    Glad I don’t have to buy the diesel for it. Gallons per mile.
    Now, it the main gun is in working order, and does it have a TOW or other anti-armor missile launcher on board? if not, it is nothing, but a hot, clumsy rolling tin can bunker.

  5. No ones gonna mention that waffle house is an anti-gun corporation based in sh¡tl¡b Gwinnett county GA? They don’t want our guns in their restaurants and subsequently they don’t want our money in their restaurants either. We as a community need to start voting with our wallets. #boycott


  6. On a lighter note :

    “MOSCOW—Russian radar operators monitoring the situation in Ukraine reported two mysterious large circles in the city of Kyiv earlier this morning. After some investigation, Russian intelligence concluded they were not military formations or aircraft, but simply Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s massive balls.”

  7. This looks like either a FV107 Scimitar or Sabre Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked). Both models are based on the FV101 Scorpion but with a 30mm RARDEN cannon instead of a 76mm cannon.

    The Scorpions with the original Jaguar 4.2 liter gasoline engine got about 5 miles per gallon at 30 mph and had a top speed over 50 mph. Later upgrades with diesel engines got even better miles per gallon.

    Although this vehicle looks similar to an FV510 Warrior “Infantry Section Vehicle,” the Warrior is much larger and has 6 road wheels per side, not 5 per side like the Scimitar and Sabre.

  8. Whatever the hell it is the driver can go anywhere in Chicago or Baltimore and not have to worry about being carjacked…

  9. I definitely wouldn’t feel vulnerable driving up in one of those.

    Unless it was to a Chuck E. Cheese. Then I’d want fire support and a squad of dismounts to provide overwatch.

  10. The armored vehicle is a FV107 Scimitar which is a reconnaissance vehicle. It originated in use by the the British Army. Sometimes its classed as a light tank, and uses a L21 RARDEN (AKA ‘Royal Armament, Research and Development Establishment’ and ‘Enfield’) 30 mm autocannon.

    I want one.


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