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By Larry Keane

There once was a day when a pair of jeans just felt good to put on. There was no pretense. No drama. Just a good fit for hard work or a casual day. It’s almost quaint when the trouser label just meant comfort and not a political antigun agenda.

Levi Strauss & Co. reminded the world that they’re not just a clothing company. They’re the fashion of woke gun control. The company that was once proudly American now pitches itself as a global corporation that clings to a sustainability strategy that focuses on climate, consumption, and community. That’s according to the corporation’s first annual sustainability report to shareholders of how the company incorporates environmental, social and governance initiatives. That includes being in the pockets of gun control groups.

Deep in Levi Strauss’s Sustainability Report is the corporation’s confirmation that it’s not just making clothing to cover shoulders. They’re also repeating gun control’s half-truths to cover for them. On Page 181 of the report, the corporation blames the eruption of criminal violence on lawful gun ownership, noting that it disproportionally targets communities of color.

“LS&Co. has pledged ongoing support for gun violence prevention by rallying the business community on the issue, advocating for gun safety measures and providing philanthropic support to organizations on the frontlines of the epidemic,” the report states. “In 2018, we established the Safer Tomorrow Fund to support nonprofits working to address gun violence in the U.S.”

Woke Roots

It’s interesting that Levi Strauss took a stand on so-called “gun violence” and not criminal violence, since that is where the actual problem lies. Their American headquarters is in San Francisco, where lawlessness is rampant.

Homicides were up at the mid-year mark, as was criminal misuse of firearms. So too were car break-ins, burglaries and auto-thefts. San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was blasted by residents for failing to prosecute crimes from shoplifting to hate crimes. Boudin’s been blamed by city residents for “emptying out jails and prisons, and removing bail.”

Levi Strauss Levi's jeans

Boudin’s latest proposal is a “cash for criminals” pilot program to pay criminals $300 a month to not shoot people. Anywhere other than San Francisco, that’s called extortion. It sounds outrageous, but this is the same city that’s investing in trash cans that cost $12,000 a piece instead of policing.

Levi Strauss is buying into the same hoodwinking gun control to solve criminal misuse of firearms. Instead of addressing the problems of policing, they’re lining the pockets of those who want to take away gun rights. They’re so invested, the corporation’s CEO Chip Bergh personally lobbied Congress to enact a radical universal background check bill that has a tucked-away mass gun registration requirement.

“Our advocacy work also includes reaching out to elected officials to pass common-sense gun safety legislation,” reads Levi Strauss’s Sustainability Report. “For instance, in 2019 Chip Bergh joined with other CEOs to send a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives supporting the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, which went on to pass the House. LS&Co. also led a CEO letter to the U.S. Senate calling for passage of background checks and red flag laws following several tragic mass shootings.”

Woke Jeans

Those paying attention will note that the woke gun control antics of Levi Strauss, which also owns Dockers, Signature by Levi Strauss and Denizen Brands, embraced gun control in 2016 as a corporate issue. That was the year the corporation asked customers to no longer bring guns into their stores. Those would include law-abiding gun owners who had to undergo a background check to first lawfully purchase their firearm and additional background checks to obtain a concealed carry permit.

In 2018, the clothing corporation announced a partnership with antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety gun control juggernaut. The corporation established the Safer Tomorrow Fund, which funds activists and nonprofits on “gun violence” issues.

Bergh wrote in Fortune at the time that he wasn’t anti-Second Amendment, but when the corporation donates millions of dollars to groups like Everytown that want to ban entire classes of firearms and deny Americans their Second Amendment rights instead of advocating for holding criminals accountable, it’s hard to say it’s not trying to chip away at gun rights.

Since then, they’ve partnered with other groups, including Giffords’ Impact Network, to pass what it calls “meaningful gun safety legislation.” Yet, Levi Strauss was nowhere to be found when the firearm industry pushed the FIX NICS Act to get signed into law. That’s the law that provides states with the resources and compels federal agencies to submit all disqualifying adjudicated mental health and criminal records to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Giffords, Everytown, Bloomberg and Levi Strauss aren’t interested in the hard work of holding criminals accountable for their horrific crimes. Instead, they cover up the real problems with thin fabric and misdirect attention to those who have nothing to do with it. Levi Strauss’s sustainability efforts aren’t solving the problems of runaway crime. It’s a cheap knock off they’re selling to woke customers.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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      • Waste time telling a San Fran based company that “woke” is wrong? 🤣

        They think steeping in curbside/entranceway sh!t and getting shook down/assaulted by the homeless while getting their Starbucks is the future of our country.

        Let them wallow in their own crapulence.

        • While I quit buying Levi’s years ago because of their anti-gun/anti-American stance, why pass up the FREE opportunity to let them know what you think? You waste more time here, preaching to the choir…

          You shouldn’t be telling them that “woke is wrong”- you shoiuld be telling them not to interfere with your God-given rights. Simple.

          The same cynical choice also probably keeps you from making comments to ATF, or other agencies that the sheer numbers from The People have had a positive affect on. Go ahead- let the woke media and opinion-makers influence your behavior and hide your head in the sand. That really shows ’em!

      • Levis, got their big start as the pants for liberal socialist in the 60’s. A sweater, Levis and a pair of Clark’s Chukka boots and you were in the in crowd of the left. You could also get away with Weejuns penny loafers. Before Levies we wore Wrangler Cowboy or Roebucks with a cuff.
        Check out Wranglers or Lee or Tecovas for nice boots.d

        • Levi Strauss got his big start supplying gold miners in California with sturdy and rugged clothing. The copper rivets strengthened the weaker stitching points. The 1960s and ’70s styles were just a few of many over a long history of designs. The 1960s and ’70s saw a popular ad campaign sell them trousers.
          “Lee he he he he vies Haw Haw…”

      • Ooooo…luv it. Wouldn’t that make for a great pro-gun advertising campaign? To take Levis and commandeer the company’s “message” by saying they’re for the “bullet button” in all of us?


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  1. Another “woke” outfit who’ll blame everyone but themselves when sales start to plummet! Who wants Chinese made blue jeans anyway??

  2. Nobody really cares what a clothing company thinks about political issues.
    Just as nobody cares if Lachoy soy sauce votes democrat or republican.

    Just another reason to throw your name around in an effort to boost sales.

    Just another loud mouth on a soap box.

    To tie the two together, politics and clothing, is just wasting time.
    Chasing reasons why Levis is backing Bloomburgh is a waste.

    Instead of wasting our efforts chasing the reasons, we should be focused on getting the big players out of power and getting old unconstitutional laws out of the books.

    People were afraid of gangsters carrying short barreled rifles 100 years ago so now I can’t have one? Fix this, then maybe we can worry about what style of jean gun supporters wear.

  3. In reality Levi Strauss is conditioned, confused, and corrupt. Yes communities of color have more gun violence because they have more crime. They have more crime because they are in cities which are Democrat urban plantations, with substandard schools, an attitude of apathy, and too many on the dole who continue to vote the same way because they think their Obama-phone is free.

    • “they think their Obama-phone is free”

      Remember the “stimulus” checks? Some of us paid for it then, but we’re all paying for it now.

      • “Remember the “stimulus” checks?”

        You mean the only things keeping Democrat governors and mayors from getting slaughtered last year, which “Republicans” inexplicably complain about their Congressmen not supporting?

  4. I found out about this earlier this year. I have/had been a die hard Levi’s fan since I was a teenager, but when I found out about this I swore I’d never, ever buy another pair of jeans or anything else from them. It’s a real shame too because they’ve always been the best fitting and most comfortable jeans that I could find. Now at 60 years of age I will still wear jeans but never again will Levi’s be part of my wardrobe. I have about a dozen pairs of their jeans and shorts that are already bagged and waiting to be dropped off at my local Goodwill or Salvation Army store…I’m too practical to just toss ’em in the trash. Thanks for posting this article. Cheers!

    • Several years ago, when their anti-gun agenda first surfaced, I added them to my boycott list.

      I immediately created a small AR-15 stencil, then spray painted a black AR-15 over every L&S patch on the back of my jeans. Only then did I donate them.

      BTW, find a different charity than Goodwill.

  5. If they gave a crap at all about social justice or human rights, they wouldn’t being doing business in China.

    I wonder how much this hurts or helps sales. It’s all about the money.

    • They do this so their customers won’t think about the sweatshops, just like Nike. Going woke is a small price to pay for these evil corporations.

  6. This is nothing new.
    I enjoyed a nice single malt on the rocks while watching six or so pairs turn into carbon in my fire pit. Was around five years ago. Right around the time I started EDCing without exceptions.

    Came across a few pairs of their cargo shorts in a guest room closet a few months ago. They were like new and still fit. Threw them in the garbage.

    I don’t support organizations that don’t support ALL our rights.

    • Yeah, IIRC there was some major wokeness by Levis some number of years ago before the term was invented.

      Theyve been on my sheet list sinnce then.

      • +1 on request-for-brand.

        Years ago, I stopped drinking anything aged less than 12 years. After 12, scotch seems to lose that “Johnny Walker Red” bite (and oak/paper flavor). My current (cheap) favorite is Carlisle, a 12-yr blend with some really nice caramel notes.

    • Back then (5 years ago) I was just beginning to try different “smokey” single malts.

      They get their earthy/smokey character from the southern region of Scotland peat that’s used in the distillation process.

      Being of Scottish lineage, and with the family name what it is………

      “Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky : The Whisky Exchange” https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/c/316/campbeltown-single-malt-scotch-whisky

      Personally, the Glengyle Kilkerran seems to have the best balance of smoke, earth, grass, vanilla, and caramel. The GK is also very light on the oily sensation of some scotches from this region. Another plus.
      Unfortunately, the last bottle I purchased had a touch of “wet dog” on the finish.

      This region of Scotland doesn’t produce the most complex single malts, but if you like smoke and earth, they’re tough to beat.

      • Islay and Isle of Skye single malts – the ONLY way to fly!! (No, not Laphroaig, or Ardbeg 8 or 10 – REAL Islay or Skye malts.) I kinda like Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist (if you can find it) or Caol Ila 25.

        • laphroaig. i like being bludgeoned with turf.
          la gritona.
          but the real dalumba is whether your bourbon wheated or high rye.
          i’ve yet to even see a pappy van winkle.

        • Will have to look for that.

          Seems like when it comes to smoke/earth/grass biased single malts, it’s totally up to personal preferences as to what sort of levels are acceptable. I tried one at a friend cookout last summer, the finish was like a tire fire. 🤪

        • Well, gang, single malt is pretty much an acquired taste. And I am one of the few folks who actually likes both Scotch and Bourbon.

          Had some Pappy van Winkle (it’s overrated – especially for the price). For their relative cost, I’m fond of Buffalo Trace and Basil Hayden.

          Scotch – yeah, OK, most folks don’t appreciate Islay scotches. Their loss, my gain. No, Laphroaig is not a good Islay scotch. Caol Ila is. Ardbeg Uigadeal is. Ardbeg Arigh Nam Beiste is. If you want to go a little smoother, Talisker is pretty damn good (an Isle of Skye scotch). If ya don’t like that much peat? I’ll be happy to take your share.

  7. “Levi Strauss Blames Lawful Gun Owners for ‘Gun Violence’ in Communities of Color”

    I must have missed where they provided the statistics and empirical evidence that lead them to reach this conclusion. 🙄

    Hey LS, facts don’t care about your feelings.
    Enjoy getting woke, now go broke! 😃

    • James, since when do liberals use facts and actual real data. It’s like the devil going to church. Just ain’t happening.

  8. deadwood dave made a (pointed) derogatory comment towards cargo pants wearers. i resembled the statement. he never helped push start any of my bikes, tho. i carry stuff. never looking back. the last jeans i bought were made by cowden when i worked at advance true value/ yamaha north (yeah it was weird).
    i applaud your unnoticed virtue signalling actions. your words, boring.

    • “i applaud your unnoticed virtue signalling actions. your words, boring.”

      My actions are based on what I see as right for myself, and maintaining the respect of my family, including my two sons. No “signalling”, virtuous or otherwise, drive my actions.

      Also, my actions are not done to produce “interesting copy” for public consumption. Glad to hear you find my comments regarding my LS products as “boring”. They were NOT done to keep those on the internet entertained.


      • squire, that was a plural you. my comment fell in line beneath yours, but i was not replying to you or anything you specifically said.
        in explanation, i’m merely voicing my support of these well calculated boycotts while suggesting that they don’t really harm these corporations. i’m vigilant about avoiding chingchong ~when possible~ but i like my flip phone (actually a slider) so…
        the rest was just “the doing, not the talking.”
        you’ve got your own troll, no need for me to criticize.


  9. Typical denim sucks anyway.
    Get it wet and you have major chafing.
    Switched to blends and especially feather-weight quick-dry nylons.

  10. Levi’s started a petition to ban guns on it’s corporate site prior to 2016. The gun community was asked to stop supporting them then. I now wear Wranglers.

    • IIRC, this was the incident that had my LS jeans hit my fire pit. Also had me rethink my commitment to EDC without any excuses. IE; too hot, too heavy, too bulky, just going around the corner…….
      I have LS to thank for being armed EVERYWHERE I go now.

  11. Would like to see the FBI stats on that. As far as I know black on black crime is higher than white on black and most of those folks ae not legal gun owners. Most drive by shootings are not done with legal weapons. So I think Levi ought to put up or shut up.

    • From the DOJ – arrests for crimes:
      69% are white.
      27% are black.
      2% are American Indian.
      1.4% are Asian.

      From the DOJ – violent crime arrests by race:

      58% are white
      37.8% are black
      2% are American Indian
      1.9% are Asian

      But, here’s the thing (and there is a source for this but can’t get to it right now to get the link). Even though whites are arrested more frequently for crimes, blacks commit crimes at three times the rate of whites. The majority of crime committed by blacks is black-on-black crime (violent and non-violent) because black criminals tend to “hunt” for victims in black communities because the crimes are less likely to be reported or police called unless someone is actually killed. In white communities the police are called and crime reported almost every time a crime happens so the perpetrators are more likely to be arrested. Blacks who commit black-on-black crime in black communities are 63% less likely to be caught for the crime thus not arrested. So blacks have a lower arrest rate for crimes while committing crimes at three times the rate of whites.

      • “blacks have a lower arrest rate”

        Lower arrest total, about 2/3 that of whites. Since there are 5-6 times more whites than blacks (depending on whether Hispanic whites are included, which it appears they are unless they commit zero crimes), that means the black arrest rate (especially for violent crimes) is much higher.

        • Black criminals have a lower arrest “rate”, meaning they are arrested less frequently for their crimes. I wasn’t talking about the total, just that less frequently results in less totals in the numbers.

        • “Rate” implies a denominator, e.g. the total percentage of the population. Again, assuming Hispanics are distributed among the others:

          Whites are 76.3% of the population, accounting for 58% of the VC arrests. Coincidentally, that means whites are arrested for VCs 76.3% of the national average rate.

          Asians are 5.9% but account for 1.9% of VC arrests, i.e. 1/3 as likely as the average American to get arrested.

          Blacks are 13.4% getting arrested for 37.8% of VCs, almost 3x the average rate, or 3.7x the rate of whites.

  12. No more Levi’s or Wranglers or Carharrt or LL Bean shit for me. I buy Duluth Trading products now and the liberal scum can buy the others.

  13. Last time I bought anything Levi was either in Jimmy Carter’s term or Reagan’s first term. No bang for the buck, even back then.

    • Good Lord, $75 for a pair of fricken jeans?! The way I grease-stain, rip, tear and otherwise destroy jeans with my ‘wrench-turnin’ addiction, they’d do more harm to my shooting/gun buying than Levi’s could ever dream of because I’d never be able to afford guns or ammo again!

    • @VicRattlehead: 5.11 frequently puts their pants and other gear on sale. Watch the sales and buy accordingly.

      @hawkeye: As a matter of fact, I do follow Chris. And 5.11 jeans look like, well, jeans. You won’t look at all like Walter Sobchak when wearing them (as long as you leave the shoot-me-first vest at home).

    • 👍

      I wore a few pairs of 5-11 pants (and jackets, and boots, and shirts, and gloves, and belts…….) while climbing/desending steep loose rock field on Colorado 14ers back in June. The 5-11 gear held up great, still looks new.
      Merrell boots were worn for two days at Pikes Peak Devil’s Playground, over 13k ft (34F, wind driven rain). Kept my feet warm/dry.

      There’s no such thing as bad weather. Those who say “bad weather made a poor choice and have bad gear, and/or have made piss poor garment choices.

  14. All of my daily wear pants are 511. I know, I know, so tacticool, so pretentious. Don’t care. Pocket design perfectly accommodates my EDC gear, construction is strong, fabric is comfortable. Only complaints: pant legs are too narrow; they inhibit deep knee flexion, as while getting into the car; could use an even lighter fabric for hot weather.

    Leevize? Have not had a pair of those since high-school (a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away).

  15. “where can i get my jeans embroidered?”
    “at jeans north, where nothing fits.” -flourescent leech and eddy

  16. I love the headline! It blames black people for violent crimes involving firearms. Isn
    ‘t that supposes to be racist?

    • How is “lawful gun owners” racist.

      Avoiding truth, facts, stats, and empirical evidence, just because they don’t advance a “narrative/agenda”, is racciss.

  17. I haven’t worn Levi’s for years, but that was before politics…they just didn’t last as long as Lee or Wrangler when I actually worked for a living. I saw a few comments about Wrangler. What did they do?

    Lee and Wrangler are both owned by Kontour Brands and the only thing I found was a comment on sustainability.

    I do vote with my dollars, so I’m certainly curious.

  18. By Levi Strauss’ “logic”, you should never own anything good because it tempts youth to commit crimes in order to buy it for themselves. If they actually believed what they say, their senior management would dress in ragged jeans and tee shirts, live in shacks in the ghetto and be paid minimum wage.

  19. Lol

    Levi Strauss does not understand (or care about) that this kind of anti-American way of doing things IS why I stopped buying their products many years ago.

  20. Very disappointing. Leftists didn’t used to care about firearms, until the 1980s and maybe some in the 1970s. I’m not clear on what changed, but a lot of political positions that get embedded into one of the two main camps in the US seem to be arbitrary, or accidents of history. In this case, we do see an extraordinary level of neuroticism and certain types of fear among American leftists (I’m a social psychologist looking at some of these issues). The new obsession with firearms fits with that broader disposition, and I get the impression that leftists overestimate the risks of firearms in every possible sense.

    I was listening to a podcast where a leftist took his son to a range, a first for both, and he seemed to genuinely think there was a nontrivial risk of a gun accident. Why he would go if he thought that I can’t say, but I got the impression that he thinks firearms just go off almost randomly, or from a slight drop or holding it wrong or something. (Well, there was the Sig P320’s bizarre drop safety issue…)

    And they believe the claim that just having a gun in the home significantly increases your likelihood of committing domestic violence or of shooting/murdering your spouse (I’ve seen both versions.) That one really disturbs me because you’d need to profoundly misconstrue human nature, of the nature of human character and identity, to think that a normal, decent human being who wasn’t already beating or shooting at his wife would become a completely different type of person because of the presence of a couple of pounds of steel and polymer in a closet. It’s just so stunning and disquieting that a large number of people would lack a basic grasp of human character. Domestic violence is impossible in most households – most of us can’t conceive of it, have never been part of it on either end, and have never had the slightest impulse or desire to hit a woman, for example. The stat in question is an extremely coarse estimate almost certainly driven by criminal households, as are most stats cited by leftists, but it’s hard to get the data.

    The lack of focus on criminals is a huge error. They’re focused on targeting people who have nothing to do with anything here. The typical non-leftist gun owners who they hate so much are not criminals, so it’s odd to keep trying to coerce them. I also think there’s a basic issue of human autonomy and maturity that we should be talking about. I associate gun ownership with a certain kind of maturity and self-reliance and maybe an implicit appraisal of your status as an adult human being who can make life or death decisions appropriately, much like many millions of humans who came before you.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, unfortunately, and I see a lot of threads on Nextdoor, a social media platform that groups people by their neighborhoods and proximity. There are lots of posts warning about all sorts of crime lately. The Prius owners (who really ought to be subject to an Eyesore Tax) are being gashed by catalytic converter thieves due to the extraordinary amount of platinum-group metals in that model’s cat. Criminals are stalking homes, somewhat obviously. People are being cleaned out by pickpocket duos in supermarkets, where a man distracts them by asking about something like how to tell if a melon is ripe, then his female co-criminal joins the convo. After they leave the mark discovers that all her credit cards were stolen from her purse, and thousands of dollars are already charged.

    A common theme is that they don’t want to provide useful details about the criminals. They always refuse to give the race, which tells you something about the likely races. They won’t even tell you the store where the pickpocket teams hit them, because that would be “unfair to the store”. They stridently preach non-confrontation for any and all crimes in progress. And of course no one is ever armed, and they’re terrified of guns. These people are extremely unusual in human history. They’re so helpless and dependent and cowardly. They can’t do anything themselves regarding criminals, predators, etc. And they’ve spent the last year and a half viciously attacking and undermining police as such because of near-zero rates of incidents with black people in a nation of 330 million people… It doesn’t seem like a viable survival or flourishing strategy. They’re going to be mauled by criminals in near future if nothing changes. It’s just such a spectacle to see, something I never expected to have to deal with in my life.

    I think it’s crucial to understand that the left is a cult. I mean literally a cult, just like Scientology is a cult. They’re not waiting for a spaceship or anything, but their belief system, belief structures, dogmatism, unjustified certainty about all sorts of things they haven’t even looked into seriously, their hatred and distrust of people who decline to join their cult, the lengths to which they’ll harm themselves and others because of their symbolic dogma and bizarre abstractions, etc. — that all adds up to a cult. Especially they don’t understand the difference between their ideology and descriptive reality, which is becoming obvious with all the leftist media outlets like CNN and NYT. They also don’t have any account of sincere disagreement with their ideology. They think you’re pretty much evil if you oppose them or disagree with them, and they increasingly label random disagreement as “lies”, which is so strange. They’re a mess, and it’s not feasible to understand or explain their behavior without bringing in the insight that we’re looking at a cult.

    • What’s the difference between a capitalist fairy tale and a socialist fairy tale?

      A capitalist fairy tale starts with “Once upon a time…”

      A socialist fairy tale starts with “One day there will be…”

    • “They also don’t have any account of sincere disagreement with their ideology. They think you’re pretty much evil if you oppose them or disagree with them, and they increasingly label random disagreement as ‘lies'”.

      I’ve been experiencing exactly this over the last eight months while protesting outside a local restaurant due to their discriminatory and anti-Civil Rights policy (they posted a sign barring entry to state licensed permit holders). I’m an over-50 paraplegic in a power wheelchair, and I have spoken with at least a hundred people- and more than 98% of them agree with me completely.

      However… there have been several young, white, “woke” types that seem to be enraged simply by the sight of me. One walked up to me and exclaimed “You’re a piece of Sh1t!”. I asked why, and he refused to answer. He started to walk away, and I politely said that I would be happy to discuss the matter with him. He again said “You’re a piece of Sh1t!” and walked away. I had another young white guy come stand beside me holding a scribbled piece of paper saying “This Guy Sucks –>” with the arrow pointing at me. I tried for half an hour just to have him speak to me- but he refused to. Another time a white female shouted from a car driving by “Nice scooter, Hater!”. There was also an employee who came out of the restaurant, walked over to the two ladies I was talking and to and said “Y’all need to know that this guy pointed a gun at us and demanded entry into our restaurant”. I asked if she was joking, then asked why she would tell such a lie. She repeated that I had demanded entrance to their business at gunpoint, and went back in the front door. That one really took the cake- talk about “bizarre abstractions”.

      You’ve described these people to a T- they behaved just like members of a cult. How alarmingly disturbing.

  21. mom’s ’06 accord just got cat whacked to the tune of $1500. if the vehicle is lev (low emissions) the cats are more sophisticated; the economy replacement will trigger the engine light (“this little light of mine…”).
    i don’t believe the hybrid cats have higher levels of precious metals, i’ve been told that since the motor is basically a generator it’s only ever lightly loaded and spews less particulates.
    or something.

  22. @ Umm

    “Rate” implies a denominator, e.g. the total percentage of the population. Again, assuming Hispanics are distributed among the others:”

    rate also means the frequency at which something happens

    • .40 cal,

      Well, yes, “rate” does imply a denominator – but math is all about you CHOOSING the denominator, based on the analysis you are trying to do. Blacks get arrested LESS OFTEN per “police interaction” than whites. If you get pulled over by the po-po, USUALLY you did something to attract their attention. For every “police interaction”, blacks are LESS likely to get arrested than whites, way beyond the ‘margin of error’. We can reasonably argue about the “whys” of that, but the fact is indisputable.

      In the same way (using the same denominator), blacks are LESS likely to get shot than whites. Black Lies Matter.

  23. I own a small farm.
    I wear jeans daily.
    Levi jeans went from a thick denim to a thinner one.
    They would not last a season.

    I quit buying and wearing them.

    Nowadays, every company has to have a “diversity” manager, or some other nonsense in fear of not appearing woke or progressive. They fear they will get sued for “hate speech” of using the wrong pro-noun. Think I am kidding? Some professor in Ohio had to sue the college for that very thing.

  24. Haven’t bought Levi’s in many years. Found they were cut for skinny kids with bird legs. Along with cheap, extra thin denim.
    So, no chance of me buying their products.
    The whole woke/anti gun agenda seems to be to let the criminals run rampant, encourage crime and blame the law abiding for the crimes. Likely with the idea of letting crime and street violence get to a point where people demand even the legally owned guns be confiscated. Get people scared or mad enough and they will demand action.

    • Ehh…haven’t bought Levi’s in forever. Or any new jeans. I have a pair from a thrift store. Get woke-go
      broke. Eff em!

  25. Poor humans and their clothes problems.
    To much laundry soap in the water.
    Ban Clothes for the sake of the planet.

  26. Levi’s at one time made good jeans. They would last. Then about sometime in the 90s I noticed they became more expensive and didn’t hold up. As products start to lose quality there seems to a woke moment they hope to cash in on.

  27. Y’all are late to the game if you’re just now realizing that Levi Strauss & Co. is bat-poop-crazy for socialism.

    They attacked the Boy Scouts of America 30+ years ago for not allowing homosexual leaders have access to young boys.
    This is just another part of the attack on traditional values.

    Been buying Wranglers ever since Levi Strauss did that.

  28. “Communities of Color” tend to have the most gun violence and crime. There, I said it “Things that make you go Hmmmmmm”.

  29. the last sears store in the country just closed.
    as a kid we always got “roebucks” jeans. indigo and stiff as a board; we popularly called them “crunchers.” they sure broke in nice and lasted- but it took some doing. and until then they’d rub you raw. compared to those, levi’s are sewn (at least the rivets will hold) from flannelette.

  30. Just wondering if Levi corporate headquarters has guards and if they
    are armed with…….1. Magic wands and fairy dust. 2. 9mm Glocks.
    Perhaps Levi’s should more their headquarters and production facilities to
    Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Newark, Atlanta, etc?
    BY the way, Wrangler makes excellent Jeans.

  31. Levi Strauss has been anti-gun and anti-liberty for quite a while now. Glad someone else is noticing this!
    [Why the heck are my comments being held? I’ve done nothing wrong!

    • Henry,

      If you figure out TTAG’s “rules” for comments, or their “algorithm”, let the rest of us know. Near as i can figure, they pull this stuff out of their fourth point of contact. What really chaps my @$$ is that they will moderate a comment for responding to a clearly and obviously incendiary post (MinorIQ, dacian, enuf – I’m talkin’ to YOU), which is LESS inflammatory than the comment you are responding to. A little consistency would be appreciated. A more rational policy/algorithm would be even MORE appreciated.

      So would a free gun every quarter, but I’m not expecting that, either.

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