Gun Control: Rich White Liberals Sniffing at Normals Wanting to Defend Their Own Lives

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Let’s talk about gun congrol. Banning or restricting firearms is the most white privileged idea ever. Rich liberals scoffing at the notion that a person might need to defend their own life is a tower so ivory you can’t look at it in direct sunlight. It’s the personal safety equivalent of saying, ‘Just have the maid do it.”

— Seen on Twitter

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    • Hi. I’m Dacian, and I have a list of stuff I want to vote on, to force you to do for me. If I can get enough votes, I can force you to do stuff on my list! Yay! #Democracy!

      So, I don’t like the way you open carry. I just don’t agree on that kind of behavior, and it is my business. Everything is my business, and nothing should be left off the table for voting. Not the 2A, not the 1A, zero A’s. I got votes, and I need you guys to abide by them, the second I get 51%, or you will be punished.

      – with love. Dacian

        • Mixing his meds with very cheap spirits. Also fapping off to reports of his brave Russian soldiers eliminating Ukrainian fascists, err potential future fascists, err children.

        • I’m sorry I keep going on and on about being a fake dacian. I didn’t take my meds this morning. Now that I took them, I see that when I was off them, I went around commenting on my own comments, saying that my own comments were a fake dacian. My Bad guys.

        • Yes, dacian the stupid, a 4th grader could do better . . . unfortunately, you can’t. We can’t tell the difference between your inanity, and the “fake” dacian the stupid. Pro tip: Rational people can’t tell fake stupid from fake stupid.

      • imbeciles should not be allowed to vote.
        dacian … you can stay home on voting day.
        sit in the corner with your dunce cap on.
        farting while picking your nose and eating it.
        and stare stupidly around hoping to catch the attention of your fellow morons.

      • dacian (fake or otherwise) is actually making a very good point here. In the world of people who actually think the way dacian is deliberately trolling/satirizing here, your rights are totally dependent on who’s in charge, the Bill of Rights doesn’t matter, “living constitution”, etc.

        We’ve let elected bureaucrats delegate their power to unelected committees, which are nearly impossible to remove, and are deliberately packed in crony fashion. Now we are ruled by these, and that gets us things like wiretapping without warrant, seizure without crimes, imprisonment without charges, and gun control without changes in law.

    • Gun control has historically been elitist, racist and sexist. From laws preventing slaves from owning firearms long before the War of Northern Aggression to the Sullivan act to keep guns out of the hands of Italian gangsters so that only the “elite” Irish could carry them to Diane Finestein who carried illegally while mayor of san francisco all the while loudly proclaiming that non bureaucrats could not carry, to laws making the cost of owning a firearm beyond the reach of folks who because of economics must live in crime ridden neighborhoods, to imposing time delays so that the defenseless woman is armed only with a paper restraining order (see the next topic on this post about how well a restraining order works.) must wait weeks and months for “permission” to acquire a firearm to protect herself against a male stalker who is threatening her very life we see that the “elites” want to have firearms for themselves while denying them to the hoi polloi. How many times have we seen some strident anti Second Amendmenter arrested for illegal possession and use of a firearm? How many times has their significant other been a convicted felon who had a firearm?

      Whoever posted that twitter hit the nail right on the head.

  1. Had the quote been stated as elitist as opposed to white privileged I would be behind this 100%.
    Not everything is about race and I’m sick of hearing about “white privilege”.

    • Bucephalus,

      Normally, I would agree with you. In this case the commenter is using white Progressive “white guilt/privilege” against those very same white Progressives.

      I like applying someone’s own standard–designed to suppress others–against themselves and therefore showcase the utter hypocrisy of their positions.

      • That only works (and that’s a huge maybe) as long as Twitter doesn’t silence them.

        The left responding with “shut up and sit down” as the swing their fly swatter.

      • It’s pushing the left wing myth of white privilege. I’m not sure of the intentions here, but we need to be 100% done with ALL race baiting and race blaming. We’re only helping the racist left by perpetuating this kind of talk. We have to stop fighting on their terms.

    • Well Bucephalu…Somethings are forever about race, genocide, etc. I.E. History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is Rooted in racism and genocide.

      It is unfortunate the History of Gun Control rot is the last thing you’ll ever hear from politically correct so called Pro 2A individuals who would, “rather not go there.” Why if the truth about Gun Control were to spread far and wide among America’s politically inept history illiterates it may take the shine off Gun Control. And who profiting from Gun Control wants that?

      Gun Owners who fail to define Gun Control by its history have allowed elitists to not only tie law abiding Gun Owners and Gun Rights Organizations to the criminal misuse of firearms Gun Owner failure to define Gun Control has also paved the way for “elitists” to label law abiding Gun Owners as, “racist.”

      The racism and genocide left in the wake of Gun Control can no longer be hidden under the carpet. It should be obvious by now doing such has done nothing but allow Gun Control democRats to chew as much as they want and when they want on The Second Amendment.

    • Race obsession = left wing nonsense.

      Explain the Squad calling for gun control while they travel with their expensive security details. It isn’t a just “white” liberal problem. Bucephalus was correct. It’s an elitist problem.

  2. The racist white liberals who run the Hollywood entertainment industry completely supported the passage of racist gun control. They recently learned however that not even their private security can protect them. From the criminals they helped to release early from jails. So now they do want their own guns.

    But they still don’t want you to have a gun.

    • Shame Hollywood is now infested with diminutive effeminates, metrosexual “males”, no more is it inhabited by “men” like Lee Marvin, Charlton Heston, Charles Bronson, or better yet Steve McQueen, McQueen the “King of Cool” who was famously “packing” while driving around Hollywood/LA/Beverly Hills during the “urban”-instigated riots and Manson Family mayhem of the 1960’s.

    • Chris T,

      Their hypocrisy isn’t all that new. Back in the day, I was involved in the formation and establishment of the (infamous) Beverly Hills Gun Club. Because I was, I got to shoot there for free. You would REGULARLY see Hollywood “movers and shakers” there at the Club (they were almost uniformly crappy shooters).

      They don’t necessarily oppose guns – they oppose us “deplorables” having guns. Who knows, us deplorables MIGHT choose to pop a cap in their privileged @$$es. The only thing that’s changed isn’t their hypocrisy, it’s that their hypocrisy is being “outed”.

  3. I agree with those of you who don’t believe this should be a racial issue; but point of fact is that gun control and notions of white privilege are largely driven by white (and very elitist) liberals. They seem to be very driven by their causes, and such things rely upon a victim class and a grievances.

    • And we just ignore all the female and male black anti gun polis? You need to google who the chief of the ATF is dude.

      • Don’t ignore them. But think about this. Without the privileged white elites like the clintons and the bidens, to name just a few, how far along would gun control get if just championed by poc?

        Gun control in the US is truly a white mans scam.

        • Mr. ‘They should have let Hitler finish it’ jwm’s above comment is very curious, as it’s well known that he’s a knuckle dragging, grand wizard level white nationalist.

        • Only well known in your twisted mind, troll boi. Trolling is a recognized warning of mental illness.

        • Do you “Not see’ jwm’s true self?

          Whoever you are (probably dacian the Dunderhead in disguise), you have it arse backwards. With you Lefties it’s all about control over the population. What you can’t control, you seek control over.

          We Conservatives are not “racist” in any way shape or form. Leftism has is roots in racism and control.

        • Aww, nameless, brainless troll, you attempting to achieve relevance through your half-assed, grade school efforts at snark is just . . . so pathetically cute!!! Like a retarded puppy attempting to play fetch, and failing. You are too stupid to insult. Go micturate up the cable. Perhaps you can get your Leftist/fascist buddies (MinorIQ and dacian the stupid) to help you pound salt in your @$$. Might be a welcome diversion from you daily Leftist/fascist circle jerk.

  4. He’s almost right. It’s not just the rich white liberals, it seems to me there are a number of rich black liberals in congress that wanted gun control as well. So let us not flip the race card on this one.

    • THIS is pretty much my take as well.
      Too often ” Privileged Elitist Douchebaggery” has become comingled with racial chauvinism in the minds of many…and oftentimes driven by the same moneyed Leviathan Statists that find race or ethnic origins to be a convenient wedge to separate us and make us easier to manipulate

  5. It’s more of a class thing. Those that have can afford the gated community and private security, no matter their race. Money folks live in a world apart.

    • The first thing these gated communities stop paying for is armed guard service. They replace them with uniformed groundskeepers who also handle security. They will chase salesman away, go out to the gate to rescue people that forgot the entry number, and the people will be served with clean pool decks and other common areas.

      The people that live in these places still expect the local police to jump to it when they are called. The guard booth at the entrance is never manned after the units are sold and the HOA takes over paying the bills.

      • rt66paul,

        Close, but not quite. I lived for many years in one of the gated communities in the LA area. Yeah, our gate guards were unarmed (well, at least visibly), but the gates were manned, 24/7/365 (my kids and I used to take Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner to the guards every year). But you bet your sweet @$$ the local po-po responded to calls from that area with more alacrity than they did to the slums just minutes away.

        It IS a class issue, more than a race issue. The “elite” don’t just ‘believe’ they are better than the rest of us, it is an article of faith with them. They “know” the local chief of police or sheriff, and they expect instant response. I was stupid not to bookmark it, at the time, but I saw an interesting post on a forum that compared “response times” to average household income, by neighborhoods. Mirabile dictu, neighborhoods with higher household incomes had amazingly shorter response times from first responders. Whoda thunk it???

        Which is another factual verification of Debbie W’s favorite hobby horse – all gun control is basically racist/classist. The brilliant man who said “God made man; Col. Colt made men equal” knew what he was talking about.

  6. The same rich white liberals who think $250 a barrel oil is a good thing because it’s just your politics and stubbornness that are keeping you from heating your home with solar panels and driving a Tesla.

    • Shire-man,

      Initiatives to replace virtually all crude oil, gasoline, and natural gas consumption with electricity in our nation have an extremely high probability of being disastrous.

      The simple fact of the matter is that we do not have an electrical grid which can transport the additional energy demands that we currently meet with oil, gasoline, and natural gas. Nor do we have the ability to generate that additional electricity in the first place even if we had an electrical grid which could transport it.

      And to be honest, I doubt that it is possible that we can actually build a significantly higher capacity electrical grid (and electrical generating stations) to supplant oil, gasoline, and natural gas. At least not in the next few years. (I imagine such a Herculean task would take something like 20 years or more.)

      As for building out solar and wind generators all over the place (thus alleviating the need to build more electrical generation plants and significantly increase grid capacity), that has some huge drawbacks as well. First of all, those systems are expensive. And solar panels only have a lifespan of 25 years. Second, those systems cannot generate electricity reliably in much (most?) of our nation. What good is a “green” electrical generation system and electrical energy transport grid if its energy generation is highly unreliable? Third, those systems require a LOT of space. Fourth, those systems are significantly more complex and hence failure-prone than a single electrical generation station serving a large metropolitan area for example.

      Of course “green” energy enthusiasts will tell us that we can solve the intermittent/unreliable solar and wind energy generation problem (and even reduce the necessary capacity of our electrical grid) with huge batteries. Trying to build and maintain huge batteries all over the place has even more drawbacks than the solar and wind generation systems.

      • “I doubt that it is possible that we can actually build a significantly higher capacity electrical grid (and electrical generating stations) to supplant oil, gasoline, and natural gas.”

        it isn’t. the goal is that the elites (nod to beucephalus) will have power and electric cars – the rest of us won’t. “green” is just a diversion.

        • “the goal is that the elites (nod to beucephalus) will have power and electric cars – the rest of us won’t. “green” is just a diversion.”

          The goal is to siphon as much money as possible from this country while destroying the middle class. “Going green” is the shortest distance between points A and B.

      • Elon Musk has pointed out this very problem. He is shunned because he’s wealthy and does as he pleases not what the left would have him do. Hooked up Ukraine with comms out of pocket. Good on him.

      • Would imagine multiple dozens of nuke plants would be needed just the cars. With heating that amount of electricity even if efficiency got way better I can not think of how generation let alone delivery would be made effective

  7. Now THAT is an award-winning statement!

    I hereby nominate that statement for “Best Internet Comment of the Year” award!

    • And yet I see so many echo the sentiment “we need to unite” with leftards and baby murderers to save ‘Merica and stop Putin. They’re out of their effing minds…

      • walker,

        I have NO desire to “unite” with the brainless likes of Senile Joe, the serial child-molester, Malig-Nancy Pelosi, Schmucky Chucky Schumer, or any of the other Leftist/fascists infesting our government. By the day, I become more convinced that Andrew Breitbart (PBUH) had it right, “FUCK YOU! War!!”. The idiot Leftist/fascists started this crap. They sowed the wind; let them reap the whirlwind. “Don’t start none; won’t be none.” They started some, and it’s long past time they got their “reward”.

  8. If we took one truly democrat liberal American and air dropped them into Ukraine – within 24 hours the democrat liberal would be calling for gun control and disarming the public and military, de-funding the police and military, and bail reform in Ukraine and go “this war, its because of guns, especially ‘ghost guns’ and out of control military and police.” as justification.

    The democrat liberal, not seeing the whole picture since wayyyy back.

    • “within 24 hours the democrat liberal would be calling for gun control”

      no, you don’t understand at all. everything the left says is oriented towards one goal – them owning and controlling everything including you, and you doing what they say or you’re eliminated. they call for gun control for those who they don’t control, and happily arm up whatever they themselves completely control.

      the “left” hates russia, because russia has escaped the boolshevists. your theoretical air-dropped liberal would call for any and all weapons to be delivered to the ukraine as soon as possible and used with maximum indiscriminate violence against anything russian.

      • Russian escaped communism and ran straight into the arms of fascism. AS for violence against Russia. They invaded another country. I’m not a real fan of the Ukraine. Their pre war gun control laws told me all I needed to know about them.

        But they are the offended party here.

        • jwm, Fascism is a bed fellow of socialism. There was this “gentleman,” Giovanni Gentile who ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto. Guess what? He was an Italian socialist and a favorite of Adolf Hitler.

          Actually there is little difference between fascism and socialism. They are both about control of the population.

        • jwm,

          Q: How do you tell a Leftist from a fascist?

          A: The fascist is the one trying to control your life.

          In other words, the other side of the coin. Yes, there HAVE been a few rightist fascists in history (Pinochet, for example), but the VAST majority of fascists are Leftist/socialist/communist fascists. There are so few rightist fascists in current times that “fascist” serves as a handy nickname for the Leftist movement. Not all fascists are Leftists, but ALL Leftists are fascists.

        • Gee, Lamp I have always thought that Leftists and Fascist are one and the same.

  9. What is the end game, as Democrats see it?

    The entire US sinks into barbarism, where the strongest warlord controls the neighborhoods, while all the wealthy shelter in their gated communities? “Gated” meaning, surrounded with pretty stone walls, topped with razor wire, and dotted with guard towers with M2 machine guns?

    Hired guns for me, no guns for thee.

    • They might let you in to clean their toilet or mow their yard, but they prefer to use illegal immigrants for that kind of work. It’s cheaper you know.

    • What you just described can actually be found in San Jose, Costa Rica. Sans the M2. Many of the upper middle class and rich neighborhoods are gated, surrounded by walls or fencing topped with barbed wire. They also have uniformed private security who carry different types of firearms. H&K MP 5’s and handguns seem to be the most prevalent, but I have also seen M4’s, AK’s and shotguns. Even though the OIB (national police) are prevalent and not to be messed with. Crime is still a hugh issue. The Mrs. and I took a tour of a Jewelry manufacturing facility and store in 1 of the Higher Class neighborhoods. We passed through more gates and armed security getting to the location and after arriving. Than is used at the White House. So the idea of the Uber rich having something akin to this in the United States is not beyond imagination. All it takes is the money and desire to implement it.

    • “What is the end game, as Democrats see it?”

      them owning and controlling everything, including everyone else. them deciding what is true and what is false and what is moral and what is immoral, at their whim, and everyone else believing them. them deciding what is to be done at any moment, and everyone else obeying.

      think of a gentleman farmer, telling his supervisors how to run the farm for his benefit. they see themselves as that gentleman farmer, and you as the cattle in their fields.

  10. Not sure why he used the Woke jargon “white privilege”. The will of government officials to have armed mercenaries for themselves while forcibly disarming private citizens exists in populations of every color.

    • Eliminate white people from the gun control crowd. clintons, bidens, newsom, gates, soros, bloomberg, pelosi and the list goes on right down to our own dacian the nazi and miner49er. See the pattern?

      White has a lot to do with it.

      • “White has a lot to do with it”

        conversely, do you think non-white has anything to do with it? or are they just the innocent oppressed?

        • Non whites, in relation to gun control, haven’t enough voice or power to effect any change without whites in their corner. How far would gun control get if it was only championed by POC?

          All I’m discussing is gun control.

        • “haven’t enough voice or power to effect any [positive] change without whites”

          hard to disagree with that.

  11. I think of the phrase “white privilege” as a meme — like Karen — and not as a real thing. In that light, I agree that gun control is the most white privileged idea I’ve ever heard.

  12. Change it from White Privilege to Wealth Privilege and you will have it right. Could also call it political privilege.
    Gun control has always been about control over people and trying to keep whichever group is on the shitlist at the time from being able to arm themselves and protect themselves from the politically powerful or the predations of both the criminal thugs and the wealthy elites.
    Look at current laws in both our cities and the so civilized countries one of our trolls touts. All aimed at disarming the peasants and protecting the wealthy from possible uprising. Can’t have the far-right beasts, or the leftist peasants, or the unwashed masses messing up their cocktail parties and important affairs of stealing tax money for themselves.

  13. What absolute bollocks. Most of the civilised world is arguable safer to live in than the uSA if the annual deaths due to mass shootings and gun crime are anything to go by. For instance the TOTAL number of ILLEGAL DEATHS, that is those duie to murder of all types including knife crimes, gun crimes, domestic violence ACTS of TERRORISM and MANSLAUGHTER in the UK [and the UK is around the European average] are less than those of any moderately large American City. Translated into percapita figures for the USA these illegal deaths equate to around 4000 per annum. I have never in my life and I’m 83 met a SINGLE person who thinks it nessessary to bear any kind of arms, let alone firearms as a means of self protection. With the exception of a few criminals idiots associated and even they are somewhat circumspect because they know apart from any other associated misdemeanour the mere carrying of an illegal firearm WILL result in a longish custodial sentence. Every single gun control measures in the UK , Europe and most of the Anglo-Commonwealth like CANADA and Australia have the full support of the electorate

      • Or better yet, the troll could stop pretending that he lives in the UK, and actually move there. Why would some hoplophobe from there be a regular reader of this site anyway? “Albert” is probably a typical America hating leftist.

      • 🤣🤣🤣

        That’s right. Can’t get a better response than that. What is it with people trying to lecture you about how you have to much freedom and some of it needs to be reduced. If you don’t like the way we live – FO – and don’t come here. 🤣🤣🤣

    • “For instance the TOTAL number of ILLEGAL DEATHS, that is those duie to murder of all types including knife crimes, gun crimes, domestic violence ACTS of TERRORISM and MANSLAUGHTER in the UK [and the UK is around the European average] are less than those of any moderately large American City.”

      and if you don’t count crime in the u.s. originated by blacks, the states would have a crime rate comparable to britain’s. switzerland’s, actually.

      guns aren’t the problem.

    • “Every single gun control measures in the UK , Europe and most of the Anglo-Commonwealth like CANADA and Australia have the full support of the electorate”

      well then they’ll just have to learn the hard way why it’s necessary.

      (it’s hard to believe that americans remember “the rights of englishmen” better than the english. oh well, nothing’s permanent.)

    • Albert the subject,

      “Most of the civilised world is arguable safer to live in than the uSA if the annual deaths due to mass shootings and gun crime are anything to go by.”

      OK, well:

      1. They aren’t, because every country in the EU games its statistics to support their narrative, but thanks for playing.

      2. “moderately large American city”. Ah, you perceive the problem but are too f***ing stupid to draw the correct conclusion. Congrats!!! You too could be an American “Dimocrat” (i.e., Leftist/fascist, like unto your Labour Party). Yes, if we can elliminate the enclaves of Leftist/fascist idiots, and their sheep supporters, we’ll do just fine – look at the statistics for the parts of America governed by rational folks.

      3. What part of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is difficult for you to parse?? Were you never instructed in basic logic?? Do you speak “the Queen’s English”??? SHALL. NOT. BE. INFRINGED. Sod off, swampy.

      Albert, as I’ve told you TIME after TIMEE . . . we stopped giving a s*** about your opinion in 1776. Feel free to be as much of a p***y, useless, unarmed subject as you wish . . . I choose to be a citizen, and if you don’t like it?? Feel free to pound salt in your arse.

    • Albert the subject,

      Gee, once again totally (not) happy to hear your idiot, subject POV. I realize it’s a stretch to expect a subject to be a rational, functioning human, but . . . DAYUM, boy, y’all try my patience. Samuel Adams done told you: “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” You made your choice, and may your chains set lightly upon you. Your country’s, and your countrymens’, opinions have lacked relevance to us since 1776. F*** off, and have a nice day, subject.

    • Albert Hall Don’t you Brits have enough problems of your own without butting into our business?


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